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  1. We had a bit of rain last night in the upper South. It’s still going.

    Those of us on roof supply can enjoy extra long showers.

    A memorial to the protesters should be erected on parliament grounds. Funded by money seized from Ardern under the proceeds of crime legislation.



      • If the Duck instructs Coster the Imposter to use state storm troopers to use force and remove protesters they should go peacefully and organise with cars and truckers to slowly circle wellington CBD and the shithive nothing in nothing out make the disruption personal so all the drones impersonating a govt and opposition get the message, this is the end of arderns clown show, my prediction is next election will see the return of labour in a mini bus and the greens on a tandem.



  2. Morning Troopers.

    HDPA gives Mallard a serve for attempting to muzzle the press. Mallard is unfit for purpose. He should not be a member of parliament, let alone the speaker.

    Heather du Plessis-Allan: The fine line between advice and instruction

    “On day two of the parliamentary protest, an anti-vaxxer gave me grief while I was walking into a building on the other side of town. He’d hassled other media staff already. At first, I tried to ignore him calling me an arsehole and giving me advice on getting the booster jab while pregnant.

    But, I have little patience for this nonsense so by about the fourth quip I stormed back out of the building and sorted him out verbally. It didn’t take long. He stuck some stickers on the glass doors and left.

    Judge for yourself the threat he really posed if it took only a few four-letter words to dispatch him. Now consider the approach taken by Parliament’s Speaker.

    Trevor Mallard is essentially preventing members of the press gallery from going anywhere near the protesters.

    There’s no dispute the protest was ugly and disruptive. Few of us will have sympathy for assaults on police officers, selfish disruption to businesses from cars parked across Wellington’s Molesworth St, or the hassling of passers-by for wearing masks.

    Few of us will applaud placards calling for the execution of politicians and members of the media.

    But we also know those are fringe elements. Not everyone there was violent or disruptive. And there were dozens of police keeping watch. In normal, pre-pandemic conditions press gallery members would regularly and freely interview demonstrators.

    And yet, this is at least the third pandemic protest where most members of the press gallery have got no closer to the protest than standing on the Speaker’s balcony, watching the scene from a floor above.

    Apparently, Mallard did not instruct media to stay on the balcony. It was a “request” based on health and safety concerns. But again, judge for yourself.

    A member of the press gallery did venture out in spite of this “request”. Disclaimer: it was NewstalkZB’s Political Editor Barry Soper. He’s both my colleague and my husband so I freely admit my bias here.

    After spotting Barry out among the protesters on Wednesday, Mallard called the press gallery’s deputy chair to remind him of the “request” that media not use the forecourt to meet the protesters. This request was repeated to Barry, who ignored it and went out a second time that afternoon. Mallard then called the press gallery’s chair to remind her of the “request”. Again, it was passed on to Barry. If a “request” is repeatedly given without solicitation, it starts to look like an instruction.

    Mallard should consider the chilling effect he may be having on members of the media, given the power he wields in that building, including the ability to withdraw permission to work in the gallery. It is notable that at least one newsroom dispatched reporters who don’t work in Parliament to cover the protest on the ground, while their press gallery colleagues stayed on the balcony.

    Mallard should also consider that the duty of care for the safety of members of the media actually lies with the editors those media report to, not with him.

    Finally – and most importantly – he should consider the message this sends to the protesters. TVNZ reporter Kristin Hall observed and tweeted that “protesters are resentful of media standing above them on the parly balcony”. Many of them are already so steeped in conspiracies that they believe the mainstream media are censoring their views and are paid off by the Government. It’s hardly helpful for Mallard to reinforce the conspiracy nonsense by essentially restricting media movement.

    Absolutely, there is a fine line in media coverage of protests like this. No one wants to give oxygen to lunatic fringe theories. But we should want to understand the motivations for the protest.

    Some of these protesters had valid reasons for being upset. One was protesting the vaccine mandate and its effects on children. He claims his 13-year-old daughter was the national 100m sprint champion last year. This year he won’t vaccinate her so she can’t compete. Isn’t that a fair debate for us to have? Whether enforcing a vaccine mandate on teenagers is proportionate?

