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  1. yesterday’s performance from Trevor Mallard just goes to show that his bullying arrogance knows no bounds .
    If anyone should be served with a trespass notice it should be him.
    And as for giving Barry Soper a bit of a verbal about not interviewing any of the protesters,I hope Barry told him to piss off you arogant son of a bitch.
    Just another communist who hasn’t got a clue about the democratic rights of people to go about their lawful business.
    FM.& FJA.



  2. ‘There’s No Law’: Physician Experienced in Investigating Biological Warfare Challenges Medical Board’s Misinformation Allegation

    Though Dr. Meryl Nass, a board-certified internal medicine physician, has been untangling narratives of dis- and misinformation long before COVID-19, it wasn’t until recently that her license was temporarily suspended under the allegation that she is now spreading it.

    Her research has brought her before Congress and state legislatures to give testimonies on bioterrorism, Gulf War syndrome, and vaccine safety.

    Throughout her career, she’s consulted for international health and intelligence agencies regarding prevention, investigation, and mitigation of chemical and biological warfare and pandemics.

    She spent three years investigating what had been deemed a naturally occurring anthrax outbreak during Rhodesia’s civil war.

    Nass was able to prove that it was due to biological warfare, with her findings published in a 1992 paper that marked a new achievement in scientific research.




  3. What Would Have Happened in D.C. if Trump Had Won?

    To put the Jan. 6 event into context, let us ask this question: What would have happened in Washington, D.C. if Donald Trump had won re-election?

    We don’t have to speculate much, because we have a lot of experience with leftist protests. The 1968 Watts riots, for example, lasted for six days and killed over 30 people. More recent incidents include, in 2011, the 17-day occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol; in 2018 the storming of the Supreme Court, invasion of the U.S. Capitol, and seizure of the Hart Senate Office Building; and in 2020 the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots.

    So we know the playbook. Here’s what would have happened in Washington if Trump had won:

    Tens of thousands of protesters descend upon the city. Massive marches, some undertaken without permits, block bridges and roads. Protesters leave mounds of filth behind them.

    Many protesters riot. Vehicles transport bricks and other potential weapons to strategic points to arm rioters. Rioters use them, as well as weapons they brought with them, to smash windows and loot all throughout the central areas of the city. They start fires everywhere. Graffiti and vandalism are of Augean proportions.

    Protesters trumpet insurrectionary slogans: “No Trump, no wall, no U.S.A. at all.” They create “autonomous zones” purportedly independent of the U.S. government. They attack and tear into the Capitol and other public buildings. In some buildings, they camp for days or weeks, until the police can get them out. In other buildings they start fires and leave. They assault police officers, counter-demonstrators, and bystanders with chemicals, bricks, and other weapons—severely injuring many and killing some.

    Meanwhile, CNN reports that the protesters are “mostly peaceful.” Rioters apprehended by the police are often released on minor charges or with no charges at all. Kamala Harris and others raise bail money so that few violent offenders suffer jail time.

    What the Jan. 6 Capitol Incursion Really Was
    Rob Natelson
    February 8, 2022 Updated: February 8, 2022

    Same here I suggest.



  4. Why President Trump Is America’s Indispensable Man
    Steven W. Mosher
    February 8, 2022 Updated: February 8, 2022

    So you say you are tired of Donald Trump’s outspokenness and bravado.

    You want a return to “normal politics” in the United States, the kind you can largely ignore until a few weeks before elections, after which you can get back to living your lives, knowing that the people you have elected won’t be able to move the needle much in the meantime, either for good or for ill.

    After all, you believe, they will be constrained by the separation of powers written into the Constitution, no less than by the Constitution itself.

    You think to yourself that, even if the Democrats win, they might raise your taxes a little or expand government programs, but that will be all.

    If you believe that, normal American, you are living in the past. That kind of politics, fought according to the political equivalent of Marquis of Queensbury boxing rules, is gone forever.

    The socialists who have seized control of the Democratic Party no longer play by the gentlemanly rules enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They simply don’t believe in limited government or the rule of law; they believe that the Bill of Rights is only a list of suggestions. They view the law itself as merely a “social construct,” to be reconstructed whenever they are in power to fit their current fancies.

    Like their comrades in arms, the Communists, the socialist Democrats are pure Machiavellians, interested only in seizing and holding power—forever.

    While normal Americans have God to worship, jobs to perform, businesses to run, families to love, and children to care for, socialists are a different breed of animal altogether. In pursuit of their imaginary socialist utopia, they are happy to eat and breathe politics 24/7. For them, it’s all politics, all the time.

    They live for the thrill of posting snarky tweets about flyover country or slamming the rubes on Facebook. They conspire endlessly to gerrymander congressional districts, pass universal mail-in balloting, and stuff ballot boxes after midnight. And they have absolutely no compunctions about thus rigging the game so that the odds are ever in their favor.

    Like it or not, normal American, politics in America is now a cage match, with no holds barred.


    Sounds like NZ except we don’t have a Donald Trump Yet.



  5. “We fundamentally as a Parliament believe in the science of vaccination and it is really important that we stand collectively together to send that message.”

    Bishop said he knew people in the crowd from the electorate he was based in, Hutt South.
    “It is tough to … have people out there in such disagreement with, you know, the vast bulk of New Zealanders.

    “But at the end of the day, they have the right to protest. They have the right to free speech, we acknowledge that.

