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Latest gossip re Jethro…

“I’ve just heard that Gayford was in court in Auckland at 4 in the morning on Wed for a private hearing…. the media have played their part and hushed it up, however, this has come from a journalist and it’s good oil he was charged prior to the wedding being called off…”


A scheduled filming of Jethro’s house moving show in Dunedin was canceled on Friday when there was a no-show by Jethro and his film crew with no explanation.

Re the wedding of the century that was canceled, not postponed.

There was an earlier comment about the Mad Queen commenting about having to cancel her wedding 30 minutes before she was about to walk down the aisle. Have just caught up with the article.

For that to be true, all the guests, overseas press and photographers would have been assembled in Gisborne, the vintage train for the guests ride out to Young Nicks Head Station stoked up with a full head of steam, the venue decorated and readied, the caterers on site with the food prepared and cooked, private security operating, the no fly over in place, liquor and wine delivered etc etc…

The woman is an inveterate liar.

Looking forward to February 22.

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  1. I decided like this:-

    So, the guy I worked with today is
    good friends with another pilot that
    works for us. His mates Dad is
    good friends with Cyndies Dad.

    How many degrees of separation from source is that?
    There is too much serious stuff going down to be distracted by some bullshit artist that can’t bridle their wishful thinking.

    The gossip re Jethro – same.
    Evidence please.
    This goss has been around long enough for someone to have produced a case # or something.

    The Wedding:
    La. La la
    Over it.

    And the pic Liar in Chief – accepted fact.



    • Harvey well said.
      I do consider at this stage the wedding is off, and would use the word cancelled as per Ardern & media.
      The wedding on or off is really a non-issue to what is actually happening & being implemented.

      More than that and it is in Conjecture, old woman’s gossip, just uses up time, energy, and gains nothing.
      Bring up the evidence: the photo, the tik tok clip, the what-ever;—

      What are we doing wasting time & energy on this?
      The system will allow and feed to us whatever lie, as we well know, and many swallow it.
      So we who have been careful not to swallow lies, are swallowing gossip and bullshit.
      If some truth proves Gayford is a trafficker, then I along with many will 🙂
      But the real war will be long & hard, and this is only a skirmish.

      If proven untrue in any part, then proves we are more aligned with just being “anti-science” proving Ardern’s spin and showing her supporters that they are right to demand more jabbing.

      It will then be played at you to show how stupid have been if & when Gayford pops up, and there is even a bull plausible spun out story to please Ardern’s supporters.

      In the mean time the rush to boosters, more jabs, children jabs and most importantly is the “data passport” to set up digital banking, that connects to “social credit scores” via Artificial Intelligence AI, continues unabated.

      Division of people, and driving many into poverty plus the setting up of an economic crash with a tyrannical medical autocracy, that drives to AI algorithmic decision making, with no political representation.



  2. Well Jethro is still posting on Instagram. He has a picture of moving a house in the horrible rain from the other day and a picture of him up the east cape at another house moving for his show. No ankle jewellery on in one photo, but that doesn’t prove anything in itself.
    That said, there is a lot of smoke, just looking for the fire..🤔



  3. Yep yep and yep. There is so much speculation over this but one does have to wonder where is he in social media, he is usually front and foremost on sites defending her to the max and yet nothing I have heard. She is a compulsive liar so believing the 30 minute stunt was a total lie I believe. The rest ????? We have the most important protest ever in New Zealand and she should be down there speaking with the protesters immediately and accepting there are so many in New Zealand who do not accept the mandates and she should stop them RIGHT NOW. FJA



  4. My source can’t find out anything at the moment, things are locked down very tight and anyone involved is being watched. I hear he is not on the streets, but where he is is a closely guarded secret. What’s this bit about resigning on the 22nd? I’ve heard this several times from completely different people – is there any truth to it?



