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  1. ‘Queer Activists and Mainstream Media Target More Christian Schools’

    Good morning to you all my fellow ‘Deplorables’

    This article, (Sourced from The Daily Examiner NZ) will no doubt be of interest to some of the readership.

    Curiously, nothing is similar being undertaken against Muslim, Hindu or Sikh institutions,

    One wonders why//////////////////////////////////////




  2. I’d like to know how ED got hold of that photo of the horrible creature when she was 16 years old ?
    There’s absolute proof that Jeff Bezos is a moron , his 700 million dollar superyacht is stranded in Rotterdam because he didn’t have a signed contract on the necessity to dissasemblle an historic bridge so he could get the yacht to the ocean and the council have now withdrawn permission for him to do so, LMFAO.



  3. Good morning all, its the weekend for those of you still working, You can do the lawn and all the jobs you have been far too tired to do all week. Just seen FJA having a meeting with Boris in the daily fail. What the hell was she wearing for F**k sake, it looks at least 3 sizes too large for her what a battle ship she looks, then then then…. not only that but she came along with a Maori Song and dance party/group. Jesus and all the other deitys wept. FFS. WHY????? and how much did that all cost us? I really do think of giving up. FFFJA I hate the bitch more each day and I did not think that was even possible.



  4. Since no one has explicitly stated this, this morning, Fuck you, Jacinda and your useless bunch of incompetent idiots mascarading as a Government. The latest fuck up, the signing of a laughable “free” trade agreement……. Idiots. Keeping us in Orange because the useless twat in charge of health can’t see there is a problem in the health sector and won’t take obvious steps to fix it ( scrap the mandate and expedite nursing immigration). The next fuck up is looming in education, there are thousands of vacancies…… and schools are sending kids home as they can’t cope. Useless cunts, the lot of them.



      • Rachael Membery, Europe will be a real shit hole.

        I sort of expect many of Europe will send parts of their family to New Zealand near the end of this year and early in the New Year, to escape the major problems of winter.

        The problems of no oil and gas, problems of heating, the problems of not having enough diesel that is used for cartage of freight to factories, and the flow on effects.

        Either the EU concedes to Russia, or keeps on quietly mobilizing to take on Russia, and that is all the way to gain the Ural’s crude oil & gas for Europe to function..
        Just what will be tossed around if they believe what they yabber on it.

        New Zealand will also feel the major effect, if tankers of diesel & petrol are rolled back to Europe.

        Dammed if I want the stupid ones coming to New Zealand with all their liberal rot.



  5. Out of the thread so far ,but are you aware Police imported and used a sound cannon against the protesters at parliament?
    These weapons have been legally challenged off shore for permanently damaging hearing.
    Maybe the Government have accidentally had some collateral damage.
    They certainly do not hear us!



  6. The creator of “Friends” has been publicly scourging herself in shame and remorse for, nearly 30 years ago, inventing a show that featured six white heterosexual friends. For fuck’s sake. I wonder if she’d be so upset with herself about the lack of diversity if it had been about six black transgender lesbians.

    The big takeaway from this, however, is that it is no longer acceptable to have white heterosexual friends, even if you’re white and heterosexual yourself.



  7. Dad, why do people say they have a green thumb when it is not even green?
    Its just a saying, Son. Its like when we say that someone is ‘caught red handed’ when we know that their hands are actually brown.



  8. Does London have a better class of Op Shop, over than than here?
    Cindy’s meeting with Boris to sign the working kids deal, she looks almost decent!
    That’s the brightest and flashest she’s worn since the Austraian Woman’s Weekly dressest her in their clothes for that fashion shoot five years ago and put her on the cover!
    Maybe she wiĺl try on wedding dresses at the op shop too, while she is there!



  9. Katharine Birbalsingh, head mistress;—- some interesting points made.
    Teaching kids how to think, now what to thunk.
    …. In her speech, Birbalsingh delivered a broadside to Britain’s state education system.
    In no uncertain terms, she blamed a culture of low expectations and political correctness for falling education standards.
    It was a speech that won her standing ovations from the Tory party faithful – and got her sacked from her teaching job.
    Four years later, Ms Birbalsingh had the chance to create a school that is different to those she had so vehemently criticised.
    This school is Michaela, which was established under “free” (or what we would call “partnership”) legislation.
    In many ways, Michaela School has chosen the opposite path to mainstream schools.
    Which other school’s vision statement expects pupils to not just be polite but “obedient?”
    Which other school would proclaim to “encourage competition and allow our pupils to win and lose?” ….

