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How much more “Fear Porn”  do you think you average god botherer can take?

When an old idiot says things like this, you have to wonder how any follower can take him and his comments seriously. I guess our resident unvaxed followers will be joining the rest of us in hell.


  1. FFS, Google Alex Christoforou. “liz truss train wreck in Moscow. Lavrov exposes incompetence”
    This is why the West is in such dire straits at this moment ,diversity, that utterly useless POS bitch was chosen by Boris Johnson because she had a Vagina with zero thought as to whether she could do the fucking job, it’s no wonder the Russians are laughing at the West and feel empowered to do as they want.
    Unfortunately we have a more vacuous useless Piece of crap running our Country she just hasn’t been exposed as brutally as Truss has just been.



    • tps://ussanews.com/liz-truss-train-wreck-in-moscow-lavrov-exposes-incompetence A great shame we did not have the same scrutiny of our incompetent politicians as this one received. The handling and recognition of the protest has been appalling and will leave a stain on New Zealand that will not be easily removed.



      • I have never seen so many New Zealand flags being waved.
        I have never heard the New Zealand anthem sung so passionately.
        I have never been so proud of New Zealanders or so grateful I am one.

        A small ‘rag-tag bunch of disorganised disaffected unwashed idiots’ have unified this country like no politician ever has.
        Watch and learn about leadership, Ardern.

        And Luxon can stick his leadership credentials up his arse as well.



    • Fixed link.
      It is indeed hilarious, while tragically so sad, showing up the incompetence, and the negligence.
      Arrogant in their Ignorance. Then demand tyrannical controls.
      I hope many people can see that incompetence and relate it to another department.
      It is so dangerous, and just as poisonous a concept as in the loops and echo chambers of the medical system when we hear the FDA approval to vaccinate children.
      “But I also think the risk of myocarditis is probably conservative, based on the natural history of myocarditis generally being less common in this age group,” he said.
      However, he added, “the models are the best we have at the moment, as was just mentioned, we are not going to get the data unless we start to use this vaccine.”

      It is actually a good article, summarizing why the individual members voted yes to 5-11 year olds, and some of that information, reasoning it is based on to come to that “Discourse Consensus”.
      “Jesus wept.”



    • RevT, the Russians have Boris, Biden, NATO, the EU and the rest of them snookered.
      Why, well they have Sergey Lavrov, a man who has been Russian Foreign Minister since 2004, almost before the Foreign Ministers representing these countries were conceived.
      Lavrov is smart, wily, experienced and will see many more of these Foreign Ministers off before he leaves the scene. The EU and NATO have no answer to Russia and Lavrov and it will not matter how much the West try to poke Russia, the West will come off worst.
      Russia has the Gas which Europe needs for sustaining life and pays Russia for. There is no other worldwide source of fuel that Europe could change to. Biden is being an ignorant fool and using the corrupt Ukraine for the US’s own ends. Europe will pay for it.



    • They will be very wet today. Continuous steady rain since last night –light at times but still raining.

      I hope you all saw Kiwi ingenuity at it best on the videos from last night as they handled Mallards sprinklers. They put road cones over them and then drained the water away by various mean —a few drains/ditches dug in the lawn, some with plastic pipes and some near the edge just had plastic drink bottles with the bottoms cut out of then to direct the water to the gutter.

      Protesters 1 Mallard 0 (or maybe about -10)



    • Sagz surely our govt would use misinformation! Then surely they wodnt lie about it and try cover it up, theyre the most ooen and transparent ever//

      Now realise this is the same bunch that gave us failed kiwibuild projections and it makes sense, covid modelling much? then they wonder why no one believes the unemployment rates and their forecasts for the economy… its all just made up bullshit to suit their narrative, ppl have neen fed this shit by them for 4 years and still believe it! What a fucking joke



    • The systemic evil of suppressing, censoring facts by Hipkins etc..

      The delays and obsfucation about the vaxx numbers, taking so long to release the information, using time to set up and run other narratives, so when the truth comes out, then it can be said, that was then, and things have changed now, and look squirrel how well we have done & achieved. …. yeahh right …..

      How much more evil it is in the power and hold it has over the hospital staff, the Doctors, that seem to be used to hide, not diagnose vaxx injuries and deaths.
      Even going as far as denying proper and reasonable treatment to continue the guise that it was nothing to with Spike Protein as vaxx damage.

      Again using massive time delays, slow autopsy reports, slow coroners reports, and really not looking, when this is really a phase 3 experimental trial, which at the very least deserves full on monitoring.
      Incompetence? Negligence? more like Malfeasance and now it is with deliberate intent!



  2. I see that arogant piss stain Mallard tried to wash the protesters away by turning on the sprinklers.
    What an absolute dick, Ardern needs to reign him in , she’s put enough restrictions on us it’s about time she put some on that arogant piece of shit.



  3. The kindness now emulating from that bitch and her policies is now overwhelming – the sad thing is to my mind that there will be 1000’s of Ken’s and Karen’s out there who will not be bothered by this and other examples as they continue to hide under their beds. The verocity of some of the comments if one follows the odd twitter responses shows that “kindness” and understanding are disappearing fast from the New Zealand make up.



  4. Good morning one and all, this is a good piece from even a thrice jabbed Asian Invasion this morning. I have printed it out here so others who have not heard from her can read it. I thought it well worth printing. Amazing how even though she is deriding the government she still thinks that people are of a different political persuasion to her. What are we supposed to be? We certainly are not liebour supporters so who does she think we have voted for in the past???? How ever she is pissed off at the liebour governmentand anyone else and had a laugh at the Wellingtonians complaining about business being disrupted. Auckland were locked down for months Hamilton same how ever not asa long……. the rest of the country do not realise the impact it all had on the citizens.
    Anti-mandate Protests For An Almost Fully Vaccinated Nation Should Be Supported
    Posted: 10 Feb 2022 08:44 PM PST. Asian Invasion

    I’ve bored everyone here enough about how hard it was to get an Astrazenneca booster which I’ve now received.

