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NZ Gun Crime Rates Soar Following Gun Bans

Tom Knighton:

American gun control activists looked at New Zealand’s response to the Christchurch massacre with a high degree of awe. They desperately want the United States to follow that lead after the next mass shooting. They would love for our government to swoop in after such an event and snatch away all our guns, but particularly those nasty so-called “assault weapons” that they don’t think we have any business owning.

They applauded Prime Minister Ardern for her quick response, but what really happened was more of a knee-jerk reaction. She responded with liberal reflexes rather than taking the time to look at the situation rationally, and she’s been applauded by gun grabbers for it.

However, one thing we on the pro-gun side said would happen in response seems to have come to pass.

New figures obtained by RNZ show last year had the highest rates of gun crime and deaths involving firearms for nearly 10 years.

But despite that rise, there has not been a corresponding increase in officers taking out or using their guns.

The figures, obtained from police under the Official Information Act, show the rates of gun crime went up in both 2018 and 2019.

Last year, there were 3540 occasions where an offender was found with a gun.

And in both of the last two years, the rate of deadly incidents involving a firearm was the highest it had been since 2009.

The number of guns seized by police is also on the rise, up almost 50 percent on five years earlier at 1263 last year.

You mean banning guns doesn’t actually reduce gun crime?

I’m shocked.

I’m completely and totally shocked.

No, really.


What’s shocking, though, isn’t that this happened. It’s that this happened yet again and anti-gunners are still able to delude themselves into believing that gun control reduces gun crime. It doesn’t. While some of our gun controlled states have low crime, it has a low crime in spite of those laws, not because of them.

It seems like a universal truth that in the immediate aftermath of enacting tough gun control laws, gun crime goes up. That doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you realize that the very people not complying with the law include a large number of criminals who aren’t going to comply with any law. Now, though, they know that their potential targets are less likely to be able to defend themselves. For them, it’s time to step up and get busy because no one can stop them.

Note how the police aren’t using their guns any more than normal? That’s not surprising. After all, the police show up just in time to draw a chalk outline around the body. They don’t prevent crimes so much as respond to them and the criminals know this. They do what they’re going to do and leave before the police show up.

In fact, expect to see still more increases in so-called “gun crime” in New Zealand, at least until some degree of sanity returns and the government there goes back to respecting the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It’s only too bad that we’re pretty much the only nation with that right preserved in our Constitution. New Zealanders could probably use that right about now.

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  1. That stupid twat Mary Ann Carlson
    State senator for Vermont.
    The population of Vermont is 623,000
    Less than half that of Auckland.
    State Senator. Not Federal.
    She is nobody.

    Vermont’s main export – Bernie Sanders-style communism.

    She is like a City councillor Cathy Casey in Auckland; Fleur Fitzsimons in Wellington; or Pauline Cotter in Christchurch



  2. Headline: NZ Gun Crime Rates Soar
    Pretty easy to explain, really.

    Liebour are Pro-Crime.
    They have been for the last 5 years at least with Andrew Little promoting bad law and the very same person who stood by as Union leader in 2010 while 29 men perished at Pike River Mine.
    Now he is using taxpayer funds – over $50 million so far – to cover this up.

    Angry Andrew Little likes crime, he just does not like us to know about his crimes.

    He wanted a law that a man could be convicted of rape – destroy his life- on the say so of a woman with no proof.
    For a critter with a law degree he is rather free and easy with legal principles.
    He never practiced law.
    No surprise.
    But he will use your money to cover up his involvement in Pike River.
    It is a search and destroy (evidence) operation.
    The cops need this as well as they failed there, here, and everywhere.

    The Deputy Dawg for Liebour is one crazy bastard – thug-in-a-suit – Kelvin Davis – known colloquially as ‘special K’ for his um, ah, challenged, shall we say, demeanour – who is a true blue crim hugger.
    Make that true red crim hugger.

    He wants his ‘special people ‘ to be able to commit crime in Australia but not be punished for it.
    That is Very Pro Crime.

    I would challenge any Liebour political junkie to show any statistic that has not trended adversely under Liebour since 2017.
    We see gun crime above. Road deaths, suicides, business collapse…
    The whole gambit.
    It is just harder to see because:-
    -MPs don’t answer emails or letters
    -Ministers have been gagged from answering anyway under a PTPM gag order
    -They have shut down statistical information
    -Treasury has gone rogue
    -NZTA has more failures than success
    -They trashed the Census even though National was able to recover and run one after the Christchurch Earthquake
    -They stall or don’t answer OIA requests

    But will claim to be open and transparent
    They are simply PRO CRIME Crim huggers.
    Crime is a growth industry under ArDooms’s Liebour with adrenaline shots from Angry Little and Special K Davis.

    The Finance Minister’s own father was convicted of Financial crime and jailed
    the Social Welfare Minister’s own mother was convicted of welfare fraud.
    Crime is in their blood.



  3. As a firearms user I must say this US based media is not really helpful for us. Most of us would not want to use firearms for self defense, and in reality our legal firearms security laws prevents their use in emergencies, as they are always locked up with ammo stored separately. In a home invasion situation, our locked up firearms are as useful as having no firearms. Not to mention the legal hassles involved for anyone who did use a firearms for self defense… it would need to be a very serious incident to justify even thinking about this.

    What the firearm law changes has done is got rid of a system recognised internationally as one of the best in the world, with the intention for it to be replaced with a model that has universally failed (registration etc). It has replaced goodwill between the firearms users and the police with distrust. It has gone a long way to prevent adequate pest control, and nationally we are seeing a massive increase of feral pests, particularly wallabies, goats and deer. Goodbye native forest, and goodbye to our forestry efforts. Ironic that the people most determined to see climate change mitigation forestry are also the same ones most determined to remove pest control rifles, thereby essentially killing their own initiatives. Still, I guess it’s only tax payer money, who cares if a billion trees just means feeding the goats and deer?



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