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Abortion Legislation Bill 2019

Like many New Zealanders I gave up on newspapers and TV news a long time ago which can be problematic in keeping up with the news. However I have been saved by a local free newsheet from Waihi which carried a notice from a local anti abortion group. This got me doing some research on the above proposed legislation
The search revealed some interesting reporting by the usual suspects, Stuff, NZ Herald RNZ and the usual bluster from the sponsor of the bill, Andrew Little

Initial reports from Little say the bill will decriminalise abortion and provide a safe zone around clinics and prohibits intimidatory behaviour that seeks to prevent people from seeking access to abortion. (whoopee! world leading reform)
Dig a bit further and the bill says, that abortion will be on demand for any woman up to 20 weeks of pregnancy without referral by a medical practitioner and after 20 weeks a woman only needs to have consulted a single medical practitioner.
A medical practitioner can only refuse to carry out the procedure to abort up to full term or birth if they provide an alternative practitioner.
No counselling is required at all but after 20 weeks and up to birth abortions the Practitioner must advise that it is available

Before all the pro abortion and pro choice and a woman “can do as they like with their body” supporters get too fired up, have a look at the extensions of these changes:

Abortion on demand up to twenty weeks of pregnancy means any woman can walk into a clinic and demand an abortion, fair enough it is their right, however the bill says nothing about girls under 16 years old and nothing about their legal guardians being informed, so no GP referral, no counselling, tax payer funded so why bother with contraception at all?

Abortions from 20 weeks up to birth only needs a meeting with a single medical practitioner to confirm that it is reasonable for the woman to have the abortion. No mandatory counselling. Current legislation is two practitioners and counselling.
This means a woman at full term can decide at full term to get rid of the viable baby after convincing one medical practitioner.

This from the Parliamentary website

Hon Ruth Dyson, Chairperson of the Abortion Legislation Committee, is calling for public submissions on the Abortion Legislation Bill. The bill seeks to have abortion services provided like other health services. It would do this by decriminalising abortion, modernising legislation related to abortion, and better aligning the regulation of abortion services with that of other health services.
The bill would remove the current legal requirements for authorising an abortion. The bill would allow a person to refer themselves to an abortion service provider. A health practitioner would only need to give their authorisation if the person was more than 20 weeks pregnant.
The bill would also:
• allow safe areas to be established around specific abortion facilities
• disestablish the Abortion Supervisory Committee
• amend the process for practitioners who conscientiously object to providing abortion services
• make it clear that health practitioners must advise people who are considering, or have had, an abortion that counselling services are available.

Hon Ruth Dyson said: “The committee welcomes hearing from a wide range of people on their views. We understand that this is a sensitive and important topic, and we look forward to engaging in a respectful and open discussion.”
Look at the last sentence from Ruth Dyson and the last sentence below, cant have these MPs overworking

By 9 October 2019, the Abortion Legislation Committee had received 25,000 written submissions from a range of legal and medical experts, religious groups, national organisations and ordinary people sharing personal experiences including Dr Alison Knowles, the Mental Health Foundation, and Family First. Due to the large volume, the Committee has confirmed that it will be hearing 150 oral submissions out of the 2,890 who had opted to speak. Family First national director Bob McCoskrie criticised the select committee for excluding certain voices and rushing the process. In response, Dyson reiterated the committee’s commitment to hearing a range of perspectives while remarking that “hearing the same thing over and over again doesn’t add value to the committee at all.

Bill and Mary English gave a very good oral submission describing their horror at allowing full term abortions and the barbaric methods used unfortunately I am unable to find it again, those who are good at searching the internet may be able to locate it

Aderns comment is predictable as the UN has issued a paper asking all member states to agree on decriminalising abortion.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke about her commitment to removing abortion from the Crimes Act and the bill’s provision to require health practitioner authorisation after 20 weeks.

Pretty inane even for her, and herself a new mother supporting the killing of an unborn full term baby, no wonder she was heard to comment recently about her daughter not needing her

The full list of which MPs supported the first reading is available, needless to say the Greens gave it their full support as did most of Labour, But wait a minute weren’t these the same people that passed the anti smacking bill, so now you can murder a full term baby but cant give a naughty child a clip around the ear. But you will get arrested for holding an anti abortion sign up within the exclusion zone around a clinic while they are murdering full term babies inside.

I have not included any direct links to any sites as I feel that it detracts from the flow of the post, however for all you pedants out there put Abortion Legislation Bill 2019 in your search engine.

Old Cynic

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  1. My daughter (now in her 30s) was a totally obnoxious teenager, and there are many stories I could tell that would make you weep, but for today just this one….
    I let the school counsellor know that I had found birth control pills in my daughter’s bedroom. There were 3 missing from the month strip. When I was phoned about yet another bout of outrageous behaviour at school, I said I hoped a responsible adult was supervising this,- and it was a pity I could not be considered as that responsible adult – as the 3 missing had not changed for a fortnight and then another fifteen had disappeared at once.
    The school counsellor had the decency to turn a whiter shade of pale but I don’t suppose much changed.



  2. I don’t have a problem with abortion up to three months or perhaps even 4, the chances of not knowing you are pregnant then is pretty small, you would have to be particularly stupid not to know. There is a morning after pill for the mistakes one makes in life. I do how ever believe unless there is some medical reason for the abortion after that time it is murder. Babies have been known to survive after this time and the thought of gaining an abortion up to the time of birth is abhorrent to me and lots like me. Dear god what have we become. I agree with assisted end of life care and have an end of life plan at my GP and in my son’s safe if the GP is closed and it is needed. But this is beyond the pale.



  3. I personally witnessed a huge anti abortion rally in Wellington. People from all over New Zealand attended.

    They set up a stage outside parliament. Bag pipes and all sorts. Held in the weekend as the protesters had jobs. It was among the biggest I’ve seen.

    I spoke with the protesters and heard their views. Nice folk.

    I was disgusted that no media even mentioned an event of this size on such a big issue. And I’m pro choice btw.

    Fuck the media and fuck Wellington!



  4. DPF once (to the accompanying howls of outrage from the religiously conservative & the insane) that abortion in the first trimester should be a woman’s choice & right. In the second trimester it should only be sanctioned by the medical profession. In the third it should be illegal.

    I’d go along with that.



      • I see the problem. Mind you as one described by Redbaiter as, “progressive, homosexual, Marxist leftist scum”, I’ve developed a very thick skin. 🙂

        Mostly it’s the three hour time delay for the moderators to take their hands off their knobs that scratches my blackboard.



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