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  1. morning ysb folk, twas a slightly wet cold miserable morning loading moos but thankfully mrs sb stoked the fire while i was gone and now im warming up again before hitting the fart sack again.
    anyways on with the days idiot awards, these clowns played stupid games won stupid prizes…

    the auckland copycat losers were defeated by a lil bit of climate changing rain, this lot took a lil bit more to dislodge tho.
    the uni should boot out any students that participated, leave them with a hefty student loan and no gender studies degree. a good name and shame wouldnt go a miss either so any potential employers can dodge a bullet in hiring these muppets.
    seriously tho how fucked in the head do you have to be to think that barracading yourself into a university is going to stop/influence a war on the other side of the world? what a bunch of fucking retards



  2. Morning all, far too early to see what the weather is doing out there this morning. Weather forecast says showers???? Anyhoo have a brilliant day and be safe if somewhat cool as winter rears its ugly head.



  3. Biden calls ally Japan (along with China and Russia) “xenophobic.” He’s not wrong.

    Aren’t we all xenophobic to an extent? It’s a survival mechanism after all.

    Does your language, culture and values mean anything to you?

    If you call someone “xenophobic” when your purpose is to gain power over them, then you should reflect on your attitude.



  4. ‘To the future’: Saudi Arabia spends big to become an AI superpower

    The oil-rich kingdom is ploughing money into glitzy events, computing power and artificial intelligence research, putting it in the middle of an escalating US-China struggle for technological influence.

    On a Monday morning last month, tech executives, engineers and sales representatives from Amazon, Google, TikTok and other companies endured a three-hour traffic jam as their cars crawled toward a mammoth conference at an event space in the desert, 80km outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    The lure: billions of dollars in Saudi money as the kingdom seeks to build a tech industry to complement its oil dominance.

    Worth the time to read.
    Never mind going to aussie. More money to be had up there.



  5. Two old duffers at the club having the after dinner brandy and cigars, and reading The Times. One old boy puts the paper down:
    ‘I say, did you hear the news about Bigglesworth-Stathroy?’
    Other old boy looks over his paper:
    ‘No, I hadn’t. What’s the news?’
    ‘Drummed out of his Regiment. No longer allowed to call himself a Grenadier’
    ‘Good Lord! What in blazes happened?’
    ‘Caught in the stables. In a compromising position. With his horse.’
    ‘Shocking! Well, proper thing then.’
    Both old boys go back to their papers. Old boy 2 takes a sip of brandy, folds down the paper:
    ‘I say old chap. The horse. Mare or stallion?’
    ‘Mare of course. Nothing dodgy about old Biggsy’.
    Papers go back up.



  6. “the greens could be caught having sex with goats and theyd (media) say look theyre being nice to animals” ~ sean plunket

    farking gold, lucky id finished sipping my coffee otherwise it would be all over my tractors windscreen.



  7. Winston doubling down on CCP Bob Carr’s threats.

    Winston Peters
    We should never be accepting of any irrelevant ill-informed shill from some other country to walk into New Zealand and try to tell us what to do.

    Here in New Zealand we respect something called a ‘country’s independent nationhood’. That principle seems lost on these people who just use it as a punchline.



    • Thing is BN when we lived in Australia and the Plonker, Bob, was Foreign Minister in 2012-13 he was right up China’s concentric orifice at that time and I have seen no change since in him. I hope Winston gives the aged and decrepit whinging Aussie, who, being a casual observer that I am, has a face like a dropped pie, enough curry to really wind him up so that he is frothing at the bung for a long time.



  8. Trevor Hughes
    Good News: “NZ Edition”

    The show will be broadcast from the Sky News Australia studio in Parliament, each Saturday at 5.45pm, with top New Zealand headlines and a preview of key political issues for the week ahead.

    Sky News Australia can be watched on Sky TV (channel 85).



