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  1. So, this jumped up little Hitler, Cindy, has decided that she is going to change the muzzle wearing regulations and type of mask & muzzle you are to wear, were and when you are to wear it and when you are to be muzzled or not muzzled

    Well I have news for you Sugar Tits. This broken down sad arse excuse for a male human is not going to comply.

    You and any fucking Karen, like the fat lard arse at my place of employment who acts as Cindy’s inhouse Brown Shirt, can all get fucked, because they are in for a big push back from me.

    Today, I am off to war.





    The legendary property guru and philanthropist, known affectionately as Kea, has announced plans to establish a charity for homeless property speculators.

    The announcement comes after Australian police confirmed they intend to 501 the troublesome ponzi speculator known as Mikey.

    More to come 😄



    • Why don’t ypou make yurself really useful and use you illgotten gains to build a secure asylum for your real friends.
      i.e. the disgraceful former colleagues in Parliament.
      There are going to be a few once we remove them and confiscate their assets, as we do with criminals under the proceeds of crime act.
      They will all be rounded up and immediately diagnosed as insane, so padded cells, lost of white type powders and crytals on a string. All cells to be street facing with big windows, even their shitter. Fed fuck all as we can’t afford the groceries from the budget and half sized crap paper.

      That would even get you many donations. you would get rich.



  3. Good morning to you all my fellow ‘Deplorables / Ingrates’

    It’s Wednesday, the day that dl and her cronies will announce / decree what further tyrannies they will impose upon both the nation and the ‘purebloods’ to ‘Protect’ her mythical ‘team of five million’.

    Despite that, have a great day and don’t let her (and the Karens and Kens) grind you down.




  4. Morning Troopers,

    Listen to your finance minister tell lies. Blatant lies. No need to read between the lines here. Good on HDPA for keeping at him.

    “And on Newstalk ZB last night, Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson defended the Government’s position on the lack of earlier supply of rapid antigen tests (RATs).

    ZB host Heather Du Plessis-Allan put it to Robertson that 14.6 million tests were essentially only a two-week supply.

    “It depends how you use them. At the moment we’re in the fortunate position that we can continue to use PCR tests because we can manage the volumes. Clearly, we want to bring as many in as we can. Our focus is on making sure we don’t have what happened in Australia where supply chains, critical workers and their utilities and so on haven’t been able to go to work.

    “Our test to work regime will manage that and you’ll hear more about that (today).”

    Du Plessis-Allan: “Now that we’re in the situation where we actually do not have the very thing that we need, do you regret keeping that ban on RATs until last month?”

    Robertson: “What we’ve tried to do is have rapid antigen testing available where it’s appropriate. PCR testing remains the most important thing we can have. It is the most accurate and we can manage with it. Getting more orders in – that’s been happening over the last few months. But it is a very competitive environment. We haven’t needed the volume of rapid antigen tests up to now. We have a good supply coming in. And we’re going to try and bring forward what we can.”

    Du Plessis-Allan: “But a part of running a country is having the foresight to see that you are going to need something So did anybody sit down and say to the Minister of Health… either Cabinet, yourself or the prime minister, or anybody else, say to Ashley Bloomfield, you need to lift that ban on rapid antigen tests now.”

    Robertson: “We’ve been working through the Ministry for some considerable time on the role of rapid antigen testing. But the process of getting approvals, yes we’ve been asking the Ministry for some time to get that done. We’ve now got at least nine different suppliers approved and more coming on all the time and a number of private sector companies in New Zealand have had stockpiles of rapid antigen testing so they have been able to get them. But equally, we’re in a global environment where everybody’s after them at the same time. I don’t think there’s been a ban on them.”

    Du Plessis-Allan: “Minister, did you say there hasn’t been a ban on them? There has.

    Robertson: “Clearly a number of corporates have had stockpiles.”

    Du Plessis-Allan: “That’s because, Minister, there was a pilot that was allowed to take place in August after they begged you guys publicly. There was a ban.

    Robertson: “What it is, is the Ministry of Health have said consistently to us that PCR is the most accurate format.”

    Du Plessis-Allan: “Rather than changing the subject, let’s just get this clear. Are you denying that there was a ban on these tests?”

    Robertson: “What I’m saying is… I’m accepting that we’ve had PCR as our focus. We’ve been working through with the private sector, how they can best use rapid antigen testing, and a number of them have stocks and we have stocks of them as a government. They are now a more significant part of our strategy going forward.”

    Du Plessis-Allan: “You would accept that there was a ban by your Government on rapid antigen tests until December?”

    Robertson: “I accept the Ministry of Health have managed the process by which they approved them and yes, they haven’t been a large part of the system up to now but that’s because the PCR tests have been able to deal with what we need to deal with.”



  5. Why Are Non-COVID Deaths Spiking Among Prime-Age Americans?
    By Petr Svab
    January 24, 2022 Updated: January 25, 2022

    Americans have been dying at a significantly higher rate over the past two years or so, but the COVID-19 disease tells only part of the story. Among seniors, the pandemic could explain the increase in mortality more easily than among younger people, where there’s a gap requiring further explanation.