    The New Zealand education system is along with Chris Hipkins, and the podium of truth, with “experts” continue on this way and how the so called modernized curriculum itself inculcates & imposes these views on all.
    A short article excerpts taken from the semi pay-walled “The Telegraph” & accessible via Kiwi blog..
    … Instead of imparting knowledge, teachers were overseeing child-led discussions.
    Instead of promoting confidence, they were encouraging victimhood.
    Instead of upholding the canon, they were seeking out obscure texts on grounds of identity politics.
    Instead of expecting high standards, they were indulging pupils from under-privileged backgrounds, and thus unintentionally condemning them. ….

    Problems & Solutions with Education (Katharine Birbalsingh Full Interview)
    1 hour 8 minutes : Sep 1, 2018 : The Rubin Report
    Noting how kids walk more than 5 miles to school in poor 3rd world countries as they really want to go to school.
    Another way to reduce traffic congestion in Auckland? 🙂
    The Labour Party, have wrecked education.
    The National Party did not take the opportunity to cement in the “Charter Schools”.
    ACT should offer Katharine Birbalsingh a $million or so to make the changes in New Zealand, and be a condition of support for National.
    This will be the real beginning of change, and will give a chance of New Zealand to become a thinking commonsense community. 🙂



  10. I see that the poor but ever fabulous Gerry Hall got her divorce information from Old Murdoch in an email. What a fucker he is couldn’t even front up to tell her it was over. Stupid old man, I hope Gerry goes for everything she can get from him. 4 wives shows he must be a very difficult Man to live with, or maybe he is always out for the main chance. At 92 you would think he would give up…on life???



  11. Three rats are at a bar telling stories on how tough they are….

    The first rat takes a shot and says, “Whenever I find rat poison, I like to crush it up and do lines just to get a good buzz for the day.”

    The second rat takes a shot and says, “That’s nothing! Whenever I find cheese on a mousetrap, I purposely trip the spring & right before I get crushed I bench press the bar 20-30 times & then take the cheese.”

    The third rat hearing this takes his shot, gets up, & proceeds to walk out the door. The other two rats are dumbfounded & shout out to him, Where are you going?”

    The third rat replies, “I have to get home to fuck the cat!”



  12. I wonder what Medsafe’s funding looks like. The TGA in Aussie gets 96% of it’s funding from the drug companies.



    The prestigious British Medical Journal have just published an investigative deep dive into the question of “independence” of drug regulating authorities around the world.
    One of the bodies they scrutinised is Australia’s THERAPEUTIC GOODS ASSOCIATION (TGA).

    When Covid va**ine manufacturers wanted to sell their products to Australia, they were assessed and provisionally approved by the TGA.
    Most ordinary citizens in any country trust their drug regulators to be sound, honest, independent and unbiased….to put the health of the citizen ahead of all else at all times.

    The BMJ article shows that the Australian TGA:



    *These conflicts of interest WERE NOT DECLEARED TO THE PUBLIC

    *The TGA drug regulators do not routinely receive patient level datasets from the pharmaceutical companies whose products they are asked to regulate.

    *The TGA approves 94% of all drugs that are submitted for approval.”



  13. Yeah its long but worth the read. Waikanae Watch.
    by James Allan in the Spectator, Australia

    “Co-governance. Partnership. The unrelenting quest to try to refashion the New Zealand Diceyan unwritten Constitution (one of the modern world’s most successful ever, as it happens) into something else never quite specified, and to do so on the basis of a UN declaration that has the most scanty, exiguous, meagre democratic credentials imaginable. A government with a seemingly pathological desire to downgrade the English language (the world’s reserve language, meaning that to have been born into a country where it is the first language is akin – through no acts on your part, just dumb luck – to having won the biggest lottery going) in favour of the Maori language. Identity politics and the elevation of ethnic or group or race-based thinking and policy-making. After having just returned to Australia from a four-day speaking tour across the Tasman arguing against a radical government report, all this and more would unfortunately describe my observations of New Zealand, the country my family and I happily called home from 1993 to 2004.

