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  1. Good morning soldiers.
    Having listened to those poor school kids singing isn’t she lovely to the Mad Queen yesterday.
    One can only think what a disgraceful peice of public relations to use school kids in such a way.
    Shame on the bastards who organized that.



  2. ” NZr’s are amongst the worst polluters per capita in the western Pacific”
    That from the western Pacific’s most “single person” polluter,
    Two Mums Shaw,
    Climate change rules coming for thee but not for me, WTF are we going to do about these bastards before they take us down to a position that we’ll never recover from ??
    The fucking nerve of that soy boy POS to tell us all how naughty we are whilst he has the biggest climate damaging footprint of all five million of us ,FFUUUCCKK.



  3. Food prices rising. Fuel prices up. Debt unpayable. Emigration rates reversed as people flee the hermit kingdom. Remind you of Weimar much? What came next: depression, hitler, then war? Banksters gonna bank.



    • Beorn, I’m stunned to hear this morning that mortgage rates are already up to 6.8 % (kiwibank), there’s a lot of financial pain heading our way and what’s our MSM reporting on, ? oh yeah some little kids singing isn’t she lovely to our utterly useless POS PM.
      I can see an opportunity for an entrepreneur to start a business selling wheel barrows to people that’ll still be able to make a trip to the dairy with their cash to buy a loaf of bread and some milk, well done bitch .



  4. Anyone else get the shits over being ‘given permission’ to return to society like a bunch of leppers. I don’t wish ill health on anyone but sometime soon I hope those blinded by their ‘vax superiority’ get a huge wake-up to what they chose to take part in.

    The unvaccinated are now able to mingle among other Kiwis at hospitality venues and large event gatherings after vaccine pass rules were ditched overnight.



  5. Claire from Voices For Freedom has written this poem reflecting on the lifting of many mandates. It is quite long but in is on an email and I could not see any other way but to copy and paste.
    Interesting to reflect on how I feel about it all. At this stage we have no desire to rush back out and rejoin those who felt restaurants and coffees are the greatest requirement in life. With locally Waimate registering mid 20’s cases per day we are quite content to remain within ourselves and the same limited circle of friends as we were.
    The lifting will never repair the damage caused to so many and I have nothing but contempt for all those who jumped upon the mandate bandwagon such as Councils and organisations such as NZMCA and sporting Clubs – I wonder what has happened to the edict that anyone involved in rugby etc. must be vaccinated.
    Sorry for the length but for all the wrong reason this is quite a significant period.in New Zealand’s history.

    It’s All In Their Back Pocket

    It was midnight.
    When they brought it in.
    Most people, if they thought about it
    didn’t want to do it.
    So they didn’t.
    Didn’t think about it that is.

    It was surreal
    The way we were ostracised.

    Just like that, we were no longer welcome:
    At the hairdresser,
    At the gym,
    At the cafe.

    No longer allowed:
    At the sports club,
    At the movie theatre,
    At the library, zoo, art gallery or swimming pool.
    Our children suffered.
    No after school or club sport, no swimming, no dance, no sitting a driver’s licence.
    No nothing.

    The mandates marched on relentlessly.
    Business after business buying the government narrative,
    Hook, line and sinker.
    And if for those that didn’t buy the narrative – they were compliant anyway.
    “We don’t like it”, they said, “but it’s the rules”, they said.

    To the already traumatised,
    Those who’d lost jobs because they didn’t take the jab.
    Or those who’d lost their health because they did.
    It was yet another blow when they were down.
    Livelihoods destroyed.
    Friends ditched.
    Families torn apart.

    On the one part
    We got on with our lives.
    We organised alternatives.
    We caught up with friends.
    At home, at the beach, in the park.
    We organised picnics and movie nights.
    Old school style.
    We laughed, and we cried.
    We connected.
    We hugged each other tight.
    We adapted.
    Well, almost.

    Basically, we got used to not being able to go anywhere we used to go.
    We told ourselves we could live life despite it.
    We could live a better life outside the system.
    (And the truth is we can and we will.)

