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Australia’s one & only ‘not halal’ butcher stands his ground

A butcher shop in South Australia has refused to change its shopfront signage despite being told it was “inciting hatred” towards Islamic people.

But the judgment panel took issue with the sign’s wording and the use of Australian animals, saying it gave the impression Islamic people might not be welcome inside the store.

Infidels are not welcome wherever Mohammedans have been able to settle in large numbers. Why would they want to go to an infidel butcher to buy non halal meat?

A complaint over the signage said it “pokes fun of a specific group of people based on religious belief”.

There’s no fun in Islam. Is that ‘judgement panel’ trying to enforce the sharia?

“Using the phrase ‘non halal certified’ in conjunction with imagery of Australian animals was a suggestion that Islamic dietary practices are not Australian,” the panel said in their judgment, which was handed down in August.

A majority of the panel also ruled the signage gave “a strong impression that people of a certain religion or ethnicity might not be welcome in the store”.

“Had the sign stated ‘not halal approved’ or ‘unfortunately, non halal’ this would be less likely to have been considered discriminatory or vilifying signage,” the Ad Standards panel concluded.

The business has since changed the sign so it now reads “not halal certified” instead of “non halal certified” but is refusing to remove the images of the emus and kangaroos.

“As long as we own the shop the sign won’t ever come down!” a Facebook post read.

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  1. a strong impression that people of a certain religion or ethnicity might not be welcome in the store

    I thought that was the idea. They’d be apostate or whatever the Muslim equivalent is if they buy and consume non-Halal meat. Why the fuck would they want to go there, then?



  2. Um Hi Um is your meat Halal? For the hundredth time No! I’ll put up a sign – You can’t do that – FFS

    I Agree the Muslim community should front this as it is their offended reputation being used.
    If they really want to integrate that is.
    Not a virtue signalling Ad Watchdog
    A simple “no worries” from the local Imam and it’s all “tickity boo”.



  3. Two photos, showing the change; the original, then the final as Ed posted above.
    Fortunately the cost was just to change one letter. 🙂

    An authority flexing and justifying its muscle, that it did something, showing what side it is on, and in the name of its gestapo powers.

    What they do not want to have happen is not paying the costs of certification.
    That is what this authority is in cahoots with, in applying their gestapo, corrupt, nit picking ways
    Follow the money as the system wants to collect money from either side of the fence. They did take offence.



  4. The change in signage conveys an entirely different message.
    Not Halal certified say just that. Their products are not certified as complying with halal requirements..
    Non Halal certified implied they have some kind of certification that their products are non-halal.
    I doubt that is the case.
    Another case of the perpetually outraged loonies running the asylum.



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