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  1. The continuation of the hermit kingdom as the MIQ facilities door are ratshitted to be more closed.

    “We appreciate that this will be disappointing for many people wanting to come back to New Zealand. The Government’s strategy is to minimise the risk of Omicron in New Zealand as much as possible,” he said.

    Act’s Press Release

    Just a minor “handicap” on omicron, to not out race the nuptial celebrations at the end of this month and every one to be boosted.
    Afterward the people can eat cake, as the glowing red traffic light controls turn full on +++ and the bungling snafus of bureaucracy set out to scan, inspect and enforce on all the people & business’s.



  2. Don’t miss out on the headlines from Innovation. Followed categories will be added to My News.

    Satellite photos have caught China constructing two large villages well within the territory of neighbouring Bhutan to outflank nearby Indian border forces. And it’s not the first time it’s done so.

    Chinese and Indian forces have been squaring off over a disputed Himalayan plateau in the Doklam region since a 2017 clash between their troops.

    About 270 Indian troops took bulldozers into a contested patch of land to destroy a road being built by the Chinese military. The two nations are deadlocked in talks attempting to resolve the exact location of Doklam’s border with occupied Tibet.

    Beijing hasn’t been deterred.

    It established a “Tibetan” village on a new highway reinforcing the frontier in 2020.




  3. Prepare for War.
    Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has warned an economic crash worse than the 2008 recession is coming and Australia’s negative gearing policies are a form of “Marxism”.

    Home News Business
    ‘Prepare for war’: Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki issues housing warning

    ‘Prepare for war’: Rich Dad Poor Dad author with 8000 properties issues housing warning

    ‘Prepare for war’: Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki issues housing warning

    ‘Prepare for war’: Rich Dad Poor Dad author with 8000 properties issues housing warning


    Publish Date
    Tue, 18 Jan 2022, 3:19PM

    Author and investor Robert Kiyosaki. Photo / Supplied
    Author and investor Robert Kiyosaki. Photo / Supplied

    Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has warned an economic crash worse than the 2008 recession is coming and Australia’s negative gearing policies are a form of “Marxism”.

    In an exclusive interview with Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, the best-selling author said the world was on the brink of a major change and this disruption would hit the global economy.

    He pointed to the rise of China, America’s waning influence and internal divisions, and years of Western governments printing “too much money” as major red flags.

    “We are living in the time of the greatest change in economic history,” he said. “Something is happening in the world that hasn’t happened before.”

    Kiyosaki explained that China was ascending to take over US leadership of the global economy and this was increasing the threat of a violent conflict.

    It was also increasing the prospect of some form of economic disaster, but he did not elaborate on when it would occur or exactly how severe the crash would be, only that it would be “worse” than 2008.

    “2008 was the first big crash and a bigger crash is coming,” he said, explaining that, like in 2008, world governments were printing too much money.

    Kiyosaki, who was reported to own more than 8000 properties, said the next financial crisis would provide opportunities for astute real estate investors.

    “I am pessimistic about a crash … but it is also the best time to get rich,” he said. “Entrepreneurs are going to win.”

    But Kiyosaki also cautioned that property prices may tank when another economic disaster hits and prudent investors would need to be prepared to ride out a downturn.

    “If you are counting on property (always) going up, you could be wrong,” he said, adding that the opportunity for investors would be the drop in values, followed by a gradual recovery.

    “If there is a crash, a lot of bargains will be available,” he said.

    Kiyosaki was speaking with News Corp Australia ahead of a property summit he was set to host alongside local investor George Markoski. The free virtual workshop will be held on January 22.

    Kim Kiyosaki and Robert Kiyosaki attend Why We Want You to Be Rich: Two Men-One Message Authored by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki in 2006. Photo / Getty Images

    Kiyosaki has dabbled in Australian real estate, including purchases in Sydney and Brisbane, and said he took issue with some local government policies around taxes.

    This included negative gearing. “I don’t like government support,” he said. “I am a capitalist, not a Marxist.

    “My concern is that … with negative gearing it’s monetising debt and property values are overinflated … it’s not real. It’s got to make economic sense.”

    The Rich Dad Poor Dad author added that Australian taxes on property purchases were excessive.

    “I’ve been coming there since 1972. Every time, I saw them raise taxes. It makes it harder. Aussie is worse than California.”



  4. Two people in their 20s die with Covid as ‘final surge begins’
    Two people in their 20s have died with Covid in NSW and Queensland.

    A man in his 20s was among the 20 Covid-related fatalities in NSW in the past 24 hours to 8pm on Saturday as more than 48,000 new cases were recorded in the state.

    The man died at Albury Base Hospital and had received two doses of the Covid vaccine and had “serious underlying health conditions”, NSW Health said.




