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Global Snowfall Trend




Snow in the Era of Global Warming

Is anyone curious to know what the global snowfall trend was in this era of “extreme” global warming?

I was. Luckily NASA covertly provides us with all the necessary data to figure this out.

March 2021

I downloaded all available monthly images from 1980 to 2020 (inclusive), such as the one shown above, then I converted the pixel colors back to data using the provided scale.

The error margin is small and time-persistent and so this is a clever way to extract a rich dataset which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

As far as I know, you will not see this anywhere else. All other snowfall or snow-cover datasets are limited by region or date and so researchers reach the wrong conclusion!

Here is the result of my quest:

Global Snowfall
Snowfall has increased by nearly 3 percent over the last four decades!

Units are milligrams per square meter per second.

Let’s also see how this breaks down by North and South hemisphere:

North Hemisphere Snowfall
South Hemisphere Snowfall 

SH increase in snow more than compensates NH decrease in snow. This led to an overall increase in snow during our great era of global warming!

That’s it. Enjoy 🙂 -Zoe

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  1. Like the tilt of the kilt it depends on the earths rockin and rolling then.
    How far we are from the sun and those god dammed sunspots.

    Looking at the south one wonders where it all falls as NZ hasn’t had a lot recently.



  2. It’s started I tell ya! The snows coming and it’s gunna be huge!
    It’s starting down south to fall on the hills, even the north has had a light dump!
    All the skiers and kids will be jumping up and down with joy!



  3. I am expecting a colder winter. However, rain and snow forecasts are a little trickier. What we are definitely seeing is a much later start to warmth in the NH. I couple more years like 2020 and we will definitely be in a pronounced cooling period. And CO2 has FUCK all to do with it, but our chief robber in charge has allocated over 400 mil to this crap that could have gone to child poverty.



    • They are still paying $1.4 BILLION dollars a year under the Paris Accord that Notional/Key signed up to.

      In 2014 for 10 years. So to 2023 at least
      $1.4 billion (now borrowed of course) per annum for a total of
      ….Fourteen Billion NZ dollars for Santa clause shit.

      Fucking John Key.

      To add insult to injury the key wanker said they would stop payments to the NZ Super Fund because they had to borrow to pay it.
      Fucking weasel prick Key.



  4. Good stuff again by Zoe. I first came across her on Jo Nova’s site. Many on there rubbished her for a start because she looked at climate issues from a different angle, but she was not put off by the criticisms and now has gained a begrudging respect over there her for short, neatly analysed work. She often puts her whole computer program (which is usually quite short) up for review.

    She worked on Wall Street for about 10 years before she became a mother and I think this climate work is done to keep her brain active. She often admits she is learning the programming skills as she goes. A very bright young lady.



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