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  1. “I’ve got canc, c ,c canc, canc, COVID ” what old Pedo Pete Biden actually meant to say in his speech yesterday, its gonna be hilarious when piss pants Biden meets resting bitch face Liz Truss for the 1st time and they talk about which Country is where on the world atlas.
    Yeah I know it’s ridiculously early but I inherited from my Ma the inability to stay awake past 8pm at night,damn it.



  2. Has anyone seen Marcus Lush’s ears lately or are they still so far up Arderns arse crack that they are invisible ??
    FFS there are more fully paid up NZ radio award winners than there are grains of sand on 90 mile beach, what a fiasco.



    • Yep I thought that so never bothered to read the propaganda. Most of them are bloody awful lush amoopng them.

      I see the some one has been handed a lot your cash to make films about the lesbian nutters like Suzie with the pink hair.
      I didn’t see any money given for filming about people like Gallagher, or Avery, or a thousand other Kiwi’s that have actually made NZ a better place,

      Wwership[ the wrong people sadl;y.



  3. Rissole is starting Ancient Egyptian lessons.

    I’m memorising the alphabet by writing it out repeatedly. This is not how modern students are taught, but it is the way the ancient scribes were taught, and I trust the ancient teachers more. I used the same approach in Sumerian – write it out again and again until it gets into your thick head. It’s a matter of repetition.

    I don’t think these skill are taught in schools anymore…



  4. lighten up lads. You are all so gloomy.

    Once upon a time there lived a King who had the most beautiful daughter.
    But there was a problem. Everything the princess touched would melt.
    No matter what: Metal,Wood, Stone
    Anything she touched would melt.
    Because of this, men were afraid of her. Nobody would dare marry her.
    The King despaired. What could he do to help his daughter?
    He consulted his wizards and magicians. One wizard told the King, ‘If your daughter touches one thing that does not melt in her hands, she will be cured.’
    The King was overjoyed and came up with a plan.
    The next day, he held a competition. Any man that could bring his daughter an object that would not melt would marry her and inherit the King’s wealth.
    The first brought a sword of the finest steel.
    But alas, when the Princess touched it, it melted.
    The prince went away, sadly.
    The second prince brought diamonds.
    He thought diamonds are the hardest substance in the world and would not melt.
    But alas, once the Princess touched them, they melted.
    He too was sent away disappointed.
    The third prince approached. He told the Princess,
    ‘Put your hand in my pocket and feel what is in there.’
    The Princess did as she was told, though she turned red.
    She felt some thing very hard. She held it in her hand.
    And it did not melt!!!
    The King was over joyed. Everybody in the kingdom was over joyed.
    And the Prince married the Princess and they both lived happily ever after
    Question: What was in the Prince’s pants?
    M&M’s of course! They melt in your mouth, not in your hand.
    What on earth were you thinking?



    • One can see the “mission creep” from SNA’s

      “The zonings include sites of:—-
      significance to maori,
      historic areas,
      outstanding natural landscapes, and
      Significant Natural Areas SNA’s”

      There are increasing numbers of departments and ever expanding personal in local government to implement the laws being that have been passed by Parliament.
      In a way this bureaucracy can push pass, ignore Councillors that may be opposed, as that bureaucracy have Parliamentary laws backing them.

      In devious ways, like the great spirited community activists // 🙁 they can even take Councils to Court where the law is the law, and win and impose costs, & fines for non-compliance.
      The Councillor then can be said not to be ruling in regard to their duty of care to the rate payer.
      Nice empowered Commissioners then being put in place, and perhaps co-governance.??. 🙁

      It will also be where laws have been passed years ago, but not chased up on by the local councils, but now it is pushed to have this “duty of care” to comply or be held liable at great costs..

      In sight now are now all personalized rivers, streams, drains, wetlands, drains, flood levels, & puddles.
      Being currently updated.



