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  1. YIKES ,CPI figure in the US comes out at 11% and piss pants Biden has cancelled oil and gas permits in Akaska, WTF is happening in that Country and why aren’t there people rioting on the streets like they did when police unintentionally killed a lifelong serious criminal with over a 100 appearances before the courts,he was also a thieving drug addict ,,,,, George Floyd.??



  2. rev@0502

    Why aren’t they rioting etc…? Because, as in NZ, the left controls / owns/ subsidises the media and when they (The left) say ‘jump’ the media lapdogs willingly obey.

    And because the majority of people rely on the ‘media’ for direction…



  3. Bloody hell ,didn’t Chloe swarbrick used to be reasonably attractive?? FFS I just saw her on the 6am news and I’ve realized where ED got his picture for his meme this morning from, I’d hazard a guess that is what happens when you take on the husbands role in a carpet grading relationship.



  4. So police believe the guy is off grid living in the bush, what brainwave do you think our intelligent officers got to “reach out” ?…

    Try to contact him via poolice ten 7… ffs the guy would not have lugged his flatscreen, generator and freeview box into the bush and clearly hes not using his phone or the cops wouldve tracked it plus who the hell would download police ten 7 anyways.
    What fucking morons



  5. Just realised its Friday the 13th… not superstitious nothing bad happens//
    Ffs away from home and get a ph call from wifey at 6am, my son tripped over in the dark and blew his face out on the end of the bed hit it teeth first the poor bastard. So now wifey is starting her day at a&e getting his lip stitched back together.

    Great wtf else is gunna hapoen today!



  6. Face coverings return to Afghanistan — The Taliban’s supreme leader, Haibatullah Akhundzada, announced that all women would be required to cover their faces. If they fail to do so, their father or closest male relative could receive jail time.


    Loan fraud found in the SBA COVID aid program — The House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis discovered $84 billion in loans were issued fraudulently, with funds used for private jets, luxury cars, and vacation homes.


    Big Government
    State Attorneys General Threaten Legal Action

    In response to the Biden administration’s creation of the Disinformation Governance Board, AGs from 20 states say they’ll head to court if the new board is not dissolved. They maintain that the board will violate citizens’ First Amendment rights. Among the states involved are Texas, Florida, Kentucky, and Virginia.

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton summarized the sentiment of the AGs, stating, “You cannot simply label as ‘disinformation’ all speech you disagree with or find politically damaging to your cause and expect the American people to tolerate the government telling them what they can think or say.”




    • Nato insist on poking the bear dont they.
      They know the only way to stop him is via ww3 and provoking putin to attack nato countries so they can all join in.
      Hit the big red button putin, wipe finland off the map and send a message theyll recieve loyd and clear



  7. Have just got back from a well attended protest this morning, over the sale of Huiarua Station, an iconic East Coast farm, to a German industrialist who wants it for the carbon rort.

    Kiri Allen, local MP and Minister of Conversation was in attendance and was addressed to by farmer and poet, Graeme Williams who wrote and read out a very fitting poem to her.

    You will be pleased to know from Allen’s reply, that this government is committed to property rights and private ownership and will not interfere with what you do on your own land or who you want to sell it to.



    • Toko@0926

      Re: ‘This government is committed to property rights and private ownership…’

      Of course they are – until they find-out how THEY can profit in some way and then all the pretty words are conveniently forgotten.

      And didn’t they also loudly trumpet that there were to be no land-sales to ‘Foreigners’ on their watch?

      A certain Bee Gees song does come to mind…



  8. I’ve been thinking about this US contribution of 40 billion to Ukraine.
    I reckon it’s payment of hush money to try and stop the world from finding out how deep in the shit the US will be, when it come to the discovery of all their bio-weapon labs they set up in Ukraine.
    Zelenski will be skimming billions off the top and returning large amounts back to the congressional leaders of both parties.



  9. So, the National Party’s former Minister of Treaty Relations, Christopher Finlayson has stated those who oppose Co-Governance with Maori are “Sour Right”, “Losers” and “Don’t like tangata whenua” as well as “We’ve just got to leave those losers behind and move on.”

