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  1. $$$$$… https://i.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/news/wellington/128197692/transmission-gully-name-doesnt-cut-it-rebrand-in-the-works

    Its been how long now and its just become an issue? The bros know when to make maximum financial impact.

    What did the pre euro maoris call their expensive highway and transmission lines they built? These tribal cnuts are outve control, is be happy with a rebrand so long as the “upset” trive 100% funds it from their own finances…. and just like that there wasnt an issue anymore



    • So it finishes with some guy saying, not part of the actual programme, how there was separation during the 1940’s to 1960’s in Pukekohe, schools, swimming pools, barbers etc, – anyone know anything about this.



  2. Re Transmission Gully;
    “Gift a name……”, so it’ll be free, right?
    Like fuck.
    Koha will fly like bitch slaps at the Oscars.
    Taniwha will be appeased (backdated to the 1990’s, naturally).
    Expensive “consultation” will be sought on a new name no one asked for and very few people will understand.
    All so the fanged narcissist and her scurvy hangers on can cut the ribbon and gloat ,”See what I’ve achieved!”.



  3. A man walks into the pharmacy with his 9-year old son.

    They happen to walk by the condom display, and the boy asks, “What are these, Dad?”

    To which the man matter-of- factly replies, “Those are called Condoms son. Men use them to have safe sex.”

    “Oh I see,” replied the boy pensively. “Yes, I’ve heard of that in health class at school.”

    He looks over the display and picks up a package of 3 and asks, “Why are there 3 in this package?”

    The dad replies, “Those are for high school boys, one For Friday, one for Saturday, and one for Sunday.”

    “Cool” says the boy. He notices a 6 pack and asks, “Then who are these for?”

    “Those are for college men,” the dad answers, “two For Friday, two for Saturday, and two for Sunday.”

    “WOW!” exclaimed the boy, “then who uses THESE?” he asks, picking up a 12 pack. With a sigh and a tear in his eye, the dad replies.
    “Those are for married men, son. One for January, one for February, one for March…”



  4. It is rumored Christopher Luxon is going to go on TV1 News tonight with Fake Ginger Jess to show the country the big shiny new set of balls he has grown. Most of the news hour will be taken up with this phenomenon.

    The country will be in awe. ////



  5. So, the Government has already decided that 3 Waters is going ahead. Regardless.

    Were you asked?

    Top appointments in the DIA have been made, a new Executive Director has been appointed (Maori) within the DIA to work with Iwi and Maori. There is no mention of working with anyone else in New Zealand. The Ratepayers & Taxpayers of this country obviously don’t matter.




  6. Transmission gully is opening and we should have a celebration in Auckland as at least it was our tax money that paid for a road, even if it is in the wrong region.
    We’re having our carparks removed from the street and apartment/townhouse complexes no longer provide parking. They’re determined to ruin auckland and that is totally in line with cindys dedication to destroying NZ on all levels so she can claim capitalism has failed. Once the useless train to the airport starts, more retail will be fucked and the next 50 years of rate payers will have this outdated lemon to pay off as well as subsidise in perpetuity.
    Auckland needs roads, harbour crossings, car parks and tunnels to assure a safe modern prosperous future.
    If we can’t have them lets at least spend the money on the provincial road nightmares so our relatives are safe, our holidays easier and our mainstay rural economy is facilitated with a real transport network.



    • …. conflated with conspiracy theories and alt-right politics,” ….
      Looking for further angles to control free speech, probably in the name of “misinformation” and “disinformation” leading to criminalizing any of those thoughts.

      See the result of this “thought”

      30 Aug, 2000 … “What seems to have not received similar attention is the holocaust suffered by indigenous people, including Maori, as a result of colonial contact and behaviour.” ….

      …. spiritually and psychologically damaging.”
      The psychological consequence was Maori self-hatred, suicide and the high number convicted of crimes of violence, or Maori women and children who were their victims. …..


      The New Zealand history curriculum will make sure that local holocausts cause major ongoing compensation, and to counter balance colonist, white, privilege, with empowering creation of ‘more seats than bums’ for special people, so special rates, fees, royalties, levies, taxes can be applied.