  5. Hong Kong to cull 2000 animals after pet shop worker tests positive for Delta

    Hong Kong authorities on Tuesday said they were seeking to cull some 2,000 small animals, including hamsters, after several of the rodents tested positive for Covid-19 at a pet store where an infected employee was working.

    The city will also stop the sale and import of small mammals including hamsters, according to an official from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.


    So no more fish crayfish,cats, dogs They will die of hunger.



  6. With darling leader closing the border to Kiwis coming home, you would assume that all wedding quests are now here.
    But then she has proved in the past, she will let the anointed ones at her pleasure!
    Lorde and the wriggles are but two examples,



  7. Morning Troopers,

    Well, you can’t keep a good man down, as David Clark demonstrates, being well on the way to eclipsing his stellar efforts as Minister of Health.

    “Some figures involved speculated that Clark, who inherited the legislation from Faafoi, seemed keen to move the legislation forward and therefore get it off his desk, rather than send it back for further changes.”

    Hamish Rutherford: Consumer lending probe should ask regulators whether they ignored warnings from banks

    David reminds me a lot of Roger



  8. The latest Global Dairy Trade auction has produced a fitting result to mark its 300th event – surpassing the seven year high recorded on December 3.

    Following a relative flat start to the 2022 calendar year with a 0.3 per cent index increase on January 4, overnight prices jumped 4.6 per cent across the board.

    Spearheading the charge was whole milk powder – which has the biggest influence on Fonterra’s payout – with a 5.6 per cent increase, to once again break the $4K threshold, recording an average US$4082/MT.

    All other products on offer recorded increases, including skim milk powder – Fonterra’s second-biggest reference product – which rose 5.0 per cent to an average US$3963/MT and nearly broke the $4k threshold as well.

    Butter followed suit by also recording a 5.0 per cent lift, to an average US$6158/MT, breaking the $6k threshold.


    something at least to cheer about.



    • It wont last tho viking, the farmers deserve a good boost but i worry many have forgotten what happened 2015/16.
      How long will the price stay high? I dont know but with fert and other inputs doubling and tripling in price globally i expect it may go far higher next season as nz is mainly grass based and efficient we have an edge in these situations but an inevitable crash will happen once corn/grain prices ease.

      Same for beef i rekon it will skyrocket later this year as all the feedlots around the world are grappling with high feed costs, only thing that will stuff it up for us would be widespread drought/flooding. Feed is just tight enough in nz we dont have a massive surplus and the price has increased alot in the last 6mnths.
      Balage is now minimum $100 each and a crap autumn/winter will push that to $150 easy.



  9. Tribe in Taranaki closes 12km of coast to protect the sealife.
    Wonder if that stops tribal members from gathering food for their relatives funerals, or do they just go out and plunder the tribes area up the coast!
    Maybe they will go to KFC for a feed!



  10. So let’s see….
    Brenda closes quarantine lottery – check.
    Still no wedding – check.
    Austria, Greece, Italy, Germany double down on compulsory vax or else – check.
    Vaxxing NZ children – check.
    China closes shipping ports – check.
    Chinese property market crashing – check.
    Supply chains collapsing even further – check.
    Unexplained high death rates in Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Scotland, West Australia – check.
    NZ property market cracking – check.
    All hell about to break loose – check.



  11. 2 Mouthwashes Disrupt the Coronavirus in Lab Tests
    By Rutgers University
    January 17, 2022 Updated: January 17, 2022
    biggersmaller Print

    Two types of mouthwash disrupt SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, preventing it from replicating in a human cell, a new study suggests.

    The study in the journal Pathogens finds that, in a laboratory setting, Listerine and the prescription mouthwash Chlorhexidine disrupted the virus within seconds after researchers diluted it to concentrations that would mimic actual use.




  12. Pfizer CEO Predicts ‘Return to Normal’ by Spring But Expects COVID-19 to Circulate for Years

    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told French news outlets in recent interviews that, while he expects COVID-19 to continue to circulate for many years, he thinks future waves won’t be beset by major restrictions while predicting life will return to “normal” around springtime.

    Bourla told French news outlet Le Figaro in an interview published Jan. 16 that he expects a “return to normal life” at some point in spring of this year, with the caveat that the dynamics of COVID-19 mutations and spread cloud the accuracy of any predictions.




    • Tbh kea i think the latest growth of house prices is driven by the eyewatering inflation of new builds, but yea thats driven by the obscene amount of poorly spent printed money. Even 2nd hand vehicles and boats have inflated big time
      If you devalue the dollar 20% then that directly inflates by the same amount, they got away with it in 2008/2009 but now the chooks are comming home to roost.

      Imo spend cheap inflated money on recession proof assets (def not houses) and reap the rewards when investors panic and divert there funds.