    Overall, there appear to be three distinct patterns in the data based on age:

    Among those of age 0 to 17, mortality remained virtually unchanged since 2019.

    Among those who were 65 or older, mortality increased in 2020, dropped in the first half of 2021, coinciding with the proliferation of the COVID-19 vaccines, and then increased in the third quarter of 2021, coinciding with the emergence of the Delta variant, which appeared more resistant to the vaccines.




  6. Biden Administration Is Withdrawing OSHA COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
    By Jack Phillips
    January 25, 2022 Updated: January 25, 2022
    biggersmaller Print

    The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced Tuesday it will formally withdraw its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private businesses with 100 or more employees on Wednesday.

    The agency issued an announcement in the Federal Register that it will withdraw its rule, known as an emergency temporary standard (ETS), which required companies to make employees either get a COVID-19 vaccine or submit to weekly COVID-19 testing while wearing masks in the workplace.

    It comes after the Supreme Court on Jan. 13 issued a 6–3 opinion blocking the rule, saying that challengers to the order, including large trucking companies, were likely to prevail in court.


    “This case is not about whether folks should get vaccinated against COVID-19—the court believes they should,” Judge Jeffrey Brown wrote on Jan. 21. “It is instead about whether the president can, with the stroke of a pen and without the input of Congress, require millions of federal employees to undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment,” the order said.



  7. US Coal Stockpiles Near Historic Lows
    By Nathan Worcester
    January 18, 2022 Updated: January 19, 2022
    The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) says in its latest short-term energy outlook (pdf) that coal inventories in the electric power industry reached 93.7 million tons as of December 2021—an increase since September, when stockpiles hit a historic low not seen since the Carter administration.

    Isaac Orr, a policy fellow at the Center of the American Experiment, told The Epoch Times he thinks the increase is a result of warmer-than-expected winter temperatures, greater wind generation, and electric companies’ decisions to conserve coal as a safeguard against potentially extreme winter weather.


    This is an interesting snapshot of the current and future for electricity.

    The damage done by these people is in,one with their efforts to kill of the worlds population.
    You could be forgiven for thinking the same tyrants are driving the agenda worldwide.
    In a special address to the World Economic Forum’s Davos Agenda 2022, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said that “no new coal plants should be built.”

    “This must be a priority for us all—to phase-out coal,” he said.

    Guterres, a former prime minister of Portugal who also previously led the Socialist International, has served as secretary-general of the UN since 2017.

    His remarks come just months after the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland. The final COP26 decision text asked parties to “[accelerate] efforts towards the phase-out of unabated coal power and inefficient fossil fuel subsidies, recognizing the need for support towards a just transition”—a significant change from a parallel passage in the text’s first draft, which “calls upon parties to accelerate the phasing-out of coal and subsidies for fossil fuels,”




    • The coal hate is psychotic. An old brainwashing from 1900’s when Commies saw coal as “the means of production” and went all out to control and demonise it. If we took away all these fake things to hate, the modern hate filled balloon would deflate like a air mattress with too many holes.



  8. FDA Restricts Use of 2 Monoclonal Antibody Treatments
    By Mimi Nguyen Ly
    January 25, 2022 Updated: January 25, 2022
    biggersmaller Print

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced Jan. 24 it is restricting the use of two monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19, saying data show such treatments are “highly unlikely” to be active against the Omicron variant, currently the dominant strain in the country.

    Monoclonal antibodies are laboratory-created proteins that mimic natural antibodies the body produces to fight off harmful pathogens, such as the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, also known as the novel coronavirus.

    The agency revised its emergency authorization for the two COVID-19 treatments that come from Regeneron and Eli Lilly. Their use is now limited to when the COVID-19 patient is “likely to have been infected with or exposed to a variant that is susceptible to these treatments.”




    • I’m pretty sure Putin wouldn’t even acknowledge the existence of someone as inconsequential as Ardern. Let alone hear anything she has to say. He’d be more troubled swatting a mosquito off his arm.



    • I see Putin has recalled all the Lada’s from New Zealand in retaliation to Scribble Chin’s threat to possibly annihilate Russia in some yet to be determined way, should the Ruskies even think about looking across the border at the corrupt Ukraine, where they all speak Russian. At dawn in Moscow Putin will call an emergency meeting to consider this new threat from a banana republic in the South Pacific.



  9. Um no dipshit stuffed reporter its not omicron fear/uncertainty its this retarded govts approach to everything including vax mandates and forced muzzling of young children thats been the last straw for many.

    When this shitty govt finaly gets the boot the new govt should bend over backwards to get Alwyn Poole into the top of ministry of education and sort that shithole out.



