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  1. This is Australia, Victoria, that seems to be on the same wave length as Matt King, Northland of DemocracyNZ.

    WATCH: Neighbours star WALKS AWAY from acting career to run for Senate
    Damien Richardson is sick of keeping quiet and wants to be the voice of the protest movement in Victoria.
    9 mins 03 secs : May 04, 2022 : RebelNews : Avi Yemini interview.

    DemocracyNZ: — Upcoming Events
    For people Christchurch, Rangiora and Queenstown, Matt King is holding meetings 17th – 18th – 19th May.

    Raise up our alternatives, question them, and if they make the cut, support them.
    Further recent videos, the vaxx mandates on firemen, the trespass orders, and more.



  2. Shit I’ve just woken from a nightmare where I was a fly on the wall listening to the labour cabinet weekly meeting in Wellington, Jacinda was screaming “FFS we need a new crisis, have you people seen my popularity figures lately”
    “How about the hospital waiting lists crisis” yelled parliaments smartest man Willie Jackson?
    Now here’s the nightmare part of my story, quick as a flash the emaciated stick insect Ardern whipped out a pistol pointed it a Jacko’s stupid head and pulled the trigger and the fucking thing misfired, ffuuucckk.



    • Read some Burke. This little Irish Leprechaun even in 1780’s seemed like he was play-acting at wanting to preserve tradition within the English chains. He has a brilliant turn of phrase though.

      A conservative is last years woke Labour protestor. Preserving last years sexist, wacist, misogynist, equality, diversity, inclusivity agendas.



  3. Listened to pathetic Rachel Smalley brain continue her attack on DGC this morning and hadn’t realised how the cancel mob had moved in.
    Kiwi wealth is not supporting and Simplicity head (who is woke) has piled on.
    I had a buy order in so hope they drop more today.



  4. Soros and friends are freightened by Musk. Threats issued. Teachers unions and Soro friends.


    A letter to brands signed by 26 groups, including Media Matters for America and UltraViolet, said marketers should make sure advertising deals made with Twitter are contingent that it will uphold its previous content moderation policies regarding hateful conduct.



  5. The Wheel is churning. Tossing the toss pots.

    All 22 Trump-Backed Candidates Win Primaries in Ohio and Indiana

    Donald Trump solidified his status as “kingmaker” last night as all 22 candidates he backed won primaries in Ohio and Indiana.

    Most notably, JD Vance won the Ohio Republican Senate primary, and will be facing off against Democrat Tim Ryan in November.



  6. Kea is bothered about real estate values which historically go up and down but always eventually doubling every 7 to 10 years. Have since the days caves became a property.

    But right here we have a situation that IMHO is destined for a train wreck.
    Seen it happen before and it will happen again.
    Stunning prices are being paid for gold kiwifruit licenses this year.

    Each year, Zespri releases licenses to grow the fruit, which growers then bid for.

    This year, 350 hectares for gold kiwifruit were up for grabs – half of what was offered last year.

    Zespri said the reduction is due to higher-than-expected yields on existing orchards and the need to maintain the balance between supply and demand to protect grower returns.

    The median price of SunGold Kiwifruit license reached $801,000 per hectare up from $550,000 last year but the minimum price dropped down from $525,000 per hectre in 2021 to $451,950 this year.

    Meanwhile 350 hectares of RubyRed kiwifruit licenses were also released – the median price was $147,000 per hectare up from almost $75,000 last year.

    The minimum price dropped from $58,000 in 2021 to $44,217 a hectare this year.

    Both Zespri SunGold and RubyRed Kiwifruit license pools were undersubscribed, with 324ha of SunGold and 280ha of RubyRed Kiwifruit license allocated in 2022.


    If ever there was a case to sell. Now is the go.



    • “run away global warming swindle” maybe.

      Any respectable journalist would ask “show me the money raw data.” Anyone who gobbles up the climate change argument without asking for specifics is brain dead. Any scientist that professes to understand the climate change argument and puts forward their theories while not including all data, is NOT a scientist but a moron.

      Any good scientist worth their paycheck, would include the following in their thesis:
      [1] Tide charts – which show NO increase in the rate of sea level increase in the last 120 years.

      [2] Documented heat temperatures both last century and in various centuries over the last 1000 years in Europe that records temperature extremes (hot and cold) and/or effects of said temperature extremes, that put paid to the idea that mankind and the adoption of industrialization and/or technology has been the only drive of climate variations.

      [3] The Kepler eccentricity – the elliptic path the earth takes around the sun, which varies the distance from the sun and hence the sun’s energy input.

      [4] The Milankovitch Cycles – which have a long term affect on the position of the earth to the sun and is a major driver of climate and hot/cold, ice ages etc.