    We’re currently witnessing a breakdown in the country’s social cohesion. The pandemic is widening divisions. The passion behind this protest is proof. We all know the only way to avoid that getting worse is to understand each other. But we won’t understand each other unless we talk to each other.

    That’s the role of the media. Reporters are meant to report. In order to report, they need to talk to people.

    As angry and disruptive as some of those protesters were, they’re still our fellow Kiwis. As Speaker, Mallard should be doing everything to try to help heal divisions, not make them worse.”



  3. Tear gas, armoured vehicles, riot gear… a show of power/force in other countries against protesters.

    Sprinklers, the macarena, covid adverts… a clear sign nz govt has zero power over the protesters.



  4. Heres a suggestion for any farmers heading to the wellington protest…
    The place looks pugged up, poor trev is sobbing at his once pristine lawn.
    Lets help him out 🙂 how about bring along and kindly donate some seed to resow the place, some nice very fast growing stuff (moata?) Followed by a generous application of kale, sweeds, fodder beet, oats, peas etc.
    Put in such a cnut of a mix it will force trev to have to spray out the entire area with glyphosate and start over 🙂

    Very simple and easy thing to do, i may or may not have been a right cnut and done this to a mate who was landscaping his house 🙂 its hilarious



  5. If the protesters are still there in numbers today they will be absolute heroes. Extremely heavy rain last night for at least 4hrs, then back to continuous heavy rain. Strong southerly winds and ongoing rain this morning. So really horrible conditions. Forecast to improve on Tuesday. Even the cops will not want to be out in it.



    • We discussed this yesterday, and it is very true.

      All the more need for independent bodies (in theory, a free media) to investigate and to hold power to account. The reality is that the media companies are also corporations.

      What about religions? (Cue, nasska…) The trouble is that the churches and temples tend to function like corporations. Support for mainstream churches and values is ebbing… which may or may not be a good thing, depending on your point of view.

      The Internet is a great way to spread the truth, that is, until the embedded AI systems become so good at recognizing and interpreting visual and textual data that they can completely govern the IoT and impose instant censorship (in line with the policies of the corporations who own the platforms).



  6. Convoy 22
    We’re all in this together 🙂

    Stupid boy and his family and a few mates are off to town soon to a pop up protest in support of the brave damp folk camped out in wellington.

    If you cant get to welly and theres pop ups in your locality make an effort and get down to support them, hold up signs to wake up the sheep as to what the movement is really about, stupid sheep believe cindy and the pink landwhales smearing of us and they can get stuffed.



      • Done WG but only took a couple of snaps sorry.
        Nothing too exciting it was typical southland cold wet weather but nothing like the wellington crowd are enduring, 60-70 odd people turned up to show there support providing a great atmosphere.

        Ton of support from passing vehicles, heaps of cars with banners and flags heeeeeaps of tooting and not one thumbs down or negative comment but a few karen and kens did give frowny face whilst wearing chin diapers alone in their cars



  7. The latest on the Ukraine:
    February 12, 2022
    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “could begin at any time” according to an unnamed intern at the US State Department, who made the announcement via an official TikTok video.
    The intern stated, “Some guy named Christopher Steele wrote up a dossier saying that Putin would invade Ukraine; he seems credible, so we decided to make the Steele dossier our official policy.”
    Underscoring the seriousness of the tensions, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken later Tweeted, “Our nation is now on the brink of war thanks to all of our hard work in engineering a completely artificial crisis. I want to thank the US media for their unwavering dedication to spreading this hysteria. We knew we could count on you!”
    Even President Biden expressed extreme pessimism about looming “world war when Americans and Russia start shooting at one another” during an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt.
    The President told Holt that any US citizens still in Ukraine should “leave now” (though he did not advise any US citizens in Russia to leave that country, which makes total sense.)
    President Biden further indicated that the US would not evacuate any citizen fleeing Ukraine once war breaks out.
    “We did such a spectacular job leaving our citizens and allies behind in Afghanistan last year,” he said, “and it would be shame to mess up that track record.”
    Biden then clarified that he would consider other options, like allowing people trying to escape Ukraine to cling to the sides of US military aircraft.
    Despite all the talk of war, however, the most important official in the US government– Anthony Fauci– insists that there will be no conflict.
    Early this morning, right after his weekly call with Nancy Pelosi in which the two exchange stock tips, Dr. Fauci explained his position to reporters:
    “We all know I’m in charge of everything in this country. That’s what the science says. And I simply will not allow the President to declare war.”
    “Russian troops aren’t vaccinated, at least not with a compound that generates profit for Pfizer or Moderna. So it’s possible Russian soldiers could spread the virus to our triple-vaccinated US troops during hand-to-hand combat. Clearly the risk of Covid infection is the only thing to be concerned about in this situation, so I cannot allow this super-spreader event to take place.”
    When asked by a reporter if there were any circumstances under which he would permit the President to go to war, Fauci responded,
    “Well there are a few, I suppose. If Putin promised that his troops would be double-masked—I mean, it’s common sense– then yes, I’d allow the war to take place.”
    “And then of course, there’s the unthinkable scenario in which Putin seizes the stockpile of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that we gave to Ukraine. Then it would be f**king Armageddon.”



