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Thou SHALL obey the WHO. The new treaty includes “Shall” 164 times. The IHR amendments 168 times. You bet the WHO wants to order 194 countries around.

In the new Pandemic Treaty (“Agreement”), the World Health Organization (WHO) dictates that nations “shall” comply with a long list of demands during, before, and after the next threat to public health. In no uncertain terms, these new documents, which Liberty Counsel Action discovered, establishes the WHO as the final global authority.

This document states: “To implement the provisions in this Article, each Party [nation] shall … ” This word “shall” is a legally binding command and is used 164 times in 29 pages. This document lays out EVERYTHING that nations will be forced to do under this treaty/agreement. A “‘Party’ means a State [nation] or regional economic integration organization [like the European Union] that has consented to be bound by this Agreement, in accordance with its terms, and for which this Agreement is in force” (emphasis added).

There is no question — despite what the spinmeisters might claim — that this document will make the WHO the final authority … if we let it.

We are in the final countdown. There are about 50 days until the WHO convenes for this global meeting and the final vote. We have a narrow window to act!

The latest document, issued two weeks ago, officially recognizes “that the World Health Organization is … the directing and coordinating authority on international health work.”

And if nations don’t like what the WHO is forcing them to do, they can try mediation. If that is unsuccessful, they can go into foreign arbitration “in accordance with the Permanent Court of Arbitration Rules of 2012.”

This arbitration will hand down a compulsory and legally binding foreign decision. Similarly to the Hague, there are 60 people from nearly 30 nations in appointed, non-elected positions. This so-called remedy is far removed from our constitutional protections and freedom.

The power this global U.N. agency would wield is unthinkable.

This treaty/agreement clearly elevates plants, animals, and the ecosystem as being equal to human life.

The WHO calls this “One Health approach,” which is described as “an integrated, unifying approach that aims to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems. It recognizes that the health of humans, domestic and wild animals, plants and the wider environment (including ecosystems) is closely linked and interdependent.”

This means that the WHO is working to balance what it thinks is good for the ecosystem with the same level of importance as what people need to live. Much like the radical group, Earth Justice, inanimate objects such as rocks would have rights that can be legally protected. A motto of Earth Justice is “Even the Earth needs a lawyer.” The WHO is Earth Justice on steroids.

Part of this treaty says: “The Parties commit to promote a One Health approach … that is coherent, comprehensive, integrated, coordinated and collaborative among relevant actors and sectors.”

The WHO wants control over animals to “identify settings and activities that create or increase the risk of disease emergence and re-emergence at the human–animal–plant–environment interface.” Nations must “take measures to reduce risks of zoonotic spill-over and spill-back associated with these settings and activities, including measures aimed at safe and responsible management of wildlife, farm and companion animals.”

If that is not enough, the WHO reserves the right to demand that nations “shall develop and implement or strengthen … other multilateral mechanisms” to accomplish this.  In addition, it is not only national governments that will be held to this standard of elevating plants to the same value as people. The WHO demands that every government “promote or establish” a plan for “One Health workforce training and continuing education programmes [sic] for public health, animal health and environment sectors.”

These directives could impact everyone from gardeners, veterinarians, farmers or ranchers, pet shop owners, to animal shelter volunteers who could all have to go through internationally mandated “continuing education” courses required by the WHO.

Think of the potential abuse this would hand the WHO. What if the WHO mandated a two-year, in-person “continuing education” training for all ranch staff (or any other small businesses)? When many family farms have a single breadwinner, this one action would be the end of the American cowboy and any other plant- or animal-related profession or small business.

This is TOO MUCH power for any one government to have, let alone a foreign one with Marxist goals.

We need to meet with our Members of Parliament and educate them on the importance of stopping the WHO. Help encourage legislators to act now.

Find your MP here:



Louisiana’s (37-0) shot heard round the world

Even the Netherlands is hearing about the Louisiana Senate victory against the WHO and the WEF (see story below). And a bill to make ivermectin and over-the-counter drug in Louisiana just made it out of committee. Tennessee already passed such a law. New Hampshire got very close but its RINO governor Sununu refused to sign it.

The really good news is that identical bills as Louisiana’s have been introduced in Alabama and Tennessee, and strong legislators are pushing them forward. So keep your fingers crossed, and we should have some firecrackers going off soon as the deep south preserves traditional American freedoms.


Louisiana Senate Approves Bill (37-0) to Ban WEF Agenda in State

Louisiana is the first state in the U.S. to pass a bill to end the United Nations, World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum in the state and the globalist organizations to ban rules and mandates.

The Louisiana Senate passed a bill with 37-0 votes to end cooperation between the state and local governments with the UN, the WHO and the WEF. The Senate accuses them of committing a globalist coup and trying to impose their rules and mandates around the world, writes Thepeoplesvoice.

Senator Thomas Pressly and two co-sponsors introduced Senate Bill 133 (SB133SB-133) on February 29. The proposed law states: “The World Health Organization, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum have no jurisdiction or power in the state of Louisiana.”

The bill describes practical steps to ensure that rules, regulations and mandates of globalist organizations have no power in the Pelican State.

