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Greedy Teachers are Bitching Yet Again.




Stuff reports:

Teachers aren’t getting $1500 lump sum they expected

Teachers are angry they won’t be getting the full $1500 lump sum they were promised as part of the latest pay deal

The one-off payment for union members was seen as compensation for wages lost while striking, but the amount being paid into teachers’ bank accounts is less than some were expecting. 

That’s because the payouts are subject to tax, Kiwisaver and student loan deductions. For some teachers, the extra money pushed them into a higher tax bracket. 

On social media, many teachers have expressed their shock and disappointment on receiving their payslips on Tuesday. 

One from the Bay of Plenty who did not want to be named said almost half her lump sum was gone before she saw it. 

After tax and other payments she was left with about $800 of the $1500 payout – “significantly less” than she expected.

She said while it “wasn’t a secret” the payment would be taxed, she had estimated the deductions would be much less. 

She said the lump sum should have been paid separately instead of included with normal wages, to avoid the higher tax bracket. 

While a lot of teachers weren’t happy with the reality of the payout, others didn’t think the additional Kiwisaver and student loan payments were such a bad thing, saying they were “enforced saving” and paid off loans faster. 

Teachers also made the point that automatic tax refunds would apply to those who had been pushed into the higher tax bracket for one pay round because of the lump sum. 

This isn’t the first upset over teachers’ pay increases. 

Earlier this month, primary and secondary unions filed legal action against Novopay over the delay to pay increases. While teachers will receive the lump sum on 31 July, salary increases won’t be processed until September. 

Last week, principals found out they would have to foot the bill for the lump-sum payment to teachers and support staff paid out of schools’ operational budgets. 

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    • As I said, I had dinner last week with a teacher who was a devoted ardern fan and no amount of information would change her. Didn’t care where the money was coming from, didn’t follow the “inflation” conversation and had bought the “climate change” argument completely. She was well into her 50’s so really had no excuse.



    • They go hardcore on strike for more pay and some end up with higher marginal tax on the increased portion (only) of their pay.
      WTF are they teaching the yoof if they are this dumb themselves?

      The one who said “she had estimated the deductions would be much less” I trust is not a maths teacher. Possibly social studies and Modi-tonguer as that causes no harm.

      Clearly there needs to be less time on fairy tales like globby warming and more time on mathematics and practical understanding of banking, credit cards, loan sharks, and interest rates as core subjects at Intermediate level or year 10.
      I’m sure the banks could gear up to provide this at no cost to the taxpayer as long as thety could brand product. 10 x 40 minute periods in the year.
      The teachers could have a rest from their hard life – or sit in and learn something!

      Also for the Kiwisaver component this goes straight to their KS account so they do receive it and will also attract (most likely) a dollar for dollar matching top up from their employer -ie the taxpayer.
      More free money above the $1500.



  1. An inconvenient truth about tax in New Zealand
    Thomas Pippos05:00, Jul 31 2019

    We know that personal income tax contributes the lion’s share of all income tax revenues, that a small percentage (12 per cent) of individuals pay just under half of all personal taxation, and the top 3 per cent account for almost a quarter of all personal tax paid.

    We also know that this position is even more acute when consideration is given to government transfers like Working for Families.

    But how much more acute is it and how does that effect where to from here in terms of the highest marginal tax rate?


    good graphs here so pass it on to all those teachers and leeches you know.



  2. Yes teachers, you need to pay tax on the money you got from your lovely Ardern, so that she can give it away to the losers that you teach the children of.
    If you taught them the 3 r’s better, they may be able to get jobs and contribute to our country.



  3. So Labour cut a deal to pay the lump sum out of the school’s operating budget? And then future date part of the payment and write part off through debt?


    Shame about the teachers and kids that get screwed over by Labour though.



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