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Dear Freedom Lovers,

There has been close to universal condemnation of last week’s decision by the High Court to reject our application for judicial review of the decision of Regional Facilities Auckland last year to de-platform two Canadian speakers who the Mayor didn’t like.

Unless we appeal this decision, the likes of ‘Auckland Peace Action’ will be successful in bullying officials to cancel events they disapprove of. Officials will be able to point to last week’s decision to justify ‘health and safety’ as a trump card to rights of freedom of speech (including your right to peacefully assemble and receive information).

Even many of our detractors, such as legal academics who support hate-speech laws, are saying publicly that the Judge’s ruling is wrong. By ruling that RFA was not exercising a ‘public power’ by cancelling the booking, the judge was able to avoid the key issues of free speech and the rights of Aucklanders to hear from who they choose. The Judge says these considerations just don’t apply.

If we let this stand, the Mayor’s officials are free to ban whoever they like from Council-owned venues at any hint of opposition.

Our steering group have met with the lawyers – and we are all agreed that we can’t let this precedent stand.

That’s why in a few hours, we will be announcing our intention to appeal the ruling to the Court of Appeal.
But we are relying on your support to make this happen

To mount a persuasive appeal, we need at least $50,000 before we can file our appeal with the Court of Appeal. That’s factoring-in the extremely generous offers of pro bono time and volunteer work by our legal team.

So to make this happen, we need your help to get us to the $50,000 target in the next few weeks.

Ensure Phil Goff doesn’t have the last laugh by donating now so we can file this essential legal challenge.


Thank you for your support – because, without you, no one would be mounting the case in favour of free speech.
Dr David Cumin

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  1. Taken in addition to the fund raising requirements from Licenced Firearm Owners to handle the governments oppressive legislation and with more planned in this year, it is another ask for those dealt a poor hand by supposed representatives.

    And there are questions of why there is a low turn out for polls.

    Simple, answer is that executive power is well above that of elected councillors for local government and nationally, the political class simply presses on regardless to suit virtue signalling noise producers.

    Democracy is at risk in this country at present. Those funds sought are part of restoring it.



    • I wish the Free Speech Coalition success with their quest to restore the right of free speech for everyone. Do not let the small number of noisy uninformed virtue-signalling protesters and the lefty politicians shut down free speech!



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