    Ironically in Wellington.

    During a weekend where bars and restaurants were deserted and you could have fired a canon down Lambton Quay and hit no one.

    A friend had a birthday and we ended up in a suburban restaurant in Petone. Such was the limited choices for lunch in the CBD at the weekend.

    I’ve never been to Petone before.

    Wellingtonians cowered behind their masks the whole duration of my visit. Although I’ll let them off. I ended up wearing mine in the end. For the sole reason it was fucking cold and I had to dig out of my suitcase the same outfit I was wearing in October in the MIQ carpark as I was marched around for an hour for my daily constitutional. The wind was blowing sideways into your face. The mask stopped that.

    Wellingtonians are now apparently complaining protestors ie. potential punters for food and drink, are blocking their everyday lives.

    I snigger at this. Wellington and its public sector did this to Auckland for month after month after month.

    Aucklanders should be laughing at the pathetic whinging from Wellingtonians.

    While the media have been at pains to paint protestors as a bunch of the unemployed, far right, q anon, trumpists the reality is far different.

    You don’t see the cops pulling patched gang members out of the crowd to arrests. Or in great numbers any Maori. But they are there.

    They’ve picked on the skinniest whitest of persons in that audience which is disproportionately Maori. Not that it matters.

    Just because the people at these protests have nothing politically in common with me doesn’t mean I don’t support why they’re there.

    They’re pissed off.

    So am I.

    Plenty of people in Auckland are. They’ve lived an experience other provinces I’ve visited these two weeks have not.

    The protestors reasons of anti-mandates are beyond left and right. The whole bloody country with the exception of a tiny percentage have been vaccinated.

    I don’t fear them.
    Why would I?

    I have had not one but three lots of the clot shot in my arm. It’s so effective we will probably need another in a few months.

    Let’s forget the unvaccinated hold outs for a moment.

    Many people joining these protests on or offline have done what they have been told, been vaccinated twice and boosted.

    And are just pissed off this is dragging on and on and on.

    With no end.

    The police by now must be sick of this.

    No respect from a Prime Minister who has hunkered down and travelled now less than I have around New Zealand to see the damage she is causing by being OCD about Omicron. The weakest strain so far.

    I’ve spent more time in Auckland since returning than she has.

    No respect or thanks from wankers in Parliament.

    We have a Parliamentary Speaker who stands like he’s guarding his castle, behind media and more police than I’ve seen manning the shit mess that’s Auckland’s CBD currently from violent gangs celebrating their meth cook ups with burnouts and vagrants.

    Auckland CBD needs a police presence like this to clean out the trash currently not protesting but there taking it over in other ways!

    They would rather smash up people who normally would support them doing their actual job. Cleaning up the bad guys not handing out warnings and arresting people for covid offences.

    I will not subject myself to any test for Covid until I eventually leave New Zealand and that’s only to get into another country.

    Why would you?

    I will not scan in voluntarily.

    People wanting with lawful reasons can view my vax pass.

    And that’s it.

    Does that mean I support the anti mandate messages of these protests?

    Too damn right.

    We should have got passed beating up the tiny percentage of New Zealanders not vaccinated to the most important question. Stripping them of rights so silly as to attend watching their kids swim in an open-air pool!

    Why are we still subject to a traffic light system that by definition will NEVER turn green?



  5. Yesterday I mentioned how the lovely Mr John Key’s Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011, is allowing coastal tribes to make ownership claims based on continuous customary use. It is not just happening to the Hauraki Gulf as revetech 120 alluded to, it’s going on nation-wide.

    I was yarning to someone a couple of days ago involved in a local claim. He said that when it goes through there will be no commercial cray fishing here….not that it worries me one iota, as the commercial guys are hammering the place. Not sure how it is going to work out as the Runanga now own all the quota, so guess the pa wars are going to start up again.

    And still on the subject of the lovely Mr Key, remember that UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that he had us signed up to that was just going to be a bit of appeasement theatre for his coalition party and wasn’t going to have any real-world consequences. How has that worked out?

    Notice how the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other UN declarations related to refugees and climate change etc that we have signed up to are so sacrosanct and must be adhered to at all cost by both National and Labour, while the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (that’s the one that doesn’t allow forced medical treatments) is completely disregarded as if it doesn’t exist.

    Labour and National are the two cheeks on the same arse.



  6. Like, fuck everyone

    My local National MP
    Nob-head Luxon
    My local doctor
    My local shops

    *Some are listed twice as they are double fucked.



  7. Good to see that the New Zealand Police with the dragging of the nude girl by the hair, the sudden throwing to the ground of the sitting man and the face pressing of the 14 y.o boy are going head to head with the Canadians for the title of the World’s nicest police force.



  8. Speaker: Turn on the sprinklers!

    Protestors: Divert the flow into the gutters and build little bridges over the stream.

    In a battle of wits, Big Twev seems to have brought a mustard spoon to a gun fight.



      • Only until the return of Rodney Hide. After all if National can engineer the return of Luxon into parliament to get him as leader how very much more deserving is Rodney if only he can be persuaded once more to plunge into that nest of vipers which is Parliament.
        On a related note I would also very much like to see the return of Richard Prosser, a straight talking man of principal who was infamously treated by the Poison Dwarf, but I’m afraid we would probably not be able to lure him back from England where he now resides.



    • He and Nicola Willis had both woefully misread the room in posts I saw and were getting powerwashed. I had modest hopes for both of them in recent times but I am dismayed by the cravenness they have shared with every other politician.



  9. https://www.1news.co.nz/2022/02/10/opinion-protesters-need-to-call-it-people-need-to-feel-safe-again/
    According the Jessica (Jessica then Tova) the protestors have made their point and should move on.

    Dear Jessica
    Using as many or as few words as you need, explain exactly the protestors point.
    When you can do that to the satisfaction of the protestors you can call yourself a journalist and their point will have been made.
    When you titter about people not being able to walk through parliament grounds you really really really don’t get it. You’ve covered many protests the world over and failed to be objective on any of them.
    You will never be more than an Ardern shill so shut up and go home.
    Your point has been received loud and clear.