      [5] The effect of the over 1000 nuclear test weapons detonated in the extreme upper atmosphere / ionosphere / Van Allen Belts, which affects the earth’s several “firewalls: which protect the earth from deadly radiation from space and from the sun.

      [6] The continuation of High-frequency Active Auroral Research testing that pumps gigawatts of high frequency energy into the upper atmosphere / ionosphere, which also affects the earth’s “firewalls” and which distort and manipulate the upper bands of the atmosphere.

      [7] CO2 is a heat conductor and can just as easily allow heat to escape the atmosphere as allow in, but is any in case trivial compared to:
      (a) Nitrogen as a heat insulator – which stops rapid heat transfer in and out of the planet – without which we would all fry during the day and freeze at night
      (b) Water Vapour that is a heat sink/storage device – without which the planet could not regulate the climate and prevent major oscillations in temperature and climate.
      (c) Point [6] above.

      And the list goes on….

      That very very few scientists include these things in their calculations, is astounding. When scientists leave out data that does not support their case that is dishonest. When they leave out and suppress data that has more bearing on the results than anything else, well that is fraud.



      • DH@0905

        Re: ‘When they leave out and suppress data that has more bearing on the results than anything else, well that is fraud’

        No, THAT is acquiescing to the dictates of those who put up the money; He who pays the Piper (Scientist) ALWAYS call the tune…

        It’s a VERY brave ‘scientist’ who will forego ‘lucrative’ patronage.



        • From that link: Island communities in the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta in south Asia are at risk of flooding as a result of climate warming.

          Together with a photo that is designed to evoke an emotional response. Probably a flood photo. Nothing to do with Climate Change. I believe that many people have photos of flooding on the lawns outside parliament a couple of months ago. That must have been caused by Climate Change also.

          Land lowering (subsidence) and land raising, together with coastal erosion and coastal depositing has been going on forever. Anyone was paying attention in geography knows that.

          A forest fire in Brazil’s Pantanal region burns out of control in August 2020

          Forest fires have also been going on since the dawn of time. It’s a cycle of renewal of nature. Next they will saying that volcano’s are caused by landfill containing MacDonalds burger wrappers.

          The world has gone nuts, and is being driven by a religion of woke scientism, where all negative phenomena are caused by mankind, and his failing to tithe to the Climate Change God coffers, and to the Covid Vaccine God Pfizer’s bottom line.



      • Keep paying money to avert an artificially manufactured disaster, or a disaster that never eventuates because it doesn’t exist. Imagine if Chicken Little was a politician and set up a “Sky Trading Scheme” to pay to stop the sky from falling.

        Me: “Pay me $1Bn and I can guarantee that I can stop Blue Skin Andorian Aliens will from invading earth tomorrow.”
        You: “Here you are – $1Bn”
        Me: “Thanks”

        A day later:
        You: “How do I know your plan was effective?”
        Me: “Did Blue Skin Andorians invade earth?”
        You: “No.”
        Me: “Well there’s your proof that I delivered on my promise.”
        You: “Something doesn’t feel right. I feel like I’ve been conned.”



  7. Runnaway spending to solve an unsolvable made up problem is real however.

    Seen this quote this morning that sums uo the situation and the upcoming budget…
    “Its not about the money, when light a big pile of money on fire its all about sending the message”

    In other words large sums of other ppls money blown on useless virtue signalling



  8. Buying a house now is like buying a new car. You will lose 30% the moment you take possession.

    Unless you get an appreciating classic like a 1987 Honda City in the highly sort after non-turbo version.



  9. Racism is racing towards you at a great rate of knots and the new Maori Health System and the Minister of Health is pushing it hard and it is going to cost non Maori.

    In the small town where I reside, a European Health Worker I know of, who provides daily services to many, ill, crippled, mentally challenged men with washing, them, feeding them, getting them up in the morning, dressed and out of bed and ensuring their lives are as normal as possible has been told last week, that he is too loose funding for his 6 Maori clients as from 30th June and that his Maori clients are to be looked after on a by Maori for Maori basis.

    He is very upset with this as he has built up a lot of trust with these men he has looked after over many years.

    It is going to be interesting to see where these new Health Workers appear from, as Health Providers in this town, can not get trained or any employee for love or money, now.

    Now it seems free Doctors visits are being taken away from your local Doctor (starting in the Hawkes Bay) and given to Maori Health providers. It seems you as a non Maori who are not enrolled with a Maori Health provider will now have to pay for your child’s visit to a Doctor.

    A kind and caring Government in action with clear intentions to divide this country.




  10. Fat girl walks into a bar and raises her arms, showing off her hairy armpits and asks “Who wants to buy the nice lady a drink?”

    A drunk guy guy at the back says “I will. I’ll buy the ballerina a drink.”

