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Germany: Merkel Regime To Punish Critics of Greta

“Fuck you, Greta” is now blasphemy  against the warming cult & will be punished by the Merkel regime

Merkel regime threatens critics of Greta — Up to 3 years imprisonment for satires about Greta

Two long and beautifully designed Greta pigtails hang from the trunk. Above them is written “Problem solved”, and a little further up “Fuck you Greta”. The public prosecutor’s office has initiated an investigation against a man from Plauen who has stuck the pigtails on his car. “The accusation to be examined is a public request to commit crimes,” says Ines Leonhardt, spokeswoman for the Zwickau public prosecutor’s office. One could see in this kind of tailgate decoration the glorification of violence against children and the invitation to do harm to a certain person. The penal code provides for up to three years imprisonment.A citizen filed a denunciatory complaint. Just the sticker “Fuck you Greta”, which for example a citizen stuck on his old Citroen, was considered an insult.


  1. The Greta phenomenon is over. Greta “You must listen to me” will disappear off the world stage as she has given us all she is capable of, nothing more than an angry teenager stamping her foot on a topic she knows little about and reading from a pre-prepared script. Wait for the next Soros propaganda deliverer to appear on the world stage to unite us all.



    • Funny and cute!
      More than that >they were brilliant.

      Deeply cutting satire supremely delivered.
      True satire unlike the drivel delivered by the current crop of bobbly headed late night TV – rhymes with bankers.



  2. I think most sane people can see the Climate Change thing is just one big hoax and fraud.

    But there are a lot of people who believe in it, and think she is great.’

    We are on knife edge.
    The only good thing is that if I am still here in ten years time the Climate Change Hysteria will have turned out to be all bullshit

    And a waste of our money.



    • No. I can’t see it being snuffed out in ten years.
      It has been running strong for 30 + years now.
      The upcoming solar minimum may change a few minds but people are by and large lazy and go along to get along so will just absorb the rhetoric thrown at them.

      The annoying thing is the transfer of wealth from counties that made an effort to provide a good life and health and education to their people are punished (incl. white anting by the like of Merkel, Ardern, and Trudeau) while the countries that did not bother to do so get handouts and can pollute up the wazoo.

      EG. In 1947 India got independence. It had in place at that point: transportation, railways, a legal system, education etc
      It did not progress until the last 20 years but remains a DEEPLY corrupt place that gets international Aid and handouts with no penalties(incentives) to stop pollution.

      Meantime South Korea was a peasant land at the same time in 1947 that went through civil war in the next few years.
      Nonetheless roll on 40 years and it was a first world country with many markers for a first world country. 15 years ago it had the world’s fastest domestic internet and currently produces half of the world’s top women professional golfers.

      People are slow to shift thinking until they have to focus on the issue.
      A cold period and crop failures might focus thinking.
      I saw something while wandering the internet the other day. Some kid about 20 y.o. saying that this increased CO2 and increased temperatures will mean crop failures. Duh.

      Some people wear ignorance as a badge of honour. Probably from the same camp that think food comes in polystyrene and (evil) plastic and farms are just some disconnected evil place that pollutes – unlike organic, city-dwelling vegans!
      PS. Vegans produce more methane, CO2 and nitrogen than non vegans.



  3. Will someone explain to me why we have to listen to Greta – who is only a kid; with mental health issues….
    …but we can’t criticise her- because she is only a kid.

    Apologies if raised here previously.



    • Just because! Oh and she’s female and it’s her turn!
      She has done Cindy bin Shopping like a roast turkey as well!
      No Nobel peace prize for you!
      Greta has it in the bag and there is nothing your aunty can do!



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