  7. So Tuwharetoa want history as they rewrite it, taught in schools around new Zealand.

    I bet you a dollar to a knobble of goat shit they will not want the disgraceful history of Tuwharetoa, where they drove thousands of Maori down the Wanganui River from the slopes of Mt Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro to what is now Cherry Grove, in Taumarunui (at the confluence of the Wanganui River and Ongarue River) and slaughtered them in the thousands, ate and enslaved them, taught in schools throughout New Zealand.

    For this act of Tuwharetoa was carried out not long before the evil Colonialist appeared on the scene in this country.

    Discretion Warning: I think the photo in this article may have been the NZ Betta Test for original Barcoding worldwide.




    • “Rayner says she cannot understand why the Prime Minister seems unaware of the issue when they have access to the same data. ”
      Because she is either dumb or a lying bitch – Answer – Both.



    • Thanks Ross12

      The slow & pedantic Dr. John Campbell, who used to carefully step over the cracks in the Covidial issues, now has turned, albeit slowly, but looking much more strongly, to just what is the evidence and now questioning to just what is it based on.

      I see that this is based on an article in the British Medical Journal.
      Further links in that Utube clip.

      The illusion of evidence based medicine
      32:30 : Dr. John Campbell

      Evidence based medicine has been corrupted by corporate interests, failed regulation, and commercialisation of academia, argue these authors …..

      Not commissioned, [by corporates & is] externally peer reviewed
      Solid scientific foundation for medicine

      Validity of this new paradigm [needs]
      Reliable data from clinical trials, [but, conflict of interest]
      Mostly conducted by the pharmaceutical industry

      Global trends in clinical studies of ivermectin in COVID-19 ….. … to conduct clinical trials of ivermectin for COVID-19 in Japan.
      This company has priority to submit an application for an expansion of ivermectin’s indications, since the original approval for the manufacture and sale of ivermectin was conferred to it.
      However, the company said that it had no intention of conducting clinical trials.

      The release into the public domain of previously confidential pharmaceutical industry documents,
      valuable insight into the degree to which industry sponsored clinical trials are misrepresented
      Until this problem is corrected, evidence based medicine will remain an illusion

      Karl Popper :— Critical rationalism, advocated for the integrity of science and its role in an open, democratic society.

      A science of real integrity practitioners are careful not to cling to cherished hypotheses, and take seriously the outcome of the most stringent experiments. This ideal is, however, threatened by corporations, financial interests trump the common good.

      Medicine is largely dominated by a small number of very large pharmaceutical companies, that compete for market share, but are effectively united in their efforts to expanding that market.

      Scientific progress is thwarted by the ownership of data and knowledge because industry suppresses negative trial results, fails to report adverse events, and does not share raw data with the academic research community.

      Patients die because of the adverse impact of commercial interests on the research agenda, universities, and regulators.

      Hierarchical power structures, product loyalty, and public relations propaganda over scientific integrity.
      Universities, have adopted a neo-liberal market approach, actively seeking pharmaceutical funding on commercial terms. As a result, university departments become instruments of industry:
      through company control of the research agenda,
      and ghostwriting of medical journal articles and continuing medical education,
      academics become agents for the promotion of commercial products.

      The corporate university also compromises the concept of academic leadership.
      Deans, (proper academics) have in places been replaced with fundraisers and academic managers,
      who are forced to demonstrate their profitability or show how they can attract corporate sponsors.
      In medicine, those who succeed in academia are likely to be key opinion leaders (KOLs in marketing parlance),
      whose careers can be advanced through the opportunities provided by industry,
      physicians are selected based on their influence on prescribing habits of other physicians
      KOLs are sought out by industry for this influence and for the prestige that their university affiliation brings to the branding of the company’s products.
      KOLs present results of industry trials at medical conferences and in continuing medical education.
      Instead of acting as independent, disinterested scientists and critically evaluating a drug’s performance, they become what marketing executives refer to as “product champions.”

      While universities fail to correct misrepresentations of the science from such collaborations,
      critics of industry face rejections from journals, legal threats, and the potential destruction of their careers.
      This uneven playing field is exactly what concerned Popper when he wrote about:—
      Suppression and control of the means of science communication (Popper)

      Regulators receive funding from industry, and use industry funded and performed trials to approve drugs,
      without in most cases seeing the raw data.
      Drug companies, “mark their own homework”.