  10. It’s all so depressing. The clown car have their course of action planned and won’t alter it for any reason even such as PCR testing use being scrapped by the CDC but in NZ she is still steaming ahead full bore with its promotion and use. Masks have been proven not to work but FJA is demanding full mask wearing compliance during the height of warm, dry, breezy summer weather. The people protesting in the streets are ignored, the protests on social media are ignored, the correspondence the beehive must receive are ignored. Protest groups are vilified, medical professionals who speak out have been vilified, and the jabbing of children and the 3rd round of the clotshot is promoted and forced. Other countries are cancelling their vaccine mandates, employment mandates, passport mandates with their people returning to a semblance of normality but not the controlling narcissist FJA and her ragtag bunch. The clown car have their heads in the sand, demanding compliance while ignoring other countries who are finally waking up around the world.

    I’m finding it hard to keep the blues away on this rollercoaster ride. This damn woman and her destructive troop need to be stopped. She is undermining our lives by control and demolishing our country.



      • No, she is trying to desperately trying to hold onto her obsessional objectives domination, by her finger nails, and she is unwilling to admit defeat.

        Like all manics that are willing to kill to achieve their goals, and tyrants that are willing to endorse and commit genocide to get domination, it only ever ends one way. Like all those great Hollywood movies where art imitates life, and the bad guy cannot admit defeat, they hang onto the last minute until their untimely defeat or demise. Like Hans Gruber clinging onto to the watchstrap of Holly McClane in the final diehard scene,

        If DL had any sense, she would give up now, before the Ken’s and the Karen’s realise they have been had.

        Conscientious objectors who refuse the vaccines, because they can think, are not her problem, as they are more likely to pursue a lawful solution e.g. Nuremberg 2.0.

        The Kens and the Karens however are a different story, as they are more emotionally driven, this confirmed by way of them being emotionally suckered into the vaccine by allowing emotions to overrule logic. Kens and Karens are unpredictable.

        “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, becomes “Hell hath no fury like a women who has lost her only child to a deadly vaccine forced upon said child by a megalomaniac, and is unable to bear more children as a result of being sterilised by the same vaccine that killed her child.”

        DL has a lot to fear from the Reiner Fuellmich types, but she should be absolutely terrified of the Ellen Ripley “Get Away From Her You Bitch” (Sigourney Weaver in Alien) types.

        Condoning genocide of children. “How dare she.!!”



    • I will guarantee that even if Ardern ever sees this she will not read more than3 pages. i would doubt that any more than say 3 of the 120 M.P.’s would read the whole thing.
      I am quite used to reading reports, after about Clause 105 and seeing the cursor was only about halfway down I started to skip it. Far too long to be effective.
      Great content though.



      • Great report but as you say HP far too long. A 5 minute cartoon video with lots of bright pictures and not too many words would be more effective to explain to FJA where she’s fucked up. Mahooota could watch too.



    • I said this yesterday.

      waikatogirl January 25, 2022 At 5:51 pm
      Instead of scaring all of us she is now terrified for herself as she has no other tricks up her sleeve… Her desperation to maintain complete control is unhinging her and sending her into complete authoritarian lunacy.

      The madness of Ardern.



          • Tell me what’s worked so far. Nothing, bloody nothing!!!

            That’s unfair Sooty. She’s achieved heaps. She’s executed the oil&gas industry, introduced the concept of race based separatism, closed down the tourism industry, prevented citizens from returning from overseas, destroyed tens of thousands of middle tier businesses, locked the whole population out of their lives on multiple occasions and successfully introduced medical apartheid and a digital police state.

            Everything this woman has desired has worked for her – so I would suggest you stop being so negative and learn to curb your unauthorised thoughts.



  11. What a cock Mark Rutte is.
    Rutte by name, Root by nature.

    The Netherlands will this week lift some of Europe’s toughest Covid restrictions with bars, restaurants and museums allowed to reopen their doors, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Tuesday.

    Rutte said the move, which takes effect from Wednesday, was in response to “great tensions” with the catering and cultural sectors over a virtual lockdown imposed days before Christmas.

    “The Netherlands has missed you,” Rutte told a news conference.




  12. Martin van beynen is snitch!!!
    He goes to a mans house and purchases a vacine pass, for $40.
    Photoograhs himself doing it aswell.
    Then pimps the man out to the police, hangs around and takes the mans photo been escorted away.
    Then writes a story in the media, about what a great big ken, he is!



  13. Soooty…..agree with your sentiments but after Rat Faced Gower’s sting on the Canterbury doctor issuing medical exemptions, you would expect someone selling illegal vaccine passes would have done due diligence with a stranger fronting up for one…greed over commonsense seems to win every time.



  14. I watched the latest Dr Sam Bailey video last night. One really interesting thing was the image of a tweet showing the results of answer to the question –“Over the last 2 years which groups have you lost respect for which you previously respected”. Doctors were 40% , Ardern/Government 32% and MSM 22%.
    Initially I thought the MSM figure was low and then it clicked –many people would have had no respect for them well before the Covid issue so the 22% is “extra” loss of respect.
    Therefore I think the only figure worth looking at is the Doctors/medical profession with a 405 drop in respect.



