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Fake Covid Deaths In India from the lying News Media

Fake covid deaths in India are the newest hot topic, reported by the lying news media.

The news and government will have you believe covid deaths in India are skyrocketing, when, the opposite is true. Mainstream Media Are Lying To You About India covid deaths.

As you know, the news media is all entertainment and lies; they push the government agenda by fabricating stories to sway the public into a way of thinking.

Photos of a massive gas leak in India from 2020 were used as “Covid deaths” in India for 2021.

On May 7, 2020, a gas leak at a chemical factory owned by a South Korean company in southern India, left at least 11 people dead and about 1,000 struggling to breathe.

Photos from this gas leak in India were used by the news media to stoke the flames of the Covid Hoax.


These photos and video were taken at the site of the May 7, 2020 gas leak in India, and the same images showed up a year later, tagged as Covid Deaths in India.

A photo, of the same people, wearing the same clothing, on the same street in India, were apparently dying in the street from Covid a year later.

Think about coincidence! How unbelievable it is, that the SAME PEOPLE were together in the exact same spot, on the exact same street, wearing THE SAME CLOTHING a year later. This time, it wasn’t for a gas leak; they were laying down, in the very street they met just one year before, but this time, from covid.

If this doesn’t make you believe in coincidences, I don’t know what would….or, maybe the news just used the same photo for a different story.

Mainstream Media Are Lying To You About India Covid Deaths

From the video below, by someone who lives in India, people are out and about. Photos of “covid deaths” in the streets of India are from other news stories … and people sleeping in the streets of India.

Covid is nothing more than a scare tactic to fear people into getting the “vaccine”, which isn’t a vaccine at all.

It’s obvious to see what the media and government are doing. They will do anything to push their agenda; everyone must be vaccinated. Hoping you can see how ridiculous this covid lie has been.

Bill Gates, the same demon who speaks of depopulation, is pushing a “vaccine” that is not tested. George Soros and the governments of the world are also pushing the “vaccine” very hard. When the scare tactic of the “run for your lives plannedemic runs out of steam, they need to think of more ways to force the death jab “vaccine.” Digital passports, lockdowns, masks (that do nothing), closing businesses and more, for the flu. The newest is fake news about India. Pathetic.



  1. A few days ago I had a great chat with the indian worker next door, his bosses wife is a bit of a covid karen and expressed her worries about the situation back in india.

    She got floored when the chap replied that 90% of the time hospitals are overflowing anyway, sick people have lined the streets for decades and that his remaining family there rekon everything is just exactly the same as a year ago with the exception of the media coverage the western world is getting of india, apparently average Raj back in india dosent have a clue whats going on or how “bad” it us or the grave danger theyre all in //



  2. As Peter Navarro points out today the covid death rate in India is one sixth that in the USA in spite of an inferior health system due to the widespread use of HCQ.
    India is being used to keep the fear ramped up because it is now evident (to anyone who does their own research) that the “vaccine” is actually more frightening that the virus.



  3. PART 1: CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency
    8 mins 58 secs : • Apr 14, 2021

    From 5 mins 28 secs.
    JO’K:- “Chester has a game plan to fix [Covid] fatigue”

    CC:- “I think there is just like a covid fatigue.
    So like whenever a new story comes up, they’re going to latch on to it.
    They have already announced in our office that once the public is, will be open to it we’re going to start focusing mainly on climate ….. ”

    …. Fear sells ….

    However the India part would be used just to keep their ratings “going gang busters” and then those clips are repeated around the world.

    Just like in 1976 where I posted this mornings “nostalgia” video clip, self feeding repeating media, so the authorities and politicians base their decisions with out any real thought, then cover up the vaccine side effects.

    When will the sheep ever learn?
    The ‘authoritative’ propaganda media are wolves, chasing around the flock.
    Sure they take one or two down, but the real problem is when the stampede the flock over a cliff, or cause a smother on the fence, or drown in a pond.
    The they slink back to their home, with all innocence, saying it is all the sheep’s fault.



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