U.N.’s Guterres Warns a ‘New Model for Global Governance’ Is Coming


As the world continues to grapple with the deadly consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said only one thing is certain in its wake: “a new model of global governance” is coming and the globalist body is doing all it can to hurry its arrival.

The Portugese socialist made his prediction Saturday as he delivered the Nelson Mandela Lecture and spoke of the need for the U.N. to address “the huge gaps in governance structures and ethical frameworks” the epidemic has exposed. He said:

To close those gaps, and to make the New Social Contract possible, we need a New Global Deal to ensure that power, wealth and opportunities are shared more broadly and fairly at the international level.

A new model for global governance must be based on full, inclusive and equal participation in global institutions.

A New Global Deal, based on a fair globalization, on the rights and dignity of every human being, on living in balance with nature, on taking account of the rights of future generations, and on success measured in human rather than economic terms, is the best way to change this.

The worldwide consultation process around the 75th anniversary of the United Nations has made clear that people want a global governance system that delivers for them.

Communists like Guterres want a global dictatorship that delivers for them and nobody else. You got to read that right.

Guterres then outlined his plan for the future of the world, citing his “New Global Deal,” to be based on “a fair globalization, on the rights and dignity of every human being, on living in balance with nature, on taking account of the rights of future generations, and on success measured in human rather than economic terms, is the best way to change this.”

The 71-year-old professional bureaucrat claimed a “worldwide consultation process around the 75th anniversary of the United Nations has made clear that people want a global governance system that delivers for them.”

He also maintained the time has come for the “developing world” to have a far stronger voice in global decision-making. This reformation of international governance will be linked to financial relief and the forgiveness of debt for struggling countries. He said:

Reform of the debt architecture and access to affordable credit must create fiscal space for countries to move investment in the same direction.

Been there, done it. In fact, it’s a pattern that keeps repeating. African shithole countries squander the money we give them and when it’s all gone they come for more. Hopeless.

This is not the first time Guterres,  a member of the Portuguese Socialist Party who served as Prime Minister of Portugal from 1995 to 2002, has spoken fondly of his desire to see the world recast along socialist principles.

That’s very charitable. He speaks about nothing else.

As Breitbart News reported, earlier this month he demanded “more robust global governance,” adding the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), regional authorities such as the African Union and the European Union (E.U.) to a list of organizations he says can bring “order” to a future world disrupted by the coronanvirus pandemic.

In an essay titled ‘Global Wake-up Call’, the unelected head of the globalist body said “from COVID-19 to climate disruption, from racial injustice to rising inequalities, we are a world in turmoil.”

His solution to that disorder is more big government,  and more bureaucratic institutions in more places, delivered via the U.N. and its multiple agencies all funded by the contributions of taxpayers around the world.

Fuck this rotten parasite & his criminal cohorts!

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  1. The Media are totally complaint in this as well- Having been promised truckloads of cash if they tow the party line.
    Anyone remember RNZ’s article on how gloriously happy people were living behind the Iron Curtain? To anyone who can remember the Wall coming down and the end of that evil Eastern Bloc it was utterly astonishing…



  2. This is why I shake my head at the TDS of David Farrar and his rottweiler Batman (who has TDS on steroids). If they get their beloved Biden in as President then there is a very good chance Guterres will get his dream.



  3. That colonist Portuguese, Antonio Guterres, should be hoisted on his own countries petard of telling Africans how to live.

    Now, even more tragically looking to enslave the world.

    In recent years, many countries have introduced fragments of the free-enterprise system, which has given a lot of people a taste of prosperity.
    Still, the continent remains mostly socialist, comprised of leaders who have been educated in the Marxist school of thought.
    From Uganda to Zimbabwe, Africa’s history with socialism is far more barbaric and tragic than Britain’s 20th-century colonization.
    Following decades of destitution, deprivation, and despair, has Africa learned from socialism’s failure?


    Continuing UN aid, and the UN guidance by the likes of socialist/communist Guterres through extortion of soft money in the name of redistribution, then Africans will never learn and push on out of the failure of Communism.

    There is one little African country that is the exception, not perfect, but not following the marxist ideologies.
    Over 20 years, the gross domestic product expanded 8.1% annually, lifting real terms capita from $595 to a little more than $1,100.
    Today, it is the wealthiest economy in the West African Economic and Monetary Union, thanks to the private economy’s use of its vast cocoa beans, natural rubber, crude oil, and other agricultural commodities.

    If I recall correctly it also banned all incoming aid.



  4. This also shows the claimed effect of numbers in another epidemic, and then the truth, back in 2005.

    “For God’s Sake, Please Stop the Aid!”
    The Kenyan economics expert James Shikwati, 35, says that aid to Africa does more harm than good.
    The avid proponent of globalization spoke with SPIEGEL about the disastrous effects of Western development policy in Africa, corrupt rulers, and the tendency to overstate the AIDS problem.


    Although not perfect, Shikwati is on the right track, and I suspect will learn of the globalization trap too.

    SPIEGEL: The German government takes pride in precisely monitoring the recipients of its funds.

    Shikwati: And what’s the result?
    A disaster.
    The German government threw money right at Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame.
    This is a man who has the deaths of a million people on his conscience — people that his army killed in the neighboring country of Congo.

    SPIEGEL: What are the Germans supposed to do?

    Shikwati: If they really want to fight poverty, they should completely halt development aid and give Africa the opportunity to ensure its own survival.
    Currently, Africa is like a child that immediately cries for its babysitter when something goes wrong.
    Africa should stand on its own two feet.

    Buttt… buttt all the social welfare bureaucracy will be out of job, and that will again, prove how much of costly uselessness of empire builders they are.

    The aid system is how Guterres and the UN, Chinese and others of Marxist ilk want to clip the ticket that goes both ways in Africa.
    That is aid going to Africa, what goes on in Africa, and then how to organize Africans in their migrations and further controls in the West in the name of further help to Africans and the new diversity.



  5. The Secretary General can have his view but it is of no interst whatsoever to me. I was not consulted in his worldwide consultation and thus he cannot say the worlds people want what he says they want.

    I am not a person of colour yet in global matters, and matters such as this, my view must count.

    I do not want any form of global government. I do not expect it to be promoted as that was not the role of the UN.

    I do not want to contribute to the salary and expenses of the Secretary General and the organisation he heads. I give my mandate to our government to leave.



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