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  1. Maori whinging, yet again.

    “The $68m price tag to implement cameras on inshore will directly impact Māori and Iwi, quota owners.”

    “These costs will directly impact the value of quota and settlement assets, undermining what was agreed on in the treaty settlement.”

    No, Maori may be shown up to not keeping records accurately, taking fish which were not in their quota and killing innocent fish that don’t want to be killed.

    Seriously, is there anything, just anything that Maori do not whinge, complain or grizzle about?




  2. And 4 waters sellout, Finlayson ,was the other day berating Winston Peters and telling everyone what a great fella Mallard actually is(n’t).
    He did the deal that opened this can of stinking fish entrails.
    A deal even Helen Clark wouldn’t go near.

    A deal that key and the political Nazi’s in the public service were determined to do.
    A deal that our Judges will no doubt consider to be sacrosanct in every way.



    • Viking, I do not think enough shit could fall on Finlayson’s head for what unpatriotic things he did whilst Treaty Negotiations Minister under John Key’s Government.

      He was a true Weasel and Snake Oil Salesman and sold New Zealand down the river. An untrustworthy Lawyer if ever there was one.



      • T A H, “True weasel and snake oil salesman” , that describes the smoke and mirrors C–T John Key as well .
        That pony tail pulling POS gave us the clusterfuck we find ourselves in now just as much as the drunken dwarf Kaumatua Peters did.



  3. Are we becoming third world?

    According to police, in the 12 months to October last year there were 283 ram raids around the country, more than five a week.

    Dairy owner wants teenagers who ram raid businesses to face tougher penalties.

    It comes as the government signals support is on the way for shops that have been targeted.

    Like many other shops in Sandringham, Kshitij Vatsa’s dairy is boarded up.

    A month ago a group of teenagers smashed their way into his store, stealing armfuls of cigarettes and leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of damage.



  4. Police firearm presentation data: Nearly 120 firearms drawn on public in two years
    Counties Manukau police highlight the work they have done in Operation Tauwhiro that has seized 1,369 firearms, made 1,161 arrests in relation to firearms offences and seized more than 52,000 grams of methamphetamine. Video / NZ Police

    Police pulled their guns on people nearly 120 times in two years in the Bay of Plenty with two-thirds of all incidents involving Māori.

    Ten children, one as young as 13, had firearms presented to them over the same timeframe.

    A political party co-leader claims New Zealand police refuse “to acknowledge systemic racism” while an iwi chief executive says the data “scares” him.

    does n’t say much for the so called leaders of the Maori community.
    How much have we given them?



  5. The prime minister needs to upgrade her zoom equipment, or makeup!
    She looked the shits this morning, wouldn’t want her to zoom into robbas Monterey speech or zoom into Harvard for her picking up goldern turd!



  6. Dennis Waterman has died, 74.
    British actor Dennis Waterman was an English actor and singer. He was best known for his tough-guy leading roles in television series including The Sweeney, Minder and New Tricks, singing the theme tune of the latter two. Waterman’s acting career spanned 60 years



    • Forget Ryan Bridge. There’s a new Talkback station which has just started up online TODAY! It’s not using the old airwave technology; it’s totally internet based:


      Sean Plunket is behind this new venture and The Platform will be running from 7am to 7pm daily.

      I won’t give you the total lineup here, but suffice to say that New Zealand (internet) radio is finally back! Yay!

      p.s. I’ve just heard Sean giving a bit of a teaser about talking to Peter Williams sometime soon. Now that IMHO would be the icing on the cake 😃



    • Platform seems to put up on Utube so you can have it running in the back ground and at the time you suitable for you. Also good to stop & pause.
      This is basically in a radio talkback interview style.

      Sean Plunket interviews Rodney Hide
      20 mins : May 3, 2022

      Why Trevor Mallard can’t legally enforce his trespass order on Matt King and should have known that from the get go!
      – – – – – – – –
      Why Trevor Mallard can’t legally enforce his trespass order on Matt King and should have known that from the get go!
      21 mins 39 secs : May 5, 2022
      – – – – – – – – –
      Michael Laws interviews Bryce Edwards
      21 mins 16 secs : May 5, 2022
      – – – – – – – – – –



      • What a devious crew at Utube.
        It seems to be a form of “shadow banning” so that those links do not work, and I tested them, and even had one running, put on pause, and it did now run through for completion.
        It is even worse as when I tried from links above, just now none worked.
        Is it because we are coming from YSB??