    • I don’t think the Russians will invade the Ukraine in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere winter. The Russian army knows a thing or two about invading in the winter.

      Russian solidier knows that it is scary when the snow starts speaking in Finnish….



  8. 39 staff now isolating… https://i.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/127758060/covid19-prisoners-in-quarantine-after-22-inmates-and-two-staff-test-positive

    So once a couple more test positive and 90% of staff isolating how are they going to run a prison? Will they go californian crazy and just let prisoners walk free? (I really shouldnt tempt the muppets)

    Its a bit harder for wage staff but any self employed folk need to put the hard word on places you go to not be narks and dob you in as a close contact!
    Ive done this with the folk i contract to, under no circumstance are they to disclose ive been near them for weeks shall they test positive, i tried to convince them not to even get tested but theyre still under covid spell.
    Ive also put the hard word on my sheeple mother not to nark, get everyone on board or get screwed not that id obey any stupid isolation shit.
    Fja and her silly little games



    • I’m self employed and I refuse to scan in anywhere and I’ve made it clear to all my business associates that they are not to list me as a ‘contact’ if anybody even vaguely connected to them is stupid enough to get tested. So far so good, no problems. Nobody seems to want their business shut down over the common cold.

      But it’s a different story with my adult daughter. I asked her not to denounce me to the Stazi if her family came up positive after a sniffle and she’s stopped talking to me since this faked up ‘omigod’ variant failed to kill everybody.



      • I’m sure you are right nasska but read the message in my link above this one, saying Trudeau will not allowed to wave the white flag because his masters at the WEF do not want the first domino to fall. I think that suggestion has credibility.
        Look at the extreme measures Macron is taking with the French protestors –he has his instructions from the WEF.
        Ardern will be getting hers and after the MASSIVE rally in Canberra yesterday Hunt will get his instructions to put heat on Scomo to shut it all down if he can.



      • Nasska….I am pretty sure that she doesn’t have the power to involve the Army in carrying out arrests, even in her declared State of Emergency….would need to declare martial law for that. They army would act in a support role as in the 1951 Watersiders strike by unloading ships…in the current situation they would provide transport and field kitchens etc for the out of town Police reinforcements.

        Or she could do what happened in 1913 and turn famers and shepherds into special constables. Somehow doubt that the Mad Queen could ever raise something like ‘Massey’s Cossacks’…more like soy boys with man buns and handbags riding in on lime scooters.



        • ……”more like soy boys with man buns and handbags riding in on lime scooters.”……

          Well put. It would look like a retake of “It Ain’t Half Hot Mum”.

          Mind you, she’s bought friends in the Mongrel Mob. I wonder if they have a division of mercenaries for hire.



            • I’m not certain that I would have been on their side Toko. I had my run ins with the drivers’ union in the 70s mostly because they had been taken over by Pommie communists but I’m not totally anti union. Without them the employers have too much power. Power that needs counterbalance.

              I actually see a disturbing similarity between Massey’s Mob & those opposing the anti mandate protesters currently suffering at Lake Mallard.



              • Cool history flashback! The “single source of truth” brainwashing that was possible back in the day would have been pretty powerful.

                I remember reading this book a dozen years ago about Australian wharfy strikes, which set me on the path of inquiring, what else have they lied about? At the start of WW2 the Unions were aligned with Russia and hence against the war effort in Australia and New Zealand. It took a few years, if it ever happened, to flush that tribal enmity away.