    • The world economic order is being re written as every artillery shell destroys more Ukranian cannon fodder. ( who I feel desperately sorry for – Most are being forced into this). BRICS is on the up with more wanting in on the action. They already have 3,478,294,705 people with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt preparing applications to join BRICS after Argentina and Iran applied. Thats another 366,801,052 bringing the total to 3,845,095,757. Thats more than half the world’s population and some of those countries have some valuable stuff – like Oil. Lots of it. While the west goes woke and worries about non existant climate change ( none of these countries give a fuck about it) and woke LGBT promotion in their armed forces, others are preparing to get on with life. Our political masters need to do some serious thinking about who they support in the future……



  5. So time to get with Law and Order and sending perps to to another world.

    Man dies after being beaten and run over by vehicle in Dunedin
    22 Jul, 2022 06:36 AM
    A Health New Zealand employee who was in the area gave CPR to the victim.

    She said she was heading home with a friend when she heard cries for help.

    She found a man lying on the ground.

    She performed CPR on him for about five minutes before he died.

    A man the victim was with said his friend had been beaten up and when he tried to escape the group ran him down, she said.


    There’s a;ways more to the story but this is uncivilized.



  6. Now I don’t know a lot about kaikora but I doubt the population is that large. Still we are going to build 400 houses there. Whats the rational?
    Kaikōura to get 400 new Kāinga Ora homes after $7.8m Government cash injection
    David Hill, Local Democracy Reporter07:03, Jul 22 2022

    Social housing in Kaikōura is set to be fast-tracked, thanks to a $7.8 million Government cash injection.

    Funding from Kāinga Ora’s Infrastructure Acceleration Fund (IAF) will fund infrastructure to support more than 400 new homes in Kaikōura, including housing for the elderly and those on low to medium incomes.




  7. Ongoing beneficiary-watching (my two sets of neighbors in an old duplex).

    The neighbors have just acquired a gigantic circular trampoline (they have a little boy who is not even 2 years old). The trampoline has an unpadded steel frame, so the little fellow could hurt himself if he lands on the edge.

    The letterbox was full of soggy letters addressed to the previous tenant who vacated 4 months ago. The beneficiary lady from the other side of the duplex (a solo Polynesian mum) cleaned out the letterbox for my neighbor, since she knows the address of the previous tenant.

    I was working to fix my fence and had a chat to both of them. My neighbor is about 7 months’ pregnant, and enjoyed a smoke with her neighbor while we talked. She remarked how lucky they were, since they had been in emergency housing up until about 4 months ago. The State has provided much for them. Moreover, with another baby, they benefits will be increased.

    They all seem to be nice people. As a neighbor, I need to maintain good relations with them. On the other hand, they don’t seem to be able to defer gratification, be independent of the State, or consider the consequences of their actions.



    • waikatogirl@0905

      if ‘I can’t feed my family’ means that the speaker (and family) eventually die of starvation, so what? The WEF/NWO organisers, secure in their luxury homes and insulated and divorced from the world, simply don’t give a stuff and will view it as being merely ‘collateral damage’ and fewer slaves to be concerned about.

      Gates and co really don’t care.



  8. Italy – Draghi Resigns Fact

    Now the spin. Subtle differences in opinion on this.

    Newshub copied and pasted this from somewhere, its too well written to be local


    and then Rt.Com


    Best part of this is Italy may not be able to arm Ukraine any longer…. Time for some more European puppets to fall….




    • Good on the Aussie (or ex Aussie) for telling it straight. Varney either has a small circle of Republican friends, is a die hard Rino or the interview was a bit of a set up to allow some else to say what Varney actually thinks.

      I noted the bit there on the bottom of the screen with McConnell thinks there will be a crowded field for the Republican nominee race —-maybe it should have said McConnell “fervently hopes …..” . McConnell should be in the Democrat party.



    • Plenty of 3rd wave Propaganda?
      Pestilence, Virus, etc.?
      Rain? Floods?
      Antarctica gales? Tempests, Tropical Cyclones.
      Heat waves, Warm Ocean currents?