    “I just ask that they do that in a respectful way because there are Wellingtonians out there trying to go about their normal business, go to work … and they are being stymied from doing that by some of the protests.”

    National Party leader Christopher Luxon said he did not support the protests outside Parliament.

    “I do think everyone deserves a right to protest but I think when it is becoming quite anti-social and abusive, that is a big problem.

    “When roads are getting blocked up, emergency services can’t get through, you can’t drop your kids off to school, that is a different situation.”

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said New Zealanders had a right to protest.

    “But New Zealanders also have the right to be vaccinated and the right to be kept as safe as possible in a pandemic, and that is exactly what we are focused on.”

    Luxon is a coward and Bishop is brain dead. Both are ignorant and abusive of their taxpaying constituents.

    Do not deserve to be paid by the taxpayers for their spineless efforts and rolling over to The communists. They are only;y one step away from being one themselves.



    • And also looks like luxon will pretty much carry on cindy and co he puapua policy should be dethrone her.

      Diversity, challanges, working hard blah blah blah.

      Just treat us all the bloody same, maori ,white , asian who cares, stop making “special” races by treating them like imbiciles and perpetual victims.



      • SB, having read that it seems Luxon no longer wants National to be either on the “right” or god forbid even “centre right.”

        “They are also part of his ambitions to modernise the party, drawing it back from the right and securing support from Māori and those who think the party is anti-Māori.”

        Maori don’t vote for National and even if National were further left than Labour, I doubt whether National would garnish votes from the bulk of Maori.

        I know Traci Houpapa, a pleasant enough lady but with her, it is not about God and Country, with her, it is about Traci Houpapa, Maori, Maori, Maori and again Traci Houpapa.

        If Luxon, can not counter or put up an argument against Maori separatism which is being driven by the likes of Traci Houpapa, The Maori Party and Labour’s Maori Caucus amongst others, we as a country are absolutely lost. This separatism is now being aided and abetted by Luxon and the National Party which this article outlines and confirms.

        So from being a very long time supporter of the National Party, Luxon has finally lost me and as long as my arse points to the ground, I will have great difficulty voting for National or supporting Luxon.

        Voting wise, where too for me, well as National and Luxon have effectively thrown me into the voting wilderness, I am buggered if I know, but it will now take some considerable thought as to whom to support.




  6. There once was a toad that was excluded from all Green Toad activities because he was a handsome shade of yellow. So he went to visit a beautiful fairy in the town over who had the power to grant wishes.

    “Fairy,” he said. “I would like to be green, so I can play with all the other toads.”

    “Granted!” said the fairy, who turned him yellow. Unfortunately, his little toady penis was still yellow.

    “What about my penis?” he asked the fairy.

    “Oh! For that, you’ll have to go see the wizard.” And so the toad hopped off to find the wizard. Soon, a pink elephant visited the fairy, and he wished to be turned grey. She granted him the wish, but, as with the toad, his penis was still pink. So she told him to visit the wizard.

    “How do I find the wizard?” he asked.

    “Just follow the yellow dick toad.”



  7. Just seen this comment on Going Postal:

    “When the German Army realised they were going to lose the war, they sometimes behaved less outrageously than they had, because they strongly suspected they would be held to account afterwards.

    So I would think the truckers and their friends and allies might be advise to begin compiling a public list of those who will be held accountable for this mass oppression……”



  8. I see angry and the first Union are out to govermentalize the ambulance service.
    One you take Govt funds they have you screwed.
    something like 80% or more of their funding is taxpayer money.

    On the news very early today.



    • I’m not sure the government is the answer but could they be any worse than the current management of St John’s. Does a 2 hour wait for an ambulance in Auckland sound like a well oiled machine to you?



      • My daughter waited inTauranga Hospital Emergency department for an ambulance last April to take her back to Hospice, and in the end a friend had to come and collect her. When the friend picked her up the staff at ED said she wouldn’t get an ambulance as it was Friday night. I was really pissed as I could have taken her much earlier before I took her boys home, but an ambulance had been called so she said she would wait as it was more comfortable laying down. I couldn’t believe the lack of service for someone who was so ill. My donations stopped but I kept the fee for an ambulance to call if needed myself.



    • I volunteered for St John for 6 years in 2 positions until I was fired for not submitting to the DNA injection and in that time I saw that once fine organisation being gutted by woke corporate wankers who have literally destroyed it from within.

      Not only have these well paid parasites in management driven St John into $million of debt, but they worship sexual deviance (rainbow bullshit) and they have elevated indigenous identity to godlike status at the expense of the genuine charitable principles on which they were founded. In one of their newsletters, the chief executive couldn’t even get the motto of the organisation right, such is the depth of decay.

      I can’t say how many good people who have volunteered their time and skills to genuinely helping people have been ejected from St John by the Covidians over the jab mandates because I wasn’t privy to that data – but anecdotally I would estimate it to be in the many hundreds just from things I heard.

      There have been moves afoot for years to dissolve St John as a nationally active ambulance provider and I think the government’s aim is to merge Ambulance with Fire (full name Fire and Emergency) once they have gutted the organisation completely. They will probably just nationalise St John and literally steal all their ambulances and stations under some Marxist ‘restructuring’ move. The $millions of debt (I heard $35m next financial year) will be used as the excuse and St John will fade away as a shadow, only to be seen as first aiders at sports events (if any sports events are still allowed under the Marxist regime in future).

