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Liberal Law Prof Slams Twitter For Censoring Trump: ‘Loser Will Ultimately Be Free Speech’

By Mike LaChance:

Despite the fact that he probably doesn’t even support President Trump politically, he has been one of his greatest defenders.

Turley is now speaking out for Trump and slamming Twitter for censoring him.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Liberal legal scholar rips Twitter for censoring Trump, says ‘free speech’ ultimate ‘loser’

Constitutional law scholar Jonathan Turley warned that Twitter’s decision to level fact checks or altogether hide President Trump’s tweets threatened the concept of free expression in America.

“Twitter is now making the case for government action to monitor and control social media,” Turley wrote in a blog post published Friday. “The loser will ultimately be free speech.”

Overnight Thursday, Trump reacted to reports of massive looting and rioting in Minneapolis by calling the perpetrators “thugs” and threatened to deploy the U.S. military to the region to gain control of the situation.

“When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” Trump said in a now-hidden tweet.

Twitter deemed Trump’s tweet to be “glorifying violence” and hid it from public view. The company’s decision comes just days after a similar move in which the platform added a fact check to a pair of Trump tweets about mail-in voting…

“I am still leery of the government intervening on social media,” Turley wrote. “Free speech has few advocates in this fight. It is primary a struggle between Twitter, Trump, and the Democrats over who controls such speech.”

See more from Turley’s Twitter feed below:

Twitter could not be doing more to highlight the threat to free speech in first targeting a political tweet on main-voting and then targeting a second tweet under the ambiguous standard of “glorifying violence.” … https://t.co/CDz1zlW2ae

— Jonathan Turley (@JonathanTurley) May 29, 2020

…Twitter had the chance to return to neutrality but it is more concerned with expressing its views than preserving its forum. I would not care about such self-inflicted wounds but free speech is likely suffer the collateral damage from Twitter’s glorifying speech controls.

— Jonathan Turley (@JonathanTurley) May 29, 2020

Once again, Professor Turley is a voice of reason in a sea of madness.


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  1. The trouble with Hate Speech laws is that it is impossible to openly discuss a greivance, a fear or a concern without someone declaring “you are insulting people like me.”

    The drafters of such Hate Speech legislation are often from one culture and do not understand the concepts of “face” or “shame” in other cultures. How does a democratic English-speaking culture deal with minority cultures where any questioning of the minority standards is seen as an attack, because their culture demands as such.

    Some cultures are awfully easy to insult. Others are far more resistant and easy-going. It woud be exceeding foolish for a law to assume that all cultures think and react in the same way. Even worse if the police then only enforce the law unilaterally (with the aim of achieving equality of outcomes) and exclusively target the low-hanging fruit. (Don’t you know that only “oppressors” can be racist? //)



  2. As Tucker Carlson said, “violence by the left is condoned as the voice of the people but free speech by the right is condemned by the left as violence.”

    You can guarantee the left are getting more desperate to stop Trump being re-elected so lefty protests will be ramped up as we get closer to the US election in November.



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