  10. Good morning Mr. Editor – something odd in your website functionality?
    All comments on HYS after 8.13pm last night are not showing this morning, at least for me.
    There were some yesterday; at 11.45 I viewed several, including a post I put up around 11.30 pm.
    (I’m pretty sure I remember Waikato girl submitting after me too, but it was late and I might be mistaken)



  11. So I just logged out and comments were showing down to 9.23 pm.
    I saw more comments logged out than when logged in!
    Reminds of the days before I signed up here and had to wait to see the latest comments.



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  13. I’m undone! Ed has pointed out that the Supreme Godnutter has quashed all hope I had for a cloud to sit on & a harp to strum at Skydaddy’s place. Surely there must be a bit of wriggle room. I’ve had a couple of tetanus shots & I’m protected against smallpox.

    I’ll have to run this past my spiritual advisor. 🙂



    • As I am deeply concerned about Nasska’s spirituality deficiencies, I did some urgent, robust and exhaustive research on the matter. Interviweing St Peter was a bit of an issue, he is in an an emergency crisis meeting deciding what to do if Jacinda dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates. Evidently the Devil has already said he won’t have her. The prostitutes in Hell have gone on strike as her presence would be demeaning to them, and the Politicians down there ( all of them) have packed a sad at this state of affairs. However I digress.

      The Pope, as usual, is talking shit. Anyway, St Paul who monitors vaccine Passes at the gate says Musks Satellites are down, so the system has crashed and they are letting anyone in any way. Even Unvaxxed Atheists.




    • rol, I think you still have a problem, despite Reuter’s “fact checkers”

      Babylon Bee is so prophetic as it reveals the future, and it’s prophetical Revelations from announcement to factual evidence.
      The vatican & “fact checkers” needs to take warning!
      The “BB” has gained a proven record in prophecy in what becomes true.

      “BB” consistently beats the Ardern administration “announcements” who only uses unproven conjectured evidence. 🙂
      Compare and Contrast their records in announcements. 🙂



    • @Naska

      Unfortunately for you, the Pope’s heaven that you would be so desperate to join , whether he knows it or not, contains a lot of Chinese coal, fires, and tending to said fires 24/7/365, while being continually whipped. But the pope can rest easy that he will be amongst “friends”.

      “Bill Gates met God, and God said, “Well, Bill, I’m really confused on this one. I’m not sure whether to send you to Heaven or to Hell. After all, you enormously helped society by putting a computer in almost every home in the world, and yet you funded those ghastly vaccines, and tried to reduce the world’s population.

      I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. I’m going to let you decide where you want to go.”

      Bill Gates said, “What’s the difference between the two?”

      God said, “It might help you decide if you took a peek at both places. Shall we look at Hell first?”

      Bill was amazed. He saw a clean, white sandy beach with clear waters. There were thousands of beautiful men and women running around, playing in the water, laughing and frolicking about. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. “This is great!” said Bill. “If this is Hell, I can’t wait to see Heaven.”

      God said, “Let’s go!” and off they went to Heaven.

      Bill saw puffy white clouds in a beautiful blue sky, with angels drifting about playing harps and singing. It was nice, but surely not as enticing as Hell. Bill thought for only a brief moment and rendered his decision. “God, I do believe I would prefer to go to Hell.”

      “As you wish,” said God.

      Two weeks later, God decided to check up on the late billionaire to see how things were going. He found Bill shackled to a wall, screaming amidst the hot flames in a dark cave. He was being tortured by demons with pitchforks. “How ya doin’, Bill?” asked God.

      Bill responded with anguish and despair, “This is awful! This is not what I expected at all! What happened to the beach and the beautiful women playing in the water?”

      “Oh, that,” said God. “That was an advert, which we modeled on the Vaccine and Global Climate Change adverts. Promise the public a utopian future, but instead make their lives a living hell.”



  14. https://www.auckland.ac.nz/en/news/2022/02/10/pm-highly-engaged-in-vaccine-briefing.html
    10 February 2022
    The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, was enthusiastic about a private briefing on vaccine research and development projects at the University of Auckland, describing it as “a great visit”.
    Her visit to the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences (FMHS) on Thursday, 10 February highlighted the University’s contribution to international vaccine development and safety efforts.

    “It reinforced that New Zealand is a centre of research and innovation and that our approach to Covid has put us in a unique position to make a contribution globally,”

    As Covid-19 vaccines are rolled out around the world, an Auckland-headquartered research network is leading the largest-ever vaccine monitoring study.
    UniServices, a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the University of Auckland, has been awarded nearly NZ$8 million (US$5.6 million) by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the study, which will be undertaken by the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN).

    The GVDN, which has 21 partners in 17 countries, is leading an international effort to monitor and assess Covid-19 vaccines over three years.

    The University of Auckland will coordinate the study, which will follow some 300 million people – a vastly larger sample than the tens of thousands involved in clinical trials.

    “Never before have so many vaccines been developed and deployed so quickly, to meet so urgent a need,” said Associate Professor Helen Petousis-Harris, principal investigator of the project and co-director of the GVDN.

    Andy Shenk, chief executive of Auckland University’s UniServices, said the project put the university and New Zealand at “global centre stage” for monitoring vaccine data
    Remember to get your booster//sarc off



  15. “We’ve seen house listings surge in many locations where previously there was an acute lack of stock, and with the banks tightening their lending criteria in response to the new legislation, we’ve noticed a real falling off in auction and open home attendance.


    The level of denial among the self interested is fascinating. The bottom has fallen out of the market. Currently there is a pause while vendors hold out for absurd prices – from suckers and losers. But it’s only going one way – down hard.

    It’s a good thing that should be welcomed by all. It time for the governments property welfare scheme to end and for a free market to reign.



