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  1. The Philippines is doomed , their new President Ferdinand Marcos Jnrs first words when giving his inauguration speech “We will build back better” FFS didn’t these people kick that utterly corrupt regime out of power with a revolution 30 fucking years ago ??? GOOD GRIEF…



  2. rev@0507

    So once again that phrase (‘We will build back better’) appears at the upper levels of international politics. It happened here, in Canada, in the US, in Europe and IMHO shows the extent of the deliberate indoctrination of thoughtless, leaderless, ‘Bright young things’ by Schwab, Gates et al as part of their carefully-thought-out and implemented plan to control EVERYTHING on the planet.

    Expect to hear it more often over the next few years…



  3. Something strange is happening up here this morning, it’s not raining and there’s no hurricane force winds for a change. I’m just going to pop outside and make sure we aren’t in Kansas.



    • IAASB

      For the sane folk not much has changed, if you get a sniffle stfu and get on with life.
      Very true.

      [1] All the evidence points to the un-vaccinated who get Covd-19 having considerable immunity from Covid-19 for a considerable period, as is the case with other naturally causing viruses.. For the benefit of lurkers on this thread, I mean evidence, not propaganda.

      [2] So clearly the 90 day window dropping to 28 days, means Covid-19 can strike again in a reduced time period for the vaccinated, which means there is no immunity created by the vaccines, and that vaccines actually destroy the human body natural immunity.

      [3] Referencing [2], if vaccines did not exist for Covid-19 at all, then a re-infection means the body has no immunity to the virus, which would raise two additional anomalies:

      (i) That the virus is not naturally occurring but designed to strengthen with each new variant, whereas a virus normally weakens with each new variant. A virus is an inter-cellular parasite, which has no material of it’s own, fabricating its entire structure out of the host cells. A virus has all the properties of a nanobot or source code. To learn from its experiences and strengthen with each new variant suggests either a sentient awareness and learning capability far beyond its own source code, or programmed sub-nanobot technology.

      (ii) Or, that the re-infection after 28 days is simply the flu.

      [4] I have never had a flu shot, and definitely not Covid-19 shots. I know many people who did not rush out and get the Covid shots, and most of them never take flu shots, and seldom if ever get the flu, perhaps once every 10 – 20 years.

      As an analyst, the pattern with the flu shots, has been clear for many many years. If you don’t want to go through the discomfort of the flu, and the “hassle” of looking after your health by nutritious eating, limiting highly processed foods, and cutting down on excesses that damage your health, you can bypass the body’s natural immune responses and take a vaccine.

      (i) And it is people who consistently take flu shots, have a reduced immunity to the flu, often still getting the flu, or suffering more severely if they miss one of the annual shots.

      (ii) And as per this latest proclamation from NZ health, that you will continue to get Covid as frequently as 28 days after the last one.

      [5] All this does is confirm that the flu/Covid vaccines don’t work. Are the vaccinated populace being set up to be addicted to flu/Covid-19 vaccines?

      [6] Will we hear in 6 months time that the 28 days possible re-infection period fro Covid has dropped to 7 days?

      [7] Will the vaccinated populace be required to take tablets daily, or injections every few days, self administered like Insulin?

      The vaccinated are becoming prisoners in their own bodies, slaves to the WEF elite, or to whomever has been working on this dastardly plan for eons.



  4. Do i understand this correctly?
    Proud boys and base are not labelled a terrorist organisation in america but nz and a few other countries have declared then such?

    Why has NZ not included ukraines right sector or the azov as terrorist organisations? They have the same idealogy except far more violent



    • The American Empire, like the Communist Internationale, has more influence outside it’s own country, than inside. The American heartland is fighting back. But not so outside. The numpties, labour, national, WEF, Build back Better stooges, have their gimp suits on, and the whip handle inserted ready for instruction.



  5. Here’s a man after my own heart.

    The comedian best known for his role as Mr. Bean spoke to the Irish Times about the state of comedy, remarking, “Every joke has a victim. That’s the definition of a joke.” He described cancel culture as destructive to comedy: “In a proper free society, you should be allowed to make jokes about absolutely anything.”

    Many comedians, including Dave Chapelle and Bill Maher, are pushing back against the trend. And conservative host Benny Johnson has a weekly show, The Left Can’t Meme, airing exclusively on Parler each Friday.



