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Lake Taupo at Dusk

Our New Zealand travels have begun. Spent our first night away at Five Mile bay on the shores of Lake Taupo. The lake was very choppy, with a strong westerly wind blowing off the mountains. The van was very warm with all the mod cons. Took a while to get everything working. Wifi still to be set up.

Nothing goes smoothly. The YSB hosting company didn’t like one of the new plugins, so without any warning just deleted it and completely stuffed up the site. Just as well the developer noticed this and spent 4 hours fixing the site. To make it worse my laptop wasn’t charging, my iPhone was out of power and I was getting very pissed off at not being able to do anything.

Continued on to Napier for a family gathering. Mrs Holy has an old aunt who was celebrating her 90th birthday. Very nice to catch up with family. We spent the night at the NZMCA Erickson Road camp. Very private and quiet.

Back home now after a quick three and a half hour trip to Cambridge.

The website now has my undivided attention and hopefully things will now run smoothly without any more dramas.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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  1. Good to see you are a member of the NZMCA – those camps are really good – we have stayed in quite few both in both islands. You will be able to start an album “Views from the bedroom window”
    Enjoy the days.



  2. I am unclear what you mean by getting wifi for the caravan
    Surely you can use tethering on the iPhone for data and purchase data packs from you phone supplier if you need extra.
    I have an Android phone and for at least 5 years have used tethering when travelling and free wifi is not available. Eg cheaper than paying hotel/cmp ground rates for wifi, if they charge separate.

    I use 2 Degrees that has 2.5 Gb per month available on the plan and this does not expire for 12 months so at times have 10+ Gb cumulative available to use.
    I simply connect my laptops to the phone. It is wireless.
    I also use this method when waiting somewhere and don’t want to connect to a public network that I may not use much eg. at the airport, or while getting my car windscreen repaired recently etc.
    Once paired they connect pretty fast and at night the speed can be pretty good. 4Gb down typically daytime.

    A quick look at iPhone and tethering on the internet suggest it is a more cumbersome exercise than Android. My phone 5 years ago was Win 8 and that also worked fine.
    Oh dear- 8 years ago yesterday since Steve Jobs died and little progress just like the previous time he was absent from Apple.

    It is also worth having a portable power bank. I have 2,000 mAh one but also a 10,000 mAh one for trips away. That is 3 full phone charges for me. Only $20 to buy on one-day deal site- when available.
    Also, my new car has 2 USB chargers but if you only have a cigarette lighter like the previous car I have a cigarette lighter plug with 2 USB charger outlets from that. Bought years ago at Dick Smith (now, try Jaycar)

    Just a couple of thoughts and options.



    • Thanks for those suggestions.
      They installed a wifi modem and disc/tracker on top of Camper . I just have to get the connection up and running . I think from memory it’s about $70 a month.
      There is only 1 usb phone charging thing. so NOW I have one of those cig plug things with 2 usb outlets. this gives me 3 charging outlets but they only work when the key is turned on.
      All sorted thanks.



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