  15. Eww Err…things going from bad to worse in Nil Zid.

    The Covid 19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 comes into effect on April 1st.

    This legislation will allow for:

    1. The lockdown of unvaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated individuals.
    2. The ability to restrict travel within the country to unvaccinated or insufficiently vaccinated (e.g. a person who does not want to get a booster shot).
    3. Withhold certification from those who do not get required boosters or subsequent combinations of vaccines as may be ordered at any time.
    4. The ability to dictate the type and form of certification required for proof of vaccination status — digital or otherwise.
    5. The ability to dictate what other information may be required for the renewal of vaccine certificates, and which information may be contained on such a certificate.
    6. The period for which a vaccine certificate is valid can be changed at any time, and who it is that may be entitled or eligible to have these certificates.
    7. The specification of mandates for entire job sectors.
    8. The ordering of certain jobs to require regular mandatory testing and medical examination.
    9. Enforcement officers to be able to demand certification, pretty much at any time.
    10. The appointment of enforcement officers that can be anybody they wish to appoint, and not necessarily police.
    11. Enforcement officers to inspect and take copies of certification to be verified at a later date, before immediately returning such documentation.
    12. The provision of an assessment tool for employers to use to determine who should be vaccine mandated, however employers can totally disregard the assessment tool and mandate at whim.
    13. Legal or other representatives of employees may be refused entry to workplaces.
    14. Contact tracing information may be used against a person in order to enforce the Act.
    15. Employees who have been dismissed for non-compliance of testing or vaccination, but comply at the last minute, may still be dismissed if the employer deems revoking the dismissal to be disruptive of their business.




    • Thanks in advance for clearing moderation Ed.

      It seems to be a summary, to try and make sense of the goobley gook of the legislation that has additions, amendments, interpretations of definitions, with transitional and related provisions, then consequential amendments, with new schedules inserted.

      (6) For the purpose of subsection (5) only, enforcement officer means a person authorised in accordance with section 18 who is—
      (a) a member of the Armed Forces (as defined in section 2(1) of the Defence Act 1990):
      (b) any person whom the Commissioner recognises as being—
      (i) a Māori warden; or
      (ii) a nominated representative of an iwi organisation; or
      (iii) a Pasifika warden; or
      (iv) a community patroller.


      Designed to make the good citizen to have committed 3 criminal acts before breakfast, then able to have hanging the Damocles sword of fees, penalties, fines, confiscation, gaol or just immediate removal to quarantine bases.

      All in linkage “ratshit” as Dan Andrews mentioned in comment above, and in line with those other states of Australia. and then in Canada, with Trudeau & some European countries, that have the connection to “Young Global Leaders” and “Young Social Influencers” and other levels that are coached by Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum and pushed through the Davos elite.



    • MH, this passed it’s second reading in Parliament last night. Where was Nude Nut and the National Party opposing this and speaking out loud for the public to hear. Where are they standing up against this draconian legislation? Nude Nut and the National Party’s silence is deafening. Nude Nut is a disgrace.

      Just a correction, to your post, it should read, ” The Covid 19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2022″ not 2021.



  16. I mentioned the other night about what a total embarrassment Jethro is to the Mad Queen (not that she isn’t an embarrassment herself)
    -Internet photos of Jethro prancing around in female underwear.
    -Internet photo of Jethro with buttocks bared, pants around his ankles and urinating onto the floor of a bar.
    – A cringe worthy video clip of him bragging about his promiscuousness and advising how and why to always start off treating a new girl friend badly.
    – Jethro’s involvement with a Czech drug dealer and at least one incriminating text message to him picked up in a Police intercept warrant and requiring the Police Commissioner to politicise his office to shut up public interest.
    -Jethro being sprung last year by the Police launch in a moonlit tryst at sea with a female not being the mother of his child.
    – At least two other sexual liaisons beyond rumour in the past couple of years, one of which was the nanny of said child.
    – Trying to hoodwink a pharmacist into giving rapid antigen tests to associates by levering his position as bed sharer to the PM.

    Having just read the Mad Queen giving unsolicited advise to Putin on Ukraine, made me think about the good old political use of kompramat. NZ embassy staff to Moscow are given lengthy in service training on it, so even small world players like us get targeted. I have absolutely no doubt that the Russians, Chinese, American spooks have a ton of kompramat on Jethro well and beyond the above list,

    I wonder how many of those sexual conquests he seems to be so proud of, didn’t happen because of his wit and charm?



  17. Clown car failed again….

    Govt ‘commandeering’ RATs secured by private sector – Luxon

    The National Party is accusing the Government of taking rapid antigen tests away from the private sector to hide its own incompetence.

    Luxon on to say: “We’ve got a lot of very good employers who care deeply about their employees who have gone off, use the approved test, secured a supply and brought them into the country and it looks like the Government is actually commandeering that supply and then taking it for themselves and saying it’s only available for those that will actually test to work and not actually available freely for everybody else.