    But inside,
    All this time, we were hurting,
    Hurting real bad.
    We wondered day in and day out…
    How could our fellow Kiwis not see how ugly it was?
    How unfair?
    We lamented the lack of science – the loss of morality.
    We felt betrayed.
    The statistics we’d known all along would vindicate us, came.
    And still, the scientific charade was perpetuated.
    Against us.

    The emperor has no clothes, we whispered to ourselves.
    The emperor has no clothes, we implored family and friends.
    The emperor has no clothes, we preached from Parliament.

    Meanwhile, at the Hive
    We were labelled a “fringe minority”, “a river of filth”.
    Ridiculed and rubbished by politicians.
    While police played dirty games:
    Respect, Empathy. Integrity.
    Values discarded on the front lawn.
    Peaceful protestors met with riot shields, batons and pepper spray.
    Politicians and police.
    Failing in their duties.
    Failing New Zealand.

    And that’s a part of history that can’t be changed.
    Seymour. Luxon. Shaw. Bishop. The rest of you.
    We see your complicity.
    Your numbers are up.
    Too little. Too late.

    There were, of course, the bright lights, the rebels.
    The resisters who refused to kowtow to tyranny
    The Steve Olivers, the Lone Stars,
    The ones known in their communities.
    For standing up. For speaking out.
    They paid a high price.
    They will always be remembered.

    Then one day
    We heard it was going to be dropped.
    Things had changed, the experts said.
    Mainstream media spammed the airwaves:
    “Yes it’s served its purpose, but now it’s time to go.”
    Facebook friends who’d never said “boo”,
    Now piped up to say, “yes, it needs to go now”.
    Businesses that had gone along with it,
    Invited us back by email: “welcome back whanau”.

    And of course, there was the Single Source Of Truth who said:
    “So we’re factoring in
    at the moment
    at what point
    we won’t need them
    And continued:
    “They’re the kind of tool though
    that we just want to keep
    in mind
    should we have another variant
    we may need…
    [to] keep them in the back pocket
    should we need,
    in the future?”

    The words were a thinly veiled threat.
    We remembered this was only one battle.
    The war was ongoing.
    We felt conflicted.
    Could we even celebrate this?
    The overturning of a most heinous infringement of basic human rights.
    Gone, just like that, with the flick of a pen?
    But, not really gone.

    Still in the back pocket.

    So, can we move on?
    We aren’t sure.
    We wonder.
    Can we forgive?
    It feels impossible.
    But we know we need to.
    Will we forget?
    No, we will never forget.
    For it is only the remembering
    That can prevent it from ever happening again.

    FJA from me with meaning.



  6. Ha, today will be interesting.
    Got a call late yesterday from the cardiac biys downtown.
    Haven’t sen them since before copvid.
    We need to see you fo a check up, got a slot tomorrow can you come in.

    Well I can as it happens.
    Said to ok I’m a pureblood, never wear a mask so what of these rules am I required to break.

    Oh just wear a mask.

    So will be interesting to hear what they are rabiiting on about.
    Will beasking how many young people that are now having to deal with.
    Don’t expect the truth of course.
    Will report back later.



      • HP, it is worse now than during any of the lockdowns this bilious bitch has forced on the country.

        Here in Taumarunui, you no longer can rock up and get a blood test like you have for many, many years previously. You have to phone and make an appointment to get your blood test some 3-5 days after your phone call. Then when you get the appointment, there is security on the door and you have to battle the little snot that guards it.

        Too bad if you have have a developing case of Sepsis.



  7. I wondered why dorsey came out to apologise the other day about what he did to twitter.

    Elon Musk Becomes Largest Twitter Shareholder After Publicly Criticizing Platform
    by Matt PalumboPosted: April 4, 2022
    Fight tech tyranny. Join Dan on Parler @dbongino.
    Just days after blasting the big tech platform’s horrible record on free speech (especially for conservatives) and teasing starting his own competitor, Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk instead opted to purchase a large state in Twitter, potentially to influence the company from within.


    Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy.

    What should be done? https://t.co/aPS9ycji37

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 26, 2022



  8. Another “Original Householder” with an oohh so, traditional “Original Householder” name, claiming the Colonialist is an arsehole and anyone who questions the “Original Householder” is an even bigger arsehole who owes the “Original Householder” a debt forever.

    I hope the backlash from the Colonialist comes sooner than later and that entitled people like this “Original Householder” gets the message loud and clear.




  9. World Doctors Alliance, [5/04/2022 12:12 AM]
    [Forwarded from Unjabbed NZ Community (Al)]
    Digital Currency is coming soon.

    Something to ponder on. We can discuss this on tonight’s open chat.
    Don’t forget that the reserve bank guv – one Adrian Orr (author of the official media statement that cash would always be part of the NZ economy and used for your cup of coffee, sausage roll, bag of lollies etc- yes he actually said that) in 2021 put forward an official recommendation to liardern and fatty robber to ban all cash and any use of cash – to be replaced with a digital currency. Have you heard about this from the media or the single source of truth? hahahahaha, far canal, SILLY question!

    2019 Fatty robber = grant robertson – the very same grant robertson who, during his weekly chat with Peter Williams on Magic Radio, publicly stated that klaus schwab’s WEF Great Reset was a “conspiracy theory” then stormed out of discussion session.
    Later that same day his press secretary contacted the radio station and told them there would be no more weekly, or any, discussions or chats between Williams and robertson.
    Peter Williams was given the boot soon after this event. The radio station management and owners said Peter “retired” however those who know him have sorted that lie and it was confirmed he was booted.
    Magic Radio is owned by mediaworks and mediaworks has received vast sums of money from liardern and co – need I say more?

    NZME, 15 x roles for Open Justice – Te Patiti scheme for 11 publications, up to $2,995,702 (this is the second round of funding – a very nice top up on the first with more to come no doubt)

    BUT – what fatty robber “forgot” to mention is that he, and liardern plus helen clark were attendees (all attendees are by invitation only)at the 2019 WEF davos “conference” where “the great reset” and the imposition of a global digital currency run by a global central bank were primary agenda items.
    So there you have it – just like liardern, fatty robber is also a liar and a chronic habitual liar to boot. – hmmm, chronic habitual liar? again just like liardern

    https://qz.com/1529081/whos-in-davos-attending-the-world-economic-forum-in-2019 (https://qz.com/1529081/whos-in-davos-attending-the-world-economic-forum-in-2019/)/

    Run your mouse across the “oceania coloured dots at the bottom left hand side and see for yourself.
    Fatty robber and liardern are second and third dots from the left and dear old helen is the 13th and last oceania coloured dot.

    Transcript of Peter Williams and fatty’s discussion here:


    Bring back treason.




  10. My wife went to a local VFF meeting last night.
    One of the things mentioned was the Government is pushing through an alternative medicines/practice bill. Helen Clarke tried and failed on this. I do not know what is in the current bill but it is probably the same or similar to Clark’s bill ( this lot are too lazy to look at anything different)
    It will be draconian stuff –lots of holistic medicine practices will be banned, many dietary supplements will go etc.
    BUT how will they get it past the Maori caucus if it affects traditional Maori medicine ideas or will that be OK because under the new Maori Health system it will not be affect in their “half” ?
    Also what will the Green Party do –probably take the knee and ignore their own supporters.



    • Ross12…
      “Ministry-funded rongoā Māori providers
      The Ministry currently funds 30 providers across the country to deliver rongoā services. These services include mirimiri (massage), karakia (pastoral support) and whitiwhiti kōrero (cultural support).

      All Ministry funded rongoā providers are required to adhere to the rongoā standards, Tikanga ā-Rongoā. Other organisations are able to use these standards if they wish.

      If you want to contact a provider in your area and enquire about their services, refer to the table below:”

      The Tohunga Suppression Act 1907 was intended to stop people using traditional Māori healing practices which had a supernatural or spiritual element.

