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Fighting a lost cause?




Labour Party picks tradie to tackle National stronghold Kaikōura

A Blenheim electrician has put his hand up for a crack at Parliament, hoping to drive home the Labour Party’s housing and jobs goals.

Matt Flight, a contract manager for Switched On, will stand in the Kaikōura electorate in the September general election.

The father-of-two said, as a tradie, he felt well qualified to identify ways to link people with career pathways.

“My biggest goals this year are housing and jobs, jobs, jobs – and that’s what we really need to focus on this year,” he said.

“And really help people transition between what it is going to be a very disruptive couple of years, so the idea for myself and Labour is to help people get into new jobs.”

Flight would also campaign for working holidays and transferring skilled workers between regions, especially to improve the labour supply for vineyards, he said.

How delusional do you have to be to say you want to fight an election on  the Labour Party’s housing and jobs goals. Where has he been for the past 2 years. 100,000 homes in 10 years was the lofty goal from the last election. To only get 340 homes built in 2 years and then have the goal suddenly removed as unattainable is soooo embarrassing.

I guess he doesn’t actually want to win the election, just get in a cool photo shoot with Cindy sometime. Might have to visit the local preschool and get in line with all the kids to be sure Cindy sees him.

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  1. “JOBS,JOBS,JOBS”, Has anyone in that clown party told this fool that he’s gonna have to deal with that well known Mensa member Willie Jackson if he is going to produce any new jobs in the economy.?
    He looks like he may be part Maori so with Willie that means a lot but good luck doing anything productive with the MP that has his nose in the trough as either a union representative or in Maori grievance mode since he left school at 13. Jackson the Employment Minister WTF were those drongos thinking ?



  2. Mr Flight stood for election to the Marlborough District Council last year, unsuccessfully.
    But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have ability – several on that Council have been there for decades and are re-elected over candidates with a lot more to offer.
    The Kaikoura electorate is large and has pockets of Labour support – especially in the southern ends.
    The current MP is pleasant enough, but don’t ask too much about what he has achieved – except perhaps for the wine industry where he is an insider.



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