    He says the Government’s efforts are “a little bit too late”.

    “But I don’t think that’s the right thing to have done, because essentially these are companies that have done the right thing by their people, by their employees, got onto early, seen it happening around the world and getting onto it.”



    • Requisitioning deemed “essential” as sort of “emergency” will be in some where that mess of legislation of a brief summary, that Mike Hunty mentions above.

      Luxon & Bishop are all in on this, as after all he was more than ok with getting that legislation passed ! ! !

      They are just splitting hairs, of how they would do things better, to be more efficient, in following the same agenda. 🙁



        • Some may have received them involuntarily, and not from Pfizer either.

          Easiest way to blackmail some is to deposit a large sum from an unidentified source into someone’s bank account, and send an untraceable email or letter with a note, saying thanks. Not being able to locate who sent the $, it will sit there.

          However the sender will have linked the amount, and time of the deposit to something nasty involving an identical sum.

          And then the blackmail starts.



      • Politicians!! Can’t abide them. All a bunch of self-serving narcissists. Gone are the days of personal integrity and service for the good of the community. Their IQs are also definitely lower than past generations and been too coddled to have the need of useful street smarts.



  18. What Came Unstuck in New Zealand?

    As all injuries go through this single department, ACC knows more about vaccine injury than any other sector of our government or society at large.

    The avalanche of claims (which could top 100,000 if the government were to admit liability) and their severity has shocked ACC staff to such an extent that a great many staff members are rightfully concerned that they should not be compelled to vaccinate or boost. The Government, who have been trying to hide the extent of vaccine injury from the public and are eager not to be caught out, have reportedly caved into ACC staff demands and extended the deadline for mandated vaccination into an uncertain future.




    • I mentioned the other day about a German Insurance company saying that vaxx injury being a cause of accident can not be claimed.
      I then wondered how NZ ACC was going to be treating that, and will be building up some files of this.

      Do not underestimate the child prodigy of Ardern, picked & trained to be a “Young Global Leader” so as to follow all the wiles and ways of the “World Economic Forum” which will be sending her advisories in achieving the agendas.

      ACC will be a good source of information, and it only needs to collated, atomized for anonymity, and when vaxxed, times 2nd vax, boosted. etc…
      Can one get ACC to drop a bundle of files? 🙂
      Official Information Act?

      A local “Project Veritas”? Liz Gunn? Then get it out on a wide variety of blogs, succinctly and maybe with links?



  19. Mensa have come out already with their groups top oxymoron for 2022 ,apparently they can’t see “NZs PRIME Minister” being bettered even if 2022 becomes elongated to 36 months due to Covid,
    How the fuck did we end up in this situation ? Oh that’s right the filthy little drunken maggot Winston Peters foisted this endless nightmare on us, FUUUCCKK.



  20. @ MH
    This legislation is significant over reach and a serious worry.
    Is it legal if it is not gazetted?
    I have seen claims that none of this circus bullshit is legal if not gazetted. And it is not.
    NZ needs it’s own Anna de Buisseret.
    You read about the new mask laws and boosters…then I was shown a Kindergarten newsletter this morning from a CEO to employees, saying boosters are now mandated, let us know when you have had your booster.
    Actually seeing it in print, going ahead with such disregard for any precautionary principle gobsmacked me and I am still ‘in shock’ mentally and emotionally.
    Where is my safespace Cindy?
    KD writes last night about Vaccine enhanced infection being a thing that will only end in tears.
    “We can’t go back and un-jab those who did it. If what happened turns out to be a permanent enhancement in infective risk and the short straw comes up in evolution there’s nothing anyone can do about it now. This could easily prove, as I warned might happen, to be the most-stupid public-health set of actions and worst public-health disaster in human history.
    You have to be insane to deliberately expand that risk pool given the warning signal we have on the table today until all of the above questions can be answered with certainty, and there is just no way to do that other than time which we damn well should have taken in the first place.”

    I was just talking to a British acquaintance 25 mins. ago – he is double vexxed, needed it to make things easy, blah, blah.
    Says all his family vexxed in UK have had Omicrikey dick and a nothingburger essentially – only person who hasn’t had it is his unvexxed best mate. Hah!
    More anecdotal evidence to ignore, eh.



  21. Tauranga lawyer Kirsten Murfitt.
    Covers so many aspects of how the government and covid workings, vaxxes, Pfizer etc, side effects, etc., etc..
    What the government knew, and when they knew it.


    156 points,
    It is basically a mini encyclopedia about Covid, treatments, vaccines etc, etc, and then opens up more on Ardern and using the covid cover to achieve.

    It is a very good source of information with links.
    47 pages all up, but a great challenging letter!



  22. “MFAT advises New Zealanders in Ukraine to ‘consider leaving’ due to fears of Russian invasion”

    Yeah come on home Guys, where you’ll be safe. Oh, hang on. . . . . .you’ll have to go to Australia, they’ll look after you.