    Let me give readers just one example out of many possibilities on the extent to which the forces of wokery, corporate and bureaucratic virtue-signalling, identity politics and a radical Ardern government have begun to run rampant in New Zealand. I had finished my Auckland leg and the think-tank hosts were taking me down to Wellington for the next stop. We boarded our Air New Zealand plane and on came the safety video. Now having flown on a modicum of Qantas flights I have a pretty strong stomach for your usual sort of virtue-signalling preening. But nothing prepared me for the Air NZ video that came on. The whole safety video was presented through the lens of the Maori creation myth – you know, the purported beginning of the earth and all that. So with a bit of ‘how to fasten your seat belt’ instructions intermingled throughout we learnt about how Xenu sought out the volcanoes and how the immortal spirits ‘thetans’ helped bring humans into existence. Wait. Sorry. That’s Scientology. My mistake. No, it was all the Maori creationist mythology. But really, would anyone sit through the Scientology bumpf? Would a modern corporation push, say, even Christian creation beliefs on paying customers? To ask is to answer. And yet this Maori mythology is what was rammed down our passenger throats, or ears. And this from the airline that only a decade ago had some of the funniest, cleverest safety videos going – my two favourites being the one with the All Blacks and the other with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. (Go figure!)

    Things got no better. Next on the plane’s screens came some pub-quiz type questions about such things as ‘the people, places and culture of Aotearoa’ (no New Zealand mentioned).Then you got the answers. Always the answers were given in the Maori language as well as in English (and this despite a miniscule proportion of Kiwis actually speaking, let alone being fluent in, Maori). Some of the translations were idiotic and completely unnecessary, surely only desired by zealots. The American Revolution was translated; it was now the ‘Marikena’ one. Nepal became ‘Nepora’ with some sort of mark over the ‘o’. I could go on but you’d begin to think this was just a parody or satire. Actually, here’s one more. ‘Who wrote Hamlet?’ (This is not a test for young people educated in NSW, with the world’s fastest-falling education standards, so don’t fret young ones in Sydney.) One answer was some collection of consonants and vowels that was totally unrecognisable. Then there was the one in English which (spoiler alert all you NSW high school students) was ‘William Shakespeare’.

    Seriously, who in his or her right mind decides it’s a good idea to translate a proper name, and the name of one of the greatest writers in human history known in every country on earth? If you were in Japan, Portugal, Thailand, China, Niger, yes even France, you’d say ‘Shakespeare’, and a fair few people in those places would know that my title above is a paraphrase from one of Shakespeare’s many additions to the English language. One doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. And if you happened to glance at the map at the back of the airline magazine you could see in bold letters such places as Otepoti (‘Dunedin’ below in non-bold type), Ahuriri (‘Napier’, ditto) and Tamaki-makau-rau (‘Auckland’, yep ditto).

    That government-commissioned report I was asked to critique and flown across the Tasman to speak about wants Aotearoa (what else?) to move away from procedural democracy to a ‘co-governance’ or partnership model – one where about 15 per cent of the population are put into one group and everyone else into the other and the former counted as equal to the latter, with an implicit veto on decision-making. That’s identity politics writ large, though in my view no 15-can-veto-85 setup is stable or sustainable (but what do I know, I never guessed Australians during the pandemic would submit sheep-like to the biggest inroads on our freedoms and civil liberties in three centuries, the preponderance of my fellow citizens seemingly welcoming despotic, petty, irrational rules and oversight by a public health clerisy which got just about everything wrong, we now see). Throw in the desire for a written constitution with that U.N. Declaration and an early nineteenth century short treaty stuffed into it – and surely with the unelected Kiwi judges then empowered to gainsay the elected branches on the basis of both – and you have the idea of the path down which this Ardern government is thinking of travelling. Observe and learn Australians!

    I can’t finish without also noting that that radical NZ government-commissioned report, much like the failing school system over there (ours is not really any better, sigh), asserts the need ‘to ensure that mautauranga Maori [traditional Maori knowledge according to Mr Google] is equally valued and resourced as Western science’. Really? The science and scientific approach that has delivered the most spectacular increases in human welfare from which all New Zealanders benefit – derisively dubbed ‘Western science’ – is to be put on the same plane as ‘traditional knowledge’? For this report to suggest that somehow this scientific worldview is tainted due to where it emerged in the world, and that it offers no better answers (in medicine, in food production, in international travel, pick any field you want) than so-called traditional knowledge does, is laughable. The claim, one that is likewise advanced regularly here in Australia by the way, can only be put forward because most people are too polite, actually, to laugh. (Test question: If the authors of this radical report were to get very ill, would they opt for ‘Western’ scientific medicine or traditional concoctions? I’ve got a theory on that one.)

    Readers, it’s time a lot more of us started to laugh. And to grow a backbone. That goes doubly for my Kiwi friends.”



  14. The supreme court rolled up its sleeves and has coming out swinging in the culture war this last 2 weeks, ceding power to the states, as in the design of the American republic. It’s like when the ANTIFA mob sent protestors round to their homes, the supreme court snapped into beast mode.

