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Government and Media Ignore Health Issues




People of all ages are falling sick; New Zealand government needs to release critical health data to explain why

By Rhonda Wilson


On Friday, the New Zealand government announced new health targets promising shortened waiting times and faster treatments. However, Health Minister Shane Reti failed to address the increasing number of people falling sick.

An article in the Daily Mail revealed that close to 20% of people admitted to the hospital with heart attacks are now under 40. Some UK MPs are now questioning the government’s refusal to release health data, which could potentially link covid injections to excess deaths.

However, in New Zealand, the government has made it a criminal offence to discuss data linking death and covid vaccination status effectively preventing any questioning or discussion of the situation. The government needs to act now to release critical health data for public view and discussion.

Government and Media Ignore Health Issues

By Dr. Guy Hatchard

On Friday 8 March 2024, the New Zealand government announced new health targets promising greatly shortened waiting times and faster treatments, but incredibly failed to address why so many people are falling sick. Health Minister Shane Reti admitted the deficiencies in the announced policies, which are neither new nor realistic, saying:

I do want to acknowledge that achieving shorter wait [sic] times for first specialist assessments and for elective treatments were tough for the previous government, and will be tough for us too.

You don’t have to look very far to realise why. An article in the UK Daily Mail entitled ‘Why ARE so many young people having heart attacks? They had seemingly healthy lifestyles… but all these people suffered heart problems’, spills the beans. Apparently, close to 20% of people being admitted to hospital with heart attacks are now under 40.

According to Dr Joe Mills, a consultant cardiologist at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital:

We have really noticed the trend for younger people from mid-20s upwards having heart attacks in the past five years in particular. Now as a cardiologist, you wouldn’t even raise your eyebrows when seeing someone in their late 30s – it’s becoming fairly typical, which is frightening.

The article then proceeds to trot out the usual suspects: obesity, stress, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, and diabetes but fails to observe that none of these factors have changed appreciably or abruptly during the last five years. Something else has, and we all know what that it is, but the Daily Mail and the numerous doctors they interviewed all seem to be suffering from amnesia.

MPs Address Hidden Stats on UK Health Crisis: Hospital Admissions and Excess Deaths

This short-term memory loss is greatly aided by a determined effort to hide the worrying statistics of elevated excess death and alarming rates of hospital admissions covering a wide variety of conditions. Some UK MPs are no longer prepared to go on burying their heads in the sand like frightened ostriches.

An article in the UK Daily Telegraph entitled ‘Health Secretary urged to release data that ‘may link Covid vaccine to excess deaths’’ reports that MPs and peers have accused the Health Secretary of withholding health data. They are criticising this “wall of silence” and questioning the government’s excuse of waiting lists and pandemic delays. The MPs say, “There is no place for blind faith.” Show us the data that supports your case.

The MPs believe potentially critical data – which maps the date of people’s covid-19 vaccine doses to the date of their deaths – have been released to pharmaceutical companies but not put into the public domain. The leader of Reform UK, Richard Tice, said there was a “serious problem” with thousands more people dying than expected and suggested the side effects of coronavirus jabs could be responsible.

NZ Health Crisis Deepens: Data Censorship, GP Shortages, and Unaddressed Sickness Surge

Here in New Zealand, the government has deftly sidestepped the problem by making discussion of the data linking death and covid vaccination status a criminal offence. Hence Health Minister Dr. Shane Reti was able yesterday to blithely announce ambitious and unrealistic health targets without any possibility of anyone questioning what exactly is going on – how many are falling sick with what and why.

Dr. Reti made a brief foray into causation saying Fundamentally, general practice is broken, and it’s been broken for a number of years. An article in Stuff entitled ‘Cancer patient says she couldn’t see GP for six weeks amid workforce ‘crisis’’ lays out the extent of the problem. Yes, there is a need for more funding, but critically the article makes reference to comments from health professionals identifying the growing complexity of patients’ needs. A nod to the alarming health statistics that we have been reporting week after week.