“No rule, regulation, remuneration, tax, policy or mandate of any kind of the World Health Organization, the United Nations and the World Economic Forum shall be enforced or carried out by the State of Louisiana or any agency, department, council, committee, political component, state government agency, parish, municipality or any other political entity.”


Tenth Amendment Center report: Based on James Madison’s advice for states and individuals in Federalist 46, a “refusal to work with Union officials” is an extremely effective method of effectively making federal laws unenforceable, as most enforcement actions are dependent on help, support and leadership from the states.

Agenda 2030, blueprint for one world under globalism

This is just as true for international institutions – probably even more so. These institutions do not have their own enforcement mechanism. All of their power is based on voluntary compliance and enforcement by local jurisdictions.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano agreed that such an approach would be very effective. In a television discussion about federal gun laws, he noted that a single state that refuses to cooperate in enforcement would make federal gun laws “almost impossible” to enforce.

The federal government is heavily dependent on the cooperation of states to implement and enforce almost all of its laws, rules and laws. By simply renouncing this necessary cooperation, states can in fact negate many federal actions. As the National Governor’s Association noted during the partial government shutdown in 2013, “States are federal government partners for most federal programs.”

This enforcement problem is even greater when it comes to international bodies such as the WHO and the UN.


Some could argue that Louisiana is required to enforce WHO or UN mandates because of treaties, but this does not hold up in any legal investigation.

The Supreme Court has consistently stated that the federal government cannot claim state and local resources for its own purposes. Under the anti-mandate doctrine, states are sovereign entities and can use their resources at their discretion. It follows logically that international organisations cannot claim state and local resources either. Even if the U.S. government is obliged to enforce a U.N. mandate based on a treaty, it does not follow that states must enforce local governments the same.

The ruling elites and the governments they control have clearly shown that they are against us, the people,

The anti-dating doctrine is mainly based on five cases of the Supreme Court dating back to 1842. Printz v. U.S. serves as the cornerstone.

“In New York, we ruled that Congress cannot force states to establish or enforce a federal regulatory program. Today we find that Congress cannot bypass that prohibition by directly engaging the officials of the states. The federal government may not issue guidelines that require the states to address certain problems, nor instruct the officials of the states or their political subdivisions to conduct or enforce a federal regulatory program. It does not matter whether there is policy-making and there is no need to weigh the burden or benefit on a case-by-case basis; such orders are fundamentally incompatible with our constitutional system of dual sovereignty.”

No provision of constitutionality is necessary to appeal to the anti-commandeering doctrine. States and local governments may refuse to implement federal laws or implement federal programs, whether they are constitutional or not.


SB133 goes to the House for further treatment. It has been referred to the Commission on Domestic and Government, where it must be heard and adopted by a majority vote before it continues in the legislative process.

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  1. Posted this yesterday, and also figures it dovetails in well as WHO is even a further form of the unelected, unaccountable “Deep State”.

    A mini doc. of the medical politics of what was presented to Trump, and the reach-a-round so the agenda could be pushed.
    This confirms how Trump was set up, by the devious in the “Public Health” that directed things even contrary to President Trump.

    It Wasn’t Fauci: How the Deep State Really Played Trump (mini-doc)
    24 mins 22secs : Feb 27, 2024 :

    …. Who was the chief engineer of the lockdowns? It’s not who you think.
    Scott Atlas, Hoover Institution and former White House Special Advisor
    Tyler Goodspeed, former Chair of President Trumps Council of Economic Advisors
    Paul Mango, former deputy in Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services
    Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University
    Martin Kulldorff, former professor at Harvard University

    I still do not underestimate Fauci a whip for the ‘Deep Stqte’ but now can see some of the others, who stayed behind scenes, proved to be much more than useful idiots, for Fauci ?

    This sort of brings in more background connections of some key people, revealing some of their thoughts at the time.



    • I watched that last night S1

      While they contend that Birx lead it all, I do not buy that. Yes she was pushing out the “White House” positions but I would bet my last dollar that Fauci was directing her and feeding her the information. If he wasn’t a key player or the key player then why was he on TV in front the public all the time.

      In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the doco was there to push the spot light off Fauci.