      Our proposals for reforms liberation of regulators from drug company funding taxation imposed on pharmaceutical companies to allow public funding of independent trials.
      [Make] anonymised individual patient level trial data posted, along with study protocols, & suitable accessible websites.
      Trial participants could require trialists to make the data available.
      The open and transparent publication of data are with in keeping with our moral obligation to trial participations.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      I hope some of the people in medicine can see how to fight back against the medical tyranny of the current political medical autocracy and amplified by the controlled systemic media.
      Also for the general public can see through this, and surge up in the counter challenge to mandates, health passports, & recognition of the vaxx side effects.



    • Scroll down a bit on that link and there is a good meme….photograph of ‘Rear’ Admiral Rachael Devine, United States assistant secretary for health, captioned…
      “This Woman’s yearly physical, require a prostrate exam”.



  8. The road has been named Te Ara Nui o Te Rangihaeata, the defence of Te Rangihaeata, by Ngāti Toa.

    But but they were just mentioning it.
    so a done deal then Lieing pieces of shit.

    But Transmission Gully is really to long for a name
    Well,,,, Te Ara Nui o Te Rangihaeata

    these fools never sleep.

    How about state highway 1.



  9. the history according to them.
    Te Ara Nui o Te Rangihaeata is the name gifted to the Transmission Gully motorway by Ngāti Toa. The name means the defence of Te Rangihaeata.

    Ngāti Toa Rangatira chairman Callum Katene says the land was under dispute as early as 1839. Soon after Te Rangihaeata retreated up this valley fighting to protect the land at Battle Hill, and it was the “lighting of the wick” for the battle for land in Aotearoa New Zealand. He says it’s an appropriate name to remember accurate history.

    From the road you can see Battle Hill, where the final stand-off between Te Rangihaeata and the Crown forces was held before Te Rangihaeata retreated to Poroutawhao in the Horowhenua, just past Levin.

    Te Raprahau was every bit as bad as Hioni Hika but apparently you become a saint in your old age.
    certainly a leader but not a nice one. As the Ngai Tahu ,in the north of the south Isalnd where he captured them, tattooed them , waited then chopped their heads off, dried them and sold the heads to the poms.



    • What an amateur. Nga Puhi used to invite the visiting whalers to describe with their slave what the moko should look like. Then they were tattooed and heads lopped off, preserved etc
      On the plus side of you walk up to the top of Battle hill, it’s a great view.



  10. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2022/03/police-arrest-richard-sivell-who-allegedly-made-death-threats-against-prime-minister-jacinda-ardern.html
    A man on the police watch list after allegedly making death threats against Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been arrested at a Bay of Plenty property.

    Sivell had allegedly been posting threatening messages on the Telegram chat group about Ardern and others involved in the COVID-19 response.

    “They are going to die. We are not going to allow them to share this world with us anymore. Same as Jacinda. She is going to die. Execute these motherf***ers. I look forward to hearing their necks snap,” Sivell allegedly said in an audio message on the Counterspin channel on Telegram.

    Sivell allegedly talked about holding Ardern “accountable” and stringing her up in another audio message on Telegram Newshub has heard.

    Sivell recorded himself being arrested by police which was shared on Telegram.



    • And how many of the dr’s patients became infected with KungFlu?
      Let me guess – none, zip, nada?
      Those who have been waiting just a few short years( or maybe five) to have cataracts done will be delighted this menace has been removed ///// because eye surgeons are ten-a-penny /////
      Fines wouldn’t have been hard enough, suspension wouldn’t have been hard enough, let’s completely remove registration from a skilled professional in short supply who has done no harm to anybody.
      I wonder if there’s overseas travel in the eye surgeon’s tea leaves, and NZs loss is a foreign gain -again.

      Had an eye test last week.
      No one asked if I was vaccinated. They don’t have to as they cannot withhold a medical procedure.
      Me and the tester all masked up in a tiny room, but my breath kept fogging up the equipment, so I was politely asked to remove my mask. Didn’t occur to me to ask if the tester was jabbed – given transmission stats it would have been completely irrelevant.