      To get around the Maori Caucus is easy-peasy….just change the definition of problematic words.



  11. A woman asked an Army General when the last time he had made love to a woman. The general replied “1956, ma’am.”
    The woman, in disbelief said “1956?! That long? Come with me and let me make your night better.” The woman and general went back to her apartment and made passionate love for over an hour. Afterwards, the woman cuddled up to the general and said “Well, you sure haven’t forgotten anything since 1956…”
    The general looked at her, confused, and replied “I sure hope not, it’s only 2130 now.”



  12. Property data company CoreLogic says the housing market weakened further in March as market power shifts further towards buyers.

    According to CoreLogic’s House Price Index for March, each of the main centres recorded either a reduction in the rate of growth of average housing values, or an outright decline in average values compared to February.


    HIC !!! Mutter mutter dam parrot blah blah Honda City blah mumble mutter rent bedsit 🤪 upitty up up HIC £€¥%< 💩🦜💩🦜💩💩



    • Interesting, pretty much ignore the total as thats not that important and imo those are ranked in the wrong order.

      I was focused on the per capita $$$, some of those numbers were staggering! Surely norway is a typo?

      Debt is our worlds economy




    This article, (courtesy of the Daily Examiner NZ), might be of interest to some, but as dl imports her own ‘entertainers’ and gives them ‘Special preference’, I doubt that she will give a damn.




  14. Lying shithead

    Parliament protest damage could top $1 million, lawn infested with rats and faeces

    Newshub can reveal the repair bill for Parliament will likely top a million dollars, partly because the lawn was infested with rats and human defecation.

    Newshub can also reveal how long the protestors endured the Speaker’s sprinkler spree: 19 hours in the middle of a deluge.

    He denies he added to the cleanup bill.

    “None at all,” Mallard said, when asked how much he contributed to the mess by keeping the sprinklers on.

    “There was no extra damage. The lawn was completely stuffed.”

    ACT leader David Seymour disagrees.



  15. RBA keeps rates on hold: Mortgage holders fear future hike

    The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has left interest rates on hold at a record low 0.1 per cent, but the threat of a hike this year is growing.

    RBA governor Philip Lowe acknowledged the growing pressure on the central bank to hike rates as inflation pressures have grown.

    “Inflation has increased sharply in many parts of the world. Ongoing supply-side problems, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and strong demand as economies recover from the pandemic are all contributing to the upward pressure on prices,” Lowe said in his statement.

    “In response, bond yields have risen and expectations of future policy interest rates have increased.”

    So aussie holding bak. well they are earning so much dosh that they have all the money they need unlike us poor relations.



  16. Now Covid hysteria is dissolving they are promoting fear over nuclear war. Drug companies can’t keep up with demand for iodine pills.

    Check the fake news.

    It didn’t stop with Covid hysteria. Just like the conspiracy theorists said.



  17. That’s got the karen and kens knickers in a knot. Apparently their collections were under threat from non-mask wearers as well.

    Auckland Museum temporarily closes as group refuse to wear masks

    A group of anti-mask protesters who gathered outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum on Tuesday forced the facility to close temporarily.

    In a statement, a museum spokesperson said that, “mid-morning on Tuesday April 5, a large group of members of the public congregated at the Cenotaph in front of the north entry to the museum building.

    “Museum security staff monitored the situation before making a decision to close public access to the north entry. Around 11am the gathering moved to the south entry, and a decision was made to shut that door. Police were advised and attended onsite.

    “For a short period, to ensure the safety and security of our people and collections, the museum was temporarily closed.



    • Labour wouldn’t have a clue with the amount of bribes, backhanders and ripoffs, by every Tom Dick and Harrys let a lone what the maoris have been sifoning off sidesways into so many dodgy entities!



  18. Despised Human

    “Do you, Jacinda Ardern take Clarke to be your lawful wedded husband?”

    “I reject the premise of the question.”

    “Umm, do you want to marry this man?”

    “Well, I’m not willing to let you assume that I won’t.”

