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  1. I haven’t had time to watch any of the queens celebrations but did catch a YouTube “short” with her appearing with chuck and his Mrs ,William and Kate with their brood on the balcony.
    Quickly putting on my body language expert hat I see Kate has become anorexic I doubt she weighs more than her daughter and little Louis is suffering from ADHD .
    The queen has been a great servant of the people including our people here in NZ but the chances of this new breed of royals doing 70 years of near unblemished service are zero.
    William and Kate have been steadfast in their support of the Queen but one look at how skinny Kate has become screams out that things aren’t as they appear.



  2. Everything as normal in auckland.

    An investigation is under way into the death of a woman at her Onehunga home and neighbours say they have been told by police that she may have been killed.

    The 65-year-old was located in her home by a member of her extended family shortly after 10am on Sunday.

    meanwhile Beecroft got a gong.



  3. Of course we don’t name the religion of peace responsible.

    Gunmen attacked a Catholic church in southwest Nigeria during mass on Sunday, killing at least 50 people including women and children, according to a hospital doctor and media reports.

    Several Nigerian news outlets said gunmen had fired at worshippers and detonated explosives at St Francis Catholic Church in the town of Owo. The identity and motive of the attackers was not immediately clear.

    Nigeria is battling an Islamist insurgency in the northeast and armed gangs who carry out attacks and kidnappings for ransom, mostly in the northwest.



    • Will Arderne don a Crucifix and put on a sad face? Or are Christians fair game. I see the Ukraine Nazis burnt down an historic Orthodox church in their retreat. Nazis and Ragheads. A lot of similarities. Ardrene seems to like their company……



    • That attack on Kiev… ”
      💥 High-precision, long-range air-based missiles (https://t.me/mod_russia_en/2039) of the Russian Aerospace Forces have destroyed T-72 tanks and other armoured vehicles supplied by Eastern European countries and housed in the buildings of a car repair facility on the outskirts of Kiev.” from the Russian MOD. Like they don’t know where western weapons are coming from and being stored.



    The car keys weren’t in my pockets. Suddenly the wife realized she must have left them in the car. Frantically, she headed for the parking lot
    Her husband has scolded me many times for leaving my keys in the car’s ignition. He’s afraid that the car could be stolen.
    As she looked around the parking lot, she realized he was right. The parking lot was empty.
    She immediately called the police. She gave them her location, confessed that she had left my keys in the car, and that it had been stolen.
    Then she made the most difficult call of all – to my husband: “I left my keys in the car, and it’s been stolen.”
    There was a moment of silence. She thought the call had been disconnected, but then she heard his voice.
    “Are you kidding me?” he barked, “I dropped you off!”
    Now it was her turn to be silent.
    Embarrassed, she said, “Well, come and get me.”

    He retorted, “I will as soon as I convince this cop that I didn’t steal your car!”
    Welcome to the golden years.



  5. Musk Asks Why Epstein-Maxwell Client List Hasn’t Leaked, Responds To His Photo With Maxwell At Party

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    On Saturday, Tesla Inc

    TSLA-9.22%+ Free Alerts
    CEO Elon Musk went on Twitter asking to see Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list.

    He shared an image of a dinosaur, unicorn, dragon, and the text “Epstein/Maxwell client list,” noting that these are “things I’ll never see in my life.”

    He questioned why DOJ did not disclose the client list and said it seems no one in the media cares about it.





  6. After seeing an article encouraging parents to read stories containing ethnic characters to their children to give them a better understanding of different cultures, I thought I’d give it a try.

    “No, that’s wrong,” my daughter said, “It’s Goldilocks and the THREE Bears, silly.”

    “No darling,” I corrected her, “You see, the bears in this story are brown bears so Daddy Bear had taken off LONG before Baby Bear was born”.



  7. Menstrual Irregularities, Uterus Shedding Cases Spike After COVID Vaccine Rollout: Peer-Reviewed Study

    What we’ve seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg’: Dr. Northrup
    The first of three peer-reviewed research studies on women who suffered menstrual irregularities or a decidual cast around the time COVID vaccines were rolled out begins to shed light on the sudden spike of this historically rare gynecological abnormality.

    A decidual cast is when the inside lining of the uterus (endometrium) is shed intact, the entire lining is shed in one piece.

    “What a decidual cast is is the sloughing off of the entire inside of the uterus all at once, generally preceded by several days of intense cramping as the uterus contracts. So what is passed is a ‘cast’ of the inside of the uterus,” Dr. Christiane Northrup, a co-author of the study, told The Epoch Times.