        • Sagz, a poor chap in timaru rang magic talk yesterday.
          Purchased a section to build and got plans made/costed/financed for a new build, council took 3-4months to approve and price increased 28%. He had to abandon the build and sell the section, he purchased an existing house instead.

          Viking posted the other day about record consents granted but i do wonder how many of these will be squashed with the new lending rules and building inflation? Most ppl seem to work out the max the can borrow and build to that so any increases it goes tits up although i think banks were making new builds allow for 20%contingency but that seems insufficent for the increases we’re seeing.



  13. “Changes to the traffic light system settings may be needed”… told ya so just a day or 2 back, it will morph like levels did. Instead of levels 3.99999 and 3.99978 we will now satisfy the rainbow community with an array of colours that are just as confused as a transgendered zee zim zer cat.



  14. Following on from my post about yesterday about Vax failure in case numbers and more importantly increased hospitalisation, I present cutting edge, salient quotes for your delectation – note the author is speculating not proclaiming.
    “but what has now become abundantly clear is that not only are cases per 100k higher in the vaccinated in the UK, but that the growth rate of cases in the vaccinated is much higher and worst of all, the variance in the growth rate is most extreme among the oldest cohorts. this same issue holds for boosters. this raises some severe concerns.”
    “this is a vaccine falling apart and is consistent with omicron being not only a vaccine escape variant, but one that infects the vaccinated preferentially. i’ve written quite a lot on this in the past.”

    “but, if you are older and the rest of your immune system is not robust, you are wide open. you generate S antibodies that mostly or fully miss the mark and your other systems cannot take up the slack. so, bingo, you get covid and that rate explodes as omi gains prominence because omi is the OAS variant that leaky vaccines selected for.

    this seems like the most complete and parsimonious explanation i can find so far. it explains a great many things:

    it explains risk ratio for vaxxed exceeding unvaxxed and getting worse as omi spread

    it explains higher growth in cases among the vaxxed as omi spread

    but most of all, it explains the jarring fact that case rates in 70+ rose by about the same as 30-69 in the unvaxxed, but at 2-3X that rate in the vaccinated

    it also explains the saddle shape we’re seeing and why you can get such a good polynomial fit. we’re probably plotting the rate of immune system decline

    older people tend to rely more on antibodies and less on strong t cells. this is why flu is so dangerous to old people. they respond to the flus of their youth and new ones evade them. their antibodies miss the target, and the rest of their immune system cannot keep up. this is, in fact, the primary issue around which OAS has been studied.”

    “you really do not want to trust correlations that lack any a priori reason to suspect causal relationship.
    but i think we may have one here:
    my working hypothesis (and i want to stress the term “working hypothesis”) is that this is OAS/antigenic imprinting expressing differently in different age groups.”

    “then these vaccine programs are going to be a disaster in terms of covid spread in vulnerable populations. this may well make them worse off EVEN if the vaccines show efficacy.
    if you get a 50% reduction in case hospitalization rate but a 300% rise in case rates, you are at 4X prevalence X 50% risk = twice the hospital counts as before.
    how this plays out on overall risk rates is still a bit early to call but warrants watching. 95% of vermonters over 65 are double vaxxed. yet that group and the 60-69 year olds as well hit new highs on hospitalization.
    so we’re seeing some worrying signs.”
    “this same looks increasingly so for boosters and approving them based on antibody counts when the antibodies don’t seem to work is beyond pointless, it’s pernicious. and some are starting to cotton on”
    Maybe a little more than the fLuu, Mr Editor, sir.



    • We seem to be at the start of going down the vaxx route of Mareks diseased chooks.
      It would seem a great business model for the vaxx industry. 🙁
      Where we will be pleading for more boosters, or will die.
      Even the unvaxxed will end up taking the shots, just to survive against the increased virulence. 🙁
      The way the boosters are being pushed, one would think the officialdom actually know these things, as they religiously believe in Gaia, for the good of the planet.

      At the same time we humans are being treated worse than cattle that Pfizer vaxxed, 10 years ago.

      DES drug problems, that are go on into the next generation.
      DES not only did not work to prevent miscarriage, but also caused severe medical problems for both the women who took the drug and their children who were exposed to the drug in utero, who are known as DES Daughters and DES Sons.

      Look at how the decades flowed by before the problem was figured, and then many more decades to a Court.

      Thalidomide took 5 years to figure, that it was a problem and eventually and slowly pulled.
      Again decades more to a Court.



    • If this is not a cull then the appropriate action would be to issue prophylactic doses of Ivermectin to all the over sixties. Failure to do so confirms that they want the elderly “useless eaters” dead and the sooner the better.



  15. For all those like me who thought that the release of the Pfizer adverse events data by the FDA in October was going to be a game changer, here is Medsafe’s OIA response to my asking whether that data had been provided to them for their provisional consent for the injection.