    This goes on a few more times. “Who wants to buy the nice lady a drink?” “I will. I’ll buy the ballerina a drink.”

    The drunk guy tells the barman how nice the ballerina looks. The bartender replies “Look. I appreciate you buying the lady drinks. It’s good for business. But I must ask, why do you call her a ballerina?

    The man replies “I figure anybody who could raise their leg that high must be a ballerina.”



  11. David Parker says Trevor Mallard was right to withdraw trespass notices, Paul Goldsmith compares Speaker to ‘cross between Jack Nicholson and King George III’

    National MP Paul Goldsmith, who was joining Parker on AM, said Mallard’s behaviour has been a distraction to Parliament

    “He’s been very erratic. He stood up in the house and said my power is absolute, he looked like a cross between Jack Nicholson and King George III. That’s what we’ve had in this Parliament for a long time and it’s been a distraction away from important issues.”

    Mallard has faced heavy criticism for the notices. But on Thursday, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she still has confidence in the Speaker.



    • Yep, butter one week each two has been $9.00
      Now $10.40 for the next few months so specials gone.
      They are a sl;imy as Jacinda and lie at the same rate.

      Don’t know why they bother to treat their customers that way.



  12. The world of politics has flipped. White is black. Black is white. Night is day. David Farrar promotes the Mad Queen & Martin Bradbury points out her gross mismanagement of NZ.

    From the article about Ardern’s defence of Mallard’s protest fiasco in today’s Daily Blog:

    …….”This SHOULD have been de-escalated, but Jacinda became personally insulted, refused point blank to acknowledge the pain of the protestors because the protestors were rude (the worst crime on the Good Ship Lolly Pop that is Jacinda’s Cabinet) and once Trevor’s aggressive ability to over react to everything kicked in, we were all in trouble.

    Trevor threw a tantrum on the Thursday morning DESPITE the movement imploding on the Wednesday night and the leader of the largest faction had left By foolishly sending in the cops, Trev created a common enemy against the Police mass arrest fiasco and live streamed a q0 hour fucking recruitment video that had every crazy in the country packing the car and heading to fucking Wellington!

    Trev then sprayed them with water and played loud music at night to wind them up with his basic bitch psy-ops that only provoked things further until there was a fucking riot!

    He then, as a fucking cherry on the top, trespassed 2 politicians (Matt King & Marama Fox) AND the political institution that is Winston Peters – and that’s all fine and groovy by the Prime Minister is it?”……

    Later he brings up the likely rise of spy & security agencies pointing out that sooner or later they will be used against the left.


    Bradbury makes more sense than our own political blogatariat & that worries me.



  13. So (as they say now)
    The new National candidate for tow runga has been meeting with moori leaders because he believes the Nats are not diverse enough.
    I wonder if some of the members who voted for him were mislead about this guy.
    He ticks all the woke boxes.



  14. The governments are ratshitting up the climate change to bring in more systemic controls.

    Biden climate advisor Gina McCarthy: “We’re actually going to do 100 rules this year alone on appliances.”
    The airlines are “gonna be out of here” if they don’t follow Biden’s Green New Deal-style rules.


    The ones here in New Zealand are running with their version of cycle ways for all.
    Another 100 regulations that are being incrementally slipped through in the wash of Rotorua maori democracy, 3 waters, recycling, sustainable, etc, 🙁



    • The actual rules or cause don’t matter, it’s the non-sense which is designed to demoralise and enslave you. We’ve been fed a diet of enslavement: sugar, beer, excess, sex, debt, vaccines. Now comes the harvest for the people farmers. Dan, Jabcinda, Biden are small fish comptrollers. The people beg for their cages.



    • We know that climate changes over time.
      There have been Ice Ages. After each Ice Age, the climate warmed and the ice retreated. Why did the climate warm? It can’t have been anthropogenic (man releasing CO2) because this was thousands of years ago.

      Why would this time be any different?

      The real value of the notion of anthropogenic climate change is that it can be used to scare people into obedience. “It’s for your own good!” Who would disagree with that? (People incapable of critical thought, that’s who…)



  15. How long before this comes here? No I have not read the legislation, this short summary is enough.


    ‘Commie Dan is passing a bill now which means you won’t be allowed to grow your own food.

    The Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 has had it’s second reading in parliament. Biosecurity being the stated reason for changes.

    Increased enforcement powers, searching of property and persons without warrant, Increased fines, what was $1,800 now $10,000 for providing false or misleading info.

    Landholder consent no longer required for Authorised Officers to take samples, stock (animals), documents.