        However going to Platform it self, then from there to Utube they all worked.
        That way Platform will not know it is on a banning list

        and can click on there and if you wish to also that deviant Utube.
        Which you can still get to the above vids mentioned above and their comments.

        When one has Ardern-ical “Christchurch Call” for ‘fatwa’ silencing to create a hermit kingdom, FJA
        Who set this up to be shadowed banned? Mallard? Ardern? Kris Faafoi? Minister for Broadcasting and Media & Justice Minister.
        On what basis?
        Who complained and triggered Utube?
        – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
        Live stream times, and hopefully to pod cast, maybe to sly Utube link to listen to when it suits you.
        Sean Plunket
        7.00am to 9.00am

        Michael Laws
        9.00am to Midday

        Leanne Malcolm
        Midday to 3.00pm

        Martin Devlin
        3.00pm to 6.00pm



  7. Anyone got any ideas on how to improve the Rumble experience, We keep getting buffering and many of my favorite shows are going there exclusively, it’s been at least 2 weeks since we could watch Dan Bongino for instance??



  8. Gas Explosion In Havana Hotel.
    Rumour has it the owner was known to Fidel the meter.

    I’m a bit of a rolling stone.
    I was screwing a honky tonk woman in a Cuban hotel last night.
    My brown sugar started screaming when the Earth moved for her.
    In a jumping Jack Flash, it was a gas, gas, gas



    • I never deliberately watch the horseface and only see her when I get exposed to a link. This ‘report’ came up on a news feed on my phone so out of curiosity I watched a bit of it.

      What struck me most strongly was the obsequious arse licking that began right from the moment the woman ‘interviewer’ started the intro.

      It only got worse from there, with the horsefaced creature bobbing its head and flashing its teeth randomly while mouthing nonsense.

      If you don’t expose yourself regularly to the New Zealand MSM, it comes as a real shock to see what our country has become and the level of evil stupidity which has engulfed both politics and the media. It’s like walking into a mental hospital. The staff experience it every day and to them it’s normal – but to a visitor it looks just, well, insane.



  9. “One last push!”

    “What is it Doctor?”

    “Congratulations They and They. You are now the proud parental-equivalent guardians of an Androgynous, Cisgender, Gender Nonconforming, Gender Questioning, Gender Variant, Genderqueer, Intersex, Neutrois, Non-binary, Pangender, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-Spirit little being.”



  10. Saggy, like the rest of us Horseface is cutting back on spending after all it’s difficult to survive on $10,000 a week plus all expenses ,she had those clothes made like all her outfits from the used curtains in her taxpayer funded mansion.



  11. Musk’s 8 key points he is pushing to investors for Twitter.

    “– Quintuple revenue to $26.4 billion by 2028.
    — Cut Twitter’s reliance on advertising to less than 50 percent of revenue.
    — Produce $15 million in revenue from a payments business.
    — Increase average revenue per user by $5.39.
    — Reach 931 million users by 2028.
    — Have 104 million subscribers for a mysterious X by 2028.
    — Hire 3,600 employees — after shedding hundreds.
    — Raise free cash flow to $9.4 billion. “



    • That’s how you run a business. No room for woke touchy-feely crap.
      You say what you are going to do, and get on and do it. Your users then have the option of using your platform or not



  12. This inflight wi fi is the go trendsetters. Travelling at 750kph 36000 feet en-root to Auckland. Safety video wasnt as bad as what I’d thought it would be..lots of murri howling..beats loud rap anyday. Premium economy 8/10. Full flight but I jammed a lone seat. Eggs Beny and a Chardy ..ok 2 chardys. Ciao 😚



    • Conditions must have improved recently. Many, many years ago I worked part time at a local pub & one of our more “interesting” clientèle had not long been deported from Victoria. He’d absconded from bail in NZ, caught a flight to Aus & the first thing the stupid bugger does is an armed hold up of a petrol station. They didn’t fuck around in those days & regardless of his youth (17YO) the principle of if you do the crime you’ll serve the time prevailed. He copped ten years gaol, the first year in a youth prison then onto Pentridge to finish his sentence.