    Thorp previously told The Epoch Times that he has been seeing “many, many, many complications in pregnant women, in moms and in fetuses, in children, offspring,” since the COVID vaccine was widely distributed.

    “Fetal death, miscarriage, death of the fetus inside the mom,” Thorp added. “What I’ve seen in the last two years is unprecedented.”

    When are these people going to prosecuted??



  8. Time & statistics are confirming that we were kept under house arrest while the state & big pharma tried to force us to take our poison:

    ……”An investigation of official statistics has found that the number of athletes who have died since the beginning of 2021 has risen exponentially compared to the yearly number of deaths of athletes officially recorded between 1966 and 2004.

    So much so that the monthly average number of deaths between January 2021 and April 2022 is 1,700% higher than the monthly average between 1966 and 2004″…….

    Even if you don’t read the article look at the graphs. They tell a sorry story.




  9. Latest US Data Shows Vaccine Injuries Skyrocketed; How Will We Recover?
    At present, the adverse events brought about by the COVID-19 vaccines are getting more and more attention from the public. If vaccination causes injury or damage, how can the body heal itself?

    Juliana Mastrantonio of New York is an 18-year-old full-time college student and part-time pharmacy technician. Prior to the vaccination, she was in good health and exercised daily. Juliana was infected with COVID-19 in December 2020 and recovered without long COVID symptoms.

    Juliana received her first dose of Pfizer vaccine on December 10, 2021 and her second dose on January 2, 2022. Within one week after the second dose, Juliana developed pelvic pain that gradually worsened, and she became hospitalized.

    Four days after being discharged from the hospital, she developed other severe symptoms, headaches, and tremors. When she woke up the next morning, she found herself immobile from the waist down, and was paralyzed. And she is currently undergoing rehabilitation.


    An observation from me.
    Some will perhaps recall that I spent some years with polymyaglgia. It was an unknown disease until the flu shots came along. The only treatment is a longtime on Prednisone. The symptoms are similar to those in the article above and recently I posted an article about the need for Covid long people to be treated with these types of drugs.
    Just suggesting that if you have these issues that you get your doc to put you on a Steroid
    I went from barley able to move to being mobile over night. From severe pain to normal.
    Docs won’t admit it is the flu jab but I had nothing else that it could have come from.
    Its an interference with your immune system
    It takes a longtime to get rid of it. and when you have you are still not the robust person you once were.
    FWIW that’s my experience.



    • That was an engrossing conversation between two truly great minds; however the YouTube clip is but a fragment of the whole conversation, which can be watched here:


      It is clear that Weinstein and Oliver both agree that there are dark and evil forces at work in the world – but even though they allude tangentially to it, they stop short of actually saying that we are under attack by artificial intelligence.

      It seems obvious to me that no human or human organisation would have the amazing ability to shut down the world, destroy whole industries, impose blanket propaganda across almost all media and literally poison hundreds of millions (or maybe billions?) of people with a fake ‘vaccine’, the effects of which we are only just beginning to uncover.

      This has NOT been the work of ANY human agency. This is a totally different threat, the likes of which humanity has hitherto not encountered. We are at war. A war for the very existence of human civilisation.



  10. Oh dear, I bet they still don’t get why they are unpopular. Harry and Meghan have up and left the Queen’s jubilee celebrations early.

    Harry and Meghan are reaping the consequences of being ‘talentless self-promoters’

    Sky News Australia
    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have endured a tough time as they returned to England to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.



  11. Beloved Westie Ben McIntosh found shot in car will save others with organ donation

    A much-loved West Auckland character found critically injured after being shot last week has died in hospital.

    Police confirmed they are now investigating the man’s death as a homicide.

    Ben McIntosh, 36, died in Auckland Hospital after he was found in his car with a gunshot wound on Friday morning at a Glen Eden park.

    McIntosh is being remembered as a dearly loved father, son, brother and grandson, who would do anything for anyone.

    He was rushed to hospital but life support was turned off on Sunday.

    McIntosh died surrounded by friends and family.




  12. Rates and what has been driving up.

    In the private sector, the most efficient way to ensure low and stable inflation from the source is to have unfettered, dog-eat-dog, free-market competition in the economy. In the 30 plus years of dissecting the regular RBNZ Monetary Policy Statements, the number of times I have read the word “competition” in the documents would be less than 10. The RBNZ needs to be working with the Commerce Commission and Government to ensure that we reduce monopolistic price-setting behaviour that will always increase inflation or keep it higher than where it should be.