  6. Mummified woolly mammoth discovered intact— The female calf was found in Yukon, Canada and, at approximately 30,000 years old, is one of the most intact mammoths to be found in North America.


    ts once muscular trunk now lays limp and its body is caved in.

    Experts, however, are thrilled by how intact this specimen is – its hooves still have grooves from wear and tear.

    Yukon Paleontologist Dr. Grant Zazula said in a statement: ‘As an ice age paleontologist, it has been one of my life long dreams to come face to face with a real woolly mammoth.

    The analysis also showed that mammoths and Yukon horses, which lived alongside mammoths, were already disappearing from the Earth before the climate instability.

    However, the researchers note that they did not go extinct due to humans overhunting them as previously thought.

    The evidence shows that both the woolly mammoth and ancient horse persisted until as recently as 5,000 years ago, bringing them into the mid-Holocene, the interval beginning roughly 11,000 years ago that we live in today.

    During the early Holocene, the environment in Yukon was dramatically changed due to a shifting climate.

    It was previously flowing with lush grasslands, known as the ‘Mammoth Steppe’, but became overrun with shrubs and mosses that were not seen as food for large grazing herds of mammoths, horses and bison.

    Grasslands cannot survive in that part of North America and experts say that is because there are no longer the large grazing animals to manage them.



  7. The Epoch Times

    Trevor Loudon

    Pride month is big business—if you’re a business, if you’re in government, you have to display the flags and show solidarity. It’s a politically powerful movement. But the reason it is powerful is because the overall gay movement is organized on Marxist-Leninist principles. It’s a movement that is using people for revolutionary and destructive goals. Trevor Loudon exposes the communist origins of the gay rights movement.




    • The Pedo Parade and LGTP attack is the biggest threat to traditional family life, and all that is good. Did you see that large US corporations have promised to provide free travel and abortions to their workers. Why would they want to keep their young female employee’s sterile and at work, why would they do that?

      Business drives the sterility agenda as an employment strategy. The biggest scam was convincing women that giving their best years to a faceless corporation was freedom. Feminism is a corporate strategy. The LGTP is the newest version of the Torches of Freedom campaign, a push which enslaved women to the workplace, as well as killing them: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torches_of_Freedom



  8. The very punchable tosser michael baker on the radio urging the govt to change laws so there is a 5 day forced isolation period for the flu and rsv!
    Hes highly upset covid is a fizzer and that flu hospitalizations far surpass those due to covid.



  9. For Osen.

    TSMC set to revitalize small farming town in Japan

    Local economy gets shot in arm from population boost, new business opportunities

    About 1,700 people are expected to work at a new plant being built by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing in the town of Kikuyo in southwestern Japan, pictured in June. (Photos by Shinya Sawai)
    KOSUKE KONDO and JUNYA HISANAGA, Nikkei staff writersJune 29, 2022 11:45 JST

    KUMAMOTO, Japan– Japan’s rural areas have suffered the brunt of a declining population, but one small town in the Kyushu region set for revitalization with the construction of a new Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) plant could set the example for change.


    Moving away from china.



        • I’m talking about isolated villages with small populations of less than 1,000 people.
          Ref: https://www.washingtonpost.com/photography/2021/11/29/this-is-what-rural-depopulation-japan-looks-like/

          1. Lack of educational, cultural, medical facilities
          2. High average age (like living in an old-folks’ home)
          3. Your children will leave town after high school and never return
          4. Poor rail, bus or road access
          5. An expectation from the local community that you will join in and participate in local community projects (there goes your free time). Failure to do so would be seen as bad form.
          6. Schools and hospitals may be absent (or a long drive away)
          7. Few jobs (other than manual farming, handyman repairing, and looking after elderly citizens)



          • That’s not unique to Japan and is a global trend towards regression into consumerist superficial urban living. The things you set out in your explanation are self fulfilling and self perpetuating.



              • OS, I think you are wrong on your statement that extinction is natural, especially with regards to communities who are dying.

                In many, many cases, communities die because of Government (of the day) policies. Just look at Taumarunui. This had 14 sawmills within a very close proximity from the late 1890’s until the mid 1980’s and by mid 1990’s they were all gone. Many due to policies introduced by Helen Clark as Minister of Conservation.

                Taumarunui had a wonderful Hospital with surgeries specialising in joint replacements for the country. Again, under Helen Clark as Minister of Health in 1990, this was reduced to basically a medical centre and everything was transferred to Hamilton.