    “So you…”

    “Well if you let me finish, my response is world leading.”



  19. Neighbour ordered a sex-toy off the internet, a 1:1 scale replica of his wife’s vagina. When it was due to be delivered he sat anxiously at the window, waiting for the courier. Finally, he came struggling down his path with a big tatty box in his hands, all dented and the flaps torn and blowing around in the breeze.
    we thought they would’ve at least wrapped it!😀



  20. Fair Pay Agreements Bill: Biggest shakeup to workplaces in generation coming from Government

    The biggest shakeup to our workplaces in a generation is coming with the Fair Pay Agreements Bill officially introduced by the Government.

    When the minister took Fair Pay Agreements to his Cabinet colleagues he warned better pay and conditions could drive up costs for employers – and businesses may pass that on to consumers. That’s not exactly what the Government wants as it’s being hammered over the cost of living.

    The minister has finally introduced his fix, the long-promised Fair Pay Agreements – sector-wide bargaining for conditions. To trigger one, a sector will need 10 percent of its workforce or 1000 workers. Workers and employers will each have a representative.



  21. New Plymouth is looking at the role of ripian planting of all the streams (to please the greenies) in slowing down the recent flood waters in their rush to the sea. Along with blocking calverts and bridges!



  22. Update on the cardi visit,
    Up to the front door through 2000 road cones. (I kid you not. disgusting I never had that idea.) and a couple of older ladies asking questions.
    Usual stuff like, have you any cough , and family with coughs etc.
    So I roll up and before she gets the words out I remember the old army saying
    .”No ma’am , no coughs, colds, sore holes nor pimples on the dickie”

    Well that shut her up and she stuck her sticker on my shirt saying I was covid scanned and away we went.

    Don’t think she understood what I said.

    Said to the doc, well you must be fairly busy then? Yep.
    Not as busy as you are going to be by the look of the info from oversea’s.
    hmm. How come I get this appointment.
    Just told us we can see people again.

    Other than that the usual stuff. Place was rather quiet. No problem with a car park which is very ubusual.



    • Thanks Viking
      Just told us we can see people again.

      When so many specialists, Doctors, staff, having nothing to do with even treating the covid ones.
      But still they went low, and basically did nothing.

      Sure some parts of the hospital MAY have been busy, but surely these Doctors, supposed managers, could have figured things out, to what could be done from their waiting lists.



      • We’ve been spun stories for the last two years about how the hospitals are full of unvaxxed people, staff are run off their feet, totally exhausted etc. Now, at the peak of Covid cases there’s only 500 in hospital with it, and most of those aren’t in hospital FOR it.
        Sure, the fact the fully vaxxed staff keep falling over with WuFlu will be playing merry hell with the rosters, but really what is going on here?
        Any experience I’ve had with hospitals in the last ten years or so (elderly parent) shows staff spend all their time sitting at desks handwriting notes that no one reads, then typing them into a database no one can access when they need to. The pillow-plumping and bed-making is done by care associates and you only see a nurse when they wheel the drugs trolley around, dump down the little paper cup of pills and bugger off to fill out more forms.
        Don’t bother asking for an extra pillow or blanket during your 24hr stay in ED because there aren’t any, and if the elderly parent needs toiletting that would be my job because staff are busy. Getting the patient from a bed to a commode is my job because the nurses have backs to protect.
        Covid-19 has not made one blind bit of difference to hospital inefficiency. It has just provided a convenient excuse for the endless waste of taxpayers money on the lottery that is public health.



      • Ross, the previous 95% was the eligible 12+ population. That says “all nzers”… dunno if thats from the entire population or excludes the ineligible under 5s?

        Just look at the icu bed numbers… the country should be in green or no stupid TLS or restrictions and just getting on with life



        • The NZ Health Forum telegram channel has graphs showing stats from NZ Vax Stats (MoH) and they say 6% of population is under 5, 10% are unvaxxed and 4.6% have had 1 jab so that explains the 79%.
          Still means Ardern’s 95% is BS.



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