      All to reach into your pocket as taxes, fees, levies, etc.. and to gain compliance.
      To constrain with masks, mandatory jabs, rationing, essential industries.
      Environment, Social, Governance the ESG rules self imposed on government & Corporations that automatically impose compliance on every one else.

      Waves of Government pestilence in our lives, 🙁



    • Ross12 played like a fiddle, or like banging the Big Drum to over ride the protocols already set up & updated in 2017.

      … The Ministry of Health has a national pandemic plan, the New Zealand Influenza Pandemic Plan (2nd edition, 2017).

      This plan sets outs the all-of-government strategy and framework for action.

      It can be adopted and applied to any pandemic, regardless of the nature of the virus and its severity.

      The health sector and other government agencies also have emergency plans which cover pandemics. ….

      But that 2017 Plan I feel is now being blurred over with the “collective” ideology as updates for the “common good” of granny & her babies. 🙁

      The thin edge of the wedge of compulsory compliance, as the quiet heath workers mandatory compliance kept that door ajar, with de-registering nurses & doctors, eventually another push with mandatory jabbing, again with little “informed consent” based on data, knowledge,
      Ratshitting around, like maybe just on the flue vaccines?



    • stuff are misrepresenting this

      I get Iona’s shit

      “For Term 3, the Ministries of Health and Education recommend students Year 4 and above wear masks indoors for the next four weeks of term.

      This will impact your mask policy, so we’ve provided guidance on the benefits of mask wearing that you may wish to share with your staff and a letter template for your parents and whānau.

      Hon Jan Tinetti has sent a letter informing school boards outlining the Government’s strong recommendation to review and enforce a mask wearing policy as much as practicable.

      We understand that implementing mask policies can be a challenge but ask that you take action to strengthen your mask wearing policy as soon as possible to protect your staff and students against the transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne respiratory viruses.”



    • I am waiting for the email from school so I can reply and find out the punishment that will be dished out to my 11 year daughter when I tell her this cant be enforced and not to wear one .



      • Use the stuff I quoted above. Its just a recommendation. That we may wish to share…. Tell them to get fucked .Further the disability commission, when I applied for an exemption for my son, replied as such:

        Tēnā koe,

        Apologies for the delay in contacting you regarding your face covering exemption card query. We have been working hard to dispel the misunderstanding that students who are exempt from wearing a face covering under the public health order would require an exemption card to prove this to their school.

        On Tuesday 1 February the Ministry of Education in their bulletin sent out an accurate and useful message regarding face mask exemptions for children at school: that exemption cards are not necessary, and that parents with concerns about mask wearing should discuss this with their school. Kudos to the ministry for taking the issue seriously.

        DPA trusts that this messaging will better support children who are exempt from wearing a face covering under the public health order and hope it eases parents’ (and schools’) minds around this issue.

        You can read the Ministry of Education’s February 1 mask update in their bulletin.

        Face covering exemptions are provided for within the public health order. Someone who is exempt is not required to have a face mask exemption card, a medical certificate or any other documentation.

        You can visit the Unite Against COVID-19 website to find out more about exemptions under the public health order, which include:

        people who have a physical or mental health illness or condition or disability that makes wearing a face mask unsuitable; or
        if you need to communicate with someone who is Deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind or someone who has a disability which makes it hard to have effective communication.

        Ngā mihi,

        Disabled Persons Assembly (DPA) NZ



  9. The mad queen will be giddy with success. //

    Changes to 501 law abandoned by Australia

    The Australian Senate has abandoned its bid to change the controversial 501 law.
    If it had passed, more power would have been put into the hands of the Australian government to kick out more Kiwis than ever before.

    Next week, the Senate will sit for the first time since Anthony Albanese’s government was elected, and “at that point, all the business currently before the Senate will lapse, so that Bill will not be progressing any further”‘, a spokesperson said.



  10. This may be of interest on the Bassett, Brash and Hide blog. Democracy Action has an AGM in Auckland on 8 August at 7 pm.

