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Police: ‘Buy-back’ is failing

Thu, 12 Sep, 2019

“An admission by Police that it could take three years to retrieve all banned firearms shows the ‘buy-back’ is failing and the Government’s six month timeframe is political theatre”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.

Deputy Commissioner Mike Clement appeared before the Justice Committee this morning and provided an update on the gun ‘buy-back’.

“The Government wants to get this done and dusted before election year, but it’s increasingly clear that the process is a failure that will drag on for years.

“The growing realism by Police is understandable given that its collection rate is actually falling.

“Six days ago, ACT calculated the ‘buy-back’ rate at 129 firearms per event. Now, 19,837 firearms have been handed in at 180 events. That’s just 110 per event.

“There are potentially 220,163 banned firearms still in circulation. Even if it added an additional 200 collection events, Police would need to increase its collection rate by about six times.

“ACT has said since April that the rushed and arrogant approach to firearms legislation and compensation would create animosity and force many guns underground. That is what we are seeing.

“With so few guns being handed in, and Police still updating the list of banned firearms and parts, the Government must take a more considered approach and extend the amnesty beyond 20 December.

“If the Government keeps to its deadline despite it becoming increasing clear that it is inappropriate, we can only conclude that the gun ‘buy-back’ is political theatre.”


    • I agree. Anybody who owns one of these firearms (or parts) and hands it in is insane.

      All this stupid legislation is achieving is to drive firearms underground. Paradoxically, New Zealand’s gun crime has been very low even though gun ownership is fairly widespread, This says heaps about the basic decency of our society up until now….. but as society degrades and comes apart under these Marxist lunatics I would certainly prefer to be with a gun than without one.

      I don’t own a firearm any more, but I still think that you’d be mad to just meekly allow yours to be confiscated by the totalitarian state.



    • The March event was perpetrated by a foreign national who was granted a gun licence by the NZ police.
      They are accountable, not NZ citizens.
      Also, days before the event another scumbucket foreign national was in NZ.
      Obummer’s mate Podesta.

      But the ones punished are NZ citizens going about their daily business with low gun crime of registered gun users – apart from a foreign national – Brenton Tarrant, Brenton Tarrant, Brenton Tarrant – who had travelled to foreign hot spots like Pakistan.
      …And still the cops gave him a licence.

      this is simply a disarmament exercise for completely nefarious purposes.
      It has also become clear that the typical registered gun owner is better at securing firearms than the NZ police.
      Last one for the cops reading this …Ben McLean.



  1. The original error was in the rushed way this was handled setting democracy aside and trading on faux emotion to drive the grab. The grab, included in the fine detail of the legislation, extended way past the target discussed in the House and media.

    It was unethical and an inappropriate response to a single issue not related to Licenced Firearm Owners. An abuse of process and power.

    Not surprising that law abiding members of the community treated so badly are less than responsive as they know any perceived problem is not, and was not, due to them.

    Bringing down the hammer on LFO after the amnesty closes will not be seen as positive. The actions taken will influence the next election outcome for those who were involved in the action.



  2. This will be one big headache for the cops. I’d hate to be the poor slob who has to attempt to keep some sort of gun register when you’ve NO idea what numbers are out there. The whole shittery will be a limp blimp just like her “Christchurch call”.



    • I always thought that a new ministry to control Firearms and other licensed items would be a good idea..
      Currently Firearms licensing are hidden away within the Cops and if a register was thought to be better way to try and control Firearm ownership an independent entity would be better. After all the New Zealand Police stuffed up giving Tarrant a license.
      Start registering firearms Now!!!
      Register new sales to a license holder and transfer the ownership on re-sale.
      Registering a existing weapon could be through a reward even if it sold as a registered weapon with no dark history.
      We, as a country, sit looking at shit, but we need to do something that will change what was the cause of the problem. Not doing a Jacinda galloping off chasing windmills…



      • The cause of the problem was an Aussie terrorist with a warped outlook on life, the environment, population and allowed to become armed because of lax firearm laws altered by the SLG so that a police arms officer no longer needed to eye-ball applicants.



  3. The police will never retrieve all banned firearms . What they have succeeded in doing is vastly increasing the number of high quality firearms on the black and grey market as well as destroying a large number of historic and very valuable firearms that are part of our culture. And it is important to note that New Zealand has always had a strong “gun culture” since Captain James Cook first arrived here. Guns are Taonga for Maori – good luck confiscating their treasure. One friend of mine handed in no less than 33 original Winchester lever action rifles from his collection. The idiocy of making such guns prohibited simply because their magazines can hold more than ten rounds is beyond belief but typical of the uncaring ignorance of politicians and many police when it comes to firearms. Such a collection is almost priceless these days quite apart from the enormous sentimental value.



    • When the Treaty was signed, pu and tupara (muskets and double barreled shotguns) were among the most valuable of all taonga under Article 2 (if it really does go beyond the real property interests listed as the New Zealand courts say).
      Article 2 assured the chiefs and all the ordinary people of New Zealand that they would have undisturbed exclusive use and possession of their taonga.

      So if relations between Police and (rural) Maori break down, it is inevitable that some Maori will assert a Treaty right to be free from confiscation and possibly even licensing for firearms.
      Urban judges from leafy suburbs will look for some sophistry to reject that claim both in law, and morally. But they should not underestimate the power of a strong view that authority is wrong allied to a wide belief in historical right. We have seen that repeatedly.
      Myth becomes political reality when enough people believe the myth.

      The Arms Act 1860 exempted Maori. …..
      Will be interesting if the Waitangi Tribunal get their nose into this issue. 🙂

      In the near future, will there be a court case over this?
      In the comment section it seems some would support this to be tested.



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