      • Ross, I spent a lot of time in Russia and other Soviet countries before and during Perestroika. Gorbachev, when he was bringing in Perestroika negotiated with George W Bush, that the US and NATO would not draw the former Soviet buffer States into NATO. The Americans have ignored this Agreement and are now pushing for one of the last remaining buffer states, the Ukraine to join NATO, which Putin is dead against. It also goes against this earlier Agreement the US made.
        It is interesting that Germany are refusing to supply arms to the Ukraine and Croatia said yesterday that if NATO and the US put any troops into the Ukraine, Croatia will withdraw all their troops from NATO.
        The Americans with the support of Canada, the UK and France are the main protagonists. But all is not well in NATO and rifts will quickly form with Germany, Croatia and a couple of others on one side, the Yanks and their lackeys on the other supported by Nania Mahuta of course.



  23. Klaus Schwab in 2017 at Harvard: “What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders.”
    1 min 06 secs

    Ardern may miss out on mention, but just a little scroll down and there her pic and name comes up and note the other names that come up.
    The other part is how others may interlink to that cabinet through bureaucracy, like WHO connections, UN etc. World Bank, IMF, etc…

    Then Luxon connecting up with Bill Gates

    ….. Luxon has attended the last two Microsoft CEO Summits hosted by Bill Gates, as the only Kiwi invited to a forum of 130 global thought leaders, including the likes of Warren Buffett, Arianna Huffington and Sheryl Sandberg.

    ……. Next is a biometric automated bag drop that will allow passengers who have scanned their passports at check-in to drop their bag without the need to re-scan their ticket at the baggage drop, because facial recognition will match the person’s face to their passport. …..

    Look at Luxon will be the natural successor in fully implementing the enforcing of QR codes, though it will twist into full on “data passports” for all New Zealanders.



  24. Will cindy front the messge from the POT today, or will she be hiding behind the curtain?
    It’s a bit rude to change the rules on masks and tell us the rest of the rules on code red!
    Proves once again that cindy and labour are racing to put out fires as fast as they can as there has been absolutely no forward preplanning for when omicron got here! Bloody nothing all they did was sit around drinking lattas looking pretty and filming each other wil maskless at their taranaki retreat. As soon as the tv camera starts rolling out come the masks! Samething for the pa up north I’m picking.
    Bloody useless government, the most corupt in NZ history!



    • It’s a bit rude to change the rules on masks and tell us the rest of the rules on code red!

      Cindy never complies with her own mask mandates, social distancing, taking the public vaccine, etc, etc. Any rule change will be irrelevant because she herself will never be compliant, because it is all an act.

      • As Michael Baker said, the Traffic Light System is not about stopping Covid-19: – it is about forcibly selling the vaccines.

      • Banning Ivermectin is not about protecting people’s health, as its not harmful and stops Covid-19, it is about forcibly selling the vaccines by allowing only one solution to Covid-19.

      • Covid-19 theatre is not about a pandemic, it is about creating a state of fear and forcibly selling the vaccines by having only one solution to Covid-19.

      • Lockdowns are not about protecting people’s health, as fresh air and sunshine lead to better health than being cooped up inside like battery hens, it is about forcibly selling the vaccines by blackmailing people to choose between lockdowns and getting vaccinated.

      • No jab, no job, is not about protecting people’s health, as Covid-19 is a nothing. It is about forcibly selling the vaccines, by blackmailing people to choose between no job, no income, no home, and not being able to feed their family, and getting vaccinated.

      • No jab, no entry to businesses, is not about protecting people’s health, as Covid-19 is a nothing. It is about forcibly selling the vaccines, by blackmailing people to choose between entry to businesses and not being able to feed their family, and getting vaccinated.

      Cindy’s rap sheet is getting longer than Al Capone’s.



        • Pfizer Vaccine is multi-purpose:

          [1] Take control of the masses through media lies, indoctrination, and whatever is in the vaccine that makes people as compliant as the victims of the body-snatchers or cybermen.

          [2] Kill off, sterilise, and shorten the life span of those that those stupid enough to take the vaccine.

          [3] Get paid while doing so from selling the worthless vaccine that is enslaving people.



  25. Minister Verrall is certainly not a confident public speaker!
    Why did they pick her, I wonder?
    2 or 3 minutes at the start to find her place on the paperwork.
    Fluffs all over the place, terrible sounding with a frog in her throat.
    Holds a pamphlet no none can read.
    Marks -3.
    Where’s cindy, chippie, ashley? Still working out stage 2 and 3?



    • …terrible sounding with a frog in her throat.

      She should have shut up and allowed the frog to speak.

      No seriously, what you say is a symptom of someone having to “earn their keep” doing something they disagree with.