    • Like we have an abundabce of eye surgeons around. Just another nasty cartel.
      Monopoly cartels always behave the same.

      How much for a cataract.
      Fred Hollows $20
      Eye surgeons $5000

      Guess Fred needs to raise his prices.



  11. Wonder if the sleuths checked the date:

    “Police have confirmed they are planning for the possibility of a second protest at Parliament next month.

    A police operation brought a 23-day demonstration to an end this month, after anti-mandate protesters gridlocked central Wellington streets and constructed a tent occupation on Parliament’s lawn.

    Protesters were able to easily put up tents and illegally park cars on Tuesday, February 8, even though they had openly discussed their plans online over Waitangi Weekend.

    A website entitled “Unite” indicates it is planning 14 days of protest action in the capital, beginning at 9am on Friday, April 1“.



  12. Christchurch woman shocked at ANZ’s security after thieves empty her bank account with stolen card not knowing her password

    “I thought I would only have to cancel my card and then my luck would return but they informed me that my internet banking passcode had been changed 15 minutes prior to this call and thousands of dollars from your savings account have been transferred into your main account,” she explained.

    “They then proceeded to tell me that several thousands of dollars had been withdrawn from ATM machines.”

    “They print your customer number, which is a vital piece of information to log into your internet banking, on the back of the debit card.”

    The thieves used this number and information from her phone to access Teale-Russ’s account.



  13. To the moon:

    The pricing intentions of Kiwi businesses suggest inflation is “moon bound”


    Record number of houses being built with record unsold properties and record net migration loss- all at once 🤣

    CRASH ####




  14. A Lefty FB ‘friend’ posted excitedly that she had acquired her Ed Sheeran tickets.
    “Got my tickets Yay! Thank You Aunty Jacinda!”

    I couldn’t help but point out that these tour dates are part of a massive world tour and unlikely to have been arranged personally by Queen Jacinda..(I expect to be unfriended soon)
    What the fuck is wrong with these people?? They literally think the world revolves around that dreadful woman…



    • Toko@1508

      The ending was quite an interesting one IMHO, and noticeably the hitherto-arrogant and stonewalling ‘Director’ had no response, and typically, Nadler (Democrats) was doing what he always does best ; Preventing the submission of ANYTHING that HE doesn’t personally-agree with.

      Thank you.



  15. Despite being a Crown Entity, the IPCA is not subject to the Official Information Act (OIA), which closes down a vital accountability mechanism for proper scrutiny.

    The result is that the IPCA is subject to less sunlight than the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) – the spies are subject to the OIA but the police watchdog is not.




    • BN….further down in your link…

      Met my new neighbours, lovely young couple just bought there first home. They bought over a load of wild pork, we exchanged with fresh vegetables and fruit from the garden. This is the real NZ.

      They told me they refer to Cindy as Maggot mouth 😂will be fast friends I reckon!