    Medsafe’s response was actually a reply to a similar OIA request, so mine was denied based on the information already being ‘publicly available’.

    Despite the weasel words in the reply, Medsafe actually admit that it had received all the data from Pfizer, albeit in a different form to that contained in the FDA document.

    “As the Cumulative Analysis Report was prepared by Pfizer for a specific legal purpose for the FDA in the United States, Pfizer did not provide it to either the Ministry or Medsafe as the BLA process does not exist in New Zealand. As it was not provided, neither the Ministry nor Medsafe provided it to the other people or agencies you have listed in your questions and there were no changes in protocols or advice or media statements because of its production. Therefore questions 1 to 7 of your request are refused under section 18(e) of the Act on the grounds that the information requested does not exist.
    However, I can advise that as a part of the provisional consent for the Comirnaty COVID-19 granted in New Zealand under the Medicines Act 1981, Pfizer has provided the same data, albeit in a form that meets the company’s legal obligations in New Zealand. The conclusions of the Cumulative Analysis Report are consistent with the information and data provided by Pfizer to Medsafe as a part of its provisional consent obligations in New Zealand.”

    I have now requested the actual data supplied to Medsafe as none of it had been made available to mandated workers with serious underlying clinical conditions as outlined in the Pfizer adverse events report, thereby denying them information that could mitigate risk to their health and for them to make an informed decision as to whether to comply with the mandate order.

    Can any one interpret this statement as to why Medsafe did not make these adverse events available to NZers….”As it was not provided, neither the Ministry nor Medsafe provided it to the other people or agencies etc…. Pfizer has provided the same data, albeit in a form that meets the company’s legal obligations in New Zealand?”



    • Toko, this lawyer has major concerns with Bell-Gully lawyers representing among other players both MedSafe and are the lawyers for Phizer. Seems like a conflict of interest to anyone with half a brain.

      Lawyer Liz Lambert in conversation with FreeNZ

      Lawyer Liz Lambert being in deep service to Kiwis, talking about Section 83 of the Health and Safety at Work Act, and what relevance it holds in a time of mandates for New Zealanders.



    • Thanks Toko.
      So the MedsafeNZ seem to be in bed with the FDA, like how they want to take decades to drip-feed data from Pfizer.
      They may not be directly linked to the drug companies and FDA, but there is to be considered networking, for careers, promotions etc.. through all these world-wide medical autocracies.

      The now common practice of “Discourse Consensus” of totally ignoring observation, experience so that no consideration of what some deem commonsense can not come into play.
      Trained and practiced in universities, and well spread into bureaucracies, governments, corporations, etc..

      “The conclusions of the Cumulative Analysis Report” shows just how blinkered they are in that they consider they have “done their duty of care”, which is to me is seems to be “Just following Orders”



      • Ross12…
        Without a doubt….probably start out with, “so, despite having the same Pfizer adverse event data as the FDA, Medsafe did not need to release that data to New Zealanders because of a differing legal procedure in the USA?….please explain.”



  16. Things we just didn’t see back in the day:

    Bronagh Key: “I’m sorry for any confusion….”

    Things we certainly didn’t see back in the day:

    John Key: “She’s apologized, there’s nothing more to be said.”

    Things we sure as hell didn’t see back in the day:

    Media: “Um…ok, moving on.”

    Damn and blast this clusterfuck government and all their enablers, whore-smelt, lickspittles and toadies of the alleged Fourth Estate.



      • Because she was not tribal labour!
        They only come in one size, dumb!
        How many years have we had a Prime Minister and partner, with no problems of were their position was in life!
        Then along came jethro!
        She’s not much better either, which is why she never got the invite to the palace for a weekend and never will, while the Queen regins!!!
        She’s common folk!



  17. An evacuation operation is underway in Tonga for residents on some of the smaller islands of Ha’apai which has been hit hard by Saturday’s volcanic eruption and tsunami.

    There are three confirmed deaths – UK national Angela Glover, a 65-year-old woman from Mango and 49-year-old man from Nomuka.

    A Tongan Navy patrol boat was sent on Sunday to the Ha’apai group but found such extensive damage that another vessel was sent on Tuesday night with emergency supplies and medical personnel.



  18. Do you think tova has got clarkE or cindy on speaker phone to the judge to explain theres been a change in guidelines to employment contracts and disputes?

    Tova you scum lowlife you wouldve been well aware of what you were signing at the time so get fucked.



    • Thanks Ross12
      Simply well said in that 2 minutes, and needs to be said much more often!

      Sadly we seem to live in a world that is ruled by “Discourse Consensus” that has blinded so many, into “Mass Formation” of a Gordian Knot.