  26. “I Have Had Every Symptom You Could Dream Of” – Bedridden Aussie Mayor Opens Up About Immune Reaction After Receiving COVID Vaccine

    An Australian mayor is bedridden and has spent time in and out of the hospital after suffering a severe reaction to her second COVID vaccination, the West Australian reported.

    Mayor Claire Boan of Port Adelaide Enfield opened up about her current condition and described “the new normal” in her life on her Facebook account last week.

    According to the mayor, she’s been in bed for more than 35 days due to an immune reaction after receiving her second COVID shot.

    “I have had every symptom you could dream of and my body continues to display new ones; it’s been exhausting for my body, traumatic for my family, and difficult for my mind,” the mayor said.




  27. Ardern is getting absolutely hammered by Brits on social media.

    Gad Saad
    What a vacuous smiling sack of ****. The capacity for people to get drunk by smelling the cork of the wine bottle is truly remarkable. She is a more manly version of @JustinTrudeau So suicide is a serious issue then @jacindaardern?
    Thank you for your brilliant insights.


    Mahyar Tousi
    Smiles like a sociopath while talking about suicides, yet the political left call her the “compassionate leader”.


    Tim Young@TimRunsHisMouth

    She clearly enjoys that people are killing themselves.


    From the guy who posted it originally.

    Based UK Flag of United Kingdom
    This has actually had 205k views and 1 million impressions. Twitter are messing with the number of views.


    Why is she smiling?




    • BraybotsN@17190

      Why is she smiling? Because she in her NPD-dominated world, really, truly believes that is how you show ‘Compassion’ and ‘Caring’, and thinks she is ‘helping’ the situation and showing hereself (Because it is ALWAYS about her) to be empathic and in the best possible light and to her advantage.



  28. This is how they are bringing in the UBI.

    Cam Slater
    Was speaking to a friend whose daughter has just tested +ve for Omicron. Whole family now isolating for 24 days. MoH tells them not to worry, all their groceries for the family are now covered by MoH at no charge to them #notsustainable #ledbydonkeys #insanity

    Just heard from another guy, wealthy family, told the same thing, send through your shopping list and MoH will pick up the tab. This simply insane. All for a cold that we are told to treat with paracetamol and throaties #LedByDonkeys




      • Software gets recompiled and resent to health nazis. The PCR test allows finding four (4) distinct 25 base pair subsets instead of the FDA stipulated minimum 100 contiguous base pair sequence. The four 25 base pairs you find, while matching the software generated Covid-19 string, also individually match other viruses.

        Comparison Example: A man attacks a women beating her up. He is seen running up Dominion road and into another street, from which he could have gone into a dozen other streets.

        The victim claims he was wearing a balaclava and probably blue jeans but remembers little else, apart from punching him in the mouth as she tried to fight him off. A witness gave a full description of a man with a balaclava, which he removed while running away and revealing ginger hair, 6ft 2″, blue jeans, red t-shirt, and brown dress boots.

        Police go on a house to house search and find balaclava, man with ginger hair, man who is 6ft 2″, blue jeans, red t-shirt, and brown dress boots. Additionally the 6ft 2″man has a bruise where he has been hit. Case solved!!!!

        Nope. The man with ginger hair was 5ft 4″, and the son of the 6ft 2″ man who had black hair, who did have a bruised lip because he had been training at the local gym, and owned a balaclava because he was part of the armed defenders squad and was on a stake out across the other side town at the time of the attack.

        The red t-shirt was found in the daughters closet, and brown boots in wife’s closet gathering dust. And who doesn’t own blue jeans??

        So all the right components, but not from the same person (virus).

        Covid-19 is a corona virus. Corona viruses are a subset of all viruses including the annual flu.

        In reference to Do they all just sudddenly disappear when the new one arrives? One would have thought you could have all variants at once in the community.:

        The Covid-19 theatrical revolves around a changing virus, that has never been captured as a full 100 base pair, otherwise it would be an easy NZ$2 million prize as has been offered. Despite many so called experts pontificating about knowing Covid-19, none have actually seen it.

        It would be like a thousand whalers claiming they have seen and photographed Moby Dick, but when only one whaler has to turn up with one photo, and collect the international NZ$2M prize, no one can muster a photo that bears any resemblance to the killer whale, or even a whale.

        Anyway, the Covid-19 variant components (4 x 25) clearly do not exist as a whole ( 1 x 100), so the composite identicate picture has to be fabricated from current flu strains, The flu is changing so the composites change.

        It is indeed strange that Covid-19 exists in its various forms, yet no-one can or even has submitted a sample and walked away with the prizes on offer.

        A photo of an album cover by Richard Melville Hall (Moby) and a photo of your Dick, and a photo of Wiles, does not constitute a photo of Moby Dick the Whale.

        The PCR is the same. Four 25 base pair sequences, does not constitute one 100 contiguous base pair sequence. The entire world has been punked.