  16. A boy arrives home from school looking very unhappy.

    “What’s wrong?” his father asked him.

    “I got a Valentines card, ” he replied.

    “That’s nothing to be sad about”, said his dad, “it means someone has great affection for you & admires you. ”

    “It was from Father O’Malley, “



  17. https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/uk-reinfections-reveal-the-bad-deal
    The boosted Brits’ case rates are, in some categories, over TWICE the vaccine-free case rates. The former went up, while the latter came down. For example, for 40-49 year olds, the case rate is 4,687 per 100,000 in the boosted, and only 1,726 in the vaccine-free. Do the math: the boosted are 2.71 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO GET COVID.
    On the deaths front, no good news either. Protection from dying, while it still exists, is evaporating and declined 7% across age categories. The worst “death protection” decline was again in the 40-49 age group, of 12%. The most important (for deaths) categories are 70-79 and 80+ year olds. For them, death protection of boosters dropped by 4% and 6% respectively.
    The boosters are failing exactly as the original shots, but faster and more spectacularly.

    It used to be very simple, according to Pfizer, Chris Whitty and other “vaccine evangelists”.

    You take Covid Vax

    Side effects are rare

    You never get COVID

    The reality, however, proved to be the opposite:

    You take Covid Vax

    Side effects are NOT rare

    Immune system is erased and reprogrammed

    You need a booster

    After three doses of vaccine spike protein, you get COVID

    In two months you get ONE MORE COVID

    Ad infinitum

    Turns out nobody knows why exactly there is “death protection” at all



    • Turns out nobody knows why exactly there is “death protection” at all.

      Sort of like “death protection” from an Italian mob. You never needed “protection” in the first place save for the beating you and your family would get if you didn’t agree to get “protection” in the first place. Along with losing your job and/or your business blacklisted/shutdown. Even if you “agree” under duress, there will still be the occasional beatings to remind you and your family what will happen if you “opt out”. And of course continually losing a % of takings to the mob. And you will have less customers as principled customers do not want to eat at a mob controlled cafe or restaurant, and you will have trouble attracting and keeping good staff.

      Same as with the Vaccines. You don’t need the fake “protection”, but if you and your family refuse it, you lose your job and/or your business is blacklisted/shutdown if you don’t apply the vaccine passport rules. Even if you do “agree” under duress, you will have less principled customers and have trouble attracting and keeping good staff.

      The vaccines are just a global protection racket.



  18. Seen a vid clip from the protest, making a pond in the gutter with trevs irrigation water then holding mallards hostage (decoys).
    Hilarious, my mate rekons come monday everyone there should be armed with duck callers to taunt bully mallard! Anyone on ysb got family or mates there that can kick it off? The canadians have honking trucks we should have quacking crowds!



  19. Soon there will only be bad cops left/ And then its time to adorne them with jewellery.


    We reported earlier in the day that rumours were flying around parliament that 12 police officers had resigned.

    This gentleman confirms the story (saying 10 resigned), saying he spoke to one of the resigning officers who did so after protestors persistent messaging yesterday when he was in the line.

    Well done people, we are winning and the mainstream narrative is now in free fall!

    🔄 Counterspin
    NZs Media Revolution
    Facts & Evidence based
    Not a pay to say in platform


    ( Saffas will understand this… Look up Winny Mandela’s Jewelry Box)



  20. Amy Brooke’s latest is very good:

    The freedom protest: the dereliction of our parliamentary representatives – and the pity of it all…
    by Amy Brooke


    Is what was once our New Zealand democracy being deliberately sabotaged?

    One of the most telling aspects of the unprecedented freedom protest, largely by ordinary New Zealanders from all across the political spectrum – travelling the length of the country with a focus on parliament – has been the refusal of every single MP to meet with those who placed them where they are…and pay their salaries…

    Equally as telling as the arrogance of our politicians has been the Ardern coalition’s basically bribed mainstream media obligingly demonizing the protesters – and so facilitating our supposed political representatives turning their backs on those who elected them – by dismissing them as anti-vaxxers, a basically pejorative term.

    And no, Matthew Hooton: dismissing them as rabble is not just inaccurate, perjorative and condescending – it does not reflect at all well on you…

    Any protest group will always attract fringe elements, and those with various emotional or mental issues – which a pot-stirring media, now owing allegiance to the government hand that feeds it – will immediately seize on to discredit what is basically an anti-government protest.

    For by far the majority of these protesters this has been an issue about the gradual loss of so many of our freedoms under the Ardern government – including the attack on freedom of speech and the deliberate intimidation of so many of those genuinely concerned at the white-anting of our democracy by unfair accusations such as homophobic, or racist.

    The protests include vital issues. New Zealanders are not fools. The Ardern government’s sabotaging of our democracy by aiming to establish neo-tribal domination – i.e. the power of wealthy corporations of part-Maori descent to take control of our national assets, such as the Three Waters, of our health system and education curricula…of what is taught in our universities… about who should receive research funding grants – (based on a now established requirement for priority to be given to those of part-Maori descent – for no good reason whatever, etc.) – is foremost in the motivation of so many so-called ordinary New Zealanders .

    These include probably the majority of part-Maori wanting no part in the activities of these radicalized extremists – just individuals – fathers, mothers, families – even grandparents well remembering a far more democratic country and so joining in this unprecedented protest.

    Like most New Zealanders, having taken on board the evidence of the necessity for protection to at least some extent against the coronavirus, I’m vaccinated. However, I understand the right of others to refuse to be vaccinated. The really difficult issue is the protest against vaccine mandates. No sane person wants to see good, dedicated people – doctors, nurses, teachers, etc. lose their jobs because they have refused vaccination.

    Nor is anybody in their right mind really happy about NZers being turned into second-class citizens by having mandatory vaccinations imposed on conditions of employment – a complex legal, ethical, practical, and political issue.

