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Michelle Malkin Blasts Open Borders Catholics

By Natalie Winters, Human Events.

Conservative author Michelle Malkin declared the U.S. border wall a “monument to American sovereignty” today, speaking at the Symposium at the Wall on the New Mexico/Texas/Mexico border this morning.

Malkin, an Asian conservative and six-time author, lambasted Democrats and Republicans alike for conspiring to undermine attempts to curtail legal and illegal immigration.

She introduced an often overlooked and underestimated force that exhibits profound influence on immigration politics into the discourse: “sanctuary churches, the Vatican, and many other religious organizations that are funded by your tax dollars.”

“Antifa anarchists wear black hoods and carbon fiber knuckle tactical gloves. Well, sanctuary anarchists wear black robes and white clergy collars,” she said.

“Like Antifa, church leaders who brazenly sponsor, harbor and induce illegal aliens to violate our borders are dangerous disruptors, dividers, aiders and abetters of lawlessness. We’ve seen calls now on Capitol Hill to prosecute Antifa. We should prosecute sanctuary anarchists who are doing every bit as much damage as Antifa is on the streets from the pulpits.”

Malkin spoke of the finances behind these groups’ activism: “…billions of American tax dollars are going are going to religious organization agencies that pervert scripture to line their pockets in the name of the lord of social justice.”

She enumerated a list of the incomes of many Catholic organizations involved in the open borders, pro-amnesty movement.

The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, which has been linked to funding various migrant caravans, has an annual budget of nearly $13 million dollars, while Catholic Relief Services has neaerly $1 billion. Catholic Charities, she said, has a whopping $4 billion. Revenue from government sources comprises $1.6 billion of this funding.

Malkin acknowledges it was difficult for her to “call out the Church I grew up in,” but clearly delineated her stance: “I am not anti-Catholic. I am anti open-borders Catholics.”

She also emphasized how the Republican establishment contributes to undermining efforts like We Build the Wall Inc – the privately-funded border wall.

“It’s been a heel of a fight against the corporate amnesty shills in the corporate beltway.”

She criticized them for selling out Americans for donors and corporations who want “cheap labor.”

Malkin reflected the broader consensus of the symposium: the existential importance of border security and a wall, and how nefarious and calculated those who attempt to undermine it are.

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  1. A quick look at ‘Mexico’ in Wikipedia gives a clue as to why the Catholic church are pro illegal immigration across the southern boundary:

    …..” Roman Catholicism as the main religion, with 83% of the population”……

    Since running a racket based on belief in what doesn’t exist is a bums on seats game the Vatican will realise that the new immigrants may offset the loss to the balance sheet from priests molesting small boys & archaic attitudes to birth control.

    An educated congregation is a disappearing congregation. Ignorant & illiterate peasants are vital for the church’s survival.



    • I can always remember many, many years ago at school I discovered that the Catholic population of Liechtenstein was 99%. I often wondered who that other person was.
      I see now though that it was 84.9% in 1990 and down to 75.9% in 2010. I notice that the Muslim population has gone from 2.4% to 5.4% over the same period.



  2. Protestant churches too.
    The socialist march through the institutions has finished many churches, and now using it as luvvies and do gooders, with the cloak of righteousness.

    Lutherans make big money in migration resettlement.

    Episcopalians an American form of Anglicans.

    Presbyterian quibble with Trump’s views on not granting amnesty for illegals.

    Credit to Baptist churches, seem to be no problem with guns either. 🙂



  3. As a catholic – as I think Michele Malkin is – I deplore the churches – not only the Catholic church for supporting open borders. Even the pope – in my view a strange man if not a nut case – is very wrong in encouraging unwanted migration and decrying the building of a wall on the border. The Vatican has one of the stoutest walls ever built – designed to keep out invading muslims around the 12th & 13th. centuries. He is taking a very hypocritical stance.
    Of course, if the federal money for refugees dried up, the churches would back off their support.
    Perhaps that could be the next area that Trumpy targets – no funding for cross-border refugees.



  4. The Catholic church is evil.
    They covered up their paedophiles and moved them around provinces within country and also between countries.
    NZ send one really bad one up to the Philippines.
    The Holy Jesus Doolan Church interferes in politics in the Philippines.
    I’m with Duterte.
    He gets bad press because he is against the globalisation shit and instead of mere words he has had an actual ‘war on drugs’ that is not lightweight PR bollocks.

    What the doolan priests have been doing for decades is – openly in the pulpit -saying which candidates to vote for. Candidates after less church interference get derided.
    They want a high birth rate to keep people poor.
    Poor people are easier to control and as a nice by-product tend to be more spiritual as the material rewards are out of reach.

    The Doolan manipulators have worked hard to limit sex education and contraception. As a result the population has exploded bringing with it some extreme poverty – not the daft ‘No Sky TV’ poverty crap in NZ .
    There was a good doco on this in 2008 on the now defunct Channel 6 on NZ TV.
    The Philippine population was 26 million in 1960; 60 million in 1990; and closing in on 110 million this year.
    This is achieved without inward migration and much emigration to better places.

    Ireland was in the same boat until about 1980 but reduced the church influence.
    The ‘reward’ is significant migration headed their way.

    The globalists/country wreckers are well organised and funded.
    The holy Jesus Vatican mob has thrown their lot in with them- probably a reward for very low reporting on their paedophilia activity over the last half century- compared to the actual numbers.
    NZ has succumbed to this globalisation and the Churches were left out of the initial child abuse inquiry but have been included after pressure.
    They will experience a light dusting of snow then the sun will shine again.



    • …..”The Catholic church is evil.”…..

      The Catholic church is an organisation dedicated to the perpetuation of its own existence. It long ago lost any credibility in the eyes of those sufficiently intelligent to see or exercise judgement.

      The empty shell of cathedrals, pomp & ritual are all that remains.



  5. Ed says in the intro:
    “The Catholic Legal Immigration Network, which has been linked to funding various migrant caravans, has an annual budget of nearly $13 million dollars, ”

    Well there was a doco (when real documentaries were being made; before the globaisation/control freaks killed these off) on MSM TV in 2004.
    This was insightful look at the Doolan church pedo activity.
    One U.S. guy was interviewed who was an ex catholic priest. He left them.
    He said he had a fund of $7 million a year – for just his State – to pay out silence money to pedo victims.
    so, one US. State (I think it was Ohio or thereabouts) had USD 7 million per annum to pay out pedo money to buy the cloak of invisibility.
    Expand on those numbers!

    The USD 13 million pales in comparison. Just sayin.

    PS. Note that globalist John Key defunded channels 6 and 7 here in NZ circa 2010. They had some really good international documentaries with some decent history when the Sky History channel had already become the WW2 repeat repeat channel.



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