  19. A close mate of mine works for a large Government Department.
    He is on the 2nd floor of a big office.
    Fire Alarms went off for a drill the other day- He tells me he that rather incredibly he couldn’t get down the stairs as there were so many women coming back up.
    Why the hell would they run UP the stairs during a fire evactuation??
    I’ll give my YSB friends three guesses….



  20. This would seem to be only the beginning!

    Battleground Melbourne Documentary ‘FRIENDS & FAMILY’ Pre-Release
    1 hour 41 secs : circa 14th January 2022 : TopherField

    …… how did we grow from just 70 people in April 2020, to hundreds of thousands in the biggest political events in Australian history in November 2021?

    This is our story, told through our eyes. Battleground Melbourne is our reply to the lies, half truths, slurs, and lazy attacks that we have endured for the last 2 years.

    This is our story. The story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things and taking extreme risks to stand for what we believe in. …..

    Knowing more of ourselves, what we can do, plus figuring more on the agenda.
    All to hold the line! as there are more battles to come.



    • Excellent record of Commie Dan’s tyranny.

      Ardern’s political control of the covid narrative is a carbon copy of Daniel Andrews political control of the State of Victoria’s covid narrative. The only major difference has been Andrews police have been more aggressive to date.



  21. Canada, are they setting up window licking mental institutions as a psych weapon, before creating gulags in their northern interior.
    They will treat any medical whistle blower most harshly as they can not afford any cracks in the medical controls.

    An MIT-educated doctor who prescribed COVID patients Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine had her medical license suspended and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

    Pour encourager les autres, and to keep them in line with this medical totalitarianism to achieve globalization by data ‘social credit’ control.



  22. I stole this from somewhere else. It is very interesting, long, but a must read. Stick this up ya bum Cindy you deceitful lying wench.

    “In January 2021 Prime minister Jacinda Ardern righteously exclaimed that “We have to let people who have a legal right to live here – such as our own citizens – to come home, otherwise you are making them stateless.”

    Within months MIQ bookings were closed and she was doing exactly that.

    The challenge was how to remove the rights of millions of kiwis without ‘removing’ the rights. It is well known that Kiwis cannot fly back to New Zealand without an MIQ Voucher – that can only be obtained from a perverse squid game lottery system, or making an Emergency Application. It is often claimed that this lottery system breaches Section 18 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 – being the right to enter New Zealand. But it doesn’t. And hats off to the cleverest lawyer Ms. Ardern could find.

    No citizen is stopped entering. Let me say this one more time, no citizen is stopped entering.

    They are stopped boarding an overseas commercial aircraft that will be penalized if they allowed someone to board without a voucher. It only has one flaw – citizens can still board the aircraft without a voucher if they are transiting New Zealand.

    For instance, on a ticket from Sydney, to Auckland, to Los Angeles.

    Assuming the citizen meets the entry requirements for the United States (fully vaxxed, a $12 ESTS Visa, and a hotel address) they will be allowed to board in Sydney to Auckland. On landing in Auckland there is nothing the Government can do if someone ‘decides’ they wish to enter New Zealand instead.


    The reason for the change of mind doesn’t need to be explained. A citizen intended to only transit and then they decided not to. It is the beginning and end of it.

    The “Right to Enter” is more than just fluff – it is the name of the Section in the Immigration Act 2009 and goes as far as spelling out the right in detail, including that a citizen cannot be deported.

    13 New Zealand citizens may enter and be in New Zealand at any time

    (1) For the purposes of this Act, every New Zealand citizen has, by virtue of his or her citizenship, the right to enter and be in New Zealand at any time.
    (3) (b) no New Zealand citizen is liable under this Act to deportation from New Zealand in any circumstances.
    As such a citizen can walk off the plane in Auckland. Go to health check, go to immigration, stamp in, have their bags collected, and be put on a bus to MIQ.

    All without a voucher.

    They can’t be put in a room, forced on a plane, waterboarded, beaten up. Nothing.

    The conundrum for the Government was how to stop people exercising this basic right. The first course of action was to provide misleading information on their own websites.


    This page discusses transiting in New Zealand. It states:

    “You can only transit New Zealand through Auckland International Airport, where you must stay in the transit area of the airport. You cannot apply to enter New Zealand.”

    It doesn’t provide an asterisk to advise New Zealand citizens that they don’t need to ‘apply’ to enter New Zealand and cannot be held in a transit area. The ambiguity helps maintain the falsehood that the border is shut to Kiwis.

    The second course of action is to maintain the high level of fear for all travellers. One person told me her friend said the transit passengers were ‘escorted by armed Police’ as if to ensure no one make’s a break for it. Whether that is true or not, in the era of Covid hysteria, it was enough to put at least one person off flying home.

    If a Police Officer of Immigration Officer attempted to ‘hold’ a citizen in a transit lounge they would at best only be sued for false imprisonment and likely fired – and at worst criminally prosecuted for kidnapping.

