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All News Websites Must Get a Government License for Approved Content

The globalists and international left will not stop until they have complete control over your every thought.

Justin Trudeau’s “Heritage Minister” Steven Guilbeault told CTV on Sunday that all news websites great and small must now get a government license.


This should scare the hell out of Canadians!
Are they that far gone that they don’t care that the leftist government can now control their access to information?

Via Ezra Levant:

Trudeau cabinet minister: all news websites must now get a government licence. pic.twitter.com/x10AhtQAPb

— Ezra Levant 🍁 (@ezralevant) February 2, 2020

Be very afraid New Zealand. It might only be in Canada, but you can bet the stinking lefties here will be taking a keen interest in how this goes down in Canada.

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  1. Only a government with no desire for re election would contemplate such a dumb move. Any component of a Coalition proposing such would surely disappear into an electoral wilderness never to be seen or heard of again.



    • Don’t you believe it Pete.
      Introduction of this type of draconian legislation, stands a good chance of getting through in an election year, thrown in with enough sweetener cash for the unthinking could swing it. Frightening really.



    • You would think so but there are a lot of Green supporters and socialist lefties who agree politicians should have control of the behaviour and thought control of their fellow countrymen and women. Journalists are up for the ride if it means they gain large amounts of taxpayer funding of their propaganda machine. They are among the lefty elite so won’t be impacted as much as dissidents who oppose govt policies and control.



  2. More of a background
    I may agree or disagree with the article below.

    There is 600 million dollars that seem to splashing around the Canadian media system, so who is bought?
    So not sure if this is governmental support.?

    Free speech is so important!
    Who decides what is free speech, gives them a power in so many ways as it can effect so many issues and the final decisions.

    But that’s not exactly reassuring given the report recommends that “companies delivering media content by means of the internet would be required to register with the new Canadian Communications Commission,” and that it makes “no mention here of any exemptions for news organizations,” noted Ivison.

    And while the report’s “implications for press freedom are obvious – so obvious, that one would expect the whole newspaper industry to rise up as one and reject it,” it also contains an offer of “goodies” for that beleaguered sector, Coyne observed.

    Indeed, even as critics allege the Trudeau government’s $595 million “media bail-out” announced in its last budget compromises Canada’s legacy media, the report outlines more ways “the government could help news outlets” losing out to digital competitors, the Globe and Mail reported.

    It recommends that online media content providers must register with the CRTC and pay into a fund to support select Canadian news organizations, it reported.

    Newspapers “would be eligible for subsidies paid for out of the taxes on aggregators and sharers, who would also be obliged to link” to those Canadian news sites the CRTC deems “accurate, trusted and reliable,” Coyne explained.

    “Are we really going to bite the hand that feeds us, now or in the future?” he added.

    Liberals and their beneficiaries believe they are “saving quality journalism,” noted Ivison, “while everyone else thinks it’s a transparent bribe.”

    Simply put the gpvernment & infiltrated NGO authorities will end up with the power, and the final say in any arbitration of just what can be debated, discussed, or even to have a platform, all in the name of the “public good” however that is defined.



    • Here you go again. No one has banned unfavourable facts about anything. What we don’t like is your constant obsession on the subject. To help you get over your Jew Derangement Syndrome, why not do a guest post on the subject. I will gladly yield the site to anyone who can write a coherent post on any subject. No ranting or raving, so take your meds before starting.



  3. They don’t need to do that here. Stuff, RNZ, TVNZ etc already are either owned by left wing government or are True Believers who think Jacinda is a saint so may as well be censored. The proposed bailout of Stuff by the StuffMe merger, and/ or purchase by the new RNZ /TVNZ combination means all the media will be owned or beholden to the CoL anyway. Who else is there, and what volume do they have? There are still a lot of people who read or watch the news on MSM and believe it is the truth.



  4. I’m sad to say that Candians are the biggest buch of left wing softies there are.
    They even voted Trudeau back in again.
    They will not oposse it.
    They want to get to 100 million people.
    Where are they gonna come from?

    And these were the toughest fighters in the first World War – too Vimy Ridge etc.



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