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Farming group worried about buyback scheme





A farming group wants the needs of those who live in remote rural locations recognised in the Government’s firearms buyback scheme.

Police Minister Stuart Nash and Finance Minister Grant Robertson unveiled the long-awaited buyback scheme on Thursday morning, revealing the amount set aside to pay for it has been boosted above $200 million thanks to a $40 million injection from ACC.

Under the scheme, owners of guns which will soon be illegal will be paid up to 95 percent of their purchase price if they willingly hand them over.

Federated Farmers said the buyback process needed to work for rural firearms owners.
A recent member survey showed that at least twenty percent of Federated Farmers’ members had a firearm impacted by the new regulations.

Rural Security Spokesperson Miles Anderson said those owners would be looking for good access and a smooth process for the hand-over of firearms and payment of fair compensation.

“The sooner the details of the process, including the number and geographical spread of collection points and events are clear, the better,” he said.

He said the scheme needed to recognise the needs of those who live in more remote rural locations. 

“The buyback is likely to be underway at the busiest time of year for farmers,” said Anderson. 

“With calving and lambing approaching, the last thing they need at that time of year is a lengthy trip to a major centre to dispose of a firearm.”

Anderson said farmers still needed firearms suitable to undertake pest control. 

“Many have indicated that they are waiting for compensation to purchase a replacement firearm that is within the new rules.”

Federated Farmers was pleased there would be compensation up to a $300 limit for modifications to some firearms to bring them within the legal requirements. 

“This will address the concerns of some of our members.”


  1. WTF with ACC money?

    Isn’t this pretty close to corruption? I guess the argument made for this dodgy deal is that “Doh! Gun confiscation theoretically could reduce injury”. If that’s it, then this is a very big concern as pretty much anything could meet such a low threshold.

    This is what totalitarian socialist government’s do and why MMP is so dangerous. Crooked socialists can get their hands on our (repeat OUR) money from funds like ACC and superannuation to pay for their totalitarian control schemes. The money in the ACC fund (the biggest institutional investor in NZ btw) is not there to fund government restrictions of freedom like gun control, it’s there to fund rehabilitation and recovery for all NZers from injuries.

    And fuckety fuck, when the scheme is short of $40 million some time in the future, no surprises we get taxed some more through our ACC levies to pay for socialsist Cindy’s virtue signalling. It’s a frigging disgrace!

    It was dodgy enough a few years back doing a bailout for Kiwibank with ACC money (fuck you very much John Key) clearly ACC is now viewed as ‘free money’ and the piggy bank is going to be raided as the CoL’s destruction of the economy continues to leave fiscal holes far bigger than the one Steven Joyce highlighted.



  2. I don’t own a firearm any more (although in my youth I used to be a keen hunter) so this confiscation scheme doesn’t affect me personally.

    If I did own a firearm, though, there’s no fucking way I would play along and allow the government to confiscate it (aka ‘buyback’) just because some foreign cunt came here and killed a lot of Muslims.

    If I was influential in Federated Farmers I would be encouraging my members to tell Ardern & Co to go fuck themselves, not meekly stand in line and surrender their property.

    What’s happened to this country? People should be up on arms over this (pun intended).



    • I was very irritated to find I had a “ prohibited “ weapon I could do nothing with after incident free legal ownership of it for more than 50 years. I had planned to hand it to a grandson but that plan had to be suspended.

      Wrote to my MP on reading the bill and the Leader of the Opposition subsequently but there was little joy in that.

      So I have had a gunsmith make a modification to reduce magazine capacity. It is no longer a “prohibited weapon”. The cost was less than the miserly compensation offered for the take. I do not believe “buy back “ is appropriate wording. I doubt New Zealand is any safer or any worse of either way despite what Minister Nash is reported as saying.

      Getting up in arms is for some but effectively useless given democracy was abused to pass the impactive legislative change.

      I think Licensed Firearm owners, who have followed the law and intend to continue to do so, have been very poorly dealt with by this government action. Any second effort needs deeper consideration and far more adherence to democratic process.



      • Another person killed in Rotorua last night. Bet you a chocy fish it was an unlicensed, illegal firearm user again and yet there is no commitment from the COL or police to confiscate guns from gangs and other unlicensed owners. Is that because the gangs stood up and told the COL and police to sod off, that they refuse to comply. Legal firearm owners are being herded down the Marxist road. First take their guns then pick off the weak and defenceless.



    • Federated Farmers should encourage members to party vote ACT and tell their National MP they will electorate vote for National so that ACT can pressure National if it is the next Govt to repeal legislation and/or compensate at full retail not wholesale less further discount.



      • That’s a very good comment, freethinker.

        Surely there is huge potential in this country for a party that will represent the bulk of people who don’t want to bow down to EcoMarxist authoritarianism? Surely…?



  3. Like the Deersotalkers, the Federated Farmers said that no one needs an evil looking gun and three their members under the bus. Suddenly they woke up to late that in fact some of us did know what we were talking about, and not to trust the COL. To late, no sympathy from me since you tried toscrew us over.



  4. I have just listened to the Radio New Zealand item on the process for handing in confiscated firearms.

    I must say that the destruction of these guns, many of which will be top of the line modern sporting rifles, is an absolute scandal and such utterly mindless vandalism it is hard actually to find words to describe the stupidity of a government that would condone such a waste of a valuable resource.

    Our idiotic government should remind themselves of the state Britain was in at the start of WW2 when Churchill’s government had to beg for sporting rifles from the USA to provide the Home Guard weapons as a last line of defence against a possible invasion. We live in a peaceful country at present but geopolitical tensions are rising all around the world and things could turn ugly very quickly indeed so it would make sense for the best of these guns to be put into long term, secure storage against future need rather than to be mindlessly destroyed.




  5. I have lost $20,000 worth of new forest plantings in the last 18 months to nomadic goats and deer roaming the district. I got an E cat rifle so that I every time I see the pests I can go out there and shoot them. This after years of unsuccessfully trying to control them with a 10rd bolt action rifle.

    Now my E cat rifle is locked in the gunsafe waiting for me to hand it in to the police for them to destroy it, while goats and deer eat more of my trees, and I again unsuccessfully try to control them all with a 10rd bolt action.

    And we want to try to establish 1 billion trees while taking away modern pest control rifles at the same time? I heard an anecdote from Wairarapa, a forest development with a feral pest problem was shot by a couple keen local lads with Ecat AR15s for the price of bullets and a beer at the end of the day. Now the guys have lost their rifles and the forest company has a $47,000 quote from a professional pest control operator to do the same job.

    This is a real win win for us all, $1 billion+ taxpayer dollars spent on removing modern pest control equipment from the population at the same time as productive farmland is bought by foreign investors for carbon farming ( see https://keithwoodford.wordpress.com/2019/06/10/carbon-farming-has-hidden-consequences/ ) and subsidised by the taxpayer for the billion trees project, which will result in the proliferation of pests and the destruction of our ecology.

    Green Party ideology at it’s best.



    • Ben, it is interesting you speak of the price of bullets. The government initially spoke of just banning military-style firearms. They have now banned certain types of ammo. Old military ammo something sold very cheaply and keen competitive shooters would sometime buy a lot if it was a very good deal. The ammo could include tracers and armour piercing bullets. There were all legal before 15 March. They now are confiscating this ammo with no compensation. Communists are never fair.



    • The answer is obvious. We must use more 1080 poison that way we can kill everything that breathes oxygen and certain MPs get rich into the bargain. Win win situation……… if you are a complete and utter retard.



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