    The Government is fully aware they cannot criminalize a citizen entering. As such the sole penalty for entering without a voucher is a measly $1000 infringement notice – essentially like a parking ticket that does not go on your record. This is on the basis that it is a ‘medium risk offence’

    A breach of a requirement where the worst potential outcome of the breach is a possibility of transmitting or spreading COVID-19 or limiting the capability of the public health response, which does not otherwise meet the description for low risk or high risk.

    How this is arrived at is not explained. Every single traveller has a ‘worst potential outcome’ of transmitting COVID as we have seen with foreign DJ’s who freely enter the country, break the rules and even then are still not prosecuted.

    It also doesn’t ‘limit’ the public health response – it makes use of it. MIQ was set up for overseas citizens returning – and these are overseas citizens returning.

    In my view the infringement is challengeable in Court – paying a fine to enter your own country, or for the Government’s failure to plan a public health response 2 years into a pandemic, doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that would hold up in court.

    So the question is – why is the news and social media filled with the most horrific stories of grief, loss, desperation, of Kiwis stranded overseas when they can simply get on a plane and fly home tomorrow?

    The explanations I have had included not wanting to ‘take’ a space from someone else.

    This is of course total nonsense. There is enormous capacity at MIQ – they have space for summer DJs, foreign sports teams, The Wiggles, the previously unheard of Dutch Cricket team, and yes, even more DJs. They definitely have space for Kiwis.

    They also have a successful home isolation program that was used for 4000 plus actual positive Covid cases to stay in the community and of course a Member of Parliament coming home.

    The other explanation is that people are scared of what will happen to them.

    I accept this. Most of the people I’ve spoken to are law abiding citizens. The notion of having to ‘break the law’ is terrifying, even when ‘breaking the law’ is going home and paying a fine.

    How interesting that most people would be prepared to speed to catch a flight they are late for (and risk an infringement) yet are terrified of getting the same infringement for going home.

    How reprehensible that we are living in a country our own citizens are ‘scared’ to return to. Given there is a way home, immediately, there is no longer an excuse for the endless posts of misery.

    The solution is entirely in the hands of Overseas Kiwis.”



    • Didn’t a family do something similar the other day coming from Fiji and transiting through Alkd? Just got the kids to refuse to get back on the plane when it was time to go again. Border staff had to let them in.



  23. WHO says no evidence healthy children, adolescents need COVID-19 boosters

    “There is no evidence right now that healthy children or heavy adolescents need boosters. No evidence at all,” she said.


    ‘Don’t listen to him. He is not a doctor’: PM hits out at MP over vaccination comments

    Mr Morrison said it was “more important” to emphasise that Mr Christensen’s anti-vaccination views had no influence on the government than it was to kick him out of the party room.
    “I’m not seeking to amplify them,” he said.
    “I think they’re unwise views, I think they’re dangerous views, I don’t think parents should be listening to them.
    “Go to the credible sources of information on vaccines, and George Christensen is not one of them.”




  24. The curse of Covid: can any leader survive the pandemic?
    The political future may well belong to those who can restore the liberties that lockdown measures tore away

    If Boris Johnson wanted to console himself, he might say he’s far from the only politician having deep post-Covid political problems. No one, not even Keir Starmer, is immune from scrutiny of their behaviour in lockdown – and almost no leader, anywhere in the world, can claim their pandemic strategy was a success. Everyone gambled – and to a greater or lesser extent, everyone lost. Now, the political reckoning begins.




  25. Far less Covidians here compared with Wellington. Often staff in shops are unmasked and everyone is pretty chilled about it all.

    It’s really hitting home what a disgusting filthy crime ridden shithole Wellington is. The place is a cancer and needs to be dismantled. The government service needs to be spread around NZ. This will improve business continuity with natural disasters, save billions in infrastructure, boost the regions, relive housing pressure, make the govt more in touch with NZ, lower costs for commercial premises….

    The politicians can stay in the horrid little slum.



    • For a bird brain you do make some valid points.
      Totally agree about spreading them around and boost the regions, theres no excuses now the likes of zoom has taken over in the last couple of years.
      They would attract better talent getting away from big centres like welly and auckland as it takes a certain type of wanker to persist in such areas with a snout in the trough.



    • Nothing worse than a cancer that metastasizes.

      Noticing a big increase of those ins-pectoral, sustainability, green, bureaucracy, sucking on, and hassling the rate payers.
      They now want to rule the roost, saying self righteously that the people have to get with the times, that is to have these cuckoos now want to apply the national government legislation in full.
      Just another version of “I am the man from the government and I am here to help you!” ….. yeah right …..



