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Newshub to shut down in June

Newshub staff have expressed shock at learning the media company is to close its newsroom operations from 30 June.

Newshub is owned by the global entertainment giant Warner Bros Discovery which also owns Eden, Rush, HGTV and Bravo.

Staff were called to a meeting at Newshub at 11am on Wednesday where they were told Warner Brothers discovery was starting consultation on a restructuring of its free-to-air business.

A statement issued by Warner Bros Discovery said it has “commenced consultation on a proposed remodelling and restructure of its ANZ free-to-air business in New Zealand”.

Its Asia Pacific president James Gibbons said the move was a result of negative events in New Zealand and globally and “the impacts of the economic downturn had been severe”.

The proposed new model would focus on a digitally led business with ThreeNow at its core, he said.

Warner Bros Discovery ANZ senior vice president head of networks Glen Kyne said the company had to keep looking at ways of reducing costs.

“We’ve now reached a stage where any further reduction in costs means proposing major changes. This is why we are proposing to shut down the newsroom. This would mean stopping all news production including the Newshub website from June 30,” he said in the statement.

Newshub presenter Mike McRoberts told RNZ the news was “heartbreaking”.

He did not know what it meant for news but said: “We’re a pretty good newsroom. If we can’t make it work, who can?”

Newshub’s Wellington bureau chief Caitlin Cherry took to LinkedIn following the announcement:

“So the news is out that there’s a proposal to close Newshub at the end of June. It’s very sad and there are a lot of pretty devastated staff.

“So I will be back in the market for work! Media, communications, digital, social media and management.”

Go Woke, Go Broke.

Remember Who Said This?

Now the taxpayer’s money from covid advertising is no longer available, it seems the owners can see a bleak future ahead. One can rejoice in the fact they will no longer be there to spread false government propaganda to all the dumb covid nutters out amongst us.

Who will be next? Stuff or NZ Herald?

TVOne should also go, but with Taxpayer funding will be safe.

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  1. Once Mike McRoberts found his inner Maori and all the rest of their absolute bull shitty gnews over the covid debacle it was curtains for them all. All news outfits should close their doors until some real journalists are on deck, and tell us every bit of news, balanced stories all sorts, government corruptions and all the good news as well. This maori grievance stuff and liarbor party stupidity all needs to be canned. NO Government has any business funding news Chanels, it’s fake news by anyones language.



  2. Die lame stream media, Die!!
    They brought this shit on themselves and I’ve been waiting for this day for ages.

    And all they had to do to save themselves was report the news without bias and honesty. They wouldn’t lie straight in bed they’re so bent to the left. Good riddance to bad journalism.



  3. the most crackup thing is if these guys apply for jobs in the private sector theyll find a woke CV littered with te reo will get them absolutely nowhere and is a hinderance to finding employment.



  4. if stuff go tits up and die before xmas i may have to rethink my stance on god. hell i think even nasska would too 🙂

    i bet all the other media scum outlets now double te reo and other woke shit outve fear that newshub didnt have enough woke and thats why it died.



  5. The nz market is very small , i have always wondered why we just dont have aussie tv available as we are almost a state . Its on the same satellite , i once had a rogue sat box that used to have some aussie channels



    • Way way back in the very early days of TV ( say 1963-65?) I used to baby sit at my brothers who had a TV. Always willing as that was very exciting, I can remember when it closed down at night , quite early, a programme would come on that was being broadcast from Australia. It was always quite exciting – an Untouchables Elliot Ness type but memory is a bit hazy on that.



    • Channel 10 has always ben a barker.
      Now it is whimpering.
      It may soon be down the drain rather than circling it.

      Channel 7 and 9 sem to get by with sport and sports mad aussies.

      ABC is a basket case of wokeism , makes teevee scum/one look like it is run by Mussolini.
      They openly call Australia Day…. ‘Invasion Day’.

      FTA teevee has had its day.
      When it move to fakely named ‘reality teevee’ a quarter century ago, that was the white flag.