                On a meta-level, communism was simply a reaction against the excesses of 18th century English industrial capitalism. Marx grew up and was buried in London, and had some good points amongst his crazy talk.

                Equally the passion in the Trucker strike is totally understandable, but they had better be alert to those whom would take that passion and pervert it.



  9. Janet Wilson is yet another journalist who appears to be looking up her own arse instead of finding out what’s actually going on.


    I still can’t fathom the almost universal failure of politicians and journalists to gauge the true momentum behind these protests. I am as far as you can get from being an anti-vax nutter or a QAnon conspiracy theorist, but I’m supporting them, and all I can see is a huge movement of likeminded everyday people pushing back against government authoritarianism.



    • We were never united ever.
      For example.

      the Savage govt.
      Savage and all his mates were pacifist, runaways from the Australian inscriptions of WW1.
      They had a rule that no person who had been a service man in the ww1 could be in Cabinet.
      Of course John a lee was a serviceman and this led to the continuing confrontation between savage and Lee when Lee was by far the most popular politician of the times.
      Lee drove the housing(much more successfully than Twyford), and many other things.
      and it goes on from there. We can look at the springbok tour, Nuclear moments and a probably a thousand other things including the TOW, RMA and so on.
      She needs to wipe her dribble with her panties. Just another dimwitted writer that never met the real world.



    • @Ross12

      It’s no secret about the Graphene Oxide used as Lipids in the Covid vaccines. They have been stuffing it into many vaccines in the last few years, The NIH website has many articles going back years hailing Graphene Oxide as a massive breakthrough. They even stuff it into Tetanus shots nowadays, And yes, it is lethal because of its electro-magnetic properties which intensify the intrinsic ionic charge of the Spike protein.

      The Graphene Oxide tubes is only the start. It is the much smaller programmable “particles” hidden inside the Graphene Oxide nanotubes that are of greater concern.

      And combined with blood samples of some vaccinated people (dead or alive) where the iron centre of the hemoglobin has been removed, and transported elsewhere in the body. this explains the deaths due to Hypoxemia / Hypoxia as the O2 supply chain via the hemoglobin is disrupted.

      So do we have microscopic “War of the Worlds” aliens hammering away inside some of the vaccinated population, building Borg like structures using the Graphene Oxide and stolen iron from the hemoglobin?

      Borg Queen : Human! We used to be exactly like them. Flawed. Weak. Organic. But we evolved to include the synthetic. I will not rest until everyone is Borg.

      Jacinda Ardern: “I will not rest until everyone is vaccinated.”

      Prior to Covid, a New Zealander died:
      [1] Every 20 minutes from the top three: Cancer, Heart Disease, and Respiratory Disease.
      [2] Every 3 hours from Respiratory Disease.
      [3] Every 10 hours from the flu.

      [4] If we take the 54+ deaths from Covid as Gospel from St Ardern, then people have died with Covid every 2+ weeks = 16 days = 384 hours.

      [5] Since we know that the PCR test is flawed, tat stats have been manipulated, and that those who died had multiple co-morbidities and would have died from any other aggressive flu, you can divide these deaths by 10 at the very minimum. So deaths from Covid would become every 22 weeks = 160 days = 3840 hours.

      [6] Even taking [4] and the utterances from the Pulpit of Truth as fact, what is worse? A death every 3 hours from Respiratory Disease, a death every 10 hours from the flu, or a death every 384 hours from Covid?

      Where is the relative threat from a death every 384 hours, that requires the rights of every man, women and child to be discarded in Auschwitz style to protect against a virus that is 1/128th as lethal as existing Respiratory Diseases and 1/38 as lethal as the flu?

      [7] The Pulpit of Truth could irrationally argue that masks, lockdowns, and vaccines have reduced the probable death toll from Covid. If masks and lockdowns worked, then all my jabbed relatives would not have complained about getting a vicious flu this year, while ourselves and unjabbed relatives did not experience the flu?

      [8] The Health Forum is reporting over 600 vaccine deaths. Deaths where the death co-incided with the vaccine or shortly thereafter and many many cases, a cause of death where there was no existing co-morbidity.

