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Firearm owners head to court seeking judicial review




Newshub report:

The Council of Licenced Firearms Owners (COLFO) is in court fighting for a Judicial Review of parts of the Government’s firearms reform.

Changes to laws around firearms and ammunition came into effect following the Christchurch mosque shootings in March last year.

On Monday, representatives of COLFO appeared in the Wellington High Court seeking a judicial review of law changes around ammunition.

COLFO spokesperson Nicole McKee told Newshub the council believes the law changes were passed before an adequate amount of debate had taken place.

“The Government arbitrarily banned certain types of ammunition without any evidence that it will make New Zealand a safer place,” McKee said.

“So what we’re looking at is a banning of private property without compensation, and we believe that that sets a dangerous precedent for things outside of firearms in the future.”

A second tranche of changes to firearms laws is expected later this year, with Police Minister Stuart Nash pushing for a gun register to be added as well as a number of other additions to firearms laws that were not added when the original changes were made to legislation last year.

In March, Nash told RNZ gun laws were well overdue and said he did not want to be asked in 20 years’ time why he didn’t get the law changes through.

That’s proving he is a big headed arsehole. Who in 20 years would remember any of these pricks we have as our government. They will have be consigned to the scrap heap of history.

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  1. How did that gun register work out in Canada? How did the cost of it end up versus the “estimated costs”?
    What guarantees are there that the NZ Police can be trusted with registry information when they admit they are compromised by organised crime and demonstrate they are riddled with incompetence (recall the Palmerston North station robbery and multiple police car thefts).

    Who will ask Nash these inconvenient questions?



  2. I did not want any law change. Nash is part of a government that abused democratic process to meet ideological designs set by others. They did not have any mandate for the rushed and careless knee jerk response made.

    They cost taxpayers a great deal of money seizing legally owned firearms from New Zealanders.

    My memory of him and his colleagues is fully formed now. They were found wanting and will be remembered as not representing those who they deceived with undemocratically rushed amendments to Arms legislation.

    Sooner they fade into history the better. The memory of their disgraceful undemocratic actions will stay long after their departure.



  3. If they think any court in New Zealand will overturn a decree from Jacinda Ardern they are fools.

    Do they really think we live in a democracy?



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