    Tomorrow we get the New Zealand inflation result for the December quarter and it will be closely followed. Q3-2021 reported the number as +4.9%. Analysts’ expectations range up to +6%, but the consensus is 5.7%. Much of that is now priced in, but an above-expectation result could bring volatility to financial markets. The ‘end game’ is the RBNZ rate review on February 23, and in between we will get the labour market stats for December which will also be closely watched on February 2. Westpac reckons the Q3 jobless rate of 3.4% will likely come in at 3.5%. Of course there is another dairy auction next week, and the RBA does its thing next Tuesday.


    It certainly is not all baked in.



  30. Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has left Auckland’s Mt Eden Corrections Facility after winning his appeal against being remanded in custody.

    He exited the prison about 5.30pm today and got into a waiting car. He left without speaking to supporters.


    In today’s decision, Justice Paul Davison said Tamaki’s appeal was allowed and the January 17 decision of the District Court Judge remanding Tamaki in custody was quashed.

    Instead, Tamaki was granted bail under the same conditions imposed by Justice Venning in a December 17 judgement, along with a 24-hour curfew that required Tamaki to remain at home.

    So still not free just removed from the prison to stop the arseholes judge Thomas and mates, including the Pooolice heiracy, being dragged screaming into the public eye.

    The church leader was also barred from holding gatherings at his home for the purpose of organising, attending or encouraging noncompliance with the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020.

    He should appeal that appeal.



  31. The wuhu flu Public Health Response Act is allowing tyranny to take place.

    National and Act should be fighting to scrap the Act as there is no longer an emergency.

    We are all being held captive by that appalling piece of legislation.



  32. Heeeeheeee. Bonza Bruce.

    Australian billboard takes sly dig at Jacinda Ardern over border closures

    An Australian Lamb billboard on Parnell Rise in Auckland teased the New Zealand Prime Minister about making a trip across the Tasman. (photo)

    “Hey Jacinda, BBQ at ours. No need to bring any lamb. Cheers Scotty,” the billboard said.

    Australian billboard takes sly dig at Jacinda Ardern over border closures

    The cheeky billboard came just a couple of days after Ardern shifted all of New Zealand to red in the COVID-19 Protection Framework.



  33. Lone Star New Lynn owners step down due to mandates

    Owners of a West Auckland restaurant that allegedly breached the Government’s Covid-19 vaccination mandate will finish up with the Lone Star franchise today after refusing to back down to the Government’s vaccination mandates.

    Lone Star New Lynn owners Stephanie and Brendon Pascoe had until today to comply or face having to step down from the business – which they have done.




    • Respect.

      It takes some big balls turn your back on your livelyhood esp a business that likely carries a large debt burden worsened by our stupid PMs decrees.
      I feel so bad for all those that have lost their jobs to mandates, no one should EVER lose their job for refusing a stupid ineffective jab. Hang in there guys and gals revenge is sweet and i assure you youll get to taste it in comming months/years as this blows up massively and the public turn.



    • Lone Star New Lynn owners Stephanie and Brendon Pascoe had until today to comply or face having to step down from the business – which they have done.

      🤎🤎🤎Stephanie and Brendon.
      Thank you for your personal integrity. Best wishes, you’re awesome.



  34. The European countries will not be able to receive gas, oil and metals from Russia in case Russia is disconnected from the SWIFT international payment system, Nikolay Zhuravlev, Vice Speaker of the Federation Council, told TASS on Tuesday. The Federation Council is the upper house of the Russian parliament.

    Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the UK government is discussing with the United States the possibility of disconnecting Russia from SWIFT in case of the country’s allegedly possible invasion of Ukraine.




  35. Bay of Plenty moves into prohibited fire season
    The prohibited fire season came into effect at 8am today.

    This means everyone in the Bay of Plenty can no longer light an open-air fire. All fire permits previously granted will be suspended and new permits will not be issued while the ban is in place.

    Bay of Plenty District Manager, Jeff Maunder said the change would help prevent a large wildfire in the district.

    “The current climate conditions have driven the total fire ban as the indicators have hit our pre-determined fire plan triggers for a restricted fire season.


    Now the problem is that we have just had two days of rain but the real reason is that they are short of staff. Customer two days ago was a fireman and was chatting with him as I do. Told me how short of staff they are and how they are getting fill ins from other area’s/
    Did tell me there is going to be a row between the Union and the Govt.

    Head office count has gone up from 350 4 years ago to over 600. Not one more fire station and not one extra front line firemen.

    Says it all about labour.



  36. Kid Rock Releases anti-Biden, anti-Fauci Single that Rips Covid Mandates with “Let’s go Brandon” Chorus

    The musician is tearing President Biden and Dr Anthony Fauci in his new single titled, “We the People.” (The Hill)

    “Wear your mask. Take your pills. Now a whole generation is mentally ill,” Kid Rock sings with the chorus repeating “Let’s go Brandon!”

    Other lyrics include, “Covid’s near. It’s coming to town. We gotta act quick, shut our borders down. Joe Biden does, the media embraces. Big Don does it, and they call him racist.”

    How long will it last on YouTube?




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