      It must have had a profound influence on him as he & his useless crim mates used stand at the same leaner & once they got pissed enough their experiences in gaol & the emptying of the slop bucket every morning always formed the greater part of their conversation.

      Anyway he was released a bit over five years into his sentence & immediately deported back to Godzone. Apparently he was transported from Pentridge to a secure immigration facility, then onto a plane handcuffed to someone large & unfriendly, met by police at Wellington Airport, arrested then remanded in custody for his original offences.

      You don’t know how lucky you are! 🙂



  13. I’ve got indisputable evidence that I am on one of the stick insect Arderns lists, after weeks of hearing nothing I’m now getting “please come in for your 1st covid 19 vaccine” and I wonder if it is something to do with the reply I gave to IRD last week when they once again asked me to pay $50,00 in taxes with no explanation why, my emailed reply “shove it up your arse,put me in jail I’ll be better off in there”.
    Understandably we are still fucked off about self funding my Mrs’s full hip transplant because the cunt Arderns hospital system is totally demolished.



  14. Recession fears as survey shows record 20 percent of Kiwis plan to cut spending
    An economist has warned the New Zealand economy could slip into recession as survey results show a record amount of Kiwis plan to cut their spending.

    Alexander warned the New Zealand economy could easily slip into a “recession”.

    “A time of intense household spending restraint is now here,” Alexander said.



  15. Update on The Platform:

    I was too enthusiastic and far too hopeful. There’s some woman on now called Leanne Malcolm who can’t pronounce New Zealand place names properly (where the fuck is ‘Towrpaw’?) and keeps referring to something called ‘Aayhohteearower’.

    Oh well. Can’t win them all. It was a pleasant fantasy while it lasted. Maybe Michael Laws will be worth listening to one day when the Fascists allow him to go to work…..?



    • The land of no windows.
      The land of the roller doors.
      The land of bollards.

      The urban area of The land of Concrete Blocks

      Just think on that photo in that article.
      Read on about the kindness and then the calming the local council figures is needed.

      Contentious road berms 🙂
      Maybe you need this as a road frontage on that grass berm?
      That could be the saving grace for your young kids?



      • S1, those ppl have done the right thing to protect themselves and family, id rather a fuckwit driver be killed by their mistake then an innocent kid playing in their backyard.

        Sadly ive seen it real life, i remember very vividly school holidays when i was 11 yrs old the fire engine go past, me and my brother were excited and took off on our bikes as it stopped only a short distance from home. Just as we got there the ambo arrived and ill never ever forget witnessing a distraught screaming mother running carrying her lifeless blood covered child across to the ambo.

        That kid was my brothers friend, he was playing and some pissed hoons going too fast didnt make it around the bend, they ploughed through the fence and killed the poor kid. My good mate at the time was playing with him 2mins before and shot across the road to grab his scooter, he was just coming out his front gate and watched the car go through the fence, hes very lucky as he didnt get wiped out too.

        The family getting shit for their concrete blocks just need to show this video to the cops and waka kotahi, if they still give the family shit then i suggest they swap houses with the clipboard warrior and let their family be in the firing line.



      • Iaasb thankyou,
        Utube clip a great tribute to your brothers friend.
        The suffering of the innocent.
        Though difficult for you I also hope that over time your brother has also come to terms with that loss too.

        I recall years ago noticing that different towns in the South Island, had what I call a splurge of call up deaths of the young, usually from one car accident, and it seemed every one for another decade or a bit more, would learn from that. A sort of pattern.

        One of my class mates, a small guy was the only survivor packed in back seat of a Jaguar if I recall correctly, and it was full of other older school leavers, when it tangled with the Bulls Bridge.
        The contention being that he was so drunk and loose, so he went with the flow, to escape relatively unscathed, though I do recall he had some minor cuts to his fore head and some severe bruising. That was before the days of seat belts.



  16. I was just reading some drivel by Michael Baker about this new covid variant called BA5. I’ve been to plenty of BA5’s , you generally get heaps of free drinks and nibbles. The most dangerous thing that can go wrong is getting stuck with a real estate agent. I don’t recall anyone getting crook from going to one of these so we probably have nothing to worry about – just like the other covid and anything else this cretin says.



  17. The farmer that attacked the burglars that broke into his home was told he should have run away by the prosecutor. Run from your own home while being burgled at 1:30 in the morning? What a sick joke. Presumably you’re not sleeping in your street clothes.
    Wonder what the prosecutor would do if he found himself in that situation?