  16. Another interesting email from Simon Black at Sovereign Man
    March 29, 2022
    In 1895, a 32-year old entrepreneur in New York City bought a failing newspaper and hatched a bold plan to turn it around.
    The newspaper industry was cutthroat, especially in New York. There were at least 16 other daily newspapers in circulation, and there was fierce competition for readers’ attention.
    But the young entrepreneur had an idea: thrill readers with tales of death, destruction, and brutality in the Cuban War for Independence against Spain.
    Cuba was a Spanish colony at the time, but revolutionary forces had been fighting for independence for several years. Few people in the US really cared about Cuba. But the new publisher vowed to make them care.
    His name was William Randolph Hearst. And his paper, the New York Morning Journal, constantly thrust Cuba in his readers’ faces.
    Their stories were full-blown sensationalism. By early 1898, Hearst’s Journal was printing outright fabrications of atrocities committed by Spanish troops in Cuba, in an effort to whip up public support for the United States to join the war.
    The government played along. While ‘war crimes’ did not yet exist, US President William McKinley escalated tensions by accusing Spain of atrocities, saying in a speech that “the civilized code of warfare has been disregarded.”
    Then, on February 15, 1898, a US naval vessel known as the Maine exploded and sank in Havana Harbor off the coast of Cuba. 268 sailors died.
    Several investigations were conducted, and to this day there is still nothing conclusive explaining how the explosion took place. It’s entirely possible that the explosion was caused by the Maine’s on-board fuel.
    But Hearst (along with many other papers) jumped to publish stories claiming the Maine was sunk by a Spanish torpedo, and they continued agitating for the US to join the war.
    Thanks to the effective media propaganda, most Americans were in favor of war. The newspapers had cast Spain as the evil aggressor, and its commanding general, Valeriano Weyler, was routinely called a “butcher”.
    The newspapers told Americans that the fight against Spain was a necessary one… that it was a matter of moral righteousness— a crusade of good against evil.
    They finally got their wish in April 1898 when the Spanish-American War broke out.
    There are a lot of similarities with the media today.
    The level of trust in the media is already laughably low. There was the obvious Hunter Biden laptop coverup, which most mainstream media refused to even mention during the US Presidential election in 2020.
    Then there were the outright lies in the Russia collusion hoax, for which the New York Times was even awarded the ‘esteemed’ Pulitzer Prize.
    (Coincidentally, the Pulitzer is named after Joseph Pulitzer, a newspaper publisher who also fabricated lies in the late 1800s and agitated for war against Spain.)
    Then there’s the case of Biden appointee Tracy Stone-Manning, who was nominated last year to head up the federal government’s Bureau of Land Management.
    Stone-Manning is a former eco-terrorist who participated in violent campaigns against forestry workers in her youth.
    This isn’t some wild conspiracy theory; Stone-Manning has admitted to wrongdoing, including sending violent threats to the US federal Forestry Service. She ultimately avoided prosecution and saved herself by ratting out her associates.
    But a recent Freedom of Information Act request revealed that NBC News colluded with the Biden Administration to go easy on Tracy Stone-Manning during her confirmation hearing, and whitewash over her terrorist history.
    This is pretty incredible…
    Think about the media circus a few years ago when US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexually assaulting someone when he was a teenager.
    There was no promise from NBC News (and other mainstream propagandists) to go easy on the allegations against Justice Kavanaugh that went back 30+ years.
    Instead, they smeared his name and deemed him guilty.
    It’s also noteworthy that, during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing, several protestors stormed the Capital and physically accosted United States Senators in order to prevent the Constitutional voting process from occurring.
    Yet NBC News declined to label those protestors ‘domestic terrorists’, or to claim that democracy was ‘under attack’ because they had criminally trespassed into the Capitol.
    This is the same media which acted as the government mouthpiece during COVID, justifying the public health dictatorship that took over the world.
    This is the same media which watched cities burn in 2020 and said the protests were “mostly peaceful”.
    And, yes, this is the same media that has routinely pushed America into war. It wasn’t just Spain in 1898.
    The United States joined the Vietnam War based on a Gulf of Tonkin skirmish with the North Vietnamese which never actually occurred. But the Johnson administration and intelligence sources said it happened, so the media reported it as fact.
    Then there were those supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, which the media dutifully reported without question and helped push the US into war back in 2003.
    Today many in the media are calling for an escalation against Russia. They want a no-fly zone. They cheer the President’s dementia-ridden foreign policy and praise him for impromptu comments that only escalate tensions.
    Most of all, they force feed the war in Ukraine, 24/7, as if that’s supposed to be our #1 priority.
    Forget about the economy, rising prices, and supply chain dysfunction… and forget about conflict anywhere else in the world. We’re only allowed to care about Ukraine and Putin.
    Historically speaking, it is not far-fetched to think the media could help push the world into a major war… and one with potential nuclear ramifications.
    It’s not inevitable, but we are closer today than any other time since at least 1962— and certainly closer than even a week ago.
    To your freedom,



  17. Here’s a thought.

    When you hear the phrase “Indigenous People”, do you assume that said people are 100% pure? Or are “Indigenous People” really like cranberry juice? Made from 3% cranberry, but mostly apple juice, fructose and coloring agents?

    What is the threshold of blood for someone to claim that they are a member of the “Indigenous People”?