      RIP to a once-noble organisation.



  9. Great day to committ crime.
    all the plods in WGTN today.

    you will see in the video that the frontline cops have removed all their hats. the backline are standing the other way round.

    Meanwhile a number of diggers stolen around tauranga in the last few weeks.
    Plods absent..
    In the central North Island ina vast area the local Sergent is mandated out, as was his deputy leaving one, just one policeman to service all the area around the mountain.
    Not good for winter.



  10. So lets help cindy and hendy the brilliant mathematician with some simple math…

    Ok they both tell us the importance of needing 3 shots to protect us from omicron.
    Hendys modelling predicts hundereds of thousands of cases maybe even millions with a peak mid to late march.

    Today is 10th of february, another 33ish days until the scary and deadly mid march peak…
    Theyre still trying to convince us remaining unvaxxed dissidents to get vaxxed to save us from omicron.
    3 shots for omicron, if we got the first shot today it would take untill 2nd of june at the earliest to “be protected against omicron” and even then they claim.+2wks for it to reach peak immunity so we’re up to 16th of june a full 3 months after the predicted peak.

    As per normal it makes complete sense and the govt never ever contradicts itself or its own made up science//



  11. NEW – Study finds vaccine mRNA and spike in lymph nodes for 60 days after the shots. The researchers stopped collecting probes after this time period.

    The study suggests the body does not quickly destroy the genetic material in the jabs, and vaccine-generated spike protein circulates in the blood in some cases. Almost 50 researchers worldwide collaborated on the work.




  12. This has been around for a few days. I wonder if Luxon and Bishop have seen it? More importantly I wonder if they have the brains to understand it?

    For those of you wondering what these convoys are about. They are not anti-vax convoys. Vaccinated or not ( that’s your choice), you don’t have to accept what’s going on. You may say it doesn’t effect me, I got my jabs and I can go to restaurants. But it will effect you when you will need to wait for hours for an ambulance to turn up cause there is not enough paramedics. It will effect you, if you get some serious disease and have to wait for months to see a specialist. It will effect you when your taxes  increase cause the government is relentlessly spending our money on stupid media stunts. It will effect you if you need to close your business cause you can’t get enough workers or customers to make it worthwhile. It will effect you when someone you know finds these social pressures too much and decide they don’t want to take it anymore. 

    “Decide carefully NZ what side of of  history do you want to be on.

    Starting this weekend it’s our turn in NZL for a Convoy to the Capital… Why? Well here’s why…

    It’s for the family members banned from visiting loved ones in nursing homes.

    It’s for the people who couldn’t attend funerals and bury their loved ones.

    It’s for censorship on all social media platforms.

    It’s for all the people too afraid to speak up in fear of being called conspiracy theorists.

    It’s for the people who willingly got the J because they were told it would end the lockdowns.

    It’s for the people who willingly got the J so they could open their business again, only to be told they can’t.

    It’s for all the Kiwis who can no longer buy homes because of housing unaffordability and unavailability.

    It’s for the people who didn’t want to get J but were coerced to.

    It’s for the people who don’t want to give up their freedom of choice.

    It’s for the people who only want answers to the many questions that haven’t been answered. It’s for the people told to be to afraid to hug their family and visit their friends.

    It’s for the kids to go back to being kids and to stop having to live their life’s revolving around politicians’ whims.

    It’s for all the religious people who were told their faith “doesn’t count”.

    It’s for all the families that lost a loved one to suicide. It’s for all the people who took their own lives due to this entrapment. Its for the mental health advocates that love and care but who aren’t being supported and heard.

    Its for our people too, especially our teenagers, who can’t access the mental health services and counselling that they so much need.

    It’s for all the thousands of nurses, doctors, police, emergency services of all kinds, teachers, early childhood workers & many other trade workers who have lost their job due to not wanting to have the J for their own personal beliefs. It’s for the people who want their lives back. For the hairdressers to cut hair. For the restaurants to serve food to everyone. For the bars to play music. For the students to learn. For the kids to be free. For the people made homeless. For people who want to work but are forced not to. This is for those people.

    This is for trying to silence honest and hardworking citizens. This is for all the people told they can’t go to church.

    This is for trying to steal local water assets via Three Waters Reform. This is for trying to restrict our freedom of speech, our fundamental democratic right.

    This is for trying to remove our religious freedoms through shaming & bullying.

    This is for spending billions on advertising campaigns instead of using it to actually care for our sick & elderly. What a shame!

    This is for the abuse taking place in our long term care facilities that have been swept under the rug for too long.

    This is for the sufferers of adverse side effects being ignored & shamed. This is for the lives that we lost to the J. We will never forget you nor will we stop fighting for the justice we deserve. This is for trying to demonize good people. This is for trying to create a two-tier society. Never in my life have I ever seen the healthy punished and the sick untreated.. “



    • Luxon and Bishop have both has the opportunity to read that
      I emailed it to them last week.
      Luxon sent an automated reply saying he gets too much mail to respond.
      Bishop’s reply was …[crickets]



    • That is also why the pathetic sixth formers that report for One news, Stuff, Newshub and the like say the protesters don’t even know what they’re protesting. The list is so long.
      This shower of incompetents is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to things to be pissed off about.
      He Puapua, Three Waters, Dopey Ute taxes, stupid Covid rules that are about control and not health, fuck ups in border management, crooked government jobs and contracts for their mates, politicians jumping the MIQ queues, musicians getting open borders but essential workers barred from entry, lies lies and more bloody lies.
      We the People are majorly pissed off – about lots and lots of things.