    • Yes BertP, a sick joke of a prosecutor.
      It was said in court not only did the Child Commissioner Becroft’s child threaten to kill the farmer,and told him, but had rang on his cell phone to his teen mates to turn up., all the better to further rough hunt & rough the farmer up.

      Just what would those teen reinforcements be bringing with them? just their fists? pinch bars? knives? firearms?
      Also the first policemen when he arrived on scene was told by the teen that he would kill the farmer.

      Then then the very “kindly”2 faced St John’s lady felt dangerously exposed when she went back outside to the ambulance to get some meds, and a car slowly drove past at that early time of morning.
      This would probably be despite her ambulance’s flashing lights, and at least one police car there, probably with its lights flashing as well.

      Only because the farmer was very verbal to the police operator, that the local policeman would have been called out, and was fortunately not away on a deserved holiday elsewhere.
      The other cops that finally arrived could easily have been at least an hour+ away,, and that is if they did not get lost on the way, or decided to wait until day light.



          • At night time those stations are closed and only have daylight opening shop hours.
            Sure they may sometimes seem open at night, only if there is an active case on for a particular operation.

            I had to call the cops late one night for a death.
            It took the cops over an hour and I learnt they had come down from Waingaro Springs where they had just finished a call out there.

            Even in the day time with non urgent business I was sent away to come back the next day, as they simply had too many other things on their plate, and I still had to wait hours the next day.

            I think Burr snr so rattled the police operator, with talk of gun, and then not being so compliant with the operator’s suggestions, [I half expected Burr to have fired a shot while on the line,] so forcing that operator to rouse the local cop in Piopio.
            And would have given the go ahead for “full speed” lights & sirens.
            I figure another tactic by Burr that even from Piopio, those siren sounds would have made those teen’s reinforcements to be more cautious so as to be a “no show”.
            The St. Johns lady did not like that a slowly driven vehicle past at that early hour.

            Possibly figuring as there was injury as well, the St. Johns were called.
            I believe the other supporting cops came down from Te Awamutu, this time, but whether on “watch” “standby” or on a shift that can cover a very large area.



  18. 🙄 Don’t commit crimes then.

    Police tactical unit expansion plans a worry due to disproportional effect on Māori communities, indigenous studies expert says

    A community advocate also says some people are committing crimes to survive and the new funding is an investment in the wrong area.

    It comes after a spate of crimes against businesses, including ram raids in Auckland involving children.

    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told Morning Report her Government’s policies did not reflect that it was soft on crime.



    • “A community advocate also says some people are committing crimes to survive”.

      So the dole is not paying enough and you have to resort to crime to make ends meet?

      What about getting a job or a second job? There are plenty of jobs out there.

      There are hard working people working more than one job and not resorting to crime.

      I’m too old to be called for jury duty anymore but am willing to volunteer to give provide some balance on the results.



  19. FFS does horse face think we are so stupid. I refer to the Mother’s Day letter that the royal child supposedly wrote to her.

    It’s clear that the scribe was none other than the scrawny one herself.

    Just for once it would be a breath of fresh air to have an intelligent PM rather than a frustrated play school teacher sucking up to her sycophants.

    She is so embarrassing and cringeworthy.



  20. Zucker is dooming his own business.

    Support Our Cause – Crowd Funding Campaign.
    AFIPN is in financial crisis. Over a week ago Facebook cut our funding from the following sources, “Facebook Ads” and “Subscription Services”. They then followed up by shadow banning us. This meant that our last source of income which was our google adverts on our website was reduced by 98%. Without our content getting out to our 100,000 plus followers we were not able to generate the traffic to our website resulting in single-digit revenue for consecutive days.
    Whilst AFIPN does rely on a strong and committed volunteer network we have a large number of expenses including full-time staff to manage a complete media network. The administrative expenses are also quite substantive and we have had to reduce a lot resulting in a major reduction in the content we provide.
    Further to this AFIPN has also expanded adding a new media brand into our organisation “Australian Independent News Network” dedicated to providing a full complete written news network to help us further grow a trustworthy media presence in Australia.
    The vision the team has for the future is to be a household name, one where all people know they can trust to report the truth free from corporate and government bias. But doing this on no budget, let alone the limited budget we used to have has made our situation critical. The very future of AFIPN is in the balance. We need to secure funds for the next three months at the very least to be able to dedicate the time and resources needed to do this properly.
    We need your help, our survival is in your hands.