    The Labour Minister in Charge of Brylcream Production and Usage” Michael Wood claims those who protest this Government are “Rivers of Filth”.

    It seems that both National and Labour deeply dislike voters of this country, yet next year these Tossers in both parties will be asking for your vote.

    Do they deserve it? If this is what they think of me, the answer is, NO.




  10. Parker and Willis – video. Monitoring social media to see if their propaganda was accepted.
    “We were pumping out information to keep people safe. If the message isn’t getting through the words need to change” – Parker

    Labour minister David Parker believes it’s a “proper question to ask” whether it’s justified for Waka Kotahi to have 88 communications staffers.

    He’s also backing Transport Minister Michael Wood’s move to warn the transport agency about its expenditure after it was revealed two large ‘zeros’ it purchased as part of its Road to Zero safety campaign cost about $10,000.



  11. For all you White Supremist who live in Tauranga, a person who claims to be Maori, a person with a joint Spanish / Scottish – English name, Che Wilson claims The Maori Party will not put up a candidate for the Tauranga by-election. He claims:

    Te Pāti Māori president Che Wilson said its co-leaders had been the recipient of threats and hate speech by Tauranga residents.

    “The first hate-speech conviction and the belittling of te reo Māori at a public event took place in Tauranga.

    “Residents have been subjected to white supremacist leaflet drops, and even our co-leaders have been the recipient of threats and hate speech by Tauranga residents,” Wilson said in a statement.

    He said an Internal Affairs report last month confirmed that Tauranga was a hot spot for white supremacists on social media.

    Tauranga has been saved. Hopefully the rest of New Zealand can be saved for the General election next year.




    • We didn’t want the scrobble faced useless bastard anyway.
      Doomed for oblivion.
      Of course they needed someone to stand and his lot are not favourites of the local rag tag outfits.
      And that’s the real reason.
      Nothing to do with all the rest of the racist crap he was on about.



  12. So the Mp’s list is out and a quick perusal I noticed this entry.
    Jacinda Ardern (Labour, Mt Albert)

    Real property:

    Family home – Mt Albert electorate, Auckland.

    Retirement schemes:

    AMP Superannuation Master Trust
    Booster KiwiSaver
    Booster Super Scheme.

    Debts owed by you:

    Westpac Bank – mortgage.


    Christmas gift basket – Ambassador of Cuba
    (Cumulative) loaned items – Juliette Hogan
    Garments (x3) – Emilia Wickstead
    Tickets and corporate hospitality for the New Zealand vs Australia rugby match – New Zealand Rugby
    (Cumulative) loaned items – Zoe and Morgan.

    No mention of a home I Tairua nor any great million dollarlad holding in the south Isaland.

    Given her proclivity to lying about everything perhaps it needs a lot more scrutiny.

    Have a gander through your local MP and see what’s missing.



    • “ Canterbury house prices dipped in April … The number of sales in Canterbury has also taken a dive, with only 761 happening in April, down 29% on March. The number of sales in the region has been steadily declining in the past six months and dropped by 32.1% from 1121 sales in 2021.”

      LOL 😂 you should have read the real estate agents fluff piece 🔥



    • That mandate , vaxx passes, compulsory fire smoulders on, has never been stopped, killed dead & buried.
      ….. will be available to people ….
      ….. updated passes would be available to download in under two weeks’ time – from 24 May.
      …. some businesses could choose to continue using it as a condition of entry, and encouraged people to get their up-to-date passes as a record of their vaccination status. ….
      ….. prepared for every eventuality,” Hipkins said.
      …. still include a QR code, he said, and remain current for six months ….

      This would not be in the updated in 2017 New Zealand Pandemic Plan, so why do the Medical Autocrats ignore it?
      Is this just keeping New Zealand with the upcoming World Health Organisation Treaty to be signed up to.
      The game seems that New Zealand gives its sovereignty away to an un-elected global UN tyranny, having done so with the Migration Pact, Indigenous People to control everything, and then with Carbon fees etc, & etc..