    Authorised Officers no longer required to present identification. Heavy penalties for obstructing entry to the property. “



  16. It seems that a recent Curia poll has proved what we have known all along, ie the bought & paid for NZ media are rotten to the core:

    ……”When 1000 New Zealanders were asked:

    Do you think government funding of private media companies undermines the independence of media holding the government to account?

    59 per cent agreed, compared to just 21 per cent who disagreed. (Twenty per cent were unsure.) “…….


    In the words of Tom Hunter, probably the best commenter that Kiwiblog ever managed to lose…….Die MSM. Die!



    • Got to burn more trees to save the trees. New diesel engines burn about 20% more fuel to keep the emissions down. They burn more so that we can feel good about some empty virtue signalling. Don’t get me started on the Smurf ad-blue nightmare. The electrical infrastructure cannot handle the energy demand.

      I suppose this is progressive progress. Equivalent to ratcheting up the abortion age to about 15 or so. Freezing the freeloaders. Minnie Dean school eugenic policy.



    • SB, Crikey, there are some serious emissions being shown from the boiler chimney at Waiuku College in the article you refer to in your post.

      No wonder the best PM this country has ever seen wants to make school children freeze slowly to death, she does not want them to die slowly of pollution.

      She is so thoughtful, intelligent, wise, caring, a genuinely loving person and not the dumb arse vandal I had put her down as.



    • IAASB, Have no fear in a couple of years they’ll have truckloads of clean burning NZ $100.00 Bill’s that won’t be good for anything else but keeping the children warm in their classrooms.



  17. Another “diversity” who couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

    The man accused of murdering a Christchurch carer last month can now be named.

    He is 43-year-old Elliot Ajay Prakash.

    Val Heaney, 64, was found dead on April 4 at her Bromley home in Christchurch while she was isolating with Covid-19.

    It’s understood she ran her family home as a boarding house since the death of her husband some years earlier.



  18. I see from Auckland Transport four te reo Māori names have been proposed for the Auckland City Rail Link stations.

    The proposed names are Maungawhau (Mt Eden), Karanga a Hape (Karangahape), Te Wai Horotiu (Aotea) and Waitematā (Britomart).

    The ingoa (names) were gifted by the City Rail Link’s Mana Whenua Forum, which consists of eight Tāmaki Makaurau iwi: Te Ākitai Waiohua, Te Kawerau a Maki, Ngāti Maru, Ngāti Paoa, Ngāi Tai ki Tamaki, Ngāti Tamaoho, Ngāti Te Ata and Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei.

    In return for their generosity, I have gifted my own name to the Gifters.


    I hope my gift is appreciated.




  19. McD, 3 words instead of 1 means 3 times the loot they will have received..

    They will be disappointed the train is not going to the former English enclave of, “A Von Da Lay” (Avondale) as they would have got 4 times the loot.



  20. Dob a Doc.

    Two chiropractors have been fined a total of $16,000 for breaching Covid-19 health orders by seeing patients in person without being vaccinated.

    The ministry said it is investigating whether other patients could have received treatment.

    It is asking for anyone who has seen either Dr Morse or Dr Tope since the start of February 2022, and who is willing for provide the ministry with information about their visit to email enforcement@health.govt.nz.

    Two eye surgeons were fined $12,000 for breaching Covid-19 health orders and seeing patients without being vaccinated in March.



  21. Pauline Hanson Please Explain: Keyboard Warriors.

    Although it’s Australian (and as a result the majority of the MP ‘s will be unknown to ysb’ers), I thought this episode (No.25 of the series) worth posting as it lampoons the antics of the (at times anonymous), ‘Keyboard warriors’ who try to control the political narrative.

    Unfortunately we do have them here as well, and no doubt various names will be recalled.





  22. Another interview with Dr Zelenko, this time by Maria Zeee. It goes over familiar info but well worth listening to. Dr Zelenko is definitely not a fan of Bill Gates !!


    It sounds like Dr Zelenko is going through hell with his cancer treatment, but he still out there fighting like hell.



    • …..”Everyone knows there’s ‘something wrong’ with Biden”……

      He’s a sock puppet who’s totally fucked in the head.

      What we need to know with certainty is who is the puppet master.



  23. 2000 Mules.

    OAN’s Dan Ball opened his show tonight with his thoughts on 2000 Mules after attending the watch party last night at Mar-a-Lago:

    “After watching this movie, I will say this. There’s not one doubt in my mind that this election was rigged. Period. Point blank. End of story. The left can kiss my…

    What they did to this country is one of the biggest acts of treason in our nation’s history.” 🔥




  24. Matt King has just finished a live hour with Carmen from NZ United.
    I caught the last half and have to say again how Matt comes across as the real deal. He covered the issue of getting small parties to get together and I liked him saying that he would like to have a sign on his farm trespassing anyone from Government that may turn up.
    Worth a listen if it is available from his site or FB.



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