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Defence Minister trumps Environment Court decision on Whenuapai Airbase engine noise

Defence Minister Ron Mark has over written an Environment Court decision on noise restrictions for aircraft engine testing at Whenuapai Airbase, and advised anyone moving into the area to accept military aircraft noise.

Mark signed a certificate exempting the activity of engine testing at the West Auckland airbase from the Resource Management Act (RMA) 1991.

The Environment Court had ruled that late-night testing of aircraft engines at the airbase was excessive and in breach of the RMA, following complaints from a commercial developer.

New Zealand Defence Force had 20 days to appeal the decision but the minister has exercised his powers under the national security provision and issued a certificate to trump the RMA.

The certificate means the Environment Court ruling in favour of Neil Construction will not affect engine testing at Whenuapai and this will ensure all aircraft operations can continue to be conducted.

His decision was a clear and loud message to anyone buying into the area that they would be buying into an operational airforce base that deployed men and women in uniform to help others.

“I make no apology for issuing this certificate and advise anyone who is thinking of purchasing a home near Whenuapai, that you are moving into an area where a military airbase has operated since World War II.

“There will continue to be noise generated by military aircraft and you need to accept that.”

This makes sense. In the past, woke people have knowingly bought property close to certain event areas (Western Springs in Auckland, pig farm in Waikato ) cheaper than they would normally get because of the noise, smell and visual pollution. Then they agitate and complain etc and the event is closed down. Hey presto, the property values increase. Every new buyer is very happy. Never mind about the poor event or other business owners.

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  1. We need a similar exemption for gun clubs so that people who buy properties near long established gun clubs (Nelson Waimea GC and Nelson Pistol Club for example) cannot then complain about the sound of gunfire.



    • Jake to Elwood: “how often do the trains go by?
      Elwood “So often you won’t even notice ’em”

      Councils started including declarations for people buying lifestyle block subdivisions that they could never participate in legal action against a farmers’ noise such as tractors at 4 am, cow shit, fertilizer, roosters, etc and whatever else who annoy a city slicker. You sign and buy, you keep mouth firmly shut.



    • And the dopey Environment Court with its dopier enabling legislation passed by successive governments is just a tool for the Tools who want everything their own way.
      Well done Skiddy. A rare victory for commonsense.



  2. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/northern-advocate/news/article.cfm?c_id=1503450&objectid=12253808

    I know this old news and irrelevant for those not up this way, but this is a crying shame. I’d definitely be a NIMBY on this one. A lovely, middle class neighbourhood on the outskirts of Whangarei is going to become another Manurewa. Why can’t they just build “projects” somewhere instead of forcing “economic diversity” on people? That is NOT the sort of neighbourhood poor people can afford to live in. Tough shit!



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