    However, given the deadly nature of this virus, how many of us would be happy to see a vulnerable family member in hospital – or an elderly parent in an aged care home – nursed by an individual refusing vaccination – and therefore putting patients at risk by being far more likely to fall a victim to Covid in one of its deadly forms. And no, the Omicron version is apparently not less deadly. On the evidence, where its effect is less severe it is because where individuals are already vaccinated, they are receiving far better protection.

    Moreover, where the vulnerable have been at risk, vaccinations in some instances are already mandatory.

    For example, it seems that the hepatitis B vaccination is mandatory in the UK for certain healthcare workers likely to potentially be involved with patients. Reportedly, in the US there are some states that mandate hepatitis A and B vaccines for entry into day-care elementary and middle schools to help stop this silent infection.

    In fact, mandatory vaccination is not new. For example, smallpox vaccination used to be mandatory in many countries – but are not any more because the disease has been eradicated. However, apparently there were no mandatory vaccinations in New Zealand before Covid, which is why the issue is foreign to us.

    What this protest has shown us in particular is the contempt in which New Zealanders are basically held – not only by Ardern’s hard-Left coalition, but by the Luxon- led National Party.

    How many MPs thought that it was fine that incidences of police brutality took place … and that Trevor Mallard actually ordered hoses to be turned on fellow citizens?

    It is basically a disgrace that the people elected to parliament to represent the country hid away, whether through cowardice or arrogance – and made feeble excuses for refusing to meet those who had taken the trouble to try to contact them.

    Not one. Our MPs do not deserve our support.



  21. Protesters pack into the Parliament grounds as more people have turned up to join the demonstration.
    Real estate on the lawn outside Parliament is now at a premium as more people have turned up to join the protest.
    Tents, gazebos and tarpaulins now make up most of the space beyond the forecourt.
    On the surrounding streets, cars, utes, buses, trucks and campers of all descriptions occupy carparks, roads, median strips and footpaths around the parliamentary precinct.
    – Reporting Matthew Tso
    Many of the streets around Parliament are jammed with vehicles as anti-mandate protesters begin day five.
    The streets around Parliament have filled up considerably overnight, with Bunny St and Victoria University Law School’s car park now jammed with vehicles.
    Cars line the footpath at the central bus terminal, others have parked on the median strip outside the train station, while the side streets off Molesworth St are lined or entirely clogged with vehicles.
    People are camped out on whatever free ground is available. However, the protestors have allowed enough room for buses to pass through, allowing public transport to keep running.
    – Reporting Thomas Manch



  22. Aaargh- So many New Zealanders still living in terror!
    I just took my kid for a swimming lesson- Maybe 30 parents at poolside all sitting 2m apart from each other. All wearing face nappys.
    Nobody speaking to each other.
    I walked past without a mask (I simply don’t wear them)
    You could see the terror in their eyes. Like I was Ted Bundy or something…
    Now remember this is a swimming pool. There are a hundred maskless people swimming right in front of them….



    • It’s a sad reflection on our forlorn society. It’s taken this covid scam to show us that the majority of our fellow citizens are all so dumb that they really are the sheep that we were once known for. It’s changed from 4 legged things to 2 legged stupid things.



      • Sadly Ed I believe that if Queen Jacinda and Saint Ashley told these folk to drink this cup of Kool Aid then go and lie down on the lawn- 90% of them would do it and be slipping off to Socialist paradise…



    • Now remember this is a swimming pool. There are a hundred maskless people swimming right in front of them….

      And swimming pools are often known as turbocharged petri dishes.

      “If you go to the beach and sit in the sand, watching your children swim in shark infested waters, YOU are in danger of being attacked by a shark, so wear your anti-shark mask. Your children however, swimming in said shark infested waters, are at no risk.”

      I’m sure if authorities proclaimed that we could further reduce the spread of Covid by wearing a clean pair of Calvin Klein undies on your head, that Kens and Karens would comply, especially if accompanied by the claim that “it’s scientifically proven by experts”.

      With regards Covid and the Vaccines, it is like being stuck in an April 1st fools day groundhog day loop.



  23. I have been thinking about polls in NZ. The National elite will “protect” Luxon from all the criticism being directed at him by saying look at the recent polls. But they do not include the “don’t knows” in the polls like they used to. If they did, then at the moment I would not be surprised that the figure would be in the 20-30% range (if not higher).

    I’m not sure it could be done but we need to mount a “campaign” to have the “don’t know” figure re-introduced again.



  24. As some will know, Louise Upston is my local MP. She has followed Luxon’s orders to the letter, and done nothing since the ‘Freedom’ convoy arrived, and has been busy using lots of words about ‘Freedom’ inside the House. She has also (and VERY conveniently IMHO) been visiting various establishments in Cambridge – a town almost at the extreme outer-reaches of her electorate. The convenience of her ‘unreported’ visits is interesting. On that basis, I posted the following on her FB page. I believe that it is self-explanatory; and no, I don’t think she’ll read it and, based-upon past encounters with the lady, definitely WON’T respond…

    Dear Ms Upston:

    So you RAN!! The largest and most important protest to occur in your lifetime, and you SO ‘…Want New Zealand to be a great place to live, work and raise a family’. that you simply COULDN’T lower yourself from your supposed moral high-ground to actually go out and speak to those people in front of Parliament House (People BTW who want EXACTLY what you (and your party ) SAY they want). Instead, you FLED!! Dress-up your (Very convenient) visit to Cambridge in whatever clothes you want, justify it in any fashion you care to, but the fact is ma’am that you RAN!! YOU DIDN’T HAVE THE COURAGE TO MEET THOSE KIWIS WHO ‘…Want New Zealand to be a great place to live, work and raise a family’ (Which is a direct quote from your own party BTW). You RAN, but the question remains ‘WHY?’ WHY are you, Chris Luxon and every other National Party MP) so AFRAID of your fellow Kiwi’s (Your constituents amongst them)? WHAT do you think these ‘protestors’ will do to you? INFECT you with FREEDOM germs? Confront your well-held biases? Make you THINK FOR YOURSELF? Sadly Ma’am, as you have now proven that (despite your cries to the contrary about ‘supporting individual freedoms, small business and the farmers), you are just another craven socialist (although wearing a blue suit) and no different from the labour party in any way, your actions will now have consequences, and come next election you may need to find another job; FARMERS don’t like to be tricked and they have VERY long memories. You have been warned; We thought you would be brave, that you would listen, but since you haven’t, I hope you enjoy your remaining months as an MP, because come the elections…. Thank you.