  21. Vote Luxon, get Greens.

    Log in or register to post comments
    by Palmtree08 | 9th May 22, 4:08pm

    Vote Luxton, get to relive the 1990s.

    Public Policy / news
    James Shaw details first three emissions budgets in zero carbon push, says Emissions Reduction Plan to be released May 16
    Climate Change Minister James Shaw has unveiled New Zealand’s first three emissions budgets.

    An emissions budget is the total amount of greenhouse gases that can be put into the atmosphere over a period of time. The three emissions budgets set out the total amount of emissions New Zealand must cut over the next 14 years under Zero Carbon Act requirements.

    Shaw says the Emissions Reduction Plan will be released on Monday May 16.

    Here’s Shaw’s announcement, and there’s a speech from him here.

    Cabinet has agreed that the first three emissions budgets will be:

    · Emissions Budget 1 (2022–2025): 290 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gasses (72.4 megatonnes per year)

    · Emissions Budget 2 (2026–2030): 305 megatones (averages 61 megatonnes per year) [in principle]


    National support

    Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Christopher Luxon says the National Party is committed to emissions targets and supports the Government’s emissions budgets.

    “Climate change is a huge challenge. National is fully committed to emissions targets including net zero by 2050. Today’s emissions budgets are an important step towards those goals and we will support those budgets in Parliament on Thursday,” Luxon says.

    What a woke fuckwit.



  22. The police are still contending that the Burrs should have exited their own house.
    Where were the police???? seconds? minutes? or even could have been hours away?
    …. Crown prosecutor Rebecca Mann put to Burr senior that both he and his son could have fled after getting the pair on the ground, but Burr senior said the boy had been on his phone likely calling his mates to the scene.
    “He’s on the phone. He’s not ordering a meat lover’s pizza, he’s ringing his friends … it wasn’t a situation to run.
    “Where do you go, where’re his friends?
    “There’s a young group of Mongrel Mob wannabes, thugs, and in my mind, he was ringing them and they could have been down in two minutes.”
    Leaving the scene “didn’t even cross my mind”.
    “If I had handed over my keys, he would have slit my throat.” ….
    …. he defence and Crown have now closed their cases.
    [Police] Mann will deliver her closing submission this afternoon, followed by defence counsel Philip Morgan QC.
    …. it is hoped to wrap up tomorrow. …..

    Burr pushed back quite well to the prosecutor in that article, and I hope the jury are realists also.
    Compare and contrast the Heralds take, and then this report which brings some different facts and in a different way.
    … breaking into a King Country house was trying to steal a car for the fourth time, a jury has heard. …
    ^ from an earlier link. .
    Just how much money per day is this trial costing the Burr family?
    Let alone the ongoing stress, that started from that traumatic night.
    Actually the stress had started much earlier with keys being taken from the house for the car, so that the wife & daughter had left and it seems like Burr Snr was going to sell up.
    Even the stress from one of the earlier burglaries knowing that same teen culprit was out on bail even if the teen was supposed to be in Auckland.
    Why are the police bringing charges?
    New Zealand needs “my home, my house, my castle laws” so that one has the right to “undisturbed possession & occupation”.
    Burrs have had all their guns taken by the police.



  23. Victoria’s Premier Faces Mounting Pressure on Anti-corruption Investigation
    By Alfred Bui
    May 7, 2022 Updated: May 7, 2022
    biggersmaller Print

    Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is under increasing pressure to reveal whether the state’s anti-corruption watchdog has interviewed him in relation to an ongoing investigation.




    Two mechanical engineers were standing at the base of a flagpole, looking up. A woman walked by and asked what they were doing. “We’re supposed to find the height of the flagpole,” said Willie, “but we don’t have a ladder.”
    The woman said, “Hand me that wrench out of your toolbox.” She loosened a few bolts, and laid the pole down. Then she took a tape measure from their toolbox, took a measurement, and announced, “Eighteen feet, six inches,” and walked away. Trevor shook his head and laughed.
    “Ain’t that just like a Miss know-it-all woman! We ask for the height, and she gives us the length!”
    Willie and Trevor are still working for the government down there in Wellington.



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