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Getting ready for the big day. Love the hat



Symonds Street

From Taumaranui




  1. Just back from looking at/supporting the Groundswell rally in Wellington. Good turnout given it is Wellington ….farms are a long way away !
    About 60-80 cars, utes, a couple of tractors. A few cars with no signs, just wanted to be in support ( most driven by older people, so not rent a crowd types).

    There was a mob of about 20 climate “activists” blocking the road for a while until a cop did his job and moved them on. One woman had a sign saying “grow plants, not emissions”. She was chanting this and adding help farmers transition. So I asked her “transition to what?” That sort of caught her out and she finally said something like “grow for everyone not just the elite” so I replied “so supermarkets are only for the elite?” No answer, as I expected.



    • Wonder if those ER muppet vegans realise where their soy, lentils and other vegan approved food grows/ comes from… probably just think the magical supermarket does it all and not a thought given for farmers that help sustain their pathetic existence.



    • Those imbeciles need to be sent to work on an industrial vegetable farm. They can be in charge of the endless regime of spraying; insecticide, herbacide, fungicide etc.

      Monoculture destroys everything. There is vastly more bio diversity on a beef or sheep farm.



  2. Not sure what happened in Hastings.
    Was late getting to protest (watching “outsiders’).
    Stopped and took some pics and caught the tail end.
    There was a lady with a double sided sign on the footpath getting lots of toots.Her sign was anti 3 waters.
    I asked her if she was in a group and she said no she was independent. Didn’t have internet and was doing her own thing.
    Followed to showgrounds and everyone was turning around and leaving so not sure what was happening.



    • Napier seemed slow to start, but folks turned out. People clapping and cheering on the footpath as the noisy vehicles went by tooting and waving. Loved the people who had the baritone dog woofing at the traffic going by.
      No points to the noddies who got themselves into the procession and wound down their windows to yell abuse about anti-vaxers, calling them dickheads. Not smart enough to understand the issues? Define dickhead!

      I got a lazy dollar says HB Today will cover the front page with the Covid case the MoH sent us from Auckland and forget to mention the Groundswell protest today, or the couple of thousand Freedom Coalition folk who were out again on Saturday.



  3. Great turnout in Gore today, 20mins prior you wouldve sworn it was a hoax as main st was dead but come 1pm the place was gridlocked and tractors n utes lined up for a couple of km each way.
    Only a few ppl took exception to our signs, one jumped up cindy fan started screaming abuse and ran over to the ute and started yelling at us to fark off and take down our sign, 99% of ppl thought it was hilarious and many stopped us for photos.

    Wife and kids were parked up elsewhere with their signs, some weirdo karen had a go at wifey because she didnt get my wee dudes sign… wifey explained it several times and she just mumbled abuse about anti vaxxers and stormed off, it wasnt even anti vax.
    The year i would be a hero if i want to be a girl…
    But a villain if i want to be a farmer.

    How you get anti vax from that i dont know but probably a brain dead cindy voter.

    Great arvo out, tons off ppl turned out both in tractors/ vehicles and lining the streets in support. Im sure media will find someone attending in nz with a trump flag or anti maori sign and that will be the entire focus and portray the protests in bad light.
    Will cindy listen or meet with groundswell?…. doubt it
    Will there be more groundswell protests?… i hope so!!!



      • When a Karen starts speaking click the stopwatch function on your cellphone. Then listen carefully to her so that you know when she has finished her diatribe.
        Then ask;
        “Have you finished yet?”
        Hopefully she says yes, and you reply
        “Do you feel better?”
        If she says yes then tell her that it is great that such a mindless ramble makes her feel better.
        If she says no ask her why she beat your eardrums to a pulp with mindless mumbo jumbo. Then refer to the stopwatch and tell her how many minutes and seconds elapsed that you will never ever get back.
        That sort of tactic works a treat.



  4. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2021/11/live-updates-groundswell-s-mother-of-all-protests-sunday-november-21.html
    Farmers around the country have taken to the streets in their tractors and utes to push back against Government policy, rules and regulations, which they say are attacking the sector.

    This has seen a backlog of traffic on Auckland’s Harbour Bridge and Queen Street while traffic was also backed up in the Wellington CBD.

    In Auckland, protesters gathered in their cars, utes, tractors and 4WDs with some having signs saying: “Enough is enough. No to Ute tax. No to 3 waters. No to Control.”

    Protesters could be seen on Queen Street and at the Auckland Domain with tractors and Donald Trump flags.

    Groundswell protesters in Christchurch converged near the State Highway 1 bridge near Christchurch Airport.

    Some protesters parked along Memorial Ave, with cars and utes displaying New Zealand flags and signs including “Make Ardern Go Away” and “No Ute Tax”.



  5. Great turnout in Blenheim,
    A large number of well behaved people and some very smart signs.
    There was multi million dollars worth of Utes , tractors and even a couple of traction engines giving hoots and leading the many Utes.
    Protesters were told to remain in their vehicles by Groundswell .and most did.But there was a lot of horn blowing.

    There is however a very bitter and real fear underneath all this that we are surely losing our country.This expressed in all conversations I had.

    This is serious for NZ



  6. Christchurch was massive. Rural communities came to town from ALL directions, converging at the entrance to the Airport. Lots of people supporting along Memorial Avenue I’m told. We were with one of the two VFF pop-ups supporting our Farmers for well over an hour. Non-stop tooting and waving from all the vehicles in the convoy. A few Police, lots of tractors, utes, cars of all ages, an assortment of farm machinery, truckers from various supply chains, and National MP for Selwyn, Nicola Grigg as well. The odd bus driver waved and tooted in support. And the dogs, of course, with a bit of a surprise, two horses trotting along Russley Road in all the traffic and noise.

    Felt a swell of pride over Kiwis coming together to support our farmers. I come from farming heritage, and in fact, my grandparents and great uncles/aunties farmed close to where we were standing, and cousins were in the convoy as well. It was also heartening, afterwards, to overhear people at the local cafe talking about “all the protests” over the weekend. Is NZ starting to wake up? I hope so.



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