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Gender versus sex – a simple guide from the WHO

FOR readers confused about the difference between gender and sex, I have wonderful news. The admired and respected World Health Organization (WHO) has helpfully come up with an explanation. There may be some cynics who feel the extract below is nonsensical, woke gobbledygook, but I subscribe to the officially imposed mantra that there are close to a hundred genders. Otherwise I would probably be banned and canceled and de-platformed and debunked etc etc.

But cynics should be careful what to say, write or tweet as anyone who contradicts what the WHO decrees would be guilty of spreading medical disinformation thus risking social media excommunication. Moreover, when the British government inevitably signs up to the legally binding new WHO treaty in May 2024, about which TCW  has warned on several occasions, for example here, anyone disagreeing with WHO edicts might be committing a criminal offence.

Anyway, here is the WHO’s explanation of the difference between gender and sex.

‘Gender refers to the characteristics of women, men, girls and boys that are socially constructed. This includes norms, behaviours and roles associated with being a woman, man, girl or boy, as well as relationships with each other. As a social construct, gender varies from society to society and can change over time.

‘Gender is hierarchical and produces inequalities that intersect with other social and economic inequalities. Gender-based discrimination intersects with other factors of discrimination, such as ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability, age, geographic location, gender identity and sexual orientation, among others. This is referred to as intersectionality.

‘Gender interacts with but is different from sex, which refers to the different biological and physiological characteristics of females, males and intersex persons, such as chromosomes, hormones and reproductive organs. Gender and sex are related to but different from gender identity. Gender identity refers to a person’s deeply felt, internal and individual experience of gender, which may or may not correspond to the person’s physiology or designated sex at birth.

‘Gender influences people’s experience of and access to healthcare. The way that health services are organized and provided can either limit or enable a person’s access to healthcare information, support and services, and the outcome of those encounters. Health services should be affordable, accessible and acceptable to all, and they should be provided with quality, equity and dignity.

‘Gender inequality and discrimination faced by women and girls puts their health and well-being at risk.  Women and girls often face greater barriers than men and boys to accessing health information and services. These barriers include restrictions on mobility; lack of access to decision-making power; lower literacy rates; discriminatory attitudes of communities and healthcare providers; and lack of training and awareness amongst healthcare providers and health systems of the specific health needs and challenges of women and girls.

‘Consequently, women and girls face greater risks of unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections including HIV, cervical cancer, malnutrition, lower vision, respiratory infections, malnutrition and elder abuse, amongst others. Women and girls also face unacceptably high levels of violence rooted in gender inequality and are at grave risk of harmful practices such as female genital mutilation, and child, early and forced marriage. WHO figures show that about 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

‘Harmful gender norms – especially those related to rigid notions of masculinity – can also affect boys and men’s health and wellbeing negatively. For example, specific notions of masculinity may encourage boys and men to smoke, take sexual and other health risks, misuse alcohol and not seek help or health care. Such gender norms also contribute to boys and men perpetrating violence – as well as being subjected to violence themselves. They can also have grave implications for their mental health.

‘Rigid gender norms also negatively affect people with diverse gender identities, who often face violence, stigma and discrimination as a result, including in healthcare settings. Consequently, they are at higher risk of HIV and mental health problems, including suicide.’

I hope that clears up any questions you may have had.


  1. And once you have passed on, time has stripped the flesh off your bones, do you think if someone dug you up, tested your DNA, looked at said bone structure, that they would know what gender you “identified” as or will it just come back as male or female, they dont have a test that will tell them that you where a gender bending moron, well other than those that may have bags of silicone with them



  2. I’m obviously a strange person because I’ve devoted a large slice of my life to the SEX side of this debate, strange I may be but I’ve never made a “Lola” mistake when it comes to gender .



  3. “ Gender is hierarchical and produces inequalities that intersect with other social and economic inequalities”

    “ Harmful gender norms – especially those related to rigid notions of masculinity”

    Seems there are good and bad genders. We are not the target audience- little kids are. They want to have perverted sex with very young children. I’m not talking a good old fashioned root with a hot 15 year old. I’m talking sick fetish sex with far younger people.



    • Good and bad genders seems right, Man = bad, Normal woman = bad, lesbo woman = very good, Man that wants to be woman = fantastic, Man that wants to be woman and fiddle with kids = we saw nothing carry on



      • ” oh you mean the Labour party ! ”

        Why do we have to go on and on about these sick fucken cunts ? …nearly as bad as endless Maori wining .
        Why can’t they just go fuck themselves and leave the MAJORITY …YES “MAJORITY” alone.

        ….beginning to understand why there was a “final solution”.



  4. I refuse to engage with all this new age word soup. I’m too old to understand or care. My only participation is to judge those who partake in this new fangled mind control of the confused and ignorant. Let them get on with it as long as their fetish doesn’t cost the taxpayer, slosh over innocents and those choosing not to take any notice of them. They may suffer from their chosen actions, it’s their life but choices have consequences and life is hard enough. Choose wisely.



  5. The purpose of this wordy woke is to set unsettle, upset, fracture, the principles of “normal” people, to bring in further controls.

    ….. The writing of Karl Marx is mostly just a plagiarism of German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.
    And when one applies these core principles of Hegel and Marx to the issue of transsexualism, as does their intellectual descendants such as The Frankfurt School or The Fabian Society, the entire issue of transsexuality assumes a more comprehensible albeit monstrous purpose. …


    The first video link in that article
    “An explanation of how the trans-issue is a Marxist dialectic attack”
    The origins of Transgenderism
    Performing Transgender Rage.
    The School-to-gender-clinic Pipeline.
    The synthesis of all Oppressions.
    Gender Affirming Care
    Frankenstein Nihilism
    Original link source.
    12 mins 32 secs : 14th July 2023

    The 2nd video original source link.:—
    The Rise of Communism and Islam: Ret. Major Stephen Coughlin’s Urgent Warning for Western Civilization
    1 hour 9 minutes : 2nd July : Maj. (Ret.) Stephen Coughlin.

    Understanding the true nature of the Islamic line of effort and the organized left is crucial in developing effective counter-strategies, explains Major Coughlin.

    Although Coughlin’s video may seem to be initially a disconnect to genderism there is a connection of ideologies,
    “Abusive Language, Abuse of Power,” which is shown here in this summarizing article.



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