    “Early this year Democracy Action commissioned the Garrick Professor of Law at the University of Queensland, Professor James Allan, to draft a report on He Puapua. Professor Allan’s analysis – “The radical prescription for undermining democracy and the rule of law” is entertaining and informative. It’s hoped this analysis sparks a national conversation about the future of New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements and is considered in any UNDRIP implementation or realisation plans proposed by the New Zealand Government. You can download a copy of this report at




  11. We read of the Government incompetence every day. I was just talking to someone who came back to NZ via the MIQ system. He had to pay $2k but said he wanted an invoice before he paid. He has been sent 3 reminders to pay and 3 times he has replied he will pay on receipt of an invoice. He was in MIQ 6 months ago !!
    No wonder they cannot get anything running right !!



    • Just another left wing / green shill. Of course 2 Mummy’s Shaw
      would agree with the fuckwit. They should lead by
      example and start eating weeds, insects and dirt.
      Then, they should burn their houses to the ground. I would
      not be too worried if they were inside at the time.
      Insane, dangerous fanatics.







    “The declining quality of life and the incompetence of this Government and opposition has led to our country now reaching “State-of-Emergency” levels,” says Brian Tamaki.

    Tomorrow, The Freedoms & Rights Coalition (TFRC) are coordinating massive public marches in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington with the Million Man March in response to the government’s actions.

    “It is our intention to cause a major public interruption and disruption. We will likely cause motorway mayhem in Auckland, and chaos in these major cities as we raise public awareness to the damage this government is causing across this country. We will no longer allow this government to turn a blind eye to the pain ‘We The People’ are enduring under their reign,” says The Freedoms & Rights Coalition team.

    “With out-of-control violence, high cost of living, hospitals screaming out for staff, GPs overworked and underfunded, the current housing crisis, building and construction material shortages, education problems, mental health crisis, farmers over-regulated, first responders under-resourced, and inflation and interest rates up…we have had enough. It’s not hard to see why NZ was voted the 2nd worst place to live in, only beaten by the country of Kuwait that still undertakes public beheadings.”

    TFRC goes on to say, “Our New Zealand government, with all of its crises, are close to collapsing our country. It is crisis after crisis under their control. The only thing next after crises will be collapse! In the wake of all these crises, this government is void of any common-sense solutions. We want to be free from this Government of Crisis. We The People, want to take the power back!”

    “Let’s also not forget, the current and intentional undermining of our democracy by this government as they plough ahead with ‘The 3 Waters’ legislation regardless of the huge backlash from the public of New Zealand.”

    “Democracy in New Zealand died the day that not one politician of the 120 representatives would come out and talk to the Parliament Protest in March this year. At that time 1 in every 3 New Zealanders said they supported the protesters’ anti-mandates message. Politicians should at least have given The People an ear if they genuinely proclaim to serve The People.”

    “This final death blow to democracy in New Zealand came about by a cross-party agreement instigated by the Labour government via Speaker of the House, Trevor Mallard. Mallard got National, Act, Māori and Greens to sign off on the agreement that they would stop any of their MPs from going out to speak to The People. All opposition parties agreed. At that point, all of these political parties literally betrayed the voter and signed their own political death warrants. We have never seen the likes of such treasonous acts on our democratic rights as we have experienced with this Parliament.”

    “We the people are fed up with the present political system and its incompetent politicians who are destroying the lives of everyday hard-working Kiwi families.”

    “It’s time for our voices to be heard, our children deserve better.
    Let’s get NZ Back Again….”

    TFRC are calling on every person, male or female, to join their Million Man March as they begin these rolling marches tomorrow. The phrase ‘Million Man March’ has been adopted as their ultimate goal to see over the coming weeks a million Kiwis finally stand up publicly and say they’ve had enough…“Then this government will have no choice but to listen,” declares TFRC.