      The Health Forum has also reported that NZDSOS doctors are examining the deaths, and so far have confirmed without doubt that over 300 deaths were due to the vaccine. So that is one death every 24 hours. Given that vaccinations started off at Zero and Ramped up to the current supposed 90%, the current death rate is actually substantially higher. If the average is weighted to take into account the rising curve, current deaths will probably be in the order of every 12 hours,

      So ignoring all the vaccine injuries like the three different Carditis which will over time drop life expectancy and increase early deaths, how is one death every 12/24 hours from the vaccine, a better outcome than one death every 384/3840 hours from Covid itself?

      On what planet is it being kind to take the lives of somewhere between 16 (at the lowest) and 320 (at the highest) to purportedly (if the vaccine actually worked) save the life of one person? In what universe? Maybe a Borg universe, but not in a human universe.



  10. David Fisher continuing his attacks on people.

    One of the rallying voices behind Parliament’s protest is Kelvyn Alp and his conspiracy-loaded Counterspin outlet. His background includes an unsuccessful political career, a failed gold mining scheme and links to global ‘fake news’ network, writes David Fisher.

    In the cacophonous protest on Parliament grounds this week, there were a few rallying calls louder than others.


    And there appears to be an audience with viewer numbers on the right-leaning, conspiracy-courting Rumble video website where Counterspin videos were posted. Its video viewing numbers have gone from humble hundreds prior to last weekend’s convoy to tens of thousands. One video has been viewed more than 50,000 times.

    Fiosher is pissed because he can’t raise his numbers. wonder why?

    Time this scurrilous bastard was booted.



  11. I want to know how all these Hollywood celebrities are getting into the country…are they actually going through MIQ?

    A mate of my sons said that he was made to sign in at the door at Bunnings yesterday.
    The two customers who has signed in before him were David Hasselhoff and George Clooney.



  12. VFF. Public announcement concerning arrests

    Since Thursday, there have been over 100 arrests from the protests at Parliament Grounds, Wellington. Police have charged people with trespass, resisting arrest, and misdemeanour. 👮🏼‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️

    At this stage, many have received their charges and were released. There are, however, five women still held at Arohata and 19 at Rimutaka.

    We have been actively supporting anyone charged, held in either the cells at Wellington or shifted to a prison.

    We have engaged lawyers in Wellington trying to speak with both groups of women, but the Police and Corrections Staff are hampering this. We also need clearer and more concise information from the family members on the outside.




  13. From Gary Moller posting on the BFD.

    “By the way: Did you know that the toilets at the Railway Station have been locked just to make life more difficult for these genuine and peaceful people, and The Honourable Speaker of the house is continuing to bast the people with loud music and COVID messages? There is no honour in this kind of petulant behaviour. The people running the show, including the Speaker, are acting pathetically and should be ashamed of themselves. It only serves to outrage decent Kiwis and to harden the resolve of the people on the ground.”




  14. How we change from the first baby to later ones:

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    loved by millions.
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    Everyone loved her.
     Third Child: I got your name from a web suggestion site.

    Holding the new baby
     First Child: We’re the only ones who can hold her.
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    I’ve prepared by hand in a carefully-sanitised kitchen.
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    pasteurised milk with essential oils
     Second Child: Your baths will be a mixture of warm water and baby oil
     Third Child: We’ll hose you off in the backyard twice a week.



  15. I spent around six hours at the protest yesterday.
    Helped to erect donated canopies and assemble gas heaters, talking, connecting, and feeling extremely privileged to be present. The experience was something very, very special.
    I got so saturated my shoes filled up with water. A little discomfort was a small price to pay.
    It was definitely worth it.
    It was the first time in many years that I have felt at peace.
    The organizers deserve commendations, medals and whatever else immense appreciation can offer.

    Successive governments have destroyed communities throughout this once great land by implementing a divide and conquer strategy to intentionally harm all relationships. This protest is blowing that strategy out of the water.

    What I have experienced at every march or gathering that I have attended, is unity.
    It was a glimpse of what we once had and could have again.
    It showed that, with a steely resolve, and an army of like minded people, anything is possible.

    If we hold the line for a little bit longer, I believe we will win.