    • SB, you are right something is brewing. Sounds like control, control, control and more control coming up soon.

      If COVID Passports are not a requirement now, why would they be needed after 24th May?




    • Dr Bhakdi: Human cells need to be negatively charged to work. The more boosters you receive the higher the positive charge your cells have. It is like throwing sand in your engine and expecting it to still work.



  13. We have good reason to be concerned for the welfare of our beloved Editor. Once again his hometown is revealed as a Mecca of vice, sexual perversion & gender uncertainty. From: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/467043/name-suppression-gone-for-accused-in-cambridge-restaurant-triple-stabbing

    …..”Police charged Cambridge resident Matthew Richard Nelson over the incident at Sahara India restaurant in Leamington last Wednesday night.

    But when the 31-year-old appeared at the Hamilton District Court the following day she identified as a woman and went by the name Emma Nelson.”…..

    More on the sordid goings on in this small town full of boutiques, quirky cafés & crossdressing will be disclosed in due course. 🙂



  14. 🙄

    A British employment tribunal has ruled that calling a man ‘bald’ can be considered sex harassment, according to reports.

    Sex-based or sex harassment is not to be confused with sexual harassment, which is defined as unwanted physical advances or conduct of a sexual nature. Sex harassment also involves unwanted conduct, but typically constitutes offensive behaviour that is targeted at an individual’s sex or gender.

    The ruling came after a man complained about being called a “bald c***” at his former workplace.

    Tony Finn had worked for the British Bung Company in West Yorkshire for almost a quarter of a century when he was fired in May last year, the Daily Mail reports. Finn subsequently took the company to the employment tribunal, claiming – among other things – that he had been the victim of sex harassment following an incident with his factory supervisor, Jamie King.

    As hair loss is far more prevalent among men, King using the term ‘bald’ to describe Finn can be considered a form of discrimination, Judge Jonathan Brain found.



  15. The USA is running out of baby formula. Except for illegal immigrants who get pallet loads of the stuff. The media are spinning the line that it’s racist because black, Hispanic, native Americans etc are less likely to breast feed than white women .


    Everything in that article is a lie. The shortage is 100% the fault of Biden and other politicians who shut down the economy and imprisoned the population.



  16. bmx.net.nz
    denSpoay 04:08 t0MaM9 fiP184 a ·
    One of my friends asked “Why do you pay so much money for your kid to race BMX bikes”?
    Well I have a confession to make; I don’t pay for my kid to race their bike.
    Personally, I couldn’t care less about bikes.
    So, if I am not paying for bike racing, what am I paying for?
    – I pay for those moments when my kid becomes so tired they want to quit but doesn’t.
    – I pay for those days when my kid comes home from school and is “too tired” to go to the track but goes anyway.
    – I pay for my kid to learn to be disciplined, focused, and dedicated.
    – I pay for my kid to learn to take care of their body and equipment.
    – I pay for my kid to learn to work with others and to be good team mates, gracious in defeat, and humble in success.
    – I pay for my kid to learn to deal with disappointment, when they don’t get that win they’d hoped for, but they go back week after week giving it their best shot.
    – I pay for my kid to learn to make and accomplish goals.
    – I pay for my kid to respect, not only themselves, but other riders, officials and coaches.
    – I pay for my kid to learn that it takes hours and hours, years and years, of hard work and practice to create a champion and that success does not happen overnight.
    – I pay for my kid to be proud of small achievements, and to work towards long term goals.
    – I pay for the opportunity my kid has and will have to make life-long friendships, create lifelong memories, to be as proud of their achievements as I am.
    – I pay so that my kid can be out on the track instead of in front of a screen…
    …I could go on but, to be short, I don’t pay for bike racing; I pay for the opportunities that BMX provides my kid with to develop attributes that will serve them well throughout their life and give them the opportunity to bless the lives of others.
    From what I have seen so far I think it is a great investment!



    • Spoilt lil shit!!!
      Ffs i didnt get my expensive bmx bike gifted to me, i had to do a morning paper run for almost a year to save up enough money. Earning and saving 2k on your own when youre 13yrs old is quite an achievement imo.