  13. Great to see this reversal. Last night police moved into remove protestors from Parliament grounds. The protestors then gave the police a trespass notice of their own from local iwi that it was sovereign land and ownership was under dispute. So police slouched away with their tales between their legs!

    Now what you going do Trev?




    • Trev,, Robbo, seemed to have pushed Cuddles Coster to do somethin. 🙁

      ….. more arrests made outside Parliament this morning, bringing the total number of arrests to about eight.
      Protesters have been chanting “shame on you” at the police.
      Police are also removing flags and anything that could be used as a weapon. ….


      So 5 more arrests made since 9:00 am this morning.



      • Karma is a wonderful thing so I hope she gets the rona and gets really ill. Bloody cow, worried about the cops. Surely jabbed and boostered up the wazoo and wearing masks what the hell is she worried about if she believes what she has been told by the government who have no medical history how jabs save you. Francis are you a fully paid up member of the liebour party? I bet you are..



  14. I wonder how many members the National Party has and similarly the Labour Party ?

    On Telegram this morning I read Health Forum NZ has 50,000+ members –this is Lynda Warton’s group. (They have now got 600+ deaths on their list that are proximate to getting jabbed. 300+ have been investigated by NZDSOS group of doctors and confirmed as related to the jab.)

    VFF have at least that number registered and possibly double the number.

    I am sure the combined group (there would people affiliated to both groups) would be a lot more than the membership of National or Labour and probably far more than the 2 parties combined.

    So there is a huge potential voting block that Luxon will ignore with his arrogant, ignorant, globalist attitude.



    • i really hope vff will throw their hat in the ring come election time.
      Theyve got a strong core voter base already established, a solid direction/foundation of what they stand for and theyve also got a very good network in place to co ordinate any potential campaign and be successfull even if msm give them a blackout they can still reach 100s of thousands of voters.



    • Why do we jump in to over over egg the covid vaxx problems? then the rug is pulled out from our feet when so easily proven wrong.
      Sure I still do not trust the authorities either, but seek more info.

      I first saw this the other day, blaming the vaccinations, but at this stage seems is an over reaction, for the moment. Further problems may arise later, as so many peoples bodies are being genetically modified.
      There is also a frame of thought about Omicron and maybe a connection to HIV which seems to have African origins.
      HIV is prevalent in much of Africa, so possibly helped to bring about that variant, with many changes.
      So has the HIV done us a favour by creating the milder omicron?

      A strange thing in Holland where an increase of AIDS numbers between heterosexual couples that was noticed a few years ago.
      Probably linked to the large number of economic refugees settling on the benefits of Europe, and bringing a variant.
      One has to wonder if the “immune system” is vaxxed, covidial reduced, which can parallel Acquired Immune Deficiency AIDS as well.

      What other opportunistic diseases will be able to advance now which depend on a good immune system to keep it at bay and the vaxxes wreck the immune system.

      It actually proves in a way that covid can possibly become worse, as it may become more Variant dangerous, induced by the vaxx, as it did for Marek’s vaxxed chickens. Vaxxing into the face of an epidemic, particularly with a leaky vaxx, is recognized by some as a very dangerous factor.

      circulating in the Netherlands for decades, researchers have found.

      In the UK there is the issue of just ongoing illegal immigration that is politically accepted.
      Not only the immigrants constantly arriving, but the people either finding it difficult to go to a testing STD clinic or simply staying away from hospitals.

      The biggest problem is to find researchers that are untainted by the Big Pharma, Fauci’s money flow.
      To have truly independent funded, stop the cancel culture, void the politics, to return science to all of what it should be, in challenging, questioning, independently each other, with timely full and frank disclosure.



      • Probably very much associated with the European government’s plans of allowing easy unchecked immigration.
        So they have kept quiet about the diseases that come in with that importation, so as to not give points of debate to those opposed to being replaced by mindless immigration

        Also now people are not going to Doctors for check ups or testing, so another reason for the concern.

        Covid pandemic, where people were encouraged to only use NHS services for ‘serious issues’, with many people feeling as though sexual wellness wasn’t on the list.

        Apparent increase of STD’s as there is the medical covid barrier steps, that have inferred to only see the Doctor if is urgent.



  15. Hubris….politicians, media, police. GUILTY.
    “So what’s going to happen?
    Well, it’s generally a good idea when you want to end a pandemic, to avoid erasing the natural immunity of people who have already had the virus. With every dose of this vaccine that we administer, we make people vulnerable to reinfection and with a sufficiently vaccinated population, we trigger a state of constant circulation of this virus at high levels. It’s already too late at this point, most people in developed nations have had three doses of this vaccine.

    In addition, with every dose of this vaccine, we reduce the breadth of the immune response. Natural immunity broadens over time, as your B cells who never really encounter the Spike protein again after your natural infection start coming up with all sorts of subtle tweaked variants of their antibodies in case this virus does show up again. With the vaccines, we constantly keep injecting you with the Wuhan version of the Spike protein and so your B cell population ends up consisting of cells whose antibodies are highly focused on this protein, rendering you vulnerable to variants.