  18. A friend who has covid just called to tell me he asked his doctor to prescribe Ivermectin this morning. The doctor laughed and said it doesn’t work and is just horse dewormer. When a doctor comes out and tells such an outrageous lie and misinformation is it any wonder confidence in the medical profession has taken such a sharp knock?



  19. Wellington Police preparing for possible second Parliament protest

    Now, a group called NZUnite is announcing a 14-day protest starting on April 1. They plan on holding a different protest event each day and will “build and peak” in numbers as they go.

    “Let’s create the loving and peaceful atmosphere we saw at Parliament, and keep the momentum going to show the Government we are not going away,” the group wrote on Telegram.

    According to one person in their Telegram channel, they’re protesting the Government:

    “pledging allegiance to the World Economic Forum”

    “making natural medicine illegal, leaving only chemical-based (crude oil) products”

    “[the Government] signing an agreement with the World Health Organization”, who have “changed the meaning of the words plandemic and vaccines so they decide there will be the next pandemic without any proof”.



    • Are their any bookies taking bets on trevs/police response?

      1st bet, the first day hundreds of police will be present and will bar any access to any of parliaments grounds.

      2nd bet, police/ antifa will send in scum to stir up and increasingly create carnage.

      3rd bet, due to 2nd bet circumstances wellington will see a full blown out of control riot.

      4th bet, cindy will be nowhere to be seen probably not even in the country.



    • True that!
      Any easily exchangable commodities will be better then digital currency, the barter system shall return when it all goes tits up.

      Ideally us “tinfoil hatters” need to start creating a parallel economy now using the current systems “money” to get it up and running but keep it fully out of their control. The debt cant stop now or everything falls over but the debt is unsustainable so a reset is inevitable.
      People think crypto is the answer, its not as anything digital can be controled. They may not be able to control the blockchain eyc but they certainly can control your access to the internet or electricity.

      Gold and silver are money, everything else is just credit ~ JP Morgan



    • So the race relations commissioner is advocating the anti Russian hatred popularised by Hitler who vowed to exterminate them and killed over 20 million:

      Never forget that the rulers of present-day Russia are common blood-stained criminals; that they are the scum of humanity which, favoured by circumstances, overran a great state in a tragic hour, slaughtered out thousands of her leading intelligentsia in wild bloodlust, and now for almost ten years have been carrying on the most cruel and tyrannical regime of all time.

      Furthermore, do not forget that these rulers belong to a race which combines, in a rare mixture, bestial cruelty and an inconceivable gift for lying, and which today more than ever is conscious of a mission to impose its bloody oppression on the whole world.

      Adolph Hitler- Socialist



  20. “If someone’s employment was terminated and this took effect while a government vaccination mandate or employer vaccination requirement was in place, that decision still stands,” the website states.

    “A former employee does not have a right to get their old job back, or any other role with their previous employer.

    “In the current tight labour market, we expect that some employers, who no longer maintain a vaccination requirement, may want workers to return if they still have suitable vacancies.”

    READ MORE: What you need to know about the new Covid-19 rules

    It reiterated there was no requirement for an employer to offer a former employee their job back, or for a former employee to accept an offer.

    “Employees will still be able to bring a personal grievance if they feel they have been unjustifiably dismissed or disadvantaged as a result of a decision their employer has made about vaccination,” Employment NZ said.

    Vaccine mandates were introduced last year.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the Government had always been cautious about their use, only applying them to certain workforces.


    I hope every single person that lost thoieir jobs because of mandates and the resulting business downturn remember this at election time and lay the blame where it should be. On her head.



  21. Police Minister blocks MP from meeting commanders, says cops ‘too busy’

    Police Minister Poto Williams has refused to let National’s police spokesman meet the Commissioner or any district commanders, saying cops are too busy for him.

    Mark Mitchell took over the National police portfolio late last year and has cried foul over Williams’ repeated refusals of his requests.

    The Opposition MP and Williams also had a feisty exchange in the House today, where the minister accused former cop Mitchell of “disrespecting” police.

    Williams had allowed Mitchell’s colleague Simeon Brown to meet police when he was the spokesman.

    Brown met Police Commissioner Andrew Coster and district commanders in December 2020, soon after the last election.

    But Mitchell’s attempts to secure initial meetings have been rebuffed.