      I still got all those benefits and also got an impressive folder at the a&e department, many broken bones, knock out/ concussion and muliple times got stitched back together! Nobody mentions those times in those fluffed up feelz posts



  17. Well would you believe it.

    The claimed Maori with a joint Spanish / Scottish – English name (my post @ 10.04am), the President of The Maori Party, one Che Wilson is now a world renowned Volcano Expert.

    Is there nothing these people are not the absolute best at and are world wide acknowledged experts in.

    I am in awe.///

    Nowhere in this article does it question the claimed Maori persons credentials, his/them/them/us/her/it’s qualifications or expertise.
    We just expected to take their/Stuff’s paid word for it. But isn’t it amazing, a little known critter from the depths of Ohakune has two news pieces in a national newspaper in one day.




    • ……”Is there nothing these people are not the absolute best at and are world wide acknowledged experts in. “…..

      It is my sad duty to have to address your query in the affirmative. I quote from the writings of A K Grant & Tom Scott in their publication “The Paua & the Glory”:

      ……”Maori legend has it that the volcano Ngauruhoe used to stride all over the North Island. Maori Vulcanology has much to teach the European”…….

      As I delve into this fascinating tomb I am confident that more wisdom from the Early Settlers will be revealed. 🙂



      • Naaska, I must also be a volcano for even today like Ngauruhoe, I still stride all over the north Island.

        I hope my friend, that you keep delving and become a Master Delvenologist, worthy of being adored widely, but first I must ask.

        Am I expected also like Ngauruhoe, too go off with a bang?



    • As some one with a few degrees in Geography all I can say is WTF? Pity that Maori knowledge was missing when White Island suddenly erupted. Was insufficient Koha paid? Or is he only an expert in some volcanoes. Sorry, I’ll follow colonial science on this one….. And as for the article, typical Stuff Maori Good, Whitey Bad shit. Fuck them.



  18. Just went down the road to pick up something from the Supermarket. News was on the radio talking about this Maori Party bullshit in Tauranga. They interviewed some guy whose name I didn’t catch but I think they said he was from the Maori Council.
    This is what he said in a quivering voice almost in tears
    ” I’ve been called a black dog and even a black mongrel. I just can’t take it anymore”
    Hope he never meets Hunty or IASB.



    • Curious ive spent all day driving and surfing radio stations struck pure gold on that faggot lloyd burrs show on today fm
      🙂 it made my day, that wimpering mess was one of NZs top 5 racists and top 3 racebaiters… mr mathew tukaki!
      What a pathetic piece of shit he was in thar interview, he certainly put on a show to help spur more racial devide after todays maori party stunt.

      If he was genuine then the muppets got to realise if youre gunna push extreme racist/divisive ideas and policies and racebait every chance you get well that has some bloody consequences and people are going to be upset and rightly tell the muppet so.

      Him and his mates willy and hone have said far worse things about whitey then what he was crying about on the radio.
      I think it was fake cry to further the agenda, was glad to hear winston scold the maori party and call them out on their lies and bullshit



      • Matthew Tukaki, self appointed to his own organisation, the National Maori Authority.

        Now, who voted for him, who formed this organsation and what authority does it have?
        Answer: None.

        Definition of word “Authority” in his organisation: The power or right to give orders, make decisions and enforce obedience.

        Matthew Tukaki and his self serving organisation has none of these.

        The man is a charlatan.



      • Even those from so-called homogenous societies are not as pure as they would like to think they are.
        From a biological perspective, genetic diversity and mutations can be a source of strength in a hostile world.
        And it is certainly hostile…



  19. Jabbed then?

    A top doctor in Australia says her life is “shattered” after her only daughter died unexpectedly in her sleep.

    “She never woke up. It was so utterly unexpected and my husband and my hearts are shattered. I really don’t know what to do.”

    Dr Atchinson came to prominence during the COVID-10 pandemic during which she became a spokesperson for nurses and hospital staff.

    She also warned South Australia opening its borders in November would put a strain on the healthcare system.



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