  26. Indian Journal of Clinical Practice, Vol. 32, No. 6, November 2021

    In the present study, it was interpreted that vitamin D
    levels play an important role in COVID-19 disease.
    Vitamin D has a significant role in protection from
    severe form of the disease. Patients who have severe
    vitamin D deficiency have more chance of severe
    disease, more chance of requiring high oxygen support
    to maintain SpO2 and have more chance of mortality
    from COVID-19.




  27. Georgia guide stones rule no. 10
    Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

    Fauci Says We’re Just In Phase One Of ‘Five Phases Of The Pandemic’ — Then Issues a Chilling Warning
    “Living in greater harmony with nature will require changes in human behavior as well as other radical changes that may take decades to achieve,” Dr. Fauci had once said.




  28. Propaganda smearing of Liz Gunn begins. Following a lead, is that not what journalists are trained to do? Oh, thats right, she’s not recognised as part of the msm inner circle.

    COVID-19: Liz Gunn goes off in furious rant after being asked for evidence of children collapsing at North Shore vaccination centre



    • Would any of those reporters have done an interview like this.

      Casey Hodgkinson Interview with Liz Gunn
      28 mins 12 secs : Dec 8, 2021 : Liz Gunn

      Those same reporters that act so glibly as the “kindly” Ardern would not watch any thing like this, and then reflect, what is going on? what is happening?
      They run away like their owner Ardern, and will not ask questions.

      I am not a great fan of Liz Gunn, but in this element, which would not be easy, is showing up the systemic cover-up, by the systemic health autocracy.

      Hat tip Ross12 January 19, 2022 At 10:29 am
      The truth is leaking out

      Some seem to have put themselves out there on that page.



  29. Son’s mate, who is anti the vax, mentioned that he was having his kids inoculated. Reason….kids are right into their team sports which he has invested a lot of time and money into. Kids need to be vaxed to remain in their sport.

    He took one in to be vaxed yesterday and the kid received a $250 Pack n Save voucher for his effort. He sold the voucher to his grandparents for $150 cash.

    A video linked early of the Mad Queen categorically stating that there will be no compulsory vaccination of children shows what a vile creature she is. FJA



  30. BN….
    Is this your information..

    No information on the Gisborne arrest…do you have a link? There has been a dismissed health care worker who has been protesting at the Gisborne District Council offices for weeks now.

    From the Herald article….”Police reiterated today that they intend to take an “education-first” approach, but won’t be shy about making arrests if that doesn’t work.” I know which party needs the “education-first” approach.



  31. Deaths in New Zealand.
    New Zealand is a fascinating real-world experiment on vaccine safety. After locking themselves out from the rest of the world and thereby strictly eliminating Covid as a variable, they went about with a mass vaccination campaign. What did we learn?

    Well, not very unexpectedly they had a surge in all-cause mortality in the 60+ cohort that almost perfectly correlates with vaccine delivery intensity. More jabs = more deaths and fewer jabs = fewer deaths. It deserves to be looked into more carefully, but responses from New Zealand’s health authorities indicates that maybe they don’t have any such interest. No surprise there.

    Further, we’re being “trickle truthed” as the world comes to the realization that not only don’t two jabs work very well against omicron, but neither do three jabs and now four jabs.




  32. Babbitt feared for her life, her husband said, so she climbed into the broken window to escape. Byrd shot her before she got more than partway into the window frame.

    “The only way we’d ever know why Ashli felt the window was the only way out is if she had been detained by one of the countless police officers that abandoned their post in front of those doors,” Babbitt said. “That did not happen. She was murdered and robbed of the chance to tell her side of the story.”

    Babbitt Tried to Stop Attack on Capitol Speaker’s Lobby, Video Shows
    Video shows female Trump supporter’s desperate pleas to prevent rioters from breaking windows: “Stop! No! Don’t! Wait!”
    By Joseph M. Hanneman
    January 17, 2022 Updated: January 18, 2022




    • “O’Brien said if she had known the clause would stop her doing “the only thing I know how to do”, she would not have signed.”

      Wtf does she think a restraint of trade clause is? Tova, you worked as a stupid cunt on one broadcast network an now want to work as a stupid cunt for a competitor. Go work in a bar or join the queue at winz im sure cindys kindness will look after you there 🙂

      How many phone calls to cindy do you think shes made about this issue trying to get her to pull some strings?



        • WG, the complainers expect cindys goon squad to put them in a cell next to brian tamaki!

          I was talking to a mate last night and he said something that baffled me, i told him to repeat what he said slowly and realise how he contadicted himself bigly.
          “Ffs iaasb someone needs to start standing up to the govt and try make some headway to ending this madness” next breath… “ya see they finally locked up that tamaki idiot at least we wont have to listen to his crap for a bit”…. WTF?
          People too easily revert to personal greivances/grudges even when its someone fighting on your side, we’ve gotta fighting our own team and focus on fighting the enemy ffs.



