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Freedoms Under Attack

There are frustrations in this world that I couldn’t possibly understand. While I can sympathize I can’t really empathize. These same frustrations and disappointments boil up from time to time. The frustrated feel they have no voice. They feel no one understands their plight. Enough becomes enough and a release is needed. They must be heard!

The US has some tools for this.

First amendment rights to peaceful dialogue for example. Rights that guarantee freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. To have protections to voice frustrations is unique and amazing.

Another tool is voicing frustrations by voting. Americans take this for granted unfortunately. To be actively engaged in helping decide what is going on around you locally, your state, your nation is a privilege many other countries simply don’t have. To be educated in what is going on around you is a powerful tool. To be engaged in its direction is divine, literally.

Why still frustrated then?

There’s a misconception about our system. The misconception is that we guarantee an opinion. We don’t. The constitution only guarantees your right to express it. This can be a problem for some individuals and like minded groups. They want to force their opinion on others, sometimes with violence. This direction typically leads to more frustration many times.

Our freedoms are under attack.

There are those that want total control, like Antifa, no matter what the majority wants. They are pretty sure their ideology is superior and are willing to do whatever it takes to get their way. These groups are very powerful and well funded. They are also very clever. They want to bypass our constitutional rights and interject new “policies” and finger-pointing, regardless of truthfulness, directed toward their personal end game . This is very dangerous.

Having freedoms trampled on only leads to more frustrations no matter what your belief system is. Illegally delegitimizing leaders, policies and proven ideology just because a person doesn’t want to live and/or believe that way is contrary to progression, peace and order.

Educate, vote and peacefully protest to make those changes if so desired. After all, that’s what our country is really all about.


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  1. Our NZ system is under attack because no matter what Ardern and her commie cronies do to us they have the ultimate excuse,the coronovirus.
    It’ll be used continually in the next few years when all their schemes and projects crash and burn and the populace look with envy at Venezuela.



  2. Unfortunately the NZ Bill of Rights does not have “the right to bear arms ” Might make those bastards in Wellington more cautious about ramming through their draconian, restrictive and possibly illegal laws. Just saying.



  3. Posted late last night.

    Chris McGlade recites his 2018 poem “The Right To Hate”, from his hometown in the north of England.
    A working man’s view of left-wing intolerance.
    8 min ;13 sec.
    There is a good preamble of first 2 minutes, then the poem.
    Poem Concludes at 7 min 2 secs.

    “The Right to Hate”
    You tell me what I can’t say, you censor what I can
    You say I’m offensive, because I believe my eyes when I say I see a woman, not a man.
    You call me thick and racist for not wanting to be a part
    of a rich man’s club in Europe, or a Global New World Order with no soul, or guts or heart.

    You throw at me the slave trade and tell me my 4 year old grandson is to blame
    You point your branding, accusing, intolerant fingers and tell me to hang my head in shame.
    I’m free to have opinions as long as they fall in line with yours.
    I can fly my banners high and proud as long as you support that cause.
    You have to be right, all the time, yours is the only way.
    I have to like the things you like be they black, trans, left or gay.
    It makes no difference if I tell you I’m not the things for which you accuse,
    because once you’ve made up your closed-off minds, I’m always going to lose.
    “I have black friends.”, “So, you’re STILL a racist. Homophobic.”,
    “But I’ve shared beds with gay men.”

    I’m an anti-semite but the Rothschilds is the richest banking family but that’s got nothing to do with them,
    being Jewish and everything to do with them being multi-billionaires, really do influence the dollar, pound and yen.
    You sip your Pinot Grigio in trendy bars down in the smoke,
    looking down your nose with loathesome contempt at billions of working-class folk.
    Well I’ve come here to tell you that you have had your time,
    because the winds of change are blowing and bells of freedom will chime.
    Cuz my class, my fucking class are waking up and stirring and we’re going to peacefully attack.
    We’re going to breach those PC walls of segregation that have divided white and black.
    I’ve got no malice in my heart, I don’t judge people on their sex or creed or race.
    I don’t speak ill of absolute cunts behind their back, not even the bloke who murdered me Dad, I just tell them to their face.

    So to all you branding, progressive liberals who won’t allow debate,
    I hate no man nor woman, I just want the right to hate.
    I want the right to hate, like I want the right to love.
    I want to like and dislike what I want to like and dislike, and be able to vocalize it both.

    I’m not responsible for slavery and I’m not taking any blame.
    Because the white privilege built on black slavery you say that I enjoy, well,
    Beyonce, Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna, Floyd Mayweather, Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, Barack Obama et al, enjoy the same.
    Beyonce has spent 87 million dollars on a house just through shaking that ass.
    While me and my lass at home are lamenting about ways to pay the fucking gas.
    And I don’t see too much white privilege in a system that lets in European refugees, while wounded soldiers live in cardboard boxes.
    Why do black lives matter and progressives fail to see, not all white folks live in stately homes chasing fucking foxes.
    And I’m not homophobic, transphobic, racist or anything phobic, you see.
    Because I don’t fear race or sex or gender , I just won’t bow down to your PC.
    Don’t confuse my use of slang for racism or bigotry, don’t confuse my rejection of your shite with spite.
    Don’t naturally assume I’m thick and racist because I’m northern working-class, I’m not. I’m articulate, sharp and bright.
    And I will not walk a minefield every time I open my mouth to speak.
    And I will not apologize for things I’ve glibly said or spoken tongue-in-cheek.

    So shape up or fuck off for your madness, cuz I’m gonna bring you down.
    I’m going to bring working-class people, all people, together. Muslim, Christian, white and brown.
    I’m going to bring those globalist walls of Jericho crashing on your brainwashed, liberal feet.
    And I’m going to blow my loving, inclusive unPC fanfare. And your communist, fascist, capitolist, sourcelist, left, right, Catholic, protestant, muslim, Christian, black, white, gay, straight, male, female, leave, remain, republican, democrat, afraid of covid 19, unafraid of covid 19, north, south divides…..I will defeat.

    You globalists…you’ve divided us and conquered us for way too long. You’ve taken the piss out of us and you’ve laughed at us and you’ve shared the benefits up at the top.
    Well I’ve come back to this northern working-class shrine in my hometown of Redcar to tell ya, now really is the time for your shit to fucking stop.

    This poem is pretty much on target even to the “finger pointing” controls as mentioned by the article. 🙂



  4. Another one ahead of her time and endures.

    “Katie Hopkins Has A Message For America, applies to whole world…”
    24 mins : 29 secs. : Feb 7, 2018
    The nub of the message starts at 2 minutes 12 seconds, though the preamble is still a laugh. 🙂

    “Do not let this great country become the United Kingdom”. …..
    “Some blunt truths”. ……
    “Discrimination against whites is institutionalized and systemic”. ….
    ” 1) We must reject the narrative, resist the narrative, …..repeated by authority, does not make it true.” …
    ” 2) We can arm ourselves, ….. with information, truth information closest to the source, …. …to find & get the truths…” ….
    ” 3) To have; to find the moral courage to fight, and keep moving forward”

    Thanks Katie, you sure do keep living by your principles, & spell it out as it is! 🙂 …. ….even though those principles have cost you a lot personally. Again Thankyou.



  5. Should there be a quota of how many other identities you should have f&^ked with?
    Looks like these want to control YOUR sex life.
    Do they practice what they preach?

    …… sexual racism: a sexual or romantic bias against people based on their race, usually directed at people of colour. …
    ….. believed sexual racism and general racism are linked. ….


    Not even to like or dislike, nothing is to be ok, unless ok’d by nanny state.



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