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Finally we get the truth.





Now we know the end-goal for Corona being unleashed: Global reset, World without Borders, One World Governance.

The pandemic was all planned in advance by these Marxists.

The coronavirus crisis presents an opportunity for a “new kind of capitalism” and “great reset” of global economies, politics, and societies, according to World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab.

In an article published Monday by the WEF, an impatient Schwab claims neo-liberalism is dead and with it traditional notions of economic capitalism.

In their place is a set of “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics” the WEF says enables the world to progress under one set of overarching rules as drawn up by it, with “social  justice” a key component of this brave new world.

This restructure of the way we do business is the new model for the “great reset” Schwab argues, adding he foresees the coronavirus crisis as too good an opportunity not to “re-evaluate sacred cows of the pre-pandemic system.”

He outlines his argument by pointing to just how serious the epidemic has been to the way we live now: Schwab writes:

No event since World War II’s end has had as profound a global impact as COVID-19. The pandemic has triggered a public health and economic crisis on a scale unseen in generations and has exacerbated systemic problems such as inequality and great-power posturing.

The only acceptable response to such a crisis is to pursue a “Great Reset” of our economies, politics, and societies. Indeed, this is a moment to re-evaluate the sacred cows of the pre-pandemic system, but also to defend certain long-held values. The task we face is to preserve the accomplishments of the past 75 years in a more sustainable form.

Schwab believes that if the Chinese coronavirus crisis has shown us anything, it is “that governments, businesses, or civil-society groups acting alone cannot meet systemic global challenges.”

In their stead, the WEF says the world should adopt more socialistic policies, such as wealth taxes, additional regulations and massive Green New Deal-like government programs.

We need to break down the siloes that keep these domains separate, he says, and start to build institutional platforms for public-private cooperation.

Put simply, Schwab believes the time to “re-consider capitalism” has arrived. He adds:

The Great Reset should seek to lend a voice to those who have been left behind, so that everyone who is willing to “co-shape” the future can do so. The reset that we need is not a revolution or a shift to some new ideology… Some of the pillars of the global system will need to be replaced, and others repaired or strengthened. To achieve shared progress, prosperity, and health requires nothing more – or less.

Ulitmately Schwab says the trade, taxation, and competition rules that reflect decades of neoliberal influence are over.

The world stands at the precipice of change and the WEF sees itself in the forefront of that rebuild of capitalism which it envisages means companies “contribute to social welfare and the common good” at the expense of shareholders and investors.

Who would bet against the thought of our very own Marxist PM being the first in the world to follow these guidelines and implement this shit.

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  1. These reds under the beds (well they are not even under the bed now they are all out among us pontificating how we should run our lives and countries) are just pieces of Shit. What the hell they think they are doing to the world when it’s clear to see for anyone over the age of 50 maybe even 40 that communism did not work under any guise. It is never ever going to work as the people who espouse it are all greedy bastards wanting to live off other peoples toil.



    • Communism never been tried anywhere, except perhaps Cuba for a while. It was hijacked by other power-grabs in China and the former USSR to create another hierarchical system.
      Non-hierarchical, non-tribal democracy is fundamentally a socialist/commie way of running any country. No big deal.



  2. This is all a gigantic fraud, Climate warming, The U.N., The WEF are all interconnected and Complicit in this attempted Take over of the Finances of all of US.
    Remember what happens in a genuine communist take over of a country, First the wealthy and the business owners are lined up and shot.
    But this apparent Communist one world government is being pushed bye these very same people, as well as the political class, go figure?
    This is a shadow war, guaranty that these people are on a mission to control all the worlds financial assets, as in China where its the party members who own everything and every one else is slave labor.
    The leftys of the world are on the verge of being exposed for pay to play politics, not to mention there very unsavory sexual habits, so they are doubling down and going all out.
    The Clinton foundation is a case in point, as is the Biden crime family, our own Labor Government is in this shit up to there necks.
    Two Trillion dollars a year in Climate change funds are a carrot no scientist can resit so they play along as well, then there is the stick of Black mail for their Pedo tastes.



  3. What is wrong with these people! Isn’t this the job of the whip to keep everyone in line? Perhaps they need to change who holds those positions within National. Find the leakers and shut them down.

    NZ Election 2020: National MPs already leaking, predicting leadership coup after devastating defeat

    Collins says unhappy caucus members should let her know.

    “They better front-up and say who they are,” she said.

    After National’s massacre at the polls MPs are looking for scalps. There’s fury from some directed at National MPs Nicola Willis and Chris Bishop who helped orchestrate Todd Muller’s coup against Simon Bridges.

    But there will be a confronting forensic review of the party’s litany of failures – leadership and leaks on the campaign included.

    National’s Tim Macindoe, who has lost his Hamilton West seat to Labour, said the MP who leaked to Newshub needs to “take a good, hard look at him or herself and either decide ‘I’m going to become a good team player or I’ll get out'”.

    National’s senior whip Barbara Kuriger said, “You know, people actually should say what they need to say in the room and keep it in the room.”



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