    Join TFRC this Saturday, 23rd July 2022, at 10 am for the Million Man March:
    · Auckland: Auckland Domain, Auckland
    · Wellington: Civic Square, Wellington CBD
    · Christchurch: Bridge of Remembrance, Christchurch



  13. Drama behind the scenes at the Film Commission

    Film Commission boss David Strong’s stand-down over a conflict of interest is raising eyebrows – and it comes at a time where all eyes are on New Zealand’s publicly funded media

    f you’re a film or TV producer in New Zealand, getting funding for your project is a life changer. Almost always that funding is from the public purse, and it is heavily contested.

    It explains why members of the screen industry are seething after finding out that the head of the Film Commission, David Strong, had received public money to develop his project The Pilgrim into a TV drama series, working with TVNZ and independent production company Great Southern Television.

    Strong has been on paid leave for several months while a conflict of interest review is under way. The board’s role is under scrutiny, lawyers have been called in, and the leadership is in a vacuum.


    But but didn’t I pst a few d about a b bucket load of money handed out just recently?
    Seems that the habit is well ingrained.



  14. ASB the biggest user of the public money on offer via the Reserve Bank’s Funding for Lending Programme
    22nd Jul 22, 5:00am by Gareth Vaughan
    ASB is the biggest user of the Reserve Bank’s controversial and ongoing Funding for Lending Programme (FLP), which was introduced in 2020 with the aim of lowering interest rates and encouraging households and businesses to spend and invest.

    The most recent figures available from the Reserve Bank show that, as of July 18, banks have borrowed $12.660 billion via the FLP. Banks are free to use FLP money as they choose, with up to $28 billion available to them.

    Interest.co.nz asked individual banks how much they’ve borrowed. Of the big banks, ASB has borrowed $3.8 billion, BNZ $2.1 billion, ANZ $1.75 billion, and Kiwibank $1.1 billion.

    A Westpac spokeswoman says the bank doesn’t comment on FLP drawdowns. However, Westpac’s latest general disclosure statement shows that, as of March 31, it had accessed $2 billion through the FLP.




    In 1961 an aluminium importing company was founded in Auckland, Ullrich Aluminium. It quickly morphed into a farbricator. Then it expanded fast both here and in Australia where it became substantial. Now it has been sold by owner Gilbert Ullrich of Manukau City for $165 mln to Vulcan Steel, also an Auckland company, and also with a strong distribution base in Australia.



  16. I noticed this from Stuff today & it’s as good an example of the state of geriatric farming in NZ as any:

    ……”A private Bay of Plenty hospital and a nurse were found to have breached the health rights of an elderly woman in their care, following a serious fall which left her with a broken leg and needing surgery. “……

    The old girl was suffering from advanced dementia & was probably not capable of communicating but that’s not even the start of an excuse. The caregiver advised the nurse & even the half arsed bitch who calls herself a nurse practitioner at our local medical centre wouldn’t be sufficiently incompetent to misdiagnose a broken femur!

    Look after the last of your marbles V2. If you have the misfortune to end up dumped in the Golden Pond after you go completely gaga then you’re screwed.




    • Yep. . Cause me a lot of pain and Ihave tried about 20 vrieities. I understand what the specialists is telling me but my body doesn’t like them
      Way back I learned that statins were like many drugs, introduced to the market with out any testing. May well have been now but who would believe them?

      Went to a hospital meeting after a heart op and listened to the Hospital chemist talk about the meds. (knew him from way back). anyway after talking about statins I asked the group ( of about 20), if anyone had issues with them, roundabout 80% did.

      some people don’t.
      I am of the view that when you have a blood test and cholesterol shows up in the blood then it ain’t stuck to the walls of your arteries. Its the livers job to rid you of cholesterol so get your liver working.
      Cut back on the margarines and chicken fats in ice cream and so on. Drink cheap red wine as it contains anti oxidants such as OPC which helps the liver rid your body of stuff that ain’t good for you.




  17. Thanks WG
    My Dr (who I don’t like) asked me to get a blood test and I checked it was for Cholesterol. He has asked me to make an appointment so I think he is going to push statins.
    I have looked up some other info as well but that YT clip was good.



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