                The Ruapehu residents now have to travel nearly a 400 kilometers round trip to Waikato Hospital for a simple consulation on a bunion at huge expense to them.

                Look at Wanganui, they had had the Government Police Computer Centre. This was established in 1975 but this too, by 1995 had gone as everything was centralised to Wellington.

                Then there is Government policies on Carbon Farming and the replacement of productive farms with stagnant non productive trees. Again Government policy.

                These are but four examples. I think Government policies have a lot to do with the demise of rural communities. I guess the same is happening in Japan.

                And people wonder why rural people have to go to cities to find work. Governments have created the situation in many cases.



                • The Ancient Hooligan; —- well said.
                  I have similiar thoughts as there is a push to minimize rural, to convert to wilderness.

                  The trend of:—
                  Significant Natural Areas SNA’s by seizure, to parks to => to National Parks, to => World Heritage Parks.

                  The locking up of Resources, like NO mining.
                  NO more better roads.
                  The high costs being a “virtual signal” so as to be seen to be compliant, when some practicability with consideration with time fixes much.

                  The imposition of costs by imposing very high standards, and are they really needed.
                  Sure lip service of public relations, seems to be the practice to add a gloss, while stopping people acting practicably.

                  I know that productivity is the quiet enemy to the rural people and farmers.
                  Like the post rammer for fencers, but then there seems to be an even bigger increased need for fencers, that is until forestry.

                  The quiet point is that central government, now having control of money, and can put costly laws in place, where others have to pay..



                    • At least she didn’t continue the line by breading unlike the current vile totalitarian Marxist stick insect.

                      Once bones looses her job, she and Helen could do a remake of the film “Notes on a scandle”.



                  • S1, yes SNA’s are concepts and realities city people do not comprehend, understand or have given a thought too. You are only partly right however. It is SNA to National Park to currently mooted passing of control of National Parks and DOC land to IWI. I do not think World Heritage will get a look in.

                    This, like 3 Waters is just plain theft by the Government and redistribution of wealth.

                    And as too costs on the rural community and farmers in particular.

                    City people could not give a shit, they do not understand what costs have come from this Government onto the farmer and could not give a shit what this Government is proposing. Even the increased costs at the supermarket won’t affect many, as they will just get a food grant for their food and any extra cost, well who cares, WINZ can only take a maximum out of “their pay cheque” each fortnight and that’s it. Repayments are minimal.

                    As to fencers, here they are as busy as hell but can’t get the tanalised timber they need.



  10. Did Ardern really consider the EU fine print around this.
    Note the admission that it is the EU that whips France into line, and now turns a blind eye to Germany opening up its dirty coal mines.

    ….. sanctions if one of the parties failed to live up to the Paris Climate Agreement are yet to be laid out.
    O’Connor said there would be a mechanism for one part to take the other to international arbitration.

    Dombrovskis said the sanctions played a part in getting some less enthusiastic EU members, such as France, over the line. ….

    She said there was no concern that New Zealand would face sanctions, as the Government had already legislated for a 1.5 degree global warming target.

    “Replicating that ambition in a trade agreement, in our mind, actually raises the bar for our competitors,” she said. …

    Did you hear Ardern saying no oil, no gas and most certainly No Coal for Europe? 🙁
    So Ardern is hiding behind the feather of the New Zealand Defences Forces giving artillery GUNS & training others to go and kill Russians.

    The virtual signalling of climate in the agreement is going to be used to whip New Zealand.
    So that any future government will find difficulty in giving concessions or working out any changes in the “Paris Agreement” as now Europe can challenge NZ and make it pay a penalty.

    So is Ardern and ilk going to try and impose this onto other trade agreements?
    So New Zealand can be pushed to make more concessions.

    $1.8 billion of extra trade is pitiful compared exporting $20 billion to China, so it is not really a diversification of trade!



  11. I see that arrogant green twat of a Mayor in Dunedin told Cr van der Vis to ‘go read a book ‘when he questioned climate change had affected the special people.
    Lee is standing for Mayor this year.



    • Wiseowl

      Climate change IS affecting “special” people. Or more correctly the Climate Change bandwagon where normally occurring cyclic climate variations caused by the universe we live in, are re-branded as man-made in an attempt to put people into fear and snake oil. This IS affecting “special” people – those that are too dumb to see the truth.