    1) Roe v Wade. Abortion a bad decision and is sent back to the states for some democracy.
    2) Prayer at footy. NOT illegal. Eying up Engel vs Vitale.
    3) EPA not empowered to make up legislation for the country. Huge implications for ALL big FED organisations.

    Here’s the hit list for next week!

    Roth v US – pornography
    Engel v Vitale – school prayer
    Griswold v Connecticut – contraception
    Obergefell – gay marriage



  15. and this will get the dems screaming alongside of them.
    Amendment Decision, SCOTUS Overturns Appeals Court Decisions in 4 States
    By Matthew Vadum
    July 1, 2022 Updated: July 1, 2022

    The Supreme Court followed up its June 23 landmark ruling that for the first time recognized a constitutional right to carry firearms in public for self-defense, by issuing a series of rulings June 30 reversing federal appeals court decisions that upheld gun restrictions in California, New Jersey, Maryland, and Hawaii.

    Courts will find it difficult to uphold the firearms laws in question after the high court’s June 30 and June 23 rulings.

    In unsigned orders, all four cases were remanded June 30 to lower courts “for further consideration in light of” the Supreme Court’s June 23 decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. In that 6–3 ruling, the high court invalidated New York state’s tough concealed-carry gun permitting system.


    The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    California Attorney General Rob Bonta, a Democrat, is currently scrambling to deal with the fallout after his office leaked sensitive personal information, including the names and addresses of every concealed-carry permit holder in the state. Some holders say they now fear for their lives.

    Oh shit. sounds like our plods.



  16. Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon: Satire and Reality Are Becoming Indistinguishable
    June 30, 2022 comments41
    “There’s no bigger sign of insecurity in your ideas and your values and your positions [than] if you’re saying, look, they’re off-limits. … You can’t oppose them, and you can’t joke about them.” I sit down with Seth Dillon, CEO of the satire website The Babylon Bee. “We’re kind of on this fast track




  17. Dutch Farmers Protest Climate Mandates That would Cut Livestock by 30 Percent
    Nation is world’s 5th largest food exporter

    Dutch farmers are continuing their demonstrations against a government climate policy that officials expect to end many farmers’ livelihoods, with organizers on Telegram planning July 4 protests they say will “flatten” the whole of the Netherlands.

    The message calls on concerned farmers and citizens to organize their own regional actions with the goal of closing all “distribution centers for food supplies and all major polluters” until “the government changes its plans.”

    One viral call for a July 4 protest came from a large truckers’ Telegram group, suggesting that some truckers in the Netherlands may find themselves in solidarity with the nation’s agriculturalists.

    The farmers, who plan to protest at many of the nation’s airports, specifically mentioned Schiphol and Eindhoven. NLTimes.nl has reported that spokespersons for both airports say they are monitoring the situation but have little information at present.




    • The dutch know how to protest! Seen some wicked vids from the protests, they make groundswell look like infants.

      Truckloads of cowshit dumped outside buildings, effluent getting sprayed through town, haybale baricades and piles of burning hay m straw along highways. Was even vids of protesters attacking fleeing police vehicles breaking thier windows



  18. A question on the new separatist health system. Has the Maori health system built or intend to build separate hospitals? I expect they will tolerate larger numbers of whanau visiting with possibly guitars as part of their holistic health care? When will Angry announce the locations?



    • Nope no more hospitals instead theyre insisting on “priority” use of existing facilities and services.
      If youre maori and have a splinter or a belly ache youre top of the list to be treated, if youre whitey full of cancer and had an arm torn off sorry come back later hospitals full



      • That was my concern. Maori expect to have large and loud groups but white will stick to one quiet visitor? It’s the sick I feel sorry for!

        So Labour are promoting separate values but expecting both sides to put up with cultural clashes. Well done Little. What could possibly go wrong!!!!!!!!!!



    • Waikatogirl@1257

      Having had the experience of Maori whanau visiitng a ward I inhabitted at my local hospital, and both observed and experienced their arrogance, rudeness, abuse of nursing staff, violence (seriously) and excessively loud rap music, I for one would be very grateful if such people had their own dedicated hospitals; places where they can do their own thing, be abusive to their own, and allow the rest if us to get in with our lives.

      Unfortunately such a wish ’tis likely to be but a dream…



  19. Oh dear. Scraping the bottom of the barrel with Gower. It’s squirrel propaganda to take your mind off the damage the clown car has done to the economy.