    • May a thousand troubles descend on the horrible couple. Nothing they don’t deserve. Karma is a bitch.
      I can’t wait for the 22nd… At least we have something to look forward to for a few days like waiting to see if your lotto ticket wins. 🥳 Will she or won’t she depart, and if she does how will NZ react to having a chutney ferret being appointed as replacement leader? Is NZ ready for a smug prick who couldn’t win his previous Labour leadership challenges with not enough support from his own colleagues? We are living through interesting times.

      No matter who is driving the clown car we the people just have to wait for the mandates to be lifted. We will WIN!!



      • The funny part is when I first asked this person who is involved with corrections, he thought it was old news and nobody cared. He found it odd we thought it was big news and had to ask for verification. As far as he knows nothing has changed but he knows he is being watched and has to be careful at the moment. He has bigger fish to fry trying to keep his job. Now the rumours are out they are trying to embargo everything and everyone. How very Labour, always a day late and a buck short.



  5. As much as it would be sweet for it to be fact I’m calling BS on this but would never be more happy to be proven wrong.
    I have a deep hate for that Ardern creature that surpasses my despising of that maggot Peters who gave us this ruinous Clown show of faggs ,nags, failed lawyers and ex school teachers and union officials.
    And FFS now one of the biggest failures ever to grace NZ politics Phil Goof is about to be given a plum job in a consulate somewhere in the World, FFUUUCCKK.



  6. I would expect that the average person -especially say females in the normal range of the Ardern voter – would be very sympathetic to any person who in the last weeks of their pre marriage arrangements has to publicly call it off. This would obviously be quite devastating to the person concerned and any decent and caring person would express their sympathy to them.
    Ardern however, again, lied by saying she was calling it off because she was siding with all those other brides who have had weddings held up. She ignored the fact that she could have continued to hold it with up to 100 people (fully vaccinated and passports at the door) present plus staff which I suspect would be greater numbers than almost all weddings these days.
    It appears obvious the relationship has been in trouble for some time and her choice of words, cancelled – not postponed – was deliberate in order to come across as a “I am you” type of person.
    Having missed that opportunity she has now brought in the easily totally discredited 30 minute walk rule – a sign of real desperation especially with the stance she has taken against the Parliament Grounds occupation.
    Many years ago with a number of big things going on I remember I simply stayed home for a week “with my head under the pillow type of thing” and then dealt with it. I suspect she has more than reached that stage but is not getting a long enough break and is getting a differing amount of “advice” in her ears that she is not intelligent enough to process properly.
    The only thing that is going to stop her poll figures crashing completely is the recognised lack of a charismatic opposition leader but that is building.
    I would not be surprised at some time if “Elvis has left the building” would indeed happen.



  7. Cindy is about to drown her sorrow in a jetsetting world trip to spend up!
    Visiting trendy cafes, supping soy latta and eating smashed arvo on toast, hobnobbing with pretty people. Getting reacquainted with her husband in Canada, so she can tell him all about her uprising!



  8. Hooker Phil…
    I agree, this wedding cancelation and the reason for it, is a story and a very big one in my opinion. She has told a bold faced lie (one of many, I know), calculated to bring sympathy and to show that she is not a Boris Johnson or other world leader hypocrite and that she can walk her talk. This is real Machiavellian behaviour and shows how unscrupulous she actually is. Proof positive of being the opposite of whom she portrays to be.

    “New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern cancels her wedding amid new Omicron restrictions” was world headlines and framed to push the BS pandemic narrative. Proving that she lied about the wedding cancellation would do massive damage to her international brand.

    Sooty….Absolutely convenient….imagine if there had been no scamdemic,,,there would have been another excuse up her sleeve, there always will be with her…



  9. Toko. I agree with everything you say there about the framing.
    Good on the people investigating like Tarquin.

    Even though I do not like Conjecture, it has it shifted to the mindless “Cover up” of what-ever?
    The 30 minute notice. Is that in black & white.
    Where is it?
    It is the Cover Up that gets them but this may still have a long way to run, even if true.