      “Six munths ago I couldn’t spel Climate Change signtist, now I iz one”



  12. A priest and a rabbi met at the annual July 4th picnic. They were old friends and loved to tease one another. “This baked ham is really good,” said the priest. “You really ought to break down and try some.”
    “I will, I will,” replies the rabbi, smiling, “at your wedding.”



      • The Washington FBI security wing was headed up by D’Antuono. D’Antuono ran the FBI sting involving kidnapping of the crazy Lesbian Mayor of Michigan, Whitmer. It was deemed to be quite “press” successful against the “white-boy” narrative, so D’Antuono was transferred to Washington to run the Jan 6 sting against the president. The courts threw the Whitmer case out, so they fucked up their sting. They will throw out the Jan 6 show trial too. These guys are incredibly incompetent.



  13. Have you seen the new Board of the Reserve Bank which Robertson announced yesterday.

    Not one Economist of any note,

    But shit loads of Maori, or Maori Troughers.

    Rodger Finlay – Director of Ngai Tahu
    Jeremey Banks – Director of Ngāti Rārua Ātiawa Iwi Trust
    Professor Rawinia Higgins – She is a member of the Waitangi Tribunal and is chair of the Māori Advisory Group to the Public Service Commissioner.
    Hinerangi Raumati-Tu’ua – is the chair of Tainui Group Holdings

    So, of the 7 Board Members appointed by Robertson which he announced yesterday but start their Appointments today, the majority have direct connection to Maori organisations.




  14. After reading about the collapse of the rental market I thought I’d check.

    Big reductions in rents for central Wellington and a significant increase in available properties. I was shocked at the extent of the turn around.

    No wonder Mikey has been so emotional and easily triggered.



    • Was this the one wiseowl?
      A hint of the topic would be helpful.

      I’ve got three words for the unions who are seeking to set this country back decades: No, no, no!
      PUBLISHED Wednesday 29 June 2022 : Mark Dolan
      As an article transcript.

      … Barristers, teachers, civil servants and local government are all professionals who we know, are considering industrial action, and they, are the tip of the iceberg.
      ….. wage demands in the 70s were sometimes in excess of 20 or 30 per cent. And the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson, all too often, paid up. ….

      What was the consequence? Eye watering inflation, which topped out, at 26 per cent. ….

      The video arrow there seems to go to GB Live, so it is what ever is running.
      Certainly better than NZ Television, and so may connect to later this evening.



  15. The Devil was sitting at the Gates of Hell when an old man suddenly arrived in a burst of flames, looking confused and lost. The Devil looked at his paperwork, and frowned. He was unable to find this old man’s data file.

    “This can’t be right,” the old man grumbled, looking at the Devil, “I’ve been a good man my whole life.”

    The Devil nodded apologetically, most people said this when they arrived at Hell.
    “Why don’t you start with how you died and we’ll figure it out.” He said

    The old man sighed and said:

    “Well, I was out with minding my grandchildren, enjoying a fun day out. I don’t get the grandchildren often because my eyesight is starting to fade. But we were having the most wonderful time..

    And that’s when everything went crazy!

    Out of nowhere, I spotted the largest most grotesque mouse I’ve ever seen moving towards us. It was absolutely enormous!

    And that’s when it moved. Straight towards the grandchildren first, limbs outstretched. You don’t know where mice have been, what if it had’ve bitten one of them? Can you imagine if they got rabies on my watch?”

    “So what did you do?” The Devil whispered, entranced by the story. He was munching on a box of popcorn.

    The old man continued,

    “You don’t get how big this mouse was! Radiation it must’ve been. Too many phones these days, that’s what causes it.

    I did the only thing I could!

    I grabbed my walking stick and I cracked it over the head. Now my eye sight isn’t that good anymore, but I whacked it good!

    The kids started screaming at this point. You know how they get when you have to kill an animal.

    But I needed to keep going. You see with mice, you need to see their guts to know they’re dead. Otherwise they’ll be back with others.”

    “So you killed it?” The Devil asked. Some of his demigods had come to listen to the story.

    The old man nodded,

    “By golly I did! Guts and all were splattered for all to see. The kids had lost their mind at this point. Tears everywhere. A crowd had gathered as well, all screaming at the sight.

    It was at this point though, that the exertion caught up with me. I felt my heart give way. I must have suffered a heart attack. Next thing I know, I’m here.”