    • The friendly relaxed vibe at those gatherings is hard to describe. Definately the nicest group of people I’ve ever encountered.

      So different to the vicious vile climate riots, and other leftist cries for communism.



    • Interesting you say that. for over 20 years I was a member of Lions International. We did hundreds of community projects, had a truck load of fun and helped so many people, ran so many events but then along came the RMA, pokie machines, Lotto and seven day trading. Lions now are a shadow of their former great organization as are so many other groups such as Round Table and jaycees’.
      those were the days when community was community.



    • Thanks for your efforts!!!

      BGR awards you ‘Hero – First Class, Second Division’

      Congratulations from Mrs Rissole.

      (Starving Artist and Rissole are ‘Hero – First Class, First Division’)



    • Have a look at the memorable photo of Kiwis in torrential rain holding the NZ flag with parliament spotlights – A picture worth a thousand words.

      The way labour is responding to the #Convoy2022NZ makes perfect sense. They thought they’d managed to make kiwis so pathetic / delicate this past few years that some bright lights, water and bad music would scare us away😆It’s had the exact opposite effect tho’!



  16. Its gunna be hilarious when big business like fonterror etc get hit…

    The stupid thing is ppl like the guy in this story are not imprisoned by the state but their own psychological prison created by conformity, walk out the front door and leave ffs hit the fire alarm if you have to then piss off. No ones holding a gun to their head to stay there



  17. Everyday i see the covid updates it still suprises me the amount of morons getting tested.
    Then i remember how many voted for jacinda and realize our country is full of braindead twats.

    Theyre ramping up the pcr threshold to push the country into omigod stage 2 which means more fear and more of cindys ego appearing at press conferences spinning her epic fail



  18. The Horrid-
    “Covid-19 Omicron outbreak: New Zealand hits another record for daily Covid cases, with 810 cases on Big Boost Weekend”
    “The ministry also confirmed that there were no positive Covid cases linked to a large-scale protest on Parliament grounds in Wellington.”

    How inconvenient for them.



  19. What in all of Sam Hill do the National Party leadership think they are doing?
    Luxon produced an allegedly rousing speech on the state of the nation, they’re trying to take the government to task for rent increases, cost of living increases, rural mental health crisis, credit regulations and mortgage lending, and wasteful government spending.

    Do you take any notice of their announcements?
    No neither did I
    No one did.

    The NZ National Party strategists are even more incompetent that the Labour government.
    How can anyone be more stupid than Twyford, Clark, and Davis?

    They have had an open goal for four looong years and have failed, failed, failed to make any headway.
    Now, they have drastically and catastrophically misread the room over Covid protests.

    Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis have posted stupid nonsense about supporting the police, while the IPCA phone is ringing off the hook and their email servers are overloaded with complaints.
    When people have their lives back they’ll be interested in inflation and who caused it.
    Meanwhile it’s all about THE MANDATES

    Have you not read you own FB pages?
    You post about MIQ, your subscribers talk about MANDATES
    You post about mortgage lending, your subscribers talk about MANDATES
    You post about mental health, your subscribers talk about MANDATES
    You post about rent increases, your subscribers talk about MANDATES

    How could it be any fucking plainer?



  20. My wife put out the offer on Friday via one of Telegram sites, supporting the protesters that we would offer to give people the use of a shower etc. Nothing happened so this morning we decided to go down and offer “on the street”. Firstly when we got down there it was still blowing and raining like hell but to our surprise the crowd was still there and everyone was in very good spirits.
    I cannot believe how well organised it is and how quickly people in Wellington and beyond are responding to calls for help, equipment etc.
    We had a lady from Christchurch take up our offer and she mainly wanted to do some washing and drying and we went around to the equipment drop off centre to see if there were others needing help. They have a couple of first aid areas and if there was anyone who seemed to be getting too cold they sent them to the “warming room” which is the entrance way to a bar which has been walled off too provide a warm area. We met an old guy from Whangarei who there so he got the other seat in the car. So we bought them home, they showered , washed clothes etc and got filled up with warm drinks and some food ( did not eat much because they are being so well at the protest). Both great people with lots of positive stories to tell.

