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Govt Denying HQC Killed People.




Lack of access to HCQ was a major factor in covid deaths, a new study finds

A study published yesterday in the journal Science, Public Health Policy & the Law found that countries that restricted access to hydroxychloroquine (“HCQ”) had higher covid fatalities.

“Estimates indicate that if all countries where HCQ access was restricted had made HCQ available, covid-19 fatalities would have been reduced by about 520,000,” the study authors stated.

The study also found that policies such as lockdowns, travel restrictions or mask requirements had no effect on covid fatalities.

When HCQ is mentioned as a treatment we cannot help but remember the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who treated thousands of coronavirus patients in 2020 using hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulphate with a 99.9% success rate (2 deaths).  Dr. Zelenko’s treatment protocol was adopted by President Donald Trump and then undermined by Anthony Fauci.

Deadly Policy: Peer-Reviewed Cross-Country Study Finds That Routine Hydroxychloroquine Access May Have Prevented Over 520,000 Covid-19 Deaths

By James Lyons-Weiler

Countries that restricted access to hydroxychloroquine had higher fatalities. National lockdowns had no effect on fatalities.

A comprehensive cross-country analysis to identify the factors affecting covid-19 infections and fatalities found that lack of access to hydroxychloroquine was a major factor in driving covid-19 deaths.

The study, ‘Access to Hydroxychloroquine Is Associated with Reduced COVID-19 Mortality: A Cross-Country Analysis’, which was published yesterday in the Public Health Policy Research section of the IPAK PHPI open-access journal Science, Public Health Policy & the Law, controlled for other variables like obesity, urbanisation, age, healthcare infrastructure, and policy responses such as lockdowns and travel restrictions.

A key finding of the studies included was a robust negative relationship between access to HCQ and covid-19 fatalities. Countries that restricted access to hydroxychloroquine had higher fatalities. The analysis model resulted in an estimate that around 520,000 fatalities could have been avoided if HCQ had been made widely available in countries where it was restricted.

The study also found that obesity, older populations, fewer hospital beds, and less sunshine were associated with higher rates of infection and fatalities.

In contrast to these factors, which were significant across multiple models, national lockdowns were never significantly associated with lowered mortality rates, and local lockdowns were only significantly associated with lowered mortality rates in one model. The study therefore found that policies like lockdowns, travel restrictions, and mask mandates were generally not associated with a reduction in fatalities. PCR testing was, positively associated with reported infections, but not with fatalities, which the authors attribute to the high false positive rate of the use of non-quantitative PCR testing to assess covid-19 diagnostic status.

A strong point in the study’s design is the author’s address of the issue of endogeneity. The authors used malaria prevalence as an instrumental variable for HCQ availability and found the result was robust and not due to confounding variables. Endogeneity in this context refers to the potential problem that the relationship between HCQ availability and covid-19 fatalities might be confounded by unobserved variables or reverse causality. The authors found that endogeneity was not an issue for the relationship between HCQ and fatalities.

Public Health and Policy Implications

The negative association between HCQ availability and fatalities is an important one. Policies on HCQ availability and use should be reconsidered given these results, which should be interpreted in light of the massive compilation of studies that show a net protective effect of early use of hydroxychloroquine in the covid-19 public health and clinical settings (now 552 studies; c19hcq.org). Countries that have restricted the use of HCQ in the past should now abandon the deadly policy.

HCQ for covid-19: real-time analysis of all 552 studies (c19hcq.org)

The totality of evidence available on hydroxychloroquine efficacy provides a good starting point for further research and policy discussion.

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  1. And the person most responsible for that tyrannical behavior and state inflicted manslaughter has now left for a better life away from the mess that is going to affect her team of 5 million for the next decade .
    Yes I’m talking of the filth Dame Cnutface Ardern ,gone but never forgotten.