    “Well,” the Devil said, concerned, “This doesn’t seem to add up. Let me just give Heaven a call and we’ll try and see what’s going on here.

    The Devil pulled up a phone from thin air and dialled a number.

    “Hey Jesus bro,” the Devil said, “I think I’ve got one of yours here. His story checks out. Must have been a mix up.”

    The Devil nodded as a voice on the phone spoke back to him. He gave the old man a silent celebratory thumbs up as the voice continued.

    The Devil covered the phone speaker with his hand, turned to the old man and said,

    “You’re all good, they just want to know where you were when you died.”

    The old man nodded,

    “Oh that’s easy, I was at Disneyland.”



  16. Employee ‘fuelled by personal gain’ changed payroll info to steal . Over 15 months, Vera Maxine Karataua repeatedly changed her colleagues’ payroll information, diverting money to her own account and defrauding her employer of $113,040.

    Judge David Ruth said while he was willing to suppress the name of Karataua’s employer, he refused her application for final name suppression.


    They named Te Papa and the Māori thief 2 years ago 😂




  17. Housing market crash shocks even the most pessimistic as billions are lost in a few months. Concerns raised about the mental health of Ponzi players who may pose a threat to themselves and others.

    The average asking price of homes in Auckland is down $112,209 since January

    The number of homes available for sale has almost doubled over the last 12 months, and asking prices are tumbling.


    Live updates to follow



  18. Oh! The hideous irony of the Mahutapotamus criticising China for crushing democracy in Hong Kong, while the big fat bitch presides over the greatest attack on democracy and equality this country has ever seen.



  19. Referencing the first meme above – after shopping is it possible for the ‘wife’ to redeem a different ‘husband’ from the storage pod if they see one they like better? After all they are perfectly set up for window shopping.




    I don’t know if this has been posted before (and given the 4 June 2022 date, it may well have been), but had it sent to med by a friend.

    Although allegorical, it is unfortunately remarkably close to reality, but despite that, I trust that the readership will find it of interest, and even perhaps, amusing…

    NZ, dl’s way….




  21. Mission control has just got off the phone after talking to one of our granddaughters who works in aged care. She usually calls in regularly but got hit with Covid & had to take a couple of weeks on sick leave. She’s back at work & reckons that every patient has the virus despite being vaccinated up the wazoo. Most of the ones she looks after are half dead on a good day so this will finish them off.

    They’re so short of staff (all of them similarly poisoned) that she’s working double shifts six days a week.

    Some vaccination! Safe & effective it was according to the Podium of Truth.



    • ‘Safe and effective’. Of course it is.
      That’s why politicians were exempt
      from getting jabbed. Ardern has committed
      crimes against humanity. Rope burn or lead
      poisoning is the punishment.



    • nassaka, My 98 yr aunt very reluctantly went into rest home 18 months ago. She is in the same position, jabbed 3 times and now has Covid (for the last 10 days). She fighting like crazy and I’m betting she will beat it. But it is all through the rest home. So much for safe and effective.
      Bloomfield, Adern, Baker and co have alot to answer for, the ba…ds.



      • The thing is that most of these old people have no quality of life. They breathe but that’s about it.

        Yet they are deprived of the one thing they hold dear……visits from friends & family on the spurious presumption that they may bring Covid into the village/home. Last Xmas they were isolated from everything & everyone.

        For what?



      • Covid in Tauranga too. My old dad is in the hospital wing of his rest home. Jabbed up the wazoo but now sick with it.

        Dad’s certainly gone down hill mentally faster without us all having normal access. It is not kindness.



    • Nasska…the mother in law is now in a dementia wing of a rest home…..all compulsory vaccinated with up dated shots.

      6 weeks ago the place was shut down and all residents down with the cov….no deaths as far as we know. The rest home is now currently in lock down as they all have another dose of the cov.

      The wife’s new job involves speaking to covid riddled people over the phone to asses their symptoms and make sure that they are getting the right medical attention. It’s amazing how many she has spoken to who are in their 90’s, still living at home and are coping.



    • With only hearing part of one side of the story its impossible to know wtf is up with it.
      What the hell did he do? What is he charged with? And what were the circumstances of his arrest?

      Theres violent scum that get bail so hes either done something alot worse then wear a lifejacket or snorkel or hes seriously pissed of a judge.



    • From nasska’s face book link.