    Where is the source about the Ardern’s comment “having to cancel her wedding 30 minutes before she was about to walk down the aisle. ”
    I have searched and the only source seems to be YSB or has a slur been put on YSB?

    What is going on? Wishful thinking? Sold a pup? Scrubbed from google? shadow banned? and from other search engines? Another form of “cover up” or pchys-operation.

    There are plenty of lies Ardern does make, but we do not need to make up any.
    Truth may be covered, hidden, but when revealed roars like a lion.



    • Simpleton1…

      Someone early yesterday mentioned this without a link…I thought that was interesting as the 30min notice was news to me.

      Latter on in the day I decided to check for the story and found it on the Herald site….written by Claire Trevett.

      After reading your post, went looking for the story on Google….nothing. I’m getting senile but do know what I had read. Even my lap top search history was not much luck…Played around on Duckduckgo and found this, which is word for word the Herald Story I read yesterday….

      PM Jacinda Ardern on the borders, Omicron and her wedding – New Zealand Herald
      Posted: February 5, 2022 at 5:39 am

      February 4 2022Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is this morning visiting Auckland’s newest vaccination centre on the city’s waterfront to promote boosters.

      It has been a tough start to the year for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, but after the rain came a shaft of sun with the announcement the borders would start to reopen.

      She spoke to the Weekend Herald after that announcement about that decision, as well as the drubbing she has faced in international media, the polls, the cancellation of her wedding, MIQ and what lies ahead in the Omicron response.

      Jacinda Ardern’s year began with Omicron arriving and she put the country into the red setting of the new traffic light. She cancelled her own wedding to Clarke Gayford, and became the first MP known to have to isolate under the new rules, after a flight attendant on her flight tested positive.

      Ardern said that call to isolate had come on what was supposed to be her wedding day.

      “In fact, I got the phone call about 30 minutes before I was scheduled to walk down the aisle.”

      She laughs.

      “There was quite a discussion between Chris [Hipkins] and Grant [Robertson] about which one of them would have broken the news to me.”

      “It just, it’s life. That’s all I can say.”

      She and Gayford had already decided not to have the wedding if they moved to the red level.

      “There are lots of reasons why waiting was better.”


      Here is the story (I think) behind a pay wall…https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-omicron-outbreak-prime-minister-jacinda-ardern-on-opening-the-borders-her-wedding-miq-and-living-with-omicron/FTAYPDQ5BCZPYT63DDXLTPPMLU/



    • Thanks Toko.

      A good find, as now we can more than dare to repeat, but use it to greater effect !
      And more than backs up how she & the media “gas light” us, to try and prove we are the crazies.

      It must have been a lean on from her “connections” in “Christchurch Call” on how to suspend, suppress, and censor, and a promissory note the media.

      One will suspect the paywalled Herald has now been scrubbed clean, but did any one get a “screen shot”? of that pay-walled Herald article.
      I am guessing Ed. may have made a copy?

      As you rightly point out, this needs to go off under her to show up the wicked kindness, the gas-lighting controls, and the devious “cover-ups” she is prepared to do.

      Maybe there is something in the 22nd Feb date if this all blows up before then. 🙂



  10. If fishyboy was dealing drugs, he probably wouldn’t even be investigated, let alone charged and out on bail. The police are firmly in the pocket of Ardern and her stinking cabal, as is seen by their behaviour in Wellington, and it’s unthinkable that anyone connected to Ardern would face any penalty for breaking the law.

    The wedding was cancelled for personal reasons related to the relationship and the sniffle was just used as the excuse. End of story.

    Lets move on and concentrate on the real stuff. The total destruction of our country at the hands of this despicable creature is more important than her relationship issues with some serial womaniser.



  11. Wish ewe had some investigative journalists, instead we have pond sucking scum!!!
    The closest we have is Barry Soper, who was willing to incur the wrath of the arsehole speaker,
    Trevor D Duck!
    God, I hope everywhere he goes he gets Duck calls, parliament, resteraunts, the pub, cycling, quack, quack, quack!



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