    Newshub national correspondent Patrick Gower says National leader Christopher Luxon’s views on abortion could cost him 2023 election



  20. Australia’s Largest Bank Surprises Lending Market With Massive Fixed Rate Rises
    By Alfred Bui
    June 30, 2022 Updated: June 30, 2022
    Australia’s largest bank has suddenly raised its fixed interest rates for homeowners and investors by a massive 1.4 percent on June 30, a move that has surprised the lending market.

    According to an analysis by the financial comparison website RateCity, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) lifted its one-year fixed rates for owner-occupiers to 4.99 percent, up 2.90 percent from one year earlier.

    Similarly, the bank’s five-year fixed rates soared to 6.69 percent, an increase of 3.7 percent compared to the previous 12 months.


    Are they in trouble for borrowing to short?
    Would not surprise me.



  21. Ukraine. When will Zelensky give up?


    It is a travesty the Ukranian conscripts are being sent to a certain death. The Nazis I care less for, but the regular Ukarainians I despair at the stupidity of the commanders and politicians. Donbass is essentially Russian. Draw up a new border before the whole country becomes part of Russia ( and or Poland in the west…..)



  22. More legislation on the way.

    Meanwhile, deputy premier and police minister Paul Toole said that encrypted devices are not your ordinary iPhone, but are dedicated devices used to orchestrate crimes such as smuggling firearms and drugs, money laundering, and planning murders.

    He noted that the apps used can’t be detected on the normal telecommunications network, but are rather networks criminals are using on the “dark web” to communicate with each other.

    “That’s why we have prohibition orders. That’s why it will be an offence to carry an encrypted device,” Toole said, adding that police will also have the power to demand access to the encrypted devices.

    Legislation underpinning the new reforms will be introduced when the NSW parliament convenes in September, while Victoria’s VIPER Taskforce will kick into action on July 4.




  23. They have got the power and they will not give it up.


    “In France, President Emmanuel Macron has already extended the “state of emergency” on covid once, and is expected do so again before it expires at the end of next month.

    South Africa has already extended its “state of disaster” twice.

    Biden extended the USA’s “state of emergency” on Covid in February, in the long tradition of American “emergencies” that literally never end.

    New Zealand’s COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 has a clause in it requiring extension by parliamentary vote every 90 days…and it passes every time.”



  24. Jordan Peterson suspended from Twitter for commenting on Ellen Page (actor), now ‘Elliot’ Page having had her/his breasts removed. He refuses to remove the post as stands by his comment.

    Jordan Peterson Banned from Twitter for This Tweet & What He Plans to Do | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

    “The Rubin Report” talks about Jordan Peterson being banned from Twitter for referring to Elliot Page as Ellen Page and making a reference to his transgender surgery to become a trans man.



  25. FFS, I’ve been extremely busy for the last few days and have just seen the creature Arderns photo of her meeting BoJo at number10, WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY did the fucking communist moron go dressed as a long cream colored windblown curtain??
    Was she making excuses for the dressed in socks Mahuta??



  26. It’s official the supply chain is f*ked

    Get Ready For A Supply Chain Nightmare That Will Absolutely Shock You As Shipping Prices Hit $45,000

    Epic Economist
    It’s official: According to industry insiders, the supply chain nightmare that has been plaguing the United States for the past couple of years is set to remain for the long-term, aggravating shortages and resulting in a historic slowdown in domestic production



    • Scroll down to the bottom of hys and look at the exchange rate too, more butthurt from that aswell.

      Its moved a cent in the last day or so, i guess fuels gone up more overnight?
      Cindy and robo are gunna have a riot on their hands should they choose to stick with the plan and reapply the 25c+gst per litre excise tax next month.



    • They should look around whats happening in their own country.
      US companies are not known for sitting on their hands.
      The shipping up the St Lawrence right up to the great Lakes is busy as they have ever been.
      Probably the same in other major river systems.

      Lots of new factories being built.
      The overhang will be all the immigrants moving in unrestrained.

      Biden will have to concede to the oil industry because they have all the oil and gas they need. That will roll over you will see quietly just as it has here.

      Never under estimate the business people in the USA.

      The people most affected will be Walmart and Amazon. Nothing to sell from China.

      As a matter of interest son just had stuff flown in from China. 1 week drop shipped. No issues.



  27. Auckland woman waits 5 hours in rain for ambulance after fall

    A woman in “extreme pain” after falling from a skateboard waited nearly five hours for an ambulance in Auckland’s Manurewa, a witness says.