      Free Graham Philip [25th May 2022].
      This is the heartbreaking story of Marta Philip, whose husband Graham (GJ Philip journalist, radio host & author) has been imprisoned without trial for almost 7 months now.
      Graham has suffered greatly at the hands of our justice system, and has been held in conditions that constitute major breaches of human rights. During his imprisonment, Graham has spent extensive time in high security, sharing cells with murderers, drug dealers & hardened criminals, and has had several attempts on his life. He was also held in solitary confinement, without stepping foot outside for 18 days.
      Furthermore, due to ‘covid restrictions & mandates’, Graham hasn’t been allowed to receive a single visitor throughout his time in prison. Graham & Marta haven’t seen one another since Graham was taken away on the morning of his arrest (8 December, 2021). Grahams applications for zoom calls are being denied, and communication with his wife has been limited to letters (which take weeks to arrive, if at all), and a 5 minute phone call per week.
      To date, the charges against Graham remain very unclear & Marta tells us she is still in the dark about many aspects surrounding his arrest.
      We know that Graham was VERY vocal in terms of speaking out against Government overreach; tyranny & the ‘covid narrative’ from day one.
      Graham had his own radio show on ‘Free Speech NZ’, and ran various channels on social media platforms where he shared his research – the truth about the UN globalist agenda & the experimental poison etc.
      This begs an important question: Has Graham been imprisoned for his political views, making him a target and subsequently – a political prisoner of New Zealand???
      Graham is a good man with no prior criminal history. He does not deserve to be sitting in a cell for months on end without being given the opportunity of a fair trial!!
      Please help us raise awareness in order to help free Graham from this cruel & (what seems to be?) ‘unlawful’ imprisonment by sharing their story. We believe that everybody needs to hear this!
      Remember, if this can happen to these good, everyday New Zealanders – this can happen to you…
      Many thanks Kelvyn & Hannah at Counterspin Media – you guys rock!!
      Danielle x
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      I find this question is raised a couple of times.

      …. Have just caught up with this story. What are his charges? And what did he actually do to the pylon? ….
      …. The charges suppressed WTF …



      • Thanks S1. If the suppressed charge relates to damaging or an attempt to do something to a pylon it begs the question of why.

        Was it a radio or TV mast? Was it a Transpower pylon? If so why not charges of intentional damage rather than “sabotage”?

        I suspect that he was a fringe religious nut but if that was a crime we’d be building a shitload of gaols. The thing is that we of this blog as political tragics & advocates for personal freedom should have our warning antenna twitching furiously.

        Having a political dissident imprisoned on unspecified charges for six months without visitors or effective council is the stuff of the glorious Peoples Republic of Korea. Not New Zealand as we think it is.



    • Thanks nasska

      The hearing in Hamilton this morning has seen the judge reserve his decision regarding Graham Philip’s bail.
      Details around the sabotage charges are still under a court suppression order.
      Sharing these details could jeopardise the case.
      🔄 Counterspin
      NZs Media Revolution

      Counterspin obviously know more, still support Graham Philip

      Bail hearing is now in Hamilton tomorrow, Tuesday June 28th, at 9am instead of Rotorua.
      – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      Last minute change of time and change of town! This is getting ridiculous…
      It’s quite obvious that the court system in NZ is messed up. What other system allows pedophiles and rapists to go free on minimal home detention but holds a 61 year old man (who has never offended) for over 6 months in remand without trial?…

      Was that to avoid an audience? to dodge Graham Philip’s supporters?
      I see there are “free Graham Philip” t-shirts 🙂
      Seems like not the first time the bail dates or courts have been postponed, then also changed, etc., etc..

      Despite the cancelation of the bail hearing today, a number of people turned up in support regardless.
      Graham faces seven counts of sabotage and is represented by Frontline Law.
      It is worthy to note that the charge of sabotage, to anyone’s knowledge, has not been leveled at anyone under the current Crimes Act 1961.
      There seems to be reference to such charges in the 1940’s, but under the old Crimes Act. ….

      – – – – – – – –

      I see some one has mentioned a “Contempt of Court Act 2019”

      …. https://www.legislation.govt.nz/…/137.0/DLM328546.html
      i think it is this part they are trying to get him on. b)
      https://www.legislation.govt.nz/…/137.0/DLM328546.html i think it is this part they are trying to get him on. b)
      damages or destroys any property which it is necessary to keep intact for the safety or health of the public. …

      I can see “Daily Examiner” and “The Platform” have probably been notified.
      I see “Counter spin” had under legal advice pulled an interview on this because of suppression orders.

