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Election 2020: Thirteen firearms owners on ACT Party’s election list as it takes aim at New Zealand First


Thirteen licenced firearms owners are on the ACT Party’s election list of 56 that was released on Sunday.

It could be a sign that leader David Seymour is going after disaffected New Zealand First voters, and he said that party has “let down their voters”.

ACT polled at 3 percent in the latest political poll, beating New Zealand First which was sitting at 2 percent. And, unlike leader Winston Peters, ACT has the luxury of a safe seat in Epsom.

“New Zealand First have let down a lot of people. I don’t think they deserve to be in any Parliament let alone New Zealand’s,” Seymour said.

The poll gives ACT four MPs, but that’s not the height of their ambition – Seymour said he wants “anywhere from six to eight” ACT MPs in Parliament.

“Passionate” gun lobbyist Nicole McKee catapults to third of the party’s list, and 27-year-old backroom ACT staffer Brooke van Velden has risen to deputy leader. Former deputy Beth Houlbrooke is demoted to 13th.

“[Houlbrooke] has done such a good job for the Rodney local board and I think really she’s going to focus on that,” Seymour said.

Although the party released its ranking of members on Sunday, it didn’t go into detail about any new policies – it instead will announce these in a couple of weeks. But there were clues in the language Seymour used, including “you are voting to have in Parliament some common sense for a change” and “people say ACT is speaking common sense, I say we need some common sense for a change”.

ACT is ready to work with the National Party in Government.

“We won’t be wagging the dog, we’ll be keeping the dog on a very short leash,” he said.

But he ruled out the role of kingmaker and said he won’t work with any other party.

Peters said his party is the one of common sense, and “common sense is what you’re seeing breaking out everywhere now”.

Not before time, we are seeing the demise of the drunken dwarf. Act will not support the Nats just for the sake of it. The more seats they get, the more clout they will have to keep the National dog on the porch.

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  1. ACT have my vote. First time I haven’t voted National. Would have expected better from Judith Collins. Absolutely delighted to see Nicole McKee at #3.



    • Same here. As the Greens become electoral poison, this election is going to be interesting. The best thing we can hop for are more lunatic ideas from the Greens, more bluister from Winston, and that Jacinda keeps David Clarke in the news, everyday.



    • Why the f–k do pest controllers need military-style firearms?? Ego? Virility? Vanity? There are loads of regular semi-automatics that do the job really well. Just get over it!



  2. The support they seem to be receiving from the general public is incredible so I am incredibly surprised they are not getting so much higher in the poll. Mind you I might lie if I ever got asked. Once I did but I was too old and white and woman they had enough of those types of people already.



  3. I was surprised that Beth Houlbrooke faded away in the final selection. She seemed competent.



  4. Absolutely delighted that Nicole is at number 3 on the list. I was always going to give my party vote to ACT but I will now redouble my efforts to persuade my friends and acquaintances to do the same. We have a chance to make a real difference with out votes this time round let’s not stuff it up but wasting party votes on splittest groups.



  5. A very smart move by ACT to have Nicole high up. Even if they only get half the gun owners that is, I think, about 100,000 votes



  6. Ms McKee is not only about guns.
    Her cv is most impressive particularly compared to the PM.

    McKee for PM?



  7. The firearms legislation could be dumped but all those ww1 and ww2 antiques are lost forever ,smashed under the virtue signalling Ardern Peters Bridges Jackboots.
    Only Seymour said “NO” and he gets my vote for that alone.



  8. Never thought I would say this but I’m not going to support the Nats this time and will go with ACT.



  9. ACT this time are similar to hte NZ Party of Bob Jones.
    People want change. Under FPP the party was robbed but underMMP there will be change.



  10. Paula going. That makes all Winstons enemy’s gone.

    My hope is that Muller won’t do a deal with him.

    More and more reasons to Party Vote Act.
    Will sahne Reti not canvas in whangarei to let Jones in? Will the Nats do that deal?
    Will Labour do that deal?



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