    How can we rid ourselves of these people.
    What a disgrace they are and indeed should not even have to ask.

    And if my feeble mind serves me correctly this ain’t the first time a Labour govt. has done this.



  22. Omg hilarious, finally heard from 2 vaxxed up and mates today who have been rather quite the last fortnite… absolutely smashed over with the covid, crookest theyve ever neen.
    But it gets better! Both of them have partners that are unvaxxed and 1 has 2 vaxxed teens and 2 unvaxxed teens, can you guess what happened?

    The unvaxxed in both households never got sick, didnt catch it! Even sharing a bed everynight with their unvaxxed wife/gf the unvaxxed escaped the deadly coof that chippy cindy and bloomers said would hunt them down.



    • Concetta Fierravanti-Wells – Wow if only we had some honest politicians. Where is ACT, where is National? Busy kissing labour and the greens arse while saving a special racist vote for the maori party and it’s apartheid agenda.



  23. Braybots nemesis March 30, 2022 At 4:28 pm
    “‘Despite being a Crown Entity, the IPCA is not subject to the Official Information Act (OIA), which closes down a vital accountability mechanism for proper scrutiny.
    The result is that the IPCA is subject to less sunlight than the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) – the spies are subject to the OIA but the police watchdog is not.”

    BN…about 10 years ago, I made a complaint to the PCA about a person who had been wrongfully arrested. The PCA investigator was a Police Detective Inspector that I knew, and when he came to interview me, I asked him how long he had been retired and had been working for the PCA. Guess what?…he wasn’t retired.



  24. Tell these guys Ukraine is winning…..


    A lot of moms will be crying, such is the brutality of war. However since Mariupol is essentially liberated, Putin will pull his troops away from the distractions of Kiev and Karkoff and liberate the Donbass once and for all. Keeping troops in those areas served him well as it split the Ukranian forces allowing him to achieve his aims. I still don’t understand the west MSM constantly belittling Russia’s successes in this “Limited Military Operation”.



  25. [Forwarded from America’s Frontline Doctors]
    JUST IN: The UK Health Security Agency will no longer be reporting data on infections, hospitalizations, and deaths based on vaccination status starting in April.

    Why hide the data?

    The answer is obvious, but stating the obvious leads to censorship.


    Coming to our town. Next announcement for sure.




    Protecting other Kiwi’s from the super spreading unvaccinated??


    Twitter (https://twitter.com/EerjkMcRaeOF/status/1508757386932404228/photo/1)
    Eerjk McRae
    A Fully vaccinated kiwi is twice as likely to test positive for Covid than an unvaccinated kiwi. Who would’ve thought.

    Grapg on page.




    • …. to speed the process up, a number of quality assurance tests have been deferred until after it opened.

      Waka Kotahi said none of the deferred tests would compromise public safety, as they relate to ensuring the long-term quality of the road.

      Meanwhile, Transport Minister Michael Wood was confident any issues that could come up could be fixed.

      “Always with these roads, there are ongoing assurance processes.

      “On a big project like this, there might be issues that come up. But, we have a robust system in place to make sure that if there are defects, they get repaired.”

      Seem like a number of issues, assurances “….. yeah right …..” and “…. hhhmmm ….” “… get repaired …. lol” yeah right.! still to pop up.



  27. [ Photo ]
    🔴Russian troops display captured insignia from Nazi Azov Battalion militants killed in battle.

    🔴Scott Morrison, please explain the presence of Australians enlisted in these battalions?

    🔴Will the Australian Embassy in Kiev assist with repatriation of their corpses, or will they continue to deny links to Nazis?

    ⚠️Remember the New Zealand Christchurch massacre? The shooter terrorist Brenton Tarrant trained with Azov in Ukraine before returning to New Zealand and committing mass murder.

    ⚠️Why does Scott Morrison allow foreign fighters from Australia to be radicalised in Nazi Battalions to travel between Ukraine and Australia?

    ❗️Do you agree with Scomo?





    • Seems that Ardern and her crew align themselves with the full on Greenie of Branton Tarrant and his supporters in the Ukraine.

      Note how the Ukrainian President also calls for Europe to go full on Green, wind mills etc, so they do not continue financing Russia.



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