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Archie Bunker of ‘All In The Family’ explains to ‘Meathead’ why gun control will never work

“All In The Family” patriarch Archie Bunker knew what he had to do when he saw a television editorial on gun control. After debating Meathead, this hard-working American contacted the station and asked to give a rebuttal. The result was must-see TV that is still funny (and relative) decades later.

Shockingly, “All In The Family” debuted fifty years ago. While it’s been a half a century since we met Archie Bunker, the character still is relevant today.

“All In The Family” Tackles The Second Amendment

Families have disagreements. This was always at the center of every episode of “All In the Family.”

Archie found himself living in an era of tremendous change. It was much different than when he grew up during The Great Depression.

He had very traditional values while his son-in-law Michael, better known as Meathead, was an educated liberal who lived with Archie and Edith because he couldn’t make it on his own.

The 1972 episode “Archie and the Editorial” highlights the difference between Michael and Archie. Gun-grabbing Meathead doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment while Archie thinks crime would go down if everyone had a gun.

While watching the news, Archie lost his cool and turned off the TV when gun control came up. He wasn’t having any of that. Then he and Meathead got into it.

Archie told Meathead he wasn’t going to follow the “Constitution in those pinko books of yours” to promote gun control.

You can watch this hilarious video clip that leads up to Archie Bunker’s 1972 editorial news debut on gun control below.

Archie Bunker’s Gun Control Editorial

Archie news debut came a few days later. He slicked his hair down to look more professional, but that wasn’t the best part.

Archie suggested that hijackings could be stopped if everyone on board a plane carried a gun. If everyone is packing heat, a terrorist would be hard pressed to hijack the plane.

Watch the clip below for a classic Archie Bunker moment!

It showed the dynamics of a family that didn’t always agree, but they always seemed to find a way to get along.

Originally, the show was supposed to make Archie sound like a fool and Meathead Mike was to be the voice of reason.

But, that plan backfired as many working class blue collar Americans thought Archie made more sense than Meathead.

Audiences refused to accept Hollywood’s liberal talking points and they loved Archie!

Archie Bunker became the blue collar champion that so many Americans today can still identify with. I don’t know about you but these “All In The Family” clips sure do make me miss the good ol’ days!


  1. ‘All in the Family’ was a classic but a very poor imitation of its UK predecessor ‘Till Death Us Do Part’. Same as ‘Three’s Company’ vs ‘Man About the House’.

    Custard pies & canned laughter a good sitcom doesn’t make.



    • Americans need to see a joke coming. The English don’t wait. You get it or you don’t. Few American comedians,
      from what I can see, understand the art of irony as the Poms do. George Carlin and Don Rickles are about the only ones who come to mind. That said, Caroll O’connor was still very good.

      These modern wankers who complain about ”All In The Family.” being racist, miss the point. It’s a send up of the idiocy and dumbness of bigots. And maybe ordinary people, too.



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