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Nissan Leaf $33,000 battery bill

Phillip Carlson bought a Nissan Leaf in August 2012, which cost about $53,500. It’s seven years old today, and it’s worth maybe $12,000 – if you can find someone dumb enough to buy it. Let’s let him tell the story.

“I bought an electric car from Nissan with 5 years warranty on the battery. They claimed 175km range. From new I only ever got 120km. Now I can BARELY get 35-40km during winter or even 25km if I use the heater. The warranty says the battery is bad if it drops to 8 out of 12 bars, which mine has. 

“I took it in and they claim the battery is totally fine and there’s nothing wrong with it and gave me a $33,000 invoice for a new one!!!!! Nissan just won’t listen and I’ve run out of all hope. I paid $53,500 for this car and it’s pretty useless now.” – Phillip Carlson

Is the Leaf a disposable EV?

So, let’s think about this, and what it really means, because the conduct of organisations tells you more about them than the statements they make. 

This is a tacit admission by Nissan that the Leaf is a disposable car. A $50,000 disposable car. Which doesn’t seem very environmentally sustainable to me.

Obvious conclusion on the fucked-up cost of replacing this battery: For $30,000 you could buy about 20,000 litres of petrol. Which is enough to drive a Leaf-sized conventional car about 400,000 kilometres.

So if you are buying your Leaf EV to save money on fuel, even if you are getting your electricity free from a fat rooftop solar array, every day, you better hope you get 400,000 kays out of the battery. #unlikely.

If you don’t, you’re just kidding yourself. And the leaf is about $30,000 more expensive than a Leaf-sized conventional car. So make that 800,000 kays – to break even, financially. In what universe does that sound like a sound financial plan?


  1. Sooner or later Genter will make the taxpayer pay for the new batteries. Really she is that fucking stupid.
    Worst government ever and you know I despair for the fools who follow that cult and for the rest of us who have to put up with them.
    Surely sometime soon other politicians will see what a rort all this is.
    When will Simon open his eyes and his mind to a bit of clarity?



  2. The branding of a vehicle “Leaf” draws me to look if Nissan have a range of vehicles called “Flake” or even a “Push”.
    IMHO Leafs (or Leaves) are for the lightweight, virtue signalling set, purchasing the dream without seeing the nightmare. Let the buyer beware!



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