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Globalist shock: trannie can’t compete with the women




Swimming trannie Lia can’t compete with the women at Paris Olympics!

CAIRNS News sends out condolences to our favourite trannie, Lia Thomas, who demanded a spot in the Olympic women’s swimming events, but was denied by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). Actually, we didn’t send condolences, we’re being sarcastic.

In fact, we’re outraged that some broad-shouldered, six foot young male swimmer should suddenly decide he’s a woman, take some drugs to diminish his male features and then jump in the pool with female swimmers and win a swag of titles because of his inherently greater male body strength. Fair-minded people see that as straight-out, officially-endorsed cheating.

CAS dismissed a challenge from Thomas who had asked the court in Switzerland to reject a policy that would prevent “her” from competing in women’s races at elite competitions. As most people know Lia Thomas, previously William Thomas, started swimming in US men’s college swimming events, because, well, ahem, he was a young man with testicles.

The panel of arbitrators determined that Thomas did not have standing to challenge the policy created by the international swimming federation, World Aquatics. The CAS panel found that “for the time being” Thomas is not eligible to compete in elite competitions through World Aquatics or USA Swimming, so the policy does not apply to her. “She is currently only entitled to compete in USA Swimming events that do not qualify as ‘Elite Events,’” according to the arbitral award.

At the University of Pennsylvania in 2017 in his freshman year, William Thomas entered the 1000-yard freestyle and ranked as sixth-fastest for national men and in the national top 100 in the 500-yard and 1650-yard freestyle. In 2018–2019, he finished second in the men’s 500, 1000, and 1650-yard freestyle at the Ivy League championships as a sophomore in 2019. In 2018–2019 he recorded the top UPenn men’s team times in the 500 free, 1000 free, and 1650 free.

In those days when Thomas was an up-and-coming swimmer, although ranked nationally at No. 468, he made a dramatic decision that would spectacularly advance his career. According to Wikipedia, after his freshman year at college, during the summer of 2018, he “came out” as transgender to his family.

In May 2019 Thomas began transitioning using hormone replacement therapy and then “came out as a trans woman” during his junior year to coaches, friends, and the women’s and men’s swim teams at the University of Pennsylvania.

This “coincided” with the big corporate US sporting organisation, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in 2022 adjusting its 2010 rules on transgender contestants. By 2021 Thomas had met the NCAA hormone therapy requirements to swim on the women’s team, creating outrage across America and around the world when he easily started winning events.

Women swimmers including Riley Gaines were also disgusted that Thomas would use women’s change rooms and quite happily flaunt his naked body in front of them. “The first time that we became aware we would be undressing next to this six-foot, four-inch, 22-year-old fully intact man was when we were inches away from said man fully exposing himself,” Gaines told Megyn Kelly.com. “It felt like a betrayal.”

Thomas is not on the preliminary entry list for the U.S. Olympic swimming trials, which begin this weekend in Indianapolis ahead of the start of the 2024 Paris Olympics next month.

The surprising development at the CAS must be causing ripples among the globalist powers-that-be who use the neo-Marxist transgender ideology globally as a political wedge to divide communities into those who are for the program and those who are against – the latter who more than likely are the majority but who can face severe penalties at the hands of the global internet censors such as Australia’s infamous “eKaren” Julie Inman Grant, the so-called eSafety Commissioner.

The transgender ideology is also a direct affront and challenge to historical Christian principles around the nuclear family, and the traditional male-female world view as set down in the Genesis narrative. The ideology is protected under the UN human rights apparatus and promoted fanatically by New Left ideologues worldwide.

The fact that Russia’s parliament the Duma unanimously passed legislation in 2022 making it illegal to spread propaganda about “nontraditional sexual relations” in the media, advertising, movies or on social media is probably a major reason for the US Democrats’ seething hatred of the country and Putin in particular.

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  1. ……”The transgender ideology is also a direct affront and challenge to historical Christian principles around the nuclear family, and the traditional male-female world view as set down in the Genesis narrative.”……

    I know. It took me a while to reconcile my contempt for Biblical garbage with my dislike for fat women.

    In the end my preference for slim, athletic, well exercised chicky babes who play sport won out & I’m all in favour of getting the queer, gender confused fuckwits out of women’s sports & women’s changing rooms.



  2. Just a reminder Riley Gaines came first equal in one race with Lia Thomas, but had to give the trophy to Lia. Politics and virtue signalling by those who didn’t compete in the race. Cost them nothing, but Riley missed out on all sorts of scholarships.



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