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The latest data on the world’s temperature is a surprise. Didn’t Greta Thunberg claim the warming was so much that we faced “mass extinctions”? But the bad news is that saying what the temperature actually was last month is just cruising for a bruising.

Uh, oh. The latest satellite measurement of the Earth’s temperature is bad news. At least for me.

January’s figures show the planet has barely warmed above the average of two decades ago. Just 0.12 degrees up.

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  1. How do those mongs think the world defrosted from several ice ages? Planet heats planet cools, we are 1 large volcanic erruption or nuclear war away from severe cooling, crops can grow and ppl can still thrive if its a few degrees warmer but go several degrees colder and 90% of the worlds habitat dies.



    • Awww Jeez IAASB.
      Stop using facts.
      This confuses idiots and sheeple.

      It looks pretty accurate as well.
      You see the great spike up in 1998 when there was an exceptionally hot year.
      That was the year when the power cable burnt out in Auckland and the CDB had to invest in lots of really long extension cords.
      That runs a parallel to Pike River Mine interestingly enough. They had just undergrounded the power cables – to look like less ‘visual pollution’ and the underground cable cooked itself with too little ventilation it had in open air.
      Similar to Pike River in they went to an underground tunnel instead of an open cast where the the methane could fart off into the atmosphere.
      ..but hey Pike River was ‘our fault’ so we pay and pay.

      The model shows Feb 2016 as the warmest month ever.
      I remember that well. Leaving Browns Bay beach at Auckland North Shore it was 32 degrees (sheltered area) at 7pm.
      As I drove back at 7.15 pm it was still 29 degree in St Mary’s Bay.
      I had a BBQ the next week and it was 28 degrees at 7pm . Unofficial temps of course.

      Despite people rabbiting on in the last decade or two about the AU Great Barrier Reef it did not exist 10,000 years ago and was ‘walkabout’ area for the locals.
      Things come and go and some people cant deal with it.

      The poor old Maori arrived in Ao tea zealand in the Medieval warming period and it was extra warm. About 3 deg C warmer than LTA.
      Then it cooled.
      The buggers never really prepared themselves for this which is why I always suspect they were the trash of their homeland and were expelled.
      When it cooled they never were able to return and lost the ability to navigate and use sails.
      Mmm, so much for knowledge passed down.
      If they were not kicked out and could sail and navigate big sea voyages why did they not return to ‘home’ when things turned pear shaped in ao tea zealand ?

      They had little fabric but needed it, no breadfruit, no quadrupeds or domesticated birds. Just a basic root vegetable.
      No pigs until that bad white fella Cook bought some in 1770. No Bunnings, Plumbing world or Fletcher building !!
      Life was tough but they were stuck here severely under-resourced.
      ..and at that stage they could not monetise the Taniwha !!

      Credit that they did survive hundreds of years under harsh conditions. Life was not all puha and poi pois.
      The people that remained from the Danish incursion to Greenland in the same era perished.

      Yep, weather sure changes around.
      And some nasty globalists have found a way to monetise it and we suckers are paying.



  2. Seems to be a perfewct storm brewing with the Earth’s poles doing strange things, volcanic activity markedly up around the globe and the Sun remaining very quiet in terms of sunspots. CO2 is a bit player in all of this, but gets all the attention. I hope the alarmists fucking freeze and starve to death. Idiots.



  3. Three dinosaurs are running across the desert when they stumble across a magic lamp.
    They rub it and a genie appears.
    “I have three wishes, so I’ll give one to each of you,” the genie announces.
    The first dinosaur thinks hard.
    “Alright,” he says, “I’ll have a big, juicy, piece of meat.”
    Instantly, the biggest, juiciest piece of meat he’d ever seen appears in front of him.
    Not to be outdone, the second dinosaur thinks even harder.
    “I know! I’ll have a shower of meat!”
    Immediately, huge pieces of meat rain down around him.
    The third dinosaur, certainly not to be outdone, thinks harder than the previous dinosaurs.
    “I’ve got it!” he cries. “I want a MEATIER shower!”



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