    As night fell during the nearly five-hour wait, Payne said the injured woman was “in shock” and “in extreme pain”.

    “She went into shock at some point. And then she got cold, so we were trying to warm her up. I had to sit behind her to create some body heat so she would get warmer,” she said.

    The injured person suffered a fractured pelvis after falling while working at an after-school programme on Friday afternoon.



  28. Theyre all maori… what happened to co governance?
    It should go both ways, they need diversity on their boards and infact all iwi bullshit should have 50% whitey at the table to help steer them toward a co governance future… i think i seen a pig fly by


    Werent they supposed to build hori houses for all the slobby dole bludgers that wanted to live in the pallet castles there?



  29. Update on the journey to the moon.

    Rocket Lab director of communications Morgan Bailey. says there was an overwhelming feeling of joy, excitement and relief amongst Rocket Lab staff on Tuesday following the launch of CAPSTONE as it was by far the most complex mission they had undertaken.

    “Huge team effort, so much work, so much new technology, so everyone quite literally is over the Moon,” says Morgan.

    On Monday July 4, as early as 3am EDT or 7pm NZ time, Rocket Lab’s Lunar Photon spacecraft will perform a final engine burn to set the CAPSTONE satellite on course to the Moon for NASA.

    The company launched Nasa’s Capstone micro-satellite spacecraft from the Māhia Peninsula in Hawke’s Bay at 9.55pm on June 28 in what is the first step in Nasa’s mission to send humans back to the moon.

    “This is a globally significant moment for space exploration,” says Morgan.

    “CAPSTONE is the first mission launched in support NASA’s Artemis program – the agency’s program to return humans to the surface of the Moon.”




  30. Jacinda Ardern reminisces on her London OE, but warns Britain of ‘growing unrest’ in Pacific

    As Johnson escorted Ardern into Downing Street, British media could be heard asking whether he was “drowning in sleaze”.
    Well yes and was about to meet with another one.

    But the visit took a slightly darker turn, with Ardern using a major foreign policy speech to warn of “growing unrest” in the Pacific, which she said was partly down to growing Chinese assertiveness.

    Oh dear how out of touch!
    does she not know the same thing is happening right here at home?

    she signed a new visa deal with Johnson. The deal will expand the working holidaymaker scheme that allows New Zealanders and British citizens under the age of 30 to live and work in each others’ country for two years.

    Under the terms of the new scheme, the age limit has been lifted to 35, and the length of the visa has been extended from two to three years. The new rules will kick in by 2024.

    Like everything Labopur it does the Pantene solution.
    You know” It won’t happen …… etc.



  31. This time politicians can’t hide from the booze debate

    I’m not someone who prickles at a good time, but I think our collective approach to alcohol is one of the biggest hypocrisies in New Zealand society. We won’t legalise cannabis, and we’ll live in a state of near-constant panic over the damage caused by methamphetamine, but we do almost nothing meaningful when it comes to alcohol harm.

    And it’s hardly like we don’t have the evidence of the harm, and advice on what we should be doing differently. One of the only recommendations from the Mental Health Inquiry that hasn’t yet been acted on is this:

    26. Take a stricter regulatory approach to the sale and supply of alcohol, informed by the recommendations from the 2010 Law Commission review, the 2014 Ministerial Forum on Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship and the 2014 Ministry of Justice report on alcohol pricing.


    I think many of us can go along with the need to decontrol other substances and I guess a measure of some control on alcohol but even though its bad I’m not sure that anything the attempt will make it better.
    Afterall, fire up a samoan with some whisky home made won’t change the outcome.

    The bigger issue IMHO is the availability of the alcohol to people of a young age especially when not supervised
    The allowing of Alcop pops by Shipely & co was a disgrace and is IMHO the root cause of much of the alcohol problem.
    I would ban them forever.
    Feed immature humans with high sugar, high caffeine and other assorted ingredients in high alcohol drugs at a very young age is a recipe for disaster. We know that.
    Start there.
    Shoving the price up won’t stop the purchase. Removing them will but, the Nats won’t want that as guess who donates to them.



  32. Jacinda Ardern’s global tourism push: ‘We’re very keen to welcome visitors back’


    ‘Dire’ staff shortage: NZ hotels offer guests discounts to clean their rooms
    Some New Zealand hotels are offering guests discounts or vouchers to service their own rooms because staff from overseas are in such short supply.

    And hospitality industry leaders say unless more overseas workers can be found promptly, the country risks reputational damage.

