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Free Speech Network Attracts Flood of New Users




In an entirely expected development, media hit pieces against pro-free speech social network Parler began after the site attracted a ton of new follower

Paul Joseph Watson:
Numerous members of Congress in the United States and Conservative MPs in the UK have also started signing up to the network, prompting anxiety amongst Silicon Valley that Parler could eventually become a genuine competitor.The website’s engagement levels have skyrocketed in recent weeks as many more people choose to transition away from Twitter, which has become a cesspit of censorship and a platform for left-wing extremists to engage in the mob harassment and doxxing of conservatives.

The site also hosts popular figures banned by Big Tech, including Congressional candidate Laura Loomer and Katie Hopkins.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, which have become notorious for banning users and removing content at the behest of organized left-wing mobs, Parler’s terms of service are in line with the FCC’s definition of obscene content, which allows for “offensive” posts so long as they’re of literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

This has panicked the mainstream media, who have worked in concert with Big Tech over the last few years to deplatform prominent voices who dare to dissent against the current takeover of society by ‘woke’ radicals.

A hit piece in the UK Independent tries to connect Parler to Gab, using guilt by association by suggesting Gab was responsible for mass shootings (a charge never leveled against Facebook despite numerous mass shootings being live streamed on there).

The story also quotes another source as claiming Parler is “full of fury, fear and conspiracy theories” (citing zero evidence), while also suggesting the site is a hotbed of KKK discussion because they found two posts referring to the late Senator Robert Byrd (a Democrat and close friend of Hillary Clinton).

Another hit piece in Yahoo News expressed concern that Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif touted the network to his 1.1 million Twitter followers, while also charging that the network is a conservative echo chamber (apparently it’s fine for Twitter to be a far-left echo chamber though).

The story also complains that many threads on Parler “mock Black Lives Matter protesters” (boo hoo).

Another Twitter user in the UK is already trying to get Parler banned.

Ban Parler App due to the growing Hate Speech & Radicalisation on that Platform

We’d like a full review and possible action to ban the Social Media Platform Parler. Click this link to sign the petition:https://t.co/9Cs2R0fEf7

— Christopher Green 🍥 (@MiddletonLoiner) June 22, 2020

Big Tech is clearly frightened at Parler’s sudden growth. There are also signs that leftists are creating accounts to combat conservative talking points (a good thing as it will massively grow the user base).

Now all we need is for President Trump to start a Parler account and begin posting exclusive messages there that don’t appear on Twitter.

If that happens, Parler could actually defy all the odds and begin the long journey to becoming a genuine competitor to Facebook and Twitter, only without the relentless bias, algorithmic manipulation and mob mentality that has come to define the two big social media platforms.

All the more reason to sign up now at Parler.com.

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  1. A very good article showing the lengths that twitter decision makers take in turning a blind eye to “CNN”, “BBC”, “Al Jazeera” “India Today” “Wall Street Journal” “Daily Mail” “The Guardian” “RT News” etc. and many others that supported the facts, but to control people like Amy Tek that relied on those sources.

    Very convenient way of using Covid, Islamophobia, terrorist, racism. etc.. and to suppress truth, in discussion, debate, arguement, and knowledge of.

    Leftist media and organizations consistently disregard real crime and real terrorism, opting instead to attack and deplatform those like Amy Mek who report the facts.

    A shorter take of this Amy Tek takedown is here.
    ….. Amy Mek is not gone from Twitter for lying;
    Twitter has never flagged CNN or MSNBC, so clearly it has no problem with that.
    Amy Mek is gone from Twitter because she is the woman who knows too much – too much, that is, about the jihadist allies of the Leftists who are running amok in many of America’s major cities these days, too much about the insidious agenda of all too many of the adherents of the religion.
    We must believe is peaceful on pain of charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia,” too much about the half-truths, distortions, and outright lies that pass for news and that the elites feed the masses today.

    She was not the first, and will not be the last.
    I’ve said it before and will doubtless say it again: if this isn’t stopped and the speech of dissenters protected, America will cease to be a free society and slip rapidly into authoritarian and totalitarianism.
    And I’ll keep saying it until they silence me as well.




  2. Things could get interesting if the Leftists start attacking statues of Jesus.
    Christians in America aren’t like the wimps Christians are here…
    They have numbers, they have guns-And they won’t take any shit!



  3. As already happened in NZ .
    Incidents in NZ Immigration department, like Soubrek, Mr Boochani’s visa status,
    It will prove deadly to trust the police with anything.

    The man was accused of passing on secret police information to Yassine Atar, the brother of Oussama Atar.
    Oussama Atar is considered as one of the key figures in the preparation of the March 2016 Brussels terrorist attacks. ….
    …. accused of involvement in the Paris attacks. ….


    Would he get a generous severance package?
    Would the pension benefits, flow on to him?

    All this happens while departments look to increase their diversity to suit the ideal of being multi cultural.
    Where do those “diverse” “multiculti” place their loyalty?

    So the authorities with their religiosity build their “Tower of Babel”

    Some cultures have declared war on “western civilization” and have a ruthless stance on ones who do not believe.



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