  9. Thomas Cranmer
    More details have emerged regarding Labour’s ill-fated Te Pūkenga polytechnic mega merger. Amongst the $121M spent between 2020 and 2022 on its establishment, and the $113M spent on “transition and transformation”, the organisation spent $3.5M for advertising gurus Clemenger BDDO to “introduce and market Te Pūkenga to Aotearoa New Zealand” from Sept 2022.

    With the new government’s intention to disestablish Te Pūkenga, it has now begun to transition back to individual business brands just 14 months after the brand launch.




  10. Hi Ho – Hi Ho
    It’s off to Bluff we go
    Oysters for me
    And just, you see
    They will not keep
    Even if asleep
    Cause I will scoff the lot
    Yip, all I’ve got.

    Yum – looking forward to our now Annual Oyster trip
    Via Ranfurly – Alexandra – Gore – Invercargill to
    Te Anau where it is Oysters and Corona Time.



    • And that Ross is all ‘we the people’ need to do to get back our inalienable rights that has been stolen from us by these greedy, psychopathic control freaks. Stand up, turn around and face the fuckers down. If we don’t, i.e. keep running, we lose.



  11. From the Tax payer’s Union in their latest email.

    ” Government departments cheating with their staffing cuts .
    When is a ‘cut’ a cut? It appears departments across the Public Service have been playing games with their job cut figures too.

    Government departments have been overcooking the scale of the job reductions by including roles that don’t currently have anyone in them!

    For instance, the Department of Internal Affairs just last week told staff that they would be cutting 59 roles. Cue the outrage by the likes of Maiki the public sector unions. But of the 59, 42 are already vacant!

    And the Ministry of Education, which claimed to be getting rid of more roles than any other department , at 565, is only really sacking 340 bureaucrats, because the rest are already empty!

    This is what happens when Ministers delegate control of savings decisions to public sector bosses, rather than taking the hard decisions themselves. “



  12. We are having a by-election because a councillor had to quit because of illness.
    We have six candidates. Only one any good.
    Of course we have early settlers standing and one says he is a Treaty Educator and accomplished sea captain.He wants to represent minority ethnic communities and the rainbow community.



  13. How did the cost of moving two schools blow out to more than $400m?

    “These things are more than just bricks and mortar,” Peter Meihana, representing local iwi, said.

    But although a karakia was recited to imbues the stone with mauri and ensure a good build, those bricks and mortar would never bind together.

    As parents, teachers and community leaders shivered together on that wintry morning, the project was already in trouble: costs had blown out from an estimated $63m to a staggering $405m.

    Nine months after the whetu mauri ceremony, with $25m already spent on the design and planning, the relocation was cancelled. The fallout sparked a ministerial inquiry into school buildings projects where costs have spiralled out of control.




  14. From https://www.bbc.com/sport/articles/ck5k9l8z13wo

    …..”New research monitoring a Women’s Super League club for three years suggests players are more likely to get injured at certain points of their menstrual cycle.”………..”Analysis of the data found that players were six times more likely in the pre-menstrual phase and five times more likely in the early-mid luteal phase to experience a muscle injury, compared to when they were menstruating.”…….

    Which begs the question. What injuries would be suffered by members of the team they are playing against?



  15. Infideliter 🇳🇿✖⚖✖🇳🇿

    So Helen Clarke rings Bob Carr to tell him what Winston allegedly said? Old shit stirring sawtooth desperate for relivance, just can’t keep her busy body nose out of other peoples business. Detestable pile of shit that she is.



  16. If conspiracy theories are bogus why are they passing laws against them?

    The Digital Services Act is the European Union’s attempt to regulate social media, placing requirements on digital platforms to monitor content and remove that deemed to fall short of being “socially desirable.” The vague definitions of “harmful content” and “disinformation” could result in tech platforms acting in an overzealous manner in order to avoid financial penalties imposed by the European Commission for failing to comply with the regulation.




    • We know now that pretty much anyone in the Gween party is a violent, racist, sexist criminal

      Shaw is no exception

      Lying does not even get a rating on their bad characteristics.