    “There is a severe shortage of entry-level hotel workers in New Zealand and especially so in Queenstown,” Hotel Council Aotearoa strategic director James Doolan said.


    Perhaps they could cut the political staff and the public service staff and then round up the 100,000 who are registered as work ready, chop their life subsidy and get then to work.



    • Good idea. And while they’re at it they could stop calling 30hour weeks at the minimum wage full time employment. Suits the married women with kids but $650/week before tax isn’t sufficient for young people to live on. Then they could do away with split shifts which prevent secondary employment.

      Then they could introduce permanent shifts so workers could have some sort of normalcy in their lives.

      But sitting on their arses behind a desk labelled “Boss” & bleating is easier.



      • You are out of touch old chap.
        Many don’t want to work more than 35 hours a week. With travelling time for many that makes their days long enough.
        Working from home has been blessing for many as well. People should be free to negotiate the work times that suit them but labour don’t like that idea.
        At the end of the day if the Bosses want people to work for them they will need to need the market.

        After working 50 + hours most of my life I find it rather frustrating but that’s what the employees seem to want ,with more money as well.
        Four day weeks are also on the plate. 4 days with 5 days pay.
        Keep up.



  33. Chicken producer Tegel is putting its prices up by about 10% as it faces rising costs, including soaring grain prices as a result of war in Ukraine.

    New Zealand’s biggest poultry supplier said its prices would rise from July.

    Domestic and international factors were behind the move, and the 10% increase would not cover some of the higher costs facing chicken producers, Tegel chief executive Egbert Segers​ said​.

    “No business is exempt from the rising costs of labour, transport, fuel and logistics.


    Last August Tegel also increased chicken prices by roughly 10%, due to rising costs of labour, feed and fuel.



  34. US men rush to get vasectomies after abortion ban
    Rozina Sabur12:55, Jul 02 2022

    Men in the Unites States are rushing to get vasectomies in the wake of abortion bans in several states, doctors have claimed, citing a surge in requests.

    More than half of US states have either imposed severe abortion bans or are shortly expected to following the Supreme Court’s decision to revoke the constitutional right to the procedure.

    One doctor, John Curington, said “at least 60% or 70% are mentioning the Supreme Court” ruling during their appointments.

    Some, like Eric Nisi, a 29-year-old from Florida, said fears that states could next move to restrict access to contraception had driven them to register for a vasectomy.

    The surge has been most notable in childless men under the age of 30.

    Period tracking apps hacked

    Meanwhile, a hacking group claimed it had hacked into menstrual cycle tracking apps and deleted their data, amid fears big tech could help prosecutors identify abortions in states where it is now illegal.



  35. How a Bay of Plenty rūnanga changed the health game
    Maxine Jacobs12:00, Jul 01 2022

    Dr Pouroto Ngaropo is a busy man. Even getting a chance to speak with him means catching him in the car between hui.

    But as he drives across Tauranga back home to Mataatua Marae, he’s relaxed about the intrusion.

    After 25 years of mahi setting up and maintaining Te Moana a Toi, the Māori health rūnanga representing Māori at the table of the Bay of Plenty District Health Board, his shift has ended.

    An iwi-Māori partnership board will be stepping into the rūnanga’s place as the Māori Health Authority launches on Friday, continuing the work of Ngaropo and other kaumātua who have kept alive the aspirations of the 18 iwi they represented.


    HMM, the Tribal wars will begin again.



  36. Testosterone supplements made from New Zealand pine pollen may give you more than just the sneezes, one supplement company claims.

    Carl Meyer, founder of pine pollen supplement company Bio Gold, said the discovery of a plant-based testosterone in pine pollen could mean a new revenue stream for the New Zealand forestry sector.

    The pine pollen health supplement industry was already worth $4 billion globally, with consumers believing the product supported the immune system and helped the libido, Meyer said.


    Add the OPC that is distilled from Pine Bark and that makes a high tech industry. OPC is distilled in Paeroa. Waikato.
    It is also found in Grape seed.

    French food is full of butter, cream and cheese. On this information alone we could predict that the French would have some of the worst heart-health statistics. However the French have the lowest level of coronary heart disease in Europe.

    Before we binge on butter and cream, scientists believe the answer is in the red wine the French drink. Red wine is made by leaving seeds and skins with the pressed juice allowing OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) to accumulate in the juice. White grapes have similar OPC levels but the skins and seeds are usually removed on pressed resulting in much less OPC in white wine.

