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Former Civic Creche worker Peter Ellis’ last bid before the cancer takes him




I hope the accusers die in hell for the stress they have inflicted on this poor man. For 30 years he has had to live with this FALSE accusation.

Doctors give Peter Ellis, 61, about three or so months.

The bladder cancer diagnosed in January last year is exacting its final toll and Ellis is putting his affairs in order.

His cats and chickens have been rehomed, he has planned his funeral and he is saying goodbye to friends.

Nothing has pissed me off more than those parents and teachers coaching their kids and students to LIE about what actually happened.

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  1. A few years ago met one of the ladies also accused. They were also subject to harassment and bad attitudes although they were judged guilty of anything. It was and remains beyond belief that this could take place. As one who works every day with a bunch of ladies, I can tell you that you had better behave because they are very perceptive if you are up to no good. That was why this was so never going to be true.
    It’s like, your wife may miss the signs if you jump the beds but her girl friends won’t.

    Worst miscarriage of justice in our modern history.

    And if I remember right none of the right wing National Party Attorney Generals or whoever would go anywhere near fixing it. Another reason not to vote National.



  2. Peter Ellis has no need to clear his name in the Court of Public Opinion.
    I have always thought he presented himself with dignity.
    I hope his doctors can keep him comfortable during the rest of his journey.



  3. So sorry to hear of that.
    I was always annoyed at what happened to him.
    The whole thing put many men off teaching for good.
    Much as I hate kiddy fiddlers, I never thought he was one, especially in a creche full of women teachers.



      • There’s a shitload of know-alls who should be shoved back under the rock they crawled out from Maggy but none more than the child psychologists & whacko parents without whom this injustice couldn’t have occurred.

        An academic I’m not but anyone who has had anything to do with real children as a parent or grandparent would have recognised the kids’ fantasy stories for what they were. Instead they rewarded them for exercising their imagination & harvested the results to use as ‘evidence’ against their chosen victim.

        I’ve often been taken to task for saying this but there’s something deeply sick & disturbing about Christchurch & its culture/people. Goat molestation, Oakes style murders, witchcraft……the works. Nothing is too weird for the City of the Damned.



  4. I hadn’t followed the case very closely at the time, but recently I’ve read a few summaries and analyses which cast very serious doubt on his guilt.

    Poor guy. My thoughts are with him and his loved ones.

    He’ll probably be pleased to get out of the shit that this life has dealt him. I wish him peace.



  5. Another example of the shitty cops we have in NZ.
    They exercised bullying against a citizen – the opposite of what their fecking job description is.

    Those who remember the end of the movie “A Few good Men’ the two Marines on trial are dishonourably discharged and Dawson speaks to Downey :
    Downey: [anxiously] What did we do wrong? We did nothing wrong!
    Dawson: Yeah we did. We were supposed to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves. We were supposed to fight for Willy.

    This was the 1990s where the NZ cops turned on the good people of NZ and tightened the noose on decent citizens.
    March 2019 has given them the excuse for a ‘Great Leap Forward’ in control.
    1990 began with the cops presenting completely made up crap in the Swedish backpacker murders; 1994 they severely mishandled the Bain murder, 1998 they did a terrible job on the Sounds double murder; Susan Burdett murder 1992
    …and to cap it off they allowed Malcolm Rewa to continue his rape spree for years depite good citizens giving them real information.

    People have been too forgiving of these bastards when they completely made up an impossible story for the first trial of Lundy about driving at an impossible speed, Lundy dressed as a woman and was seen by a psychic, the wife in bed at 7pm etc.
    It was total crap and people have allowed the cops to get away with this because they find Lundy odious. The stupidity extends to no cops being done for perjury just as they got away with the planting of false evidence in the Crewe murders.
    I find the cops odious and the same PN cop station (that had guns stolen from it a few weeks ago) could not get a conviction for the Scott Guy murder.

    They let Malcolm Rewa go on raping women in their homes but went after Teina Pora and Peter Ellis, among others, in the same time period
    Easy Marks you see.
    That is totally unforgivable against a background of a decent society.

    So much for ‘We were supposed to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves.’
    That is what a few good men would do, but not bullies.

    This year they are going after registered gun owners but will leave the gangsters alone.
    That is your bully boy NZ cops lead by political operator Bush.
    The poo lice are not your friend.
    They are not here to protect good people against injustice.

    Peter Ellis found this out and paid a huge price.
    Best wishes to Mr Ellis.



    • Yes I suspect this had its genesis in the Crewe double murder.

      A married couple, farming people, in 1970s rural NZ killed in their own home.
      Someone had to pay the price.

      With the passage of time we clearly won’t know which of multiple theories as to what really happened is correct.
      The cops were clearly worse than useless and the effort they took to ensure the conviction with the police caravan outside the Court was very questionable.

      C.C. John Hughes was on that Crewe murder case and in charge of the Hoglin/ Paakkonen murder 1989/90. They told porkies and made up stories on that one; used a false jailhouse snitch (as with the 1998 Sounds murder) .
      Put simply- if the crooked cops actually trip over some real evidence that does not support their ‘lines of inquiry’ it will be disappeared.

      Decide on a name, pursue it against all evidence and get a conviction.
      You are correct.

      That is why I am against the death penalty. In pure principle I have no problem but there are so many unsafe convictions in NZ that we don’t how many are actually valid.

      Look at the way the scum cops behaved when it was quite clear to anyone with an IQ above 92 that Foetal alcohol syndrome-affected Teina Pora did not murder Susan Burdett.
      The cops will not back down.
      They are thugs and bullies.

      On Pora wiki:
      First trial 1994[edit]
      No finger prints, DNA, or any other direct evidence linking Pora to the murder scene were produced in court.[16] Nevertheless, despite the contradictory nature of Pora’s ‘confessions’, the Crown successfully argued at his trial that no one would confess to being involved in such a brutal rape and murder if they were not actually involved.
      His aunt, Terry McLaughlin,[17] was a key Crown witness at the trial.[9]
      Court documents showed she was paid $5000 to testify against him at the trial.

      NZ Justice- the best money can buy.

      So the cops select their ‘victim’ and the dreadful NZ court system goes along with it.
      This is why- even though, again in principle – I am anti-Royalist- it is important we maintain a power outside our low quality court system.
      The Privy Council should never have been dispensed with.
      Klarkenfuhrer and Margaret Wilson at work.

      It is curious this was done just after the 1990s in which so many unsafe convictions were made in low quality NZ courtrooms.



    • I expect the white knights, don’t expect, don’t get.

      It really pisses me off when some man tells me whether or not I am a feminist, and how I should behave and what I should expect, I am a chauvinist. They just have to be really special types of white knights.



    • You left out the appalling attack on people of the Tuhoe Nation. Trumped-up storytelling and bullying behaviour towards everyday people. Interesting that there are a couple of common threads through much of this. Cullen is a frequent name past and current as is Broad, not to forget Mr Pope. Evil son a *****



    • I’ve always known this info…
      That’s partially why Ellis is stuffed. National and Labour political families were donkey deep in the finger-pointing, mud-swilling business.
      Shame on Phil Goff, Simon Power and Amy Adams who could have demanded an inquiry into this case.



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