    Both had the same to say as Bn @ 1.48. The sense of community and pulling together for a common cause was over powering.
    CJ ( the lady) said she was going to go to the pop up in CH CH but when she saw the violence from the Police the other day she thought this was not right and she and her mates hopped on the plane (she is vaxxed because of work). Max drove down from up north in the convoy and said the people supporting from the side of the road all the way “blew his mind”. Janet Wilson and co. are totally deluded to think this is a small group of “ramble rousers ”

    So just got back from returning them to Parliament.

    The ladies that are still in prison are there because they refused to sign a form which seems to essentially say they agree to what the arrest was all about.

    Late yesterday they sent out a request for clothes so people could change into something dry. Soon after lunch today the message went out to say they had more than enough, thank you. Another example of the organisation and the generosity of the Ardern’s “small minority”.

    I’m optimistic this has a long way more to go yet.



  21. I’m very disappointed by Seymour’s lack of guts and refusal to go meet with the protesters, but I’ll allow him a point for describing the cunt Mallard as thinking he’s Macauley Culkin in Home Alone.



  22. I’m hearing fantastic reports from a lady who attended the parliament gathering. She reckons the cops have changed too.

    Someone bought a truck load of hay in and the mud issue is fixed. The grass isn’t looking so flash though. Which will only bother stuck up leftist lunch eaters who infest the area during the week.



  23. A comment from one of the many twitter links (not sure which one sorry)

    Sums up the situation tho…

    It is now the NZ Working Class vs the Politicians, the Academics and the NZ Mainstream Media.

    Also known as:

    The Taxpayer vs the Taxpayer-Funded.



  24. Go solar the greenies say, strap a giant fire risk to your house they say…

    No sympathy to any muppet that straps a lithium power bank inside or to the side of their house, you wouldnt store a fuel can near an ignition source inside your home. Put the bloody things in a garden shed down the back yard ffs, and eco wankers with Evs well go ahead charge/ store them in your garage, you deserve it for being a woke climate freak.



  25. Have to change my opinion on the divine after todays pop up protest at Silverdale. After very little rain all day two heavy showers.
    Didn’t dampen spirits though another large group in excess of 150. The upside was an awesome rainbow in the background for the photo ops. We had two ambulances pass (one with sirens on the way to a callout) honked and waived, and a policeman stop and offer encouragement. Generally a lot of support from passing traffic with only the occasional crazy person.



    • Note how that lawyer is conservatively dressed. Note how he chooses his words in a careful deliberative manner. He was admitted to the Bar in 1979, so he is no spring chicken. This is the sort of lawyer that Aussies have come to respect. When a gentleman like him talks like that you know you have an exceedingly serious problem at hand.



  26. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/300516458/sanitation-and-squalor-causing-emerging-health-issues-at-parliament-protest-concerns-for-children
    Wellingtonians should expect “a very high presence” of police on the ground on Monday, in an attempt to reduce “unacceptable behaviours” such as threats to members of the public.

    Businesses, individuals or groups offering catering and accommodation to protesters, described by Parnell as “sympathisers”, were ultimately supporting an unlawful occupation, he said.

    The group of protesters has steadily increased in numbers over the day.

    “I’m not happy with that because that hasn’t assisted in terms of ultimately returning Wellington to some freedom.”

    When asked whether police could have acted sooner, Parnell said “hindsight is a wonderful thing”.

    “I don’t think we could ever have predicted the scalability and actually what has played out here,” he said.
    “The plan is not to wait this out,” Parnell said.

    “We simply won’t resolve this overnight. There’s a number of complexities there, and we simply won’t arrest our way out of it.”

    I think they arrested so many people that day, they ran out of staff/infrastructure…….and had to back off.
    Tactic failure in your face.
    And he sounds like he thinks ‘sympathisers’ should ideally be arrested too!



    • Anyone using “think of the children” is a piece of shit.

      Climate protesters drag kids out of school, fill them with fear, and force them to march on parliament. The media celebrate that.

      This protest is no problem to anyone except politicians. The lockdowns affected 5 million people. Hypocrisy.



      • Exactly. This is a family friendly, ordinary NZ citizen, peaceful gathering. If the kids weren’t there, there’d be rubber bullets, riot squads and tear gas. The children at Ihamatao if that’s the word, stayed for two winters. Bust out the geetars plod. Let them entertain US.