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National will support climate change Zero Carbon Bill

Brothers in arms. Both fuckwits

National will support the Zero Carbon Bill, the Government’s flagship climate change law.

National’s votes are not needed for the bill to pass but are hugely important in setting out whether or not some climate change policy can become bipartisan and thus survive across different governments, a fervent hope of Climate Change Minister James Shaw.

Shaw met and negotiated with the party for close to a year on the bill, which is up for its final vote on Thursday afternoon. He said during Question Time on Thursday that the party had “kept him sweating” after coming to a decision the night before.

Bridges said his party would support the law but would make a number of changes in its first 100 days if elected next year – including getting the Commission to set the target instead of the Government.

The proposed law would set up an independent climate change commission, which would advise governments on how to meet targets set in law by the bill – currently zero net carbon emissions by 2050 and a reduction of between 24 and 47 per cent of methane emissions by 2050. These targets are intended to keep global warming to within 1.5C by 2050.

A further methane reduction target of 10 per cent from 2017 levels by 2030 is also included.

Shaw said on Thursday every side of the negotiations had to give up on something. He acknowledged Bridges and other National MPs for working constructively on the bill through “strong political pressures”.

Methane makes up about half of New Zealand’s emissions profile, with much of it coming from livestock belching. 

The farming lobby have strenuously fought efforts to reduce those emissions, and have generally found an ally in the National Party, who amended the last Labour government’s Emissions Trading Scheme so agriculture would not be included.

National have supported the Zero Carbon Bill through first and second reading, but have serious issues with the methane target.

“I’ve always been a proponent of the sort of architecture of the bill – a climate commission recommending to governments what happens with budgets and change over time,” Bridges said on Tuesday.

“Our position is relatively straight forward – we take climate change seriously but we are not prepared to see a piling on of costs or taxes on New Zealanders.”

Changes sought by National at select committee and committee of the whole house were not made. 

National has faced pressure from its right to oppose the bill.

The right-wing think tank the New Zealand Initiative released a report on Wednesday arguing the bill could actually raise emissions by encouraging higher emissions offshore.

Federated Farmers’ climate change spokesman Andrew Hoggard said late in October the Government had “missed a golden opportunity to take its farmers along with them” and the “unattainable goal will weigh heavy on some farmers.”

Yet National relies on urban voters as much as it does rural ones, and Bridges has indicated a keenness to move the party into a more bipartisan space on climate change.

There was some talk of National MP Judith Collins crossing the floor to vote against the bill if her party ended up supporting it, but this has been quelled.

Collins tweeted on Thursday morning that “the flawed Zero Carbon Bill” would be supported by NZ First allied with the “anti-farmer Greens & Labour”. She hinted that National would use the NZ First vote to challenge the party in the next election, saying she would see the party on the hustings.

The Government made a significant concession to the farming lobby in recent weeks with a delay on bringing agriculture into the Emissions Trading Scheme.

After that concession Shaw will be keen to deliver a strong Zero Carbon Bill for his Green Party base. The Zero Carbon Bill was originally intended to be in force in April of 2019. After months of delay its final two Parliamentary stages are happening in a single week.

They really are stupid in supporting this bill. Just like the confiscation of guns off law abiding citizens, their support was not required for the COL to pass both of these bills. National can kiss goodbye to the majority support of most reasonable thinking people.

Bridges has lost any respect he might have had by supporting this crappy bill.


        • I know what you are saying, but why do Act always poll so low (1%) and yet the Greens and NZF go from 5 to 10% in the elections over the last few.
          I think David Seymour comes across as not much more grown up than Chloe Schoolbrick and Gareth Hughes.
          He always looks as if he is a standup comedian rather than a politician with Charisma.



          • I am not voting for him for his looks. That kind of thinking gets Ardern elected. I vote for him because of his policy. 99% of NZ may disagree and vote elsewhere, but it doesn’t change what I believe and value.



      • Despite the negativity on your comment I some what agree. People always say what they are going to say and come time to tick the box on the ballot its always a red and blue election. People panic that if they are the only ones going against the ‘norm’ its a wasted vote. If enough people can get past this and just stick with their convictions we might see a couple yellow seats next time round. Unlike previous years there has been a huge unrest with blue voters between firearms law reform which only achieved throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The zero carbon bill and the UN migration pact not to mention freedom of speech circling the drain. I’m eagerly interested to see what happens this election, If after all these inflamed topics people don’t wake up I just don’t know what will.



  1. Watched the debate and yes, was disappointed. National gave support but that seemed not to be respected at all by the Coalition. A basic mistake is to assume the current government will listen to other views or good sense.

    Judith Collins ripped into it. Excellent address from Judith Collins in my observation.



    • I just heard him. God, what a spineless heap of waffle. He said nothing. The man’s an idiot.

      Much as I disagree with him, I have to say that Jimmy TwoMums spoke really well and he made his points well. Blast him! LOL



  2. Bridges made his decision in July 2018 to support it. I clearly remember listening on my car radio the 5.00pm news one Friday afternoon. Shaw had announced at mid day that work on the bill was going to proceed. By 5.00pm Bridges had announced bi-partisan support for it. So before any public discussion or formal submissions Bridges had guaranteed the Bill would go through. Clearly undermining the democratic process.

    By 5.30pm the same day he had an email from me saying he had lost my votes –not that that means much in the long run. I followed my email with a long email explaining, mainly the economic cost of what he supporting using the UK and German published data to back up my views.

    If Peters wants to score a hit he can now have NZF not support the Bill because while will not affect the Bill going through, it will help NZF. ( I mentioned this political move in my letter to Bridges 18 months ago as well).

    Bridges is stupid!!



  3. I am basically a two ticks blue man.
    But I am deeply upset that National have given the Green party their backing.
    I personally don’t believe in Climate Change (what is it)
    And I don’t believe in man made Clomate Change.
    But National and David Seymour do believe in man made climate Change.



  4. Of course, Simon is out there saying they are going to change this and that when they become the Govt. Even said the first 100 days. That will be IF HE Gets elected to govern which at this time is unlikely. He has pissed of too many Nat. swinging voters to ever win.
    He can’t fucking count can he?



  5. I told someone yesterday I might vote Act next year. Her response was “the one man party”. That is Act’s problem, voters see one MP. I must admit that is why I haven’t given Act my vote in the past but National have disappointed me too many times in the last few years. I don’t always agree with all David Seymour but he has made 5-6 policy decisions that I approve of while National has instead gone too far left.



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