    Because of the vaccination campaign, we have every reason to believe the virus will continue to be aided in its spread for the foreseeable future, which gives it tremendous opportunity to give birth to all sorts of new variants, which are now jumping into non-human species, where they can then mutate and jump back into our species.

    Historically, entire human populations have been decimated by coronaviruses. We see evidence of genetic selection by a previous coronavirus outbreak in the genome of East Asian people. You only see such a thing when a large number of people died from a virus, over a large period of time. You don’t see it when a handful of elderly people die over one or two years.

    There is no guarantee that it will happen again, but almost everything humans have done so far has further escalated this disaster. The Gods punish hubris’



  16. FUBAR nz
    As the police are coming forward, we’re sitting. They’re kneeing people in the face, stamping on legs, smiling about it, telling us we should just go. Parliament grounds have been shut to the public. Two elderly have been taken in ambulances due to heart issues.


    Live: Protesters at Parliament marched off amid skirmishes with police




  17. Winston Peters
    It would be great if authorities were intent on getting police in numbers to crack down on and clear away gangs on our streets like they seem to be doing with the protesters at parliament.


    Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man
    Someone Is Reading the Room Correctly.


    I support the protest 100 percent




  18. I can’t be there – I need to be at work, but I had a look at morning tea time and was surprised to find a pic of my daughter in the fray.
    She says it is absolutely the police aggressing, and they aren’t wearing ID tags.

    Protesters are sitting down, but police are kneeing them in the face, stomping on legs and laughing about it.

    The Great Wellington Millgram Experiment is in full swing.



    • Edit: Oopps, Error, as I had got onto the beginning of a live stream and my following comment would be about the 9:00 am arrest time.
      – – – – – – – – – – –
      The police are jabbing and grabbing a few out of the crowd where they can.
      Seeming to cable tie all that they have arrested, even if they are not making any issue when pulled into behind the police lines

      A trim nymph in the nude, is now on the protesters front line. 🙂
      Would she have been all oiled up. plenty of sunscreen.
      Would be a cute greasy pig wrestle 🙂

      A fair bit of argy bargy, and not so easy for the police to pull individuals out of the crowd.
      – – – – – – – – – –
      The police would have found it hard going to do those arrests, so that may be why they have eased off.



  19. Nothing like ramping up the fearporn. Have just driven past the Fieldays at mystery creek. They have those electronic billboards opposite the airport advising that the fieldays is a super Covid testing centre.
    FFS out in the country? 15 klms from Hamilton, 20 klms from Te Awamutu, 18 Klms from Cambridge.



  20. Will there be a mellowpuff run by FJA?

    A state of emergency has been declared in Buller District after heavy rain caused surface flooding, closing roads and leaving the region isolated.

    Mandatory evacuations have not yet been announced, but authorities are encouraging anyone who feels unsafe where they currently are, to evacuate to be with friends or family, or the evacuation centres.

    The area was also hit by heavy rain last week, with some people evacuated and communities bracing for dangerous river conditions and flooding.



  21. I have been looking at OIA requests and responses….
    How’s this for open and transparent government!
    6. The number of total hospitalizations related to having covid-19 as the specific reason for hospitalization.

    7. The total number of hospitalizations related specifically for covid-19 being the
    reason for hospitalization for the below dates:
    a. From the date identified in point 1 above to the date identified in point 2 above.
    b. From the date identified in point 2 above to the date identified in point 3 above.
    c. From the date in point 2 above to the 11 November 2021.
    d. From 11 November 2021 to 15 December 2021 split out on a weekly basis.

    MOH Response:
    These parts of your request are for private medical information and are therefore refused under section 9(2)(a) of the Act to protect the privacy of natural persons. The Ministry has considered the countervailing public interest in release in making this decision and consider that it does not outweigh the need to withhold at this time.



    • Maybe someone could OIA how many protestors have been treated in hospital in Wellington today.
      I heard there are 3 septuagenarians with broken bones. Two were sitting on the ground. Ribs, sternum, legs broken.
      News says 2 pigs injured. Diddums. One too a flying leap to smash a guy in the face, and the barrier fell resulting in him face planting.
      The protestors went to reinstate the barrier and were attacked by superman’s bully buddies.



  22. It would seem that it is proving to be a very slow clearance rate.

    … more than 50 people have been arrested in the efforts to clear the protest. …

    Reinforcement People are heading to Wellington, shhhh,,, 🙂 with supplies, food and to keep the numbers up, and then the weekend to keep up their voices. Musicians etc.. will make it a carnival. 🙂
    Undoubtedly more footage will come through else where. 🙂

    Although I hope they do not become “kettled” nothing in or out, or the likes of Kea would know the rat lines to sneak through. 🙂

    Or start another line as happened in Melbourne and “kettled” a section of the police 🙂



  23. In parliament grounds today the police tactic is to slowly and steadily move in against the protesters and pick them off one by one. They are literally the aggressors now.

    Yesterday they were standing passively in a line ‘defending’ parliament, despite there being no sign of aggression from any of the protesters; but now they seem to be literally encircling the crowd despite their still being no aggression or violence shown by them whatsoever.

    I wonder what the police’s endgame is here? Do they think that they can encircle the lot of them and arrest them all? I don’t think so. I think they will create a pretext and then come in with batons and tasers – and the pretext might well come when Brett Power tries (again) to serve his papers on parliament at 3pm.

    So far the protest has been totally peaceful on the people’s side, met by steadily mounting aggression from the state.