    As the history of the consistently high (3% to 4% pa) domestic “non-tradable” inflation tells us, the public sector has been out of control with their price-setting behaviour for a very long time. It is easy to blame the Local Government Councils or Government departments for always increasing their rates and user-pays’ prices. However, the real culprits are the politicians who ladle ever-increasing legislative and regulatory requirements/costs on to these bodies (and the economy) with no regard to who ultimately pays for it.

    To illustrate this major inflation problem, which the RBNZ appears oblivious to, I analysed one cost-line in our six largest Local Government Councils over the three years to 30 June 2021. To understand why local government rates have increased by 4% to 7% every year for the last decade, you must analyse what cost increases have occurred that requires them to recoup these through higher rates/charges on property owners and indirectly on renters. Local Government rates are a relatively minor 3.5% weighting in the CPI inflation index; however Council charges also impact construction costs which makes up most of the consistently high domestic inflation. Local Government cost blow-outs is just one example of public sector excess that sees New Zealand downing itself in a sea of red-tape that keeps domestic inflation high.

    The Councils’ cost-line chosen was personnel/staff costs: –

    Wellington City Council – Personnel costs increased by 22% ($20 million) to $106 million over the three years (June 2019 to June 2021). The population within the Council’s boundaries was static at 210,000. Wellington may have had some challenges with earthquake-prone buildings, but that $7 million per year additional staff cost is close to 70 extra people per year at a salary of $100,000 each. What do all these additional people do? Council provided services such as rubbish collection, water, sewerage and local roads would all have been at the same level over the three years.

    Auckland Council – Personnel costs increased by 11% ($97 million) to $1,716 million over the three years. The population increased by 3.7% to 1,715,500.

    Christchurch City Council – Personnel costs were well under control in the garden city, static at $203 million per year over the three years. Population was also static at 390,000.

    Dunedin City Council – Personnel costs increased by 15% ($9 million) to $66 million over the three years. Population was static at 132,000.

    Hamilton City Council – Personnel costs increased 18% ($14 million) to $91 million over the three years. Hamilton’s population increased by 6% to 178,500, so some justification for additional staff.

    Tauranga City Council – Personnel costs increased by 27% ($17 million) to $80 million over the three years. Again some justification for more Council staff as their population increased by 9% to 155,000.

    All these Councils (except Christchurch) have either chosen to or been forced to hire additional staff to undertake additional legislative and regulatory requirements (e.g. highly contestable RMA processes) imposed on them. Ever increasing rates bills are the result. Increased rates may be justified if there were increased Council services on the other side, but that does not appear to be the case.




    • Dunedin culture specialises in conniving to suck the state tit dry. The new mayor has zero fiscal rectitude, and will be like a drug addicted meth head who has found a magic bean credit card lying on the concrete.

      Why not legislate zero raises for twenty years. Keep the chickens in the coop.



  13. How can one, commit suicide, without getting into contortions, hang oneself from a power cord then shoot oneself in the chest with a shotgun unless you are a friend of Bill or Hillary Clinton???? The Clintons will be miles away and know nothing about it.

    This is hilarious. How mental can they get?????????




  14. Correct.
    When I was a councillor we had many discussions about this.
    Ratepayers often argued about keeping rate increases the same as the rate of inflation but there was a constant increase in legislation that meant more staff and in the end an increase in rates.
    We tried to keep a cap on staff numbers but new areas of legislation saw more staff required.
    All non productive moves and negative for the real productive sector.



  15. Death Rates Are Soaring Again in Highly Vaccinated European Countries

    All-cause mortality is spiking – right on schedule, three-plus months after booster mRNA shots – and mostly in the elderly, the most highly boosted group.

    “Only months after suffering a huge and unexplained increase in their death rates in the fall of 2021, many Western European countries are seeing a new spike.

    The increase includes some COVID deaths but is not limited to them. Several countries now have death rates more than 15 percent above normal, an extremely unusual event – especially since demographers expected death rates to fall as COVID eased.

    The spike last fall came a few months after near-universal Covid vaccinations. This spring’s rise comes on the heels of third-shot ‘booster’ mRNA jabs that were far more common in Europe than the U.S.

    Notably, while last fall’s increase encompassed adults of all ages, this one is taking place mostly in the elderly, who were the focus of the booster campaign.”



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