  2. A very good background to the Canadian modeller epidemiologist Dr. David Fisman , calls it out very well in this vid clip, and with the author putting it very strongly about the book.
    Author exposes data fabrication and ‘hate science’ to justify vaccine mandates
    17 mins 29 secs : Apr 2, 2024 : #RebelNews
    Former statistician turned author Regina Watteel explains how scientific fraud extended beyond misinformation and aimed to deceive, vilify, and advocate for harm against an identifiable group of Canadians to set the justification for future vaccine mandates. …..
    – —— ————- ——– ———- ———- ———- ——-
    Fisman’s Fraud
    The Rise of Canadian Hate Science
    By Watteel. R. N. · 2023
    When pseudoscience, politics & fraud converge
    What lengths will ideologically or financially-driven researchers and politicians go to impose their will upon others?
    Throughout the pandemic we’ve witnessed a slide from objective clinical research to easily manipulated “real-world” studies to purely fictional simulations completely detached from reality.
    “Consensus” (aka groupthink) quickly replaced scientific scrutiny and civil discourse plummeted.
    It became difficult to distinguish scientific recommendations from political talking points.
    On April 25, 2022 a very dangerous line was crossed.
    Leaders in the Canadian research and medical community rubber-stamped a clearly fraudulent study.
    Its overarching purpose: to use “science” to justify discrimination, sow hatred and reinterpret the notion of inalienable rights.
    Within hours of the study’s official publication, dozens of articles in top national papers flooded Canada warning of the dire risk of merely hanging out with unvaccinated people —
    — selfish souls who refused to accept the new genetic COVID-19 vaccines.
    The “unvaccinated” were compared to carriers of syphilis, intoxicated drivers and reckless individuals who had no regard for others.
    Can’t get an operation? Blame the unvaccinated! The “science” says so.
    But did it? This book examines:
    The man, the politics and the intent behind the faux study.
    How researchers concocted results to overwrite reality & scapegoat the unvaccinated.
    The Establishment’s willingness to go along with the fraud.
    How political ideology fed into the analysis.
    How the research is being used to swindle Canadians out of their Charter rights & freedoms.
    An investigative look into Fisman’s Precedent-Setting Hate Science
    “FISMAN’S FRAUD is both a disturbing and an exhilarating read.
    The book exposes what is effectively a crime scene with various agents complicit in producing fraudulent science that was used by media and the Prime Minister to fuel hatred and societal division.
    Watteel reveals in precise detail how every system of oversight and accountability, from the University of Toronto to the Ontario Provincial Police failed in their duty to act with integrity.
    The exhilarating aspect is that the book shines a bright light on those responsible.
    Watteel names names and calls them out for what they are —
    — morally bankrupt.
    Fisman’s Fraud gives hope that by exposing the fraud justice may prevail and civility restored to this Nation.” – Ted Kuntz, President Vaccine Choice Canada
    —— ———– ———- ———— ——— ————-
    Fisman’s Fraud
    The Accomplices
    By R. N. Watteel · 2023
    Research Institutes Enjoy the Fruits of Willful Ignorance
    While in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, spring 2022, three top Canadian science institutions were put to the test.
    Under their watch, evidence surfaced that they had supported fraudulent research, concocted to bolster vaccine uptake and scapegoat a segment of the population for vaccine failure.
    During this period, politics dominated the ‘follow the science’ narrative and large financial incentives were tied to the successful uptake of the new genetic vaccines.
    How did these institutions respond?
    How did they navigate their conflicts of interest?
    Did financial interests trump ethical concerns when the two were at odds?
    You be the judge.
    This supplementary guide provides the letter and email correspondences apprising three institutions of a serious act of research misconduct, together with their feeble replies.
    The importance of this particular case of scientific fraud, which cuts to the core of the government’s pandemic response, is discussed in Fisman’s Fraud: The Rise of Canadian Hate Science.

    I figure, that one can see more than enough parallels in New Zealand for the scamsters in the Aoooteeeaaaaroann Universities & Institutions.
    A book, a tv series could also be written about what went on in New Zealand.
    All of those NZ scamsters will be looking to support that WHO Global Pandemic Treaty, like Ashley Bloomfield, Helen Clark, etc, to get everyone jabbed etc.. as that will then not only cover up their fraudulent deeds, but become very profitable, as like in these times;– the science follows the money into their pockets.



  3. An opinion by Shane Jones posted in the Herald 2 Jun, 2023

    ….. Before signing up to a pandemic treaty, should we not wrap up our own Covid inquiry?
    Given the fiscal hydrant and the mandate hangover, should not the public be consulted?
    How will supercharging WHO improve the resilience of our own crumbling health system?
    Rather than pouring more money or authority into such foreign chambers it is time to focus on our own priorities.
    If the health system is failing now with colds and flu there is no chance with another pandemic. …

    Will that Covid Commission just be a white wash of “conversations”?
    Not that I can figure I can throw the burgeoning Shane Jones very far, but at this stage he is one of the cards we have.
    Also bearing in mind, Winston Peters had a very enjoyable trip to Morocco to sign New Zealand up to UN Global Migration Pact.



  4. They are out to kiil us all, and the faster the better as far as they are concerned. The WEF want as few people in the world as they can. Stupid fuckers. I agree with Shane Jones and his assumptions that we need to fix our health system first, well before we spend money, TAX PAYERS hard earned money supporting the totally pathetic WHO. Since the manufactured covid so called crisis it’s very difficult to get to see a Dr at your normal practice, so people are attending the A&E departments that is why they are so busy. They cannot cope, So why has this fuckery started? I blame the liarbor Maori and greens who wrecked the country from education, health and generally especially finance.



  5. Are we sure the messaging of pressure on A&E departments and our worsening health system isn’t media propaganda preparing New Zealanders for the “new and improved benefits under the WHO Treaty”?

    They LIED to us about the covid epidemic to gain control and the WHO are the thumb screws.

    Get ready people to have the same rights as rocks and wetland alge.

    Can we the people of NZ trust that lot in Wellington to say NO to the WHO. ////



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