      The worst part is how does the Judiciary system have over 7 months achieved nothing. 🙁
      Justice delayed, is Justice denied !
      And to believe in keeping a husband & wife apart, with less than minimum communication. This has become the new normal in New Zealand with the systemic MiQ system.

      Now I find this in New South Wales in Australia.
      Is this becoming the “new normal”?

      … This same thing was and is still happening here in Aussie
      The latest person is the Aussie cossack
      Check out his you tube channel he is held in a nsw prison for 6 weeks in isolation the man is a Russia born in aussie
      A great freedom fighter ,bing taken down by the cops for speaking the truth ….

      For now enough of going down that facebook rabbit hole, even though interesting.

      The only funny thing I can think of, was this guy setting up … ” his own radio show on ‘Free Speech NZ’, and ran various channels on social media platforms where he shared his research – the truth about the UN globalist agenda & the experimental poison etc. …
      Hooking up to pylon to gain height for his transmitting aerial ? 🙂 to broad cast to many more kiwis?
      Though I would wonder about the static from the power wires.



  22. More Government induced misery, TV news
    A new tax on alcohol ( 7% +- )which apparently is likely to put a number of wineries out of business!
    Wonderful isn’t it ,,promote weed and tax the opposition into oblivion.

    Government has taken plenty with inflation, etc now they are working to make sure any productive industry can not survive..



    • ……”,promote weed:”……

      Please share your source of information. As far as I can see, far from being promoted, it remains a criminal offence against the wishes of the majority of Kiwis who would prefer it legalised or treated as a medical matter.



    • What do you mean, promote weed? It is still illegal and people are still in prison for growing and selling it.

      As for extra tax on alcohol – tell someone who cares. That someone is not me.



      • I’m against booze and drugs as a concept. It’s a stupid thing to do but a very human thing to do.

        But I’m more against the government deciding personal choices for us and stealing our money.

        Piss heads and wasters need to unite 🥴



        • Take a look at the Top of the South plus Martinborough , Hawkes bay Etc etc.
          These local economies are now largely reliant on grapes legally!
          Ardern has claimed more access for NZ wine into the EU today!
          Growers all pay rax now ( weed growers don’t)
          So now the illegal product is more profitable than the legal?
          Promote was an overstatement , encouraging by financial incentives, illegal as they may be ,is more accurate!



  23. Putin dies and goes to hell, but after a while, he is given a day off for good behavior.

    So he goes to Moscow, enters a bar, orders a drink, and asks the bartender:

    -Is Crimea ours?

    -Yes, it is.

    -And the Donbas?

    -Also ours.

    -And Kyiv?

    -We got that too.

    Satisfied, Putin drinks, and asks:

    -Thanks, how much do I owe you?

    -5 euros.



  24. Aussie Cossack arrested &remanded in custody by a Magistrate at the Burwood Magistrates Court in Sydney on Thursday May 19, 2022. in May and not granted bail.

    …. The pro-Russia diehard faces a hearing on charges of recklessly contravening a suppression order, recklessly contravening a non-publication order, and using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend. ….

    Finally the court case today.
    1 July 2022 : ‘Aussie Cossack’ …. JAILED for breaching a court order about a paedophile: ‘He has been declared a national security risk’
    ~ Pro-Putin troublemaker who calls himself the ‘Aussie Cossack’ is locked up
    ~ Simeon Boikov will spend at least six months behind bars in a ten month term
    ~ He was imprisoned after contravening non-publication and suppression orders

    Unless there is more evidence I do not see how Aussie Cossack can be “declared a national security risk” ?
    Surely you will not invite him to your national security head quarters, or to a Top Secret military area.
    Goes with out saying. So why this declarationl



    • Cossack was pushing it big time and imo was very stalker like esp his attacks on that fiona person.
      He breached a name suppression order and i guess they decided to throw the book at him to silence him for a while and perhaps teach him a lesson.
      He was excellent through covid and thats how he built his brand but unfortunately with covid winding down he had to push limits and go down rabbit holes to create content to retain his followers.
      I dont dissagree with what he done breaching suppression order but he knew the risks and found the threshold, imo this is a case of play stupid games win stupid prizes.



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