      • Yes I’m sure you’re right. FTA TV has had its day indeed. I haven’t watched TV ‘News’ for around 10 years, and I haven’t watched any of their programs for a couple of years My only concern, though, is if all the news services close down, how will we find out what is happening in the world?

        Look at this blog, for example. There are lots of comments here which link to sites or comment on news from sites like Stuff, NZ Herald, TV1 etc. Quite rightly, many of us are critical of their bias….. but at least we can see through it and at least there are some facts being reported on these sites. But what will happen when ALL the news sites fail? Just asking.



        • ……”But what will happen when ALL the news sites fail?”……

          They won’t all fail. Those who report “news” as opposed to spinning propaganda will do well. Instance RCR’s success vs Today FM.

          It may well be that free to air TV & newsprint will follow the dinosaurs but something will take their place.



  6. The one comment that sums up this is the parent company ” Over hundred million has disappeared from the advertising pool in NZ.”
    So it is quite apparent they cannot operate a business without government support.
    400 unemployable individuals that were transformed for Arderns new world order, they will need extensive education in basic Journalism, not sure this is a possible feat. Be like pushing shit up hill with a toothpick, why would anyone even try to employ these people.



    • Parent company Disney just lost US$800 Million on latest flop woke cartoon film and lost fight with De Santis, Governor of Florida and Theme park visits substantially down – looke like Disney have swallowed the Bud Light posion.



  7. Unfortunately folks the demise of newshub is a mirror image of what’s in the near to mid future of our whole country if you’re one of the shitbags that overbuilt your business with Cnutface Arderns Covid money as did most of the communist MSM in this country,let’s all hope Stuffed is next.



  8. Someone mentioned Fruity Farrar yesterday, saying it was very sad for the people involved, on his KB article. I went over there last night and looked through the comments. I could not find one poster agreeing with him. Everyone was cheering like crazy –esp. Tom Hunter (remember his “die MSM die” ).

    The media people are just so arrogant and they feed of each other’s arrogance. They obviously do not read the AUT’s annual survey of the publics perception of the media. Last year NZ was the bottom of the list, in terms of having respect from the public when compared to a large list of other countries.



  9. The money backing MSM moved into social media, blogs, the cancel regime. Beware.

    EU just passed laws under pressure from the gang of globalist censors to hand out $10,000 Euro fines for posts they do not like. Jacinda will we working extra hard to get laws like this ready for NZ.



  10. The Fourth Estate my arse. Congratulations Newshum you LOST! You took lashings of taxpayer funding then played the public for fools, took us for idiots and agreed with the politicians that the “River of Filth” are beneath contempt. You thought you could lie to us and we wouldn’t see it. You disrespected our right to the FACTS and nothing but the TRUTH. We could make up our own minds with the FACTS but you treated us like children, even told us fairy stories of a bad germ and an evil witch tempting us with a rosy red apple to save us all. Your stories were so transparent in your disregard for our health and the good of the country. You lied and obfuscated and lied some more until finally we all stopped watching and the pigeons have come home to roost.

    Well done, you shot your woke selves in the foot. An extra cheer for losing goes to the arrogance and deceit of the so-called ‘political churnalist’ Jenna Lynch. Snuggled so far up Cindy’s arse you could only see her feet.

    It’s a shame TVNZ can’t go the same way. They have failed as equally as badly with their propaganda and disdain for not allowing the public the FACTS. We are adults who pay for your existence. We can run our own lives and don’t expect to be lied to night after night after night. This is OUR country, not some billionaire global cabal that can play us like a game of poker. For gods same Luxon and co – DO SOMETHING TO SAVE NZ!!!!!!!!

    Fuck off and DIE MSM.



    • They will be firing, not hiring. With a hole of 100 million plus approaching I wouldn’t want to be a TV employee. Only good to come out of this is it might make them all compete for a reduced number of jobs. This might reduce their ridiculous pay packets to suit the times.



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