    If and when the police up the ante and start overt violence, I really hope the protesters are prepared and they fight back hard – hopefully breaking through the lines and storming parliament itself. I know it’s easy for me to say from the safety of my keyboard in Auckland; but I’ve been on marches up here and I really think the time for ‘peaceful protest’ is fast coming to an end. These despicable cockroaches who have hijacked our country are just pissing on the people and they’re not going to give up unless they are physically thrown out. The events of the last two years have surely made this crystal clear.



    • ‘They want the crowd to turn violent to give the cops an excuse. “Hold the line” and “stand down” is heard as the protesters encourage each other to not rise to the bait.

      FJA is the aggressor not the people who have the right to protest. Trudeau is using the same tactics against the Canadian truckers.




    • The recognition is when we really come to believe “There is More of Us, than them” to remove “Vaccine Mandates” and shred the “Vaccine Passports”

      And when knowing that, many more will see that they can effect change, and get out into Action.
      In the mean time “hold the line” where they can.
      Also to consider other tactics, to stretch limited authorities resources.



  24. Pfizer Quietly Adds Language Warning That ‘Unfavorable Pre-Clinical, Clinical Or Safety Data’ May Impact Business

    Now, Pfizer – which just forecast $54 billion in Covid-related sales in 2022, appears to be anticipating some bad news, as evidenced by several redline changes in their Q4 earnings releases.

    As Rubicon Capital’s Kelly Brown notes on Twitter, the changes center around disclosures of unfavorable safety data.

    What’s behind the curtain, Pfizer?




  25. Nothing to do with me, it’s the police. Pull the other one, it has bells on.

    Time for Parliament protesters to move on – PM

    Jacinda Ardern says it is time for protesters camping on Parliament’s lawn to move on, as they continue to face off against police while dozens have been arrested.

    When asked by reporters on Thursday if it were time for them to move on, the Prime Minister replied: “Yes, it is.”

    However, she added that the operational decisions around managing the protest was up to police.



  26. Lay a charge against the cops copied this from a telegram group ( I don’t have a husband)

    Police Actions in Wellington -LAY A COMPLAINT. My husband has just been to the Darfield Police to lay a complaint about treatment of people protesting in Wellington. He was told to lay complaint with Wellington Police online which I have done. Please lay your own complaint if you are offended by these actions of police – Flood the website! https://www.ipca.govt.nz/❤️💪



  27. Hog@1426

    Based on her previous actions, I wonder if dl will ‘Do a little dance in celebration’ when the police (HER Police) get heavy with the protestors.

    She’s dim enough to do so, so I wouldn’t put it past her.



    • She will hate this affront to her authority. The protestors are very brave and they prove that a wide range of Kiwis abhor the bitch and her stupid mandates. I am surprised at the wide range of ages.
      A female just gave a great speech and wished the police well. She is calling out the bullies, I assume she means Mallard. I bet many of police will hang there heads in shame at how they have treated their fellow Kiwis.



  28. Condemnation of Trudeau for doubling down on Canadian trucking protest.
    No difference to FJA’s dismissal of law-abiding protests in Wellington.

    Trudeau ripped for labeling protesters as ‘Nazis’ and ‘fringe minority’

    That’s not leadership

    ‘Freedom Convoy’s’ lead attorney Keith Wilson and former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford call out the Canadian prime minister for characterizing the protesters as ‘Nazis’ and a ‘fringe minority.’

    Ted Cruz



  29. Gutless cowardly pigs – brutalizing Maori protesting against facsism at parliament.

    Where are the Maori advocates speaking out in defence of Maori?

    The protesters are good buggers who talk about unity. Kia kaha.



  30. Probably a bit late to this party, since the article is dated a couple of days ago, but I damn well choked on my full-fat cow milk latte when I saw that bigmouth old hag Robyn Malcolm loudly praising the Communist Queen for “saving so, so many lives.”

    There’s remaining quiet and being thought a fool, there’s opening your trap and removing all doubt, and then there’s Robyn fucking Malcolm.



  31. I do hope there are people videoing all that is going on in Wellington if they could send them to Fox News Australia and America it would be wonderful, just show what heartless and communistic socialistic bastards they all are. That photo of F you Luxon is especially telling. What an absolute fucker he is. They are all tarred with the same brush, show me the money, all of them dl especially but it must be enough cash in their pockets to keep them following the line that they are. FJA, FCL and FDS actually fuck the lot of them. How many months did the Maori sit in at Ihumato? And actually dl did not save lives, not one, when you are born your heart will beat so many times and then that is it. You die why won’t people face up to it? Why are they all so scared of dying? Is it a religious thing or what?



  32. The Nats are squirming like rats .
    Pugh got dished. “didn’t know they were anti vaxers, which they are not.
    Nude nut doesn’t know the difference.

    Simon O’connor is inviting people to meet him tomorrow. Have a look at his facebook. Been deleting comments because they have been in his face.
    On so it goes on.



    • Marja Lubeck praising police.
      Well she wouldn’t want protesters to mention her “luck” scoring an MIQ spot so she could go see the folks in the Netherlands for Christmas. So many Labour MPs have been “lucky” with MIQ spots.



  33. Winston Peters
    hutSuas194mcoitf2h0dul ·
    If you occupy private land like Ihumatao you can stay as long as you want & the govt embraces you. If you occupy public land the govt will trespass you the same day & label you a minority.
    I guess it depends which ‘minority’ they decide they want in their team of 5 million.



    • Just like how well the Reuters fact checkers actually prove the heart medicine is added.

      ….. While it is true to say tromethamine can be used to treat metabolic acidosis, a condition linked in some cases to heart bypass surgery (go.drugbank.com/drugs/DB03754),
      it is also a common stabilising ingredient, known as a tris buffer, in vaccines, medications and other non-medical products (here).


      How convenient, put into the vaxx after the problems of myocarditis showed up. ….. hmmmm .. yeah right …..

      So were trials, experimental phases run with this, all just covered by the conniving “Emergency Use Approval” to continue the guinea pig phase 3 experimental trial.

      Dr. Eric Rubin of Harvard University. “It’s really going to be a question of what the prevailing conditions are but we’re never going to learn about how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it.”

      So how convenient, a bit of adjuvenant that can double as a heart aid that may only buy a bit of time, to hide that the vaxx is the real problem.



  34. Joe Rogan has contacted Chantelle Baker, for an interview I presume !! The wrong spotlight is going shine on Ardern , Luxon and Seymour. I hope of a few of those disgusting police incidents get shown to the world vis Joe Rogan.



    • Hope thats true saggy, was yarning to a mate today and his family are central north island and if the protesters are still going tomorow at 5pm theyre leaving straight after work.

      Hopefully they can hold out another day and it picks up over the weekend.
      and FTP



    • The police say they have reinforcements coming, so the race is on. 🙂
      No TV report when the police used pepper spray this mid afternoon.
      But the ones who want to know, know what the police did. !!!
      Should end up, when we know, “there are more of us, than of them”.

      Already moves are a foot, started from the 9:00 am arrests.
      So even by lunch time, they had enough rally up to do relay of turns on that “front line” today.
      More coming in to night & tomorrow from all over.
      Festival numbers for the weekend, 🙂

      Though stay awake, keep watch, as you can never trust how the police will play.

      It will be interesting to see what the next lot of polls for the Greens, going to be, since they are so anti-truckers, anti-convoy and so pro vaxx all & sundry, and particularly the children.



  35. Off a FB page FWIW

    2021 riot in Waikeria Prison a visiting Maori Party MP took fish and chips to the rioters according to several officers (friends of mine) who were trying to resolve the issue. MP’s will address protesters if it suits their political agenda I’ve noticed.



  36. Panicked banks lobby the Party for urgent law changes to bolster failed property speculators:

    ASB’s Vittoria Shortt sees ‘clear’ impact from credit contracts & consumer finance law changes, says there’s no moral attachment to lending decisions”


    You can’t make this shit up. What other investors go begging for govt help to turn their bad investments into gold?

    They want more debt issued to magic up more sacred “capital gains” they feel entitled to. Cunts.

    Is there anything in the world more entitled than property gambling scum?

    Property is a welfare scheme costing hundreds of billions. It needs to be taken back, with interest.




    Friends, the world is watching what is happening in Wellington right now. 👀

    They are witnessing shameful behaviour from the NZ police. 👮‍♂️👮🏾‍♂️👮🏻‍♀️

    It is important during times of tension such as this to zoom right out and retain oversight of the mission. 🚀

    Our goal is to push for public awareness of how vax mandates divide our nation, impact on New Zealanders’ ability to work and provide for their families, and participate in life in general. 🛂🚫

    Exclusion is not the Kiwi way. The mandates need to be scrapped. 🗑

    People are watching. They are engaged. Politicians are starting to make noises in this space. They see that this is not a fringe minority.

    We have had some incredible wins this far! 🙌🏽

    ✅️ Kiwis in their tens of thousands have stood up and spoken out – whether driving in cars, trucks or bikes in the convoy, standing on roadsides and on overbridges, or sharing on social media.

    ✅️ People have rallied around to supply food and water, toilets and support to those dedicated to the cause. THIS is the NZ we all know and love.

    ✅️ Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders have seen us. They have seen the heart of this peaceful movement. They are beginning to understand we are many and we are standing for them.

    ✅️ The disgraceful behaviour of our politicians and police has been in full sight. They have seen the refusal of the MPs to come outside Parliament and listen to legitimate democratic protest. We have witnessed the completely unnecessary police brutality in the face of a peaceful stand.

    ✅️ Even the mainstream media has been unable to ignore us any longer.

    ✅️ National and Act have shown we have no true opposition in this government. All are captured. However, they have at least had to move to demand a timeframe to the end of the mandates.

    ✅️ Finally, we have seen ex MPs speaking up – Rodney Hide, Matt King and Winston Peters have been forthright in their condemnation of the government’s treatment of New Zealanders making a peaceful stand.

    Our voice and message IS being heard. Now is not the time to give up – it is time to think and act strategically. 🗺

    So, what next?

    Those in Wellington are calling for support. People ARE legally permitted to gather on the streets surrounding the grounds, so if you are willing and able, let’s wrap our support around Wellington. 🫂

    We are aware that there are more people planning to convoy down to Wellington from other parts of the country. If this is your plan, please be mindful of the situation you will be entering. Come prepared. Make sure you have somewhere to stay, food, water, and appropriate clothing. 🚗 🥪🚰🧥

    Let’s continue to show the rest of the country, and indeed the world, that Kiwis are peaceful and dedicated in their stand for our freedoms! ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻




  38. Tut tut where do people get these silly ideas?:

    The gangs got paid out to settle Clarke gayfords debts. Their payment was silence money so that they didn’t cause the PM any issues re her fiancé. Now he’s back under house arrest with his fourth conviction.



    • That’s an interseting rumor, mate!
      4th conviction and gets house arrest! How does that work?
      Oh that’s right, his missus owns the NZ top cop! That’s how!
      The top cop passes down his orders on the convoy protesters in parliament grounds too!
      You would think that jethro would have substance dependency problems!
      Has he still got his sponsored ute and boat?



  39. Hipkins in QT is now saying that any consolidation of RAT test orders, only relates to consolidation of the government’s own orders, and has nothing to do with private companies. He says this is what Bloomfield meant.
    Fuck they think we’re stupid.
    Hipkins says that all suppliers are fulfilling orders in the order they were received, and the government got their orders in first.
    How can he sleep at night? Wanker.



    • The good cops are gone already. What remains are alt left authoritarian filth. They are brutal dangerous fanatics.

      Never help the police until the force is purged top to bottom. The whole country must unite against them until they are obliterated.



  40. Kelly
    Far out. What a day. Was having a coffee and saw my mate the fireman getting arrested. Ran down and it all kicked off. The police incited the violence. They pepper sprayed peaceful people. Ripped off half of a guys ear. Dragged a women out by her hair.

    The brutality was insane. People shocked and crying. Myself included while we linked arms and held the line. I was on a ban thanks to Clint. But the love was still there. So many strangers hugged me so tight. Spoke to Barry Soper. He’s a good guy.

    He’s on our side. Spoke to Kevin from stuff. He was literally shocked at my personal stories. The truth will come out.




  41. France, Greece, Portugal rollback vax restrictions. Even Israel is starting to realise the Chutzpah of Pfizer.


    Those countries most under the globalists tyrannical boot, those slow boiling long suffering peoples, almost ready to pop, reveal themselves: New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, Ireland. It’s getting to be an exclusive club.

    It’s a big club, and you’re still being hit with it.

    Delete all young WEF anal schwabs from the ballot box, and commence salting the earth.



    • rol@0916

      This very carefully-written description of the protestors caught my attention

      ‘Agitated and angry, a hardcore group of anti-vaxxers has outstayed their welcome’.

      As we have seen the ‘Agitated and Angry’ ones are the coppers, but $55million buys a lot of control…



  42. On 25th April each year we commemorate those brave New Zealanders who went to fight fascism, about 82 years ago. Every hamlet in our country has a Roll of Honour to commemorate those brave souls.
    The names of those protesters in Wellington must be recorded so that their names be added to the Rolls of Honour in every hamlet in our country. For they are vigilantly fighting fascism in the 21st century.
    At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we must remember them.



    • Hard to fault logic like that.

      I once recall the rabid Redbaiter raving to the tune of ‘none of today’s young people would risk combat to stand for freedom’.

      As in many things the stupid old authoritarian was wrong.



  43. A lady we know from our local VFF group had her sternum cracked by a woman officer in Wellington today. She reports that she was being pushed back and asked the officer to stop as it was hurting her. The response was to push harder resulting in the injury.
    FJA and her hench men (and women) in blue.



  44. Thank you Curious I will spread this to my sleeping friends to wake them up…….
    Little by little ………..resistance is necessary…….
    I believe that was one of the conclusions of the Milgram experiment ….
    Curious ….please thank your VFF friend…….we salute her……
    Get well soon….



  45. Poxinda says the protest is an insignificant minority…….see how many people I forced to fall in behind me and just look at my wonderful Vax support rate ( shades of Cassius Clay, “I am the Greatest…”)
    I don’t need to talk to them protesters and I have the support of every other fucking MP
    Wellington district commander then completely contradicts ‘da boss with this frank admission….
    Speaking at Parliament, Wellington District Commander Superintendent Corrie Parnell said the occupation is “unprecedented” for New Zealand.
    “We’ve never had an occupation of this scale, certainly with tents on Parliament’s grounds so … some degree of unchartered waters.”

    The police have moved to a “state of enforcement action” arresting 120 people today, he said.

    They face charges of trespass or obstruction.

    “We’ve continued to try and really encourage those persons present here to peacefully desist and effectively now have been trespassed from the grounds of Parliament. Despite our hope that they would do that willingly and peacefully, that hasn’t come to fruition.”

    Two officers have been assaulted during the operation, Parnell added.

    Officers have spotted weapons like placards, sticks and a knuckle duster which signalled the sentiment of some of the occupiers, he said.

    Additional resources will be brought in from around the country in the coming days, he said.

    “I’ve got 150 additional resources over and above my district resource of 900 staff and I’ll continue to add to that, in the coming days.”

    Parnell anticipates it could be days before Parliament’s lawn is cleared, but said he does not intend for the occupation to be there for another week.
    “This was never going to be a short task ahead of us.”

    So he needs reinforcements because he is expecting protest reinforcements; Godzone this weekend – it’s on like Donkey kong?
    The Canadians haven’t quit yet – why should we?



  46. Bringing in extra police reinforcements is more overreach to control the situation so protesters don’t have any option other than comply. She rules by compliance.

    What happened to our right to protest? She better be careful. Throwing her weight around and setting police thuggery against New Zealanders may set wheels in motion she hasn’t seen coming. The people may unexpectedly push back



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