Dr. Reti also made a reference to bed blocking,” the belief that people are piling up in emergency departments because elderly patients are taking up hospital beds for long periods since there are no adequate care options at home. None of this amounted to a credible policy, because it fails to address the huge increase in rates of sickness among young and working age people, which has overwhelmed our health service. Particularly telling are the cases of turbo cancer and unexplained sudden death which have begun to dominate our newspaper pages.

Urgent Action Needed: Government to Speed Up Health Data Release Amid Growing Crisis

The New Zealand government has announced a programme of public consultation to expand the terms of reference of the Covid Inquiry. The Inquiry will take years to report, meanwhile, people of all ages are falling sick and finding it hard to get treatment. Rather than waiting for a ponderous inquiry, the government needs to act now to release critical health data for public view and discussion. Only in this way can it mobilise and fast-track the required analysis and action.

Last week we reported on ‘The Need for a Comprehensive Health Service Audit’. The first 100 days of the new government have flowed past without dynamic steps to identify the causes of the health crisis. This cannot be safely postponed. Lives are at stake. This is not a time for excessive secrecy and a pretence of competence. The facts are being ignored or hidden.

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  1. What a fucking mess! Ardern and her compromised cronies broke NZ. They wrecked the health and humanity of New Zealanders. We have all been left standing on the side of the road wondering what the hell happened? Some dead, some badly damaged with life long injuries, some minor scrapes but all of us left with scarring never to be the same again. Broken businesses, broken economy, broken health and hospital system, GP and patients trust damaged. Broken relationships families ripped apart…

    When will those taxpayer funded servants of the people, voted by the people serve the people? Tell us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH. I’d hoped a new government would find a spine but sadly they are just another rubber stamp for the global order.

    And shame on the medical “profession”. Where the hell are they. What a fucking joke!! Stand up en masse, they can’t sack all of you.



    • 100 % Alice, but they have now lost the narrative and will move on to normalising MRNA in Flu and any other injection known to the sheep. so Tops they got one jab into maybe 80% but doubt their figures, now at booster 3 , 716,200 are still playing Russian Roulette, the week saw 5,133 keep playing the game. .01% of the population, so we just over 23% total growing at 1% every 10 weeks. End of the year they could shoot for the stars and have maybe 30%, its over
      Their fear and mass jab covid program has fizzled out. It is finished, with the exemption of full on clueless morons, and the old and still mandated.
      I wonder if they had same deal as Australia, pay for 10 doses per person regardless. NZ could be facing a bill of 2.5 times being rhrown away or not used but being paid for, go figure
      here are their figures from last week posted on NZ Heath
      First dose 4,043,487
      Second dose 3,986,843
      Booster 1 2,774,026
      Booster 2 1,036,127
      Booster 3+ 716,124
      Total doses 12,988,268



  2. I have obviously missed something. When did this happen ? ” Here in New Zealand, the government has deftly sidestepped the problem by making discussion of the data linking death and covid vaccination status a criminal offence.”



    • It would seem to relate to the court case of Barry Young.
      17th Feb, 2024 …. HNZ00033573 goes further and takes an even more alarming direction. Danielle Coe, Manager (OIA) Government Services replies that:
      “…an order was made by the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) on 1st December 2023 which prevents all access, use, and publication of information held by Te Whatu Ora on the National Vaccination Database, or any copies, extracts or information derived from it.” ….
      ….. Chief Executive of Health NZ Margie Apa to investigate whether the anonymised data that was leaked could possibly with “considerable effort and technical expertise” indicate the identities of some individuals.


      When will the CEO figure the “possibility with considerable effort & technical expertise”? so couch the raw data so it is impossible to identify individuals;– & then release it to the public?

      Then surreptitiously incrementally claiming 100% ownership rights, with various minor court orders so no one in the public domain can obtain this anonymized raw data, nor release it, to independent analysts.



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