      Of course Chloe can abdicate responsibly because she was stoned (medically of course) and has
      Phobia A , + Phobia B + Phobia C and has a couple of ‘syndromes’

      Most of them have a syndrome
      = mad bitch syndrome

      Hypocrisy and untrue is a given.
      14% of NZ voters love this enough to back them



    • Was he trying to hide The BIG SECRET that you are not supposed to know?

      This mechanism of creating cash out of thin air/borrowing it into existence is MASSIVELY currency purchasing power negative, and here is how it works.

      When a dollar is created, whether if it is a printed dollar or one added to a digital screen it makes no difference that newly created dollar IS NOT just automatically worth a dollar, no. For a newly created bill to attain any purchasing power it MUST steal a fraction, of a fraction, of a fraction, of purchasing power from every other already existing bill. Now, multiply this process by tens of billions of times, and YOU HAVE A REAL PROBLEM- mass currency devaluation which results in a loss of purchasing power.

      And guess what YOU LOSE.

      So, who benefits from currency creation out of thin air?

      Well, it is certainly NOT We the People who benefit, ITS CENTRAL BANKS, the BUYERS and LENDERS of last resort.

      Collectively, world central banks are in a race to the bottom. That is central banks are deliberately, WITH THE OBVIOUS DIRECT HELP OF LAW MAKERS, destroying the purchasing power of the currency they issue.

      Moreover, it’s a vicious cycle, here is how it works.

      The faster that a central bank devalues their currency, the more cash MUST BE BORROWED INTO EXISTENCE, as it now takes more currency to make purchases and YOU LOSE.

      A great myth must be dispelled here.

      A central bank cannot ever go bankrupt. The more debt a central bank can issue, or are called on to issue, for ANY reason, THE STRONGER THEY BECOME… and again YOU LOSE.



    • I see that Jared Bernstein mentioned the MMT system.
      A supposed valid Modern Monetary Theory over 100 years old to get your head around.

      Modern monetary theory or modern money theory (MMT) is a heterodox[1] macroeconomic theory that describes currency as a public monopoly and unemployment as evidence that a currency monopolist is overly restricting the supply of the financial assets needed to pay taxes and satisfy savings desires.[2][3]
      According to MMT, governments do not need to worry about accumulating debt in and of itself since they create new money by using fiscal policy in order to pay interest.
      MMT argues that the primary risk once the economy reaches full employment is inflation, which acts as the only constraint on spending.
      MMT also argues that inflation can be addressed by increasing taxes on everyone to reduce the spending capacity of the private sector.[4][5]

      MMT is controversial within mainstream economics, and is actively debated with dialogues about its theoretical integrity,[5] the implications of the policy recommendations of its proponents, and the extent to which it is actually divergent from orthodox macroeconomics.[6]
      MMT is opposed to the mainstream understanding of macroeconomic theory and has been criticized heavily by many mainstream economists.[7][8][9][10]
      MMT is also strongly opposed by members of the Austrian school of Economics, with Murray Rothbard stating that MMT practices are equivalent to “counterfeiting” and that government control of the money supply will inevitably lead to “runaway inflation.”[11]


      One can see in that link this concept has been in debate for over 100 years.

      So it seems to be why the proponents of this are not concerned about how much is supposedly borrowed, & even less on how it is spent, on anything of value, as the belief seems to be there is no need to pay it back, the interest to be paid will be created too.
      In the meantime the syphoning of the funds to experts, consultants etc., which while it may contribute to inflation, is so easily solved by taxing every one even more.

      Others are placated by a few dollars like winter heating allowances, “and you will be happy”
      Now you can see why taxes are to be supposedly more targeted to the rich, as so many “will have nothing” in this “Brave New World”, but you “will come to love Big Brother”

      The MMT of the Magic Money Tree, or the Big Kauri Tree in the New Zealand Reserve Bank, that supported Grant Robinson’ expenditures.



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