    • I say that the distrust and anguish in this election is due to ardern and her accolades in the labor party been a bunch of cunts during their term of government and been ably assisted by the other parties!
      The oppersition could have sat back, but no, they had to go and fully support the bitch and her minions! I’m sorry labour, that people don’t support you. But it’s your own bloody fault!
      Plus you put her righthand puppet in the top seat, when she did a runner!
      People don’t trust you! You are lower than a used car salesperson!



    • She NEVER HAD “A TEAM OF 5 MILLION” 🤡 That was more propaganda from the self-grandiose “only source of truth”. 💩

      ‘Dr’ Ardern and her POT should never have been spouting medical advice. 🤐



  2. But but but I thought she really desperately wanted a child? Did she not then? First dear leader to have a child while leader, all that absolute shit, oh the photos opportunity, dragging the child around the world for publicity, it was all part of the scam for New Zealanders to ohh and ahh over, well some of us did others thought it was a total con. What an evil bitch to do that to the child. She just used her and everything else she could manage.



  3. A quick snap shot of the Hippocratic Oath.
    …. Neither will I administer a poison to anybody when asked to do so, nor will I suggest such a course. ……
    …… It is often said that the exact phrase “First do no harm” (Latin: Primum non nocere) is a part of the original Hippocratic oath.
    Although the phrase does not appear in the AD 245 version of the oath, similar intentions are vowed by,
    “I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm”.

    The phrase primum non nocere is believed to date from the 17th century.
    Another equivalent phrase is found in Epidemics, Book I, of the Hippocratic school:
    “Practice two things in your dealings with disease: either help or do not harm the patient”. …..
    The exact phrase is believed to have originated with the 19th-century English surgeon Thomas Inman.

    Note how great it is to modernize the oath, but even more so this century.
    So one can write their own oaths;–
    ….. Whatever oaths include, Scheinman hopes they impress upon graduates a weighty sense of responsibility. “They’re not merely accepting a degree and recognition of hard work successfully completed,” he says.
    “They are progressing along a continuum in which everything they have done and will do is for the benefit of their patients.” ….
    …. ahh-haa …
    The “a continuum… … benefit of their patients”?? to be seen as an “individual”? or are the patients to be weighed up in a “collective” for the “greater good”?
    As the fad on pursued on social media?
    I could not find any cut through in that article but then it is for the absolute controlling by the AAMC Association American Medical Colleges over many Doctors in the Western World
    Humpty Dumpty with Alice in Wonderland
    “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.”
    “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”
    “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master – that’s all.”

    Curate’s egg.
    But this meaning of ‘curate’s egg’ is something of a mangling of the original sentiment behind the cartoon.
    In ‘True Humility’, the curate, presented with a bad boiled egg by the vicar, is too polite to tell the truth and so assures him that ‘parts of it are excellent’.
    The joke, of course, is that if parts of an egg are no good, then the whole thing is ruined;
    an egg is not like a novel, where some parts might be perfectly palatable and others might stink.
    To mix my metaphors for a moment, a bad egg is a bad egg through and through, and rotten to the core.

    It would seem that a teaspoon of dog shit in a 2 litre tub of ice-cream, just gently stirred once or twice, with controlled media, seems to serve today’s public with the gloss of truth, of how great public health authorities & officials are. …. hmmm …
    Which seems to have shown more than a glimpse of the “feet of clay” & now more than mired with Humpty Dumpty & Curates eggs that show “principles” need not be adhered to, & can be suitably changed.
    It would seem I have woken up in this “Brave New World” and so my trust in the medical system is now totally gone.



  4. Lizziep , Neeve = high class handbag to carry around, remember when the bitch turned up at the UN with the spawn and paraded around to a near standing ovation? it’s spew inducing looking back at that fawning sickness that happened everywhere the horrid bastard turned up,



  5. rev@0718

    And inevitably (But no-one ‘important’ will), one has to ask exactly how young Neve is, or even WHERE she is, since despite dl’s departure from ‘public view’ and her subsequent tripping around the world, the child is conspicuous by her absence.

    Does anyone in ‘authority’ in the field of ‘child care’ actually know (Or even care)?

    The silence is deafening…



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