    But here’s a problem; to get the therapeutic effects from OPC in red wine, you need to drink a lot of red wine over a long period and this can lead to liver toxicity. That’s why many people choose to use OPC in supplements. The best OPC is extracted from grape seeds without chemical solvents.

    OPC’s have many benefits due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions. Free radical damage to cells and unwanted inflammation cause most chronic disease. Even so-called ‘wear and tear osteoarthritis is driven by free radical damage to cartilage maintaining cells and then unwanted inflammation.

    Was first discovered early 1900’s from memory.
    The french scientist wondered why the Canadian indians were bo ill when a bunch of French explorers were nearly wiped out. The Indians boild up the bark and fed the remaining /frenchman. It wasnearly a century later he got curios about that happened and isolated OPC. for the french at home the cheap Vinwas full of the stuff as it was leached out from the grape seeds during the wine making process. They and the Italians drink it like water, unknowingly protecting their health.

    Recomend using it in a supplement.

    OPC’s (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) are a set of very powerful bioflavonoid complexes that perform as free radical scavengers in the human body. Free radicals are simply oxygen atoms that are robbed of an electron through the body’s natural metabolic processes.

    What happens is the free radical takes an electron from the membrane of a body tissue and by doing so, produces yet another free radical, which then is obliged by its charge to seek out another electron – in your body. What results is a cascade of oxidations – literally rusting body tissues. This is such a pernicious and ubiquitous phenomenon in the body, that free radical oxidation has recently been proposed as the sole source of chronic degenerative disease.

    Enter OPC’s
    Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, in fact antioxidants in general, are structured in such a way that they are able to donate electrons freely without altering their stability. What this means is that antioxidants can stabilise free radicals without themselves becoming dangerous. In fact, antioxidants will go about donating electrons until they have no more; one antioxidant molecule is able to neutralise many free radicals.



    • Get on to it.
      Watch your blood pressure come down, Calms people, great for kids with ahead. calms them down, helps remove toxins from your system./
      Some things like sprays and car spraying thinners and even nicotine are insoluble in the blood so ten to accumulate in the inter tissual oils at the joints. They body systems can’t break them down. OPC does that. It takes a reasonable time.
      I have seen people including my brother get well over the course of a year or more. He worked for a spraying contractor way back when wearing anything in PEP wasn’t even in the radsr. Still alive as a result of the opc.
      If you have been a smoker it will break down the nicotine over time. Your tongue will get pretty mucky for a while but that’s the shit coming out.
      seen a car painter who was severely crippled use opc and get his life back.

      Try it. Its reasonably cheap.
      My Favouriet supplier is Abundnt Health cause the man is an expert and probably the first person in NZ to import the stuff.
      He can answer your questions as well.

      P,s, I make nothing from this but just recommend the product from some great experiences.
      Or you can drink red wine in copius qunatites if Chloe will let you.
      Been taking it most days for 25 years.



  37. Million-dollar export deal for Taranaki medicinal cannabis company
    Elijah Hill19:45, Jun 30 2022

    Famous for its dairy exports, Taranaki could soon be known for exporting medicinal cannabis after a local firm landed a “lucrative” deal worth more than $1.6m.

    Greenfern Industries has signed a two-year agreement to supply “hundreds of kilograms” of cannabis from its farm in Normanby, South Taranaki.


    so mix up a bit of hooch, add in the pine testosterone and you have yourself a party



  38. “nudge” off! Our Indian fruit and vege shop will get our custom instead

    Countdown axing plastic produce bags labelled ‘great’

    As Plastic Free July gets underway, one of our biggest supermarkets is taking a big step to cut back.

    Sustainability Consultant, Nick Morrison agreed, saying it’ll “nudge” consumers in the right direction.



  39. Ah, SWMBO came back earlier doing her nana about this.
    What woke stupid piece of management crap decided that this was a good idea.?

    FFS customers Were king, but not these days apparently.
    Look for the food bag sector to grow again.

    You can bet they are going to repackage everything. That means the shitty fruit and all.
    Roll on the local greengrocer.
    We now have two right close by. Just need a great butcher and the supermarkets can piss right off.

    Go woke, go broke.

    And that’s after grabbing all the business for the lockdown periods when the little guys were forced to shut.
    Never forget that they had preferential treatment and are funding the unions and thence the Labour Party.

    fuck this stupid Govt. and its mothers little helpers.

    Sustainability Consultant, Nick Morrison agreed, saying it’ll “nudge” consumers in the right direction.
    Wonder if he meant to the opposition?

    As an aside I deal with two plastic companies, one who makes the film and another who converts it to bags etc.

    They have never been busier.



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