  25. Got emailed this – I cant link so here it is in full

    “My name is Robert Malone, and I am a United States-based Physician and Scientist.

    We all stand on the shoulders of giants. The simple truths are what matter most. Honest words, spoken from the heart, can change the world.

    We should not have politicized the public health response to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

    And Justin Trudeau should have focused on managing the actual ground truth of COVID-19 instead of following the script provided to him by the leadership of the World Economic Forum.

    I am a physician and a scientist now, and I am highly trained and experienced in developing vaccines and other medicines.

    But I have also been a carpenter and a farm hand, and I still work my farm. I drive a GMC dually diesel flatbed, a Kubota farm tractor, and can run a skidloader or drive a team of Percheron horses. I have shown my Percheron foals at the Royal Winter Fair. By the original meaning, I am a teamster.

    I come to you with an open heart, committed to healing, bringing three simple words.

    Integrity. Dignity. Community.

    These are three simple words that ring like bells in the heart of honest people.

    Benito Mussolini once said “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, since it is the merger of the state and corporate power.”

    In the actions of the governments of Ottawa and Canada, we are now able to clearly see the previously hidden face of global Fascist totalitarianism, by which I mean the fusion of the power of large corporations with the power of the State- as Facism has been defined by Mussolini.

    We are now seeking shocking signals of desperation from our globalist, corporatist opponents. The incompetence of the Party of Davos is becoming plain for all to see.

    1) For the first time, we can clearly see that they are willing and able to collude with Silicon Valley to weaponize the banking system against us.

    Taking 10 million US Dollars from a political fundraising campaign is something that most of us could not have imagined two years ago.

    Clearly, this has backfired, because its exposed to everyone that there is an unnatural coordination between government, the information technology sector, and the banks.

    And now we have direct video evidence of this collusion from the infamous Zoom call recording documenting the involvement of the Government and Mayor of Ottawa.

    2) The censorship is ramping up, and our opponents are no longer really trying to justify it.

    The attacks on Joe Rogan are truly a desperate act.

    To attack the most beloved media icon in North America has so much downside and again, shows they are coordinating.


    And now we know that Neil Young has a financial conflict of interest because of the large investment bank that owns about half of the financial rights for his song catalog.

    This strategy is backfiring – Joe Rogan is still strong, and the central pharmaceutical and banking system hated more than ever. It will take more than Neil Young to shut down Joe Rogan.

    3) So desperate are these conspirators, they’ve now literally asked the US Department of Defense to commit a felony; changing data in the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database.

    Stupidly, it had already been released – and is now being studied by the medical community. THEY WERE CAUGHT WITH THEIR PANTS DOWN, CHANGING DATA AFTER THE FACT. My guess is that this deserves criminal investigation.

    This will also backfire, because now people are personally exposed and my guess will run for the hills or become whistleblowers. I hear that lawyer Thomas Renz is being inundated with new whistleblower actions and information releases.

    4) It’s time to end the FAKE Emergency powers which have been used to suspend your constitutional and natural rights.

    There is no Emergency. Treatment strategies for curing COVID-19 using repurposed drugs were discovered by March 2020. Omicron is not a killer. The censorship must stop.

    Reading from the deeply academic book of Dr. Mattias Desmet titled “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” –

    “Alternative voices are stigmatized by a veritable Ministry of Truth, which is crowded with “fact checkers”. Freedom of speech is curtailed by various forms of censorship and self-censorship; people’s right to self-determination is infringed upon by coercive vaccination strategies, which impose heretofore unthinkable social exclusion and segregation upon society.”

    Turning now to Integrity, Human Dignity, and the importance of Community.

    Integrity is a commitment to truth, in what you say, how you live, and how you treat others.

    Saint Augustine, the doctor of the Roman Catholic Church, famously said “The truth is like a Lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.”

    Dignity flows from respect, for ourselves, for each other, and for the world we live in.

    Community is what binds us together, to each other, and gives our lives purpose and meaning.

    Regarding the genetic COVID vaccines, the science is settled.

    They are not working to prevent infection, replication, and spread to others, and they are not completely safe. In our daily lives, with our friends, with our families, with our co-workers we all know that this is true.

    They are not completely safe, and the full nature of the risks remain unknown. In contrast, the natural immunity which healthy immune systems develop after infection and recovery from COVID-19 is long lasting, broad, and highly protective from disease and death caused by this virus.

    Now we have Omicron. These vaccines were designed for the Original Wuhan strain, a different virus. These vaccines do not prevent Omicron infection, viral replication, or spread to others, and there are data suggesting that they make the risk of infection and disease higher.

    These genetic vaccines are leaky, have poor durability, and even if every man, woman, and child in the United States and Canada were vaccinated, these products cannot achieve herd immunity and stop COVID.

    If there is risk, there must be choice.

    This is the fundamental bedrock truth of modern bioethics.

    All medical procedures, vaccines, and drugs have risks.

    All of us have the right to understand those risks, and to decide for ourselves whether we willingly accept those risks.

    To deny this is to deny human dignity.

    Evil has many roots. A willingness to deny human dignity is one of the largest. In our hearts, and in our souls, we all know this is true.

    Regarding our children.

    Although I am a physician who is deeply committed to the Hippocratic oath, I am above all a husband, father, and grandfather. I ask that you allow me a moment to speak to you about our children, and about our fundamental responsibility to protect them.

    If nothing else, we must nurture and protect our children. This is job one. It is your job. It is my job. It is not their job to protect us. And during the last two years, our society and our public health response has failed to protect them. Many things that our public health system has demanded we do to our children has directly harmed them.