          • At this point of time a religious person is a marginally better bet than one of Cindy’s commo mates but watch your backs. A Godnutter’s first allegiance is to their imaginary Skydaddy & they’ll turn on you like a wounded boar if you threaten their fantasies. They talk of freedom but wouldn’t recognise its true form if it sat up & yodelled in their soup.

            Allies now maybe but don’t be fooled.



  33. A glimpse of sanity?
    A crack to the Italian Medical Health Autocracy!
    Can this ruling be leveraged across to many other countries and New Zealand?
    Italian Court basically says, the Doctors can treat their patients with whatever is necessary, to what a Doctor can figure out.
    Itln crt strikes dwn sty at hme with Tylenol [paracetomal]
    2 mins 36 secs : Jan 18, 2022 : subtitled
    ….. They nullified general practitioners’ ethical obligations.
    Who, loyal to the Hippocratic oath, are supposed to cure a disease, not to make it chronic.
    Their professional expertise was being refuted.
    They prevented people from being cured by their family physician at home, with early treatment. ……
    ……. Speranza’s [Italian Minister of Health] insane and unsuccessful strategy to confront the pandemic, has been debunked, thanks to the Administrative Court’s ruling which has rejected the “paracetamol and watchful waiting” protocol, …..

    Who, when, are we going to be able to break this deadlock over first & early treatment protocols.
    I figure I still will never trust my local Doctors ever again as that what my Doctor told me he would do, and to medicate with Remdesivir & ventilate. The legalized euthanasia way. 🙁 Probably with plenty of Midazolam for a kindly touch to steady you down.



  34. Finally i dont look so feral now, no haircut since july so i looked like a yeti!
    Went to one of those naughty hairdressers that dont discriminate or support medical aparthied as my usual barber is now a total nazi.
    She was saying shes completely run off her feet never been so busy in her life and hundreds of new faces and quite a few new clients had travelled a couple of hours to get there due to everyone in their local area being nazi enforcers. Their loss her gain i guess!

    Anyways a well deserved shoutout to all those vax pass required businesses that have given our corrupt power hungry govt the middle finger!!!



    • Careful the nasti’s are whatching.
      and they are getting worse IMHO.

      Its like, well we had to have a jab to keep our paycheck so we are going to take it out on anyone we can.

      You know school kid behaviour.

      Grown men and women behaving like nasti little brats. Because they can and have tazers etc to beat you up when it suits them.

      Little respect left for the current mob.
      Worse than the gangsters.



      • It will get worse. Wait until they look around them & count the casualties from the poisonous vaccine. Watch how feral they get when they realise that they have allowed their duly elected government to destroy their health. Observe their reactions when they see the coffins of their fellow jabbees pile up.

        We are on the winning side but we’re in for a rough ride.



    • Viking is right, we do have to be careful.

      On a busy road, where I patronize a shop, that is relatively easy going, on looking around, could see a karen on a phone, or so it seemed for a start. Then noticed she seemed to be more attentive to any one entering, and rightly or wrongly I figured she was noting the scanning procedure. An out of towner.

      There is not much the small shop owner can do in regards to that, but this time I put my mask on, and went through the procedure.
      Also quietly warned the shop keeper they were being watched, and by who, and perhaps just to keep the mask up system up until they were gone, as usual the mask just dangles, or below the nose.
      She did come in and seem to mooch around, made a small purchase. The shop keeper had never seen her before.

      These days ones can not trust the ken&karen stasi, as the bureaucracy of WorkSafe, MBIE, will build up a folder, then pounce. Licencing, permits etc.. can all be put at risk.
      Those out of town stasi do not care about the damage, and I figure they will not be the usual local.

      It is going to get nastier.

      Edit nasska is right, these people will not know how to cope with the damage to themselves, but especially the guilt of where they may have pushed others.
      I think this is already calculated in by the global tyrants to harness that anger, frustration, and even provoke it more to place a blame on other groups and keep them all un-stabilized



      • When I was at Lincoln College doing a Meat inspectors course, eating in the hall was interesting. My fellow Meat inspectors knew all the diseases of animals and were quick to complain about the ovis cysts in the mutton they served up. It was harmless but the other students didn’t know that and when we pointed out the cysts they went bonkers and complained. All good fun.



    • I am not sure Clarke gave up her job. She tried for the head job at the UN and failed and I presume her contract for the original job had ended. But yes when she came back I am sure the idea of mentoring Ardern was started. I am sure Clarke is currently pulling many strings behind the scenes. H2 is not working in the Beehive for nothing



  35. 🎶
    Oh the poncey Duke of York. He had some underage chick.
    He flew her out to Epstein Island and she bounced upon his dick.
    Soon Epstein was hanging up. The Maxwell bitch went down.
    Then the Duke’s Mummy twigged, so he’ll never wear a crown.



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