    Self-harm, suicide and drug abuse in children have taken off all around the world. Anxiety, bullying, intimidation, coercion have become the norm. Measured IQ in the very young has dropped. Fundamental childhood delays are easily measured. And physical damage to children from injecting them with genetic vaccines in order to protect the elderly from a virus is occurring.

    As a parent, it is ultimately your responsibility to protect your children. If they are harmed by these genetic vaccines, you are the one that will have to take care of them. And you will carry that burden for the rest of your life and theirs. On average, between one in two thousand and one in three thousand children that receive these vaccines will be hospitalized in the short term with vaccine-caused damage. Only with the passage of time will we know what long term damage may occur. The vaccines do not protect our children from becoming infected with Omicron, and do not prevent infected children from infecting others. In contrast, the pharmaceutical companies and the government are almost fully protected from any damages these products might cause to them. If your child is damaged by these vaccines, you will be left alone with both your grief and the burden of care.

    These genetic vaccines can damage your children. They may damage their brain, their heart, their immune system, and their ability to have children in the future. And many of these types of damages cannot be repaired.

    So I beg you, please, get informed about the possible risks that your children may be damaged by these experimental medical products. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Think for yourself. Because it is your responsibility to protect and nurture them. If they are damaged, no regional authority, no government public health official, no television doctor will be there to help you. You, your family and your child will have to carry the load yourselves.


    When I was still a child, a brilliant young American President said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”.

    Canada is your country. You own this amazing gift, but you must defend it if you wish to keep it, or the Globalists will take it from you. They promise that in the future you will own nothing and you will be happy. Do you believe them?

    Today, I ask all of you to keep the words of President John F. Kennedy in your minds and hearts. We can all be leaders, and you have stepped up to the task. Thank you for your service to Canada and to the world.

    We will survive this, and we will overcome these hardships, if we can just keep these three simple words in our hearts.






      • Thiel coming to realise gay means end-of-the-line. His kooky thrashing about the jerking of an already dead corpse. Palantir a third of peak value. He’s selling his prison cliff house in Qtown and building a cult facility in Wanaker. Douche.



    • Beorn…
      I had a crack at the AI story
      In the top box I put “Jacinda Ardern” and in the bottom box put ” Clarke’s ankle bracelet”
      Ended up with this…
      “Jacinda Ardern is the new Prime Minister of New Zealand, and Clarke’s ankle bracelet is a symbol of her new role. Jacinda is committed to creating a more equal society, and her ankle bracelet is a reminder of that commitment.”

      I then put in the ‘Mad Queen Jacinda Ardern’….it made up stories about her being a queen and being the late Prime Minister Helen Clark’s daughter but refused to use the term ‘mad queen’. Any combination of words with Ardern’s name in it comes back with a glowing story about her….



    • Im pretty sure cindys govt has made a donation to that site. Sooty the AI thinks youre full of shit with your lawnmower theory…

      Top box : jacinda ardern
      Bottom box : lawnmower

      AI story:
      Jacinda Ardern is the new Prime Minister of New Zealand, and she is set to make a big impact on the country. Jacinda is a hard-working leader who is committed to her people and their well-being. She has a lot to learn, but she is determined to get things done.



  26. I see this word “whanau” in the Herald a lot. Even when talking about non-Maori-specific topics.
    I realise that it is trendy to use Te Reo terminology in a Maori context, but is it proper to talk about Asian “whanau”? Many Chinese might feel slighted by the inference that they have self-identifying Maori in their extended families.

    There was one ironic usage of the word that was probably appropriate. “What would you do if one of your whanau suddenly came to you for a loan in the face of a financial crisis?” (This seems consistent with the behavior of someone from a culture of dependence, lack of foresight, and poor preparation for life’s little surprises…)



  27. In its most recent earnings report from Q4 of last year, Pfizer warned investors that things are not looking too good moving forward. It turns out that whatever is contained within the disclosures is not exactly favorable to the company and its covid injections.

    Many now believe that they reveal fundamental fraud and deception as the basis behind the “science” that was used by the FDA to first emergency use authorize (EUA), then approve, Pfizer’s experimental gene therapy injection.




  28. Here’s a question.
    Have the wealthy in this country become much wealthier under the policies of the Labour government in these years of COVID?
    Have the regime’s policies hurt the a) working poor or b) welfare beneficiaries more?

    I would have thought that a Labour government would look after the workers better. Does the Labour Party even support the aspirations of the working men and women of this nation any more?

    Who is the Labour Party really benefiting? Who does well under them (apart from owners of commercial office property in Wellington amid the growth in numbers of civil servants…)



    • This bunch of so called Lairbours are not lairbour of old. They are truely evil people pretending to be for the little people. But they have all joined the WEF and accepted the huge amounts of dirty money being handed out.
      Fuck them all



      • In some point during the 80’s the left made a deal. As long as they were allowed to partake in any sexual depravity they could imagine, they’d drop the union stuff. The cash rolled in, which bought the left’s silence. They became the party of rainbows, trannies, pedophilia and drag queens. Enslaved by sexual “freedom”.



        • ……”They became the party of rainbows, trannies, pedophilia and drag queens.”…..

          Good point but the libertarian in me can’t let the background causes not be heard.

          If the arrogant, know-all pack of meddling Bible bashers let the gays do their own thing amongst themselves history could have read differently. Instead of course they used superior numbers to pass laws hunting down homosexuals & using entrapment to haul them through the judicial process. Paedophilia is a separate issue & child abusers could have been sidelined as ever.

          For every action there is a reaction & regardless of how repulsed we may be by displays of what we consider to be depravity they are going to rub our noses in it for a while yet.



      • I guess that Labour isn’t working any more.
        Just posturing and prancing.

        Time to book this old nag into the knacker’s yard…

        Show me a Labour Party youth member, and I’ll show you a trust-fund baby. For inside every socialist you will find a closet aristocrat.



    • This may help illustrate how Labour have morphed Odakyu-sen. Traditionally the socialist rally hymn was the “Red Flag” written in 1889. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Flag:

      The people’s flag is deepest red,
      It shrouded oft our martyred dead
      And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold,
      Their hearts’ blood dyed its every fold.

      So raise the scarlet standard high,
      Beneath its shade we’ll live and die,
      Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
      We’ll keep the red flag flying here

      The lyrics have changed a little:

      The people’s flag is palest pink
      It’s not the colour you might think
      White collar workers stand and cheer
      The Labour government is here
      We’ll change the country bit by bit
      So nobody will notice it
      And just to show that we’re sincere
      We’ll sing The Red Flag once a year

      The cloth cap and the woollen scarf
      Are images outdated
      For we’re the party’s avant garde
      And we are educated
      So raise the rolled umbrella high
      The college scarf, the old school tie
      And just to show that we’re sincere
      We’ll sing The Red Flag once a year



    • I just heard a farmer is sending down a truck load of hay down from Palmerston North, to help out “soak up” the damp ground. The call has gone out for pallets to put it on and so everyone is going around town to gather anything they can find.



      • Do you recall the pack of pig ignorant socialists who govern us pushing legislation designed to stop farmers from strip grazing winter forage crops? The townies in their rare trips to the country were appalled to see stock standing in muddy paddocks. The propaganda stated:

        ……”Intensive winter grazing is a practice where livestock, such as cattle and sheep, are grazed on paddocks planted with fodder crops. When done poorly, it can have serious negative effects on water quality and animal welfare.”…….

        Trevor supplied the water. A cocky has supplied hay. After the protesters have churned it up for another couple of weeks Parliament grounds is going to resemble a well grazed paddock. 🙂



  29. Truckers

    Freedom Convoy Asking All call Veterans For Assistance
    Former Canadian military and police call on veterans & retired police to come to Ottawa and support the truckers. Call for peaceful support.

    Trudeau threatens the truckers.
    Lawmakers are panicking over this

    ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host analyzes Canada’s trucker strike and what our leaders would do if the convoy came to America.



  30. Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson has condemned protesters at Parliament, saying they are driven by “wild, false, dangerous conspiracy theories”. He says he supports the right to protest – but those at Parliament have lost that right due to their actions.

    Q: What is the difference between conspiracy theories and the truth?
    A: In today’s world, about 3 months.




  31. In news this afternoon Siouxsie Pink Hair has slammed all the protesters as being ‘White Supremacists’-
    At the same time Tiki Taane voiced his support for the protestors!

    At least things are sane across the Tasman..*Oh hang on-


    Yep- Eating White Bread is ‘Racist’!
    Anyone else feel like a drink?



    • Oh and they are whinging about their piss poor efforts at reporting being slammed .

      Apparently for;
      From time to time, news stories are published that rub a certain person, group or community up the wrong way. We often say in journalism that we can’t please everyone all the time. Nor should we. Holding the powerful to account, shining light on untruths and giving voices to the wronged isn’t always welcome or popular.

      Unfortunately for him he has no idea how poorly they are doing this job and falsity of their biased reporting.

      We publish a range of views, while avoiding and dismantling falsehoods, and we listen. But when you disagree, wipe the froth from your mouth first; we take criticism but cannot tolerate attacks, threats or violence.

      Most of the attacks on Stuff journalists – and those directed at many of our industry counterparts – have come from an ill-informed anti-vax crowd (coverage of the environment and climate change is similarly a lightning rod for abusers). But it’s worth noting that the anti-vax sentiment quickly morphs into a grab-bag of anti-anything sentiment.

      It’s ironic the media is lambasted by this extremist fringe for being complicit in the spreading of mistruth.

      Thwarting the important work that journalists do risks creating exactly the breeding ground for untruths that the protesters seem so worried about; a one-sided narrative going unchecked and being served up without journalistic interrogation.

      Journalists need to be safe to keep New Zealand’s democracy safe from the types of attacks we’ve seen elsewhere in the world.


      This guy really does have his head up his arse.



      • That Stuff dickhead is smug, opinionated and wrong and totally nauseating 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 He believes he is doing “important work”. Really! The world wouldn’t notice if he and his mates at Stuff fell off the edge of the world. Not even effective, definitely not “important”. What a FW.



  32. Back from Picton. I thought there were maybe a couple of dozen people there so we filled a 2nd trolley with supplies when we did the weekly shop. It is all I can do at this stage to support those on the ground. Well well. There must be over a thousand people there. There a full size commercial kitchen operating, along with a truck full of food to keep them going. Fridges and freezers and all. Everyone was happy and greeted us like long lost friends, it was awesome! There are a couple of large private vessels organised to take the unclean to the capital. There are convoys heading to Picton to add reinforcements. Went up the hill afterwards to take a photo that won’t be shown on the “news”.
    The going joke was of course that we are a fringe minority. One guy said how he felt so alone until seeing all of these people gathering together as one.
    It was just so heartening and I’m glad we got to contribute in a small way, to help the cause. Just to feel like a part of it.
    This things got legs.
    God defend NZ? We’ll fucking do it ourselves!
    Hold the line.
    And FJA you snivelling bitch.



    • The piper will be on the parliamentary payroll. Batons, dragging out protesters by their hair, head pressing, knees in faces & kicking legs got the authorities nowhere. Neither did trespass notices or sprinklers.

      But bagpipes! I’m certain that torture is still outlawed under the Geneva Convention. No-one should be forced to suffer the noise. 🙂



      • Had to go to the Doctors yesterday and having stripped off he immediately mentioned the fact that my genitalia was perfectly shaped like a saxophone…
        I explained that it was a family trait and that we all had genitalia shaped like musical instruments.
        He was amazed and said, “Well, in 27 years as a GP I’ve never seen anything like it, Having said that I do remember a woman coming in a few years ago and her fanny was